Why India must create sustainable and ‘green’ real estate industry

Sustainable living is taking centre-stage in the Indian real estate industry

Ease of doing business ranking: Could India register another golden year by breaking into the top 80

Considering last year’s government initiatives towards rolling out structural reforms and reducing and simplifying regulations, one can reasonably expect India to register a jump of 25-30 positions

Centre vs Central Bank: Government can’t second-guess RBI, time to work together

It is unfortunate that RBI, through deputy governor Viral Acharya’s speech, came out so strongly against the government last week, and the analogy he started the speech with probably made things wor

Silicon Valley’s bro culture and Google’s alleged sexual harassment cover-up

Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently wrote to the company’s employees, saying the company had adopted strict policies on sexual harassment at the work place in 2015, and 48 employees had been sacked fo

How much damage has Gemalto’s report inflicted on Aadhaar? Is an apology enough?

Digital security company Gemalto’s half-page apology in leading Indian newspapers over the weekend may have mollified some in the Uidai, but the fact is that the original Gemalto report on Aadhaar h

NBFCs carrying higher risk perception and 11 banks under PCA; Will NBFC liquidity squeeze snowball into a crisis?

A liquidity issue has surfaced in the financial market given the challenge faced by NBFCs in raising funds.

Central banks no longer cushion markets

Draghi emphasised the implicit message that neither governments nor markets can continue to rely on regular, large and predictable liquidity injections to offset their own problems

Exchange-traded funds: With increasing financialisation objectives of policymaking, is it time for commodity futures ETFs in India

With increasing financialisation objectives of policymaking, it’s time for ETFs to be rightfully leveraged in India to entice savings in financial markets, especially with products such as commodity

Protectionism or calibrated liberalisation? To paint Indian policy as protectionist is a case of black-and-white thinking

To paint Indian policy as protectionist is a case of black-and-white thinking.

Unnat Bharat Abhiyan: Unlocking the job market for rural youth

Rural technology adaptation will be boosted if it also generates employment through manufacturing units, supply and distributor networks.

Bye, bye, plastic: Are credit, debit cards becoming redundant?

Interoperability guidelines and Bharat QR could help UPI overtake debit cards in just a few years

Celebrity endorsements: Why Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘trust’ factor should become a touchstone

SRK saying trust in brand key to endorsement shouldn't be made the touchstone of celeb endorsement.

From plate to plough: A bigger share of consumer’s rupee to farmers will be real tribute to Sardar Patel

The real homage to Patel would be to carry out structural reforms in agri-markets that can ensure a higher percentage of consumer’s rupee going to farmers.

India badly needs administrative reforms

The CBI crisis shows you cannot have an institution fighting corruption when it remains under a political system that has been corrupt for ages

Stubble Burning: What the government should do to control air pollution in Delhi

Incentivising low water-use crops like millets instead of paddy, paying for farm-waste—especially involving enterprises that can use the waste as a raw material—make better sense.

Is the Rupee’s sudden steadiness real?

Brace for continued volatility. Exporters should reduce their tenor of risk identification

The Rupee conundrum: Exports may go up but oil imports set to surge, inflation & deficit could worsen

Falling Rupee may help exports, but oil imports are set to surge while inflation and deficit could worsen

Across the Aisle: Things fall apart; Centre cannot hold

The depreciation of the rupee and the rise in prices of petroleum products have created a big hole in the pockets of consumers.

Inside Track: Why there is mess in CBI, ED

If the CBI is on the boil, the Enforcement Directorate (ED), where director Karnal Singh’s term has just ended, is simmering.

Virat Kohli vs Sachin Tendulkar: Stop making comparisons, let’s celebrate two jewels of Indian Cricket

Tendulkar inspired a whole generation of cricketers, including Kohli, through his mindboggling exploits across formats.

Infrastructure funding: How InvITs could have prevented ILFS debacle

The existing cap on leverage, of 49%, in InvITs is impeding new issuances significantly and their development

Festival season gloom? Despite 25% rise in sales for early-birds, profits grew just 3.5%, know why

Though sales for early-birds rose 25% in the September quarter, high raw material costs ensured profits grew just 3.5%

How vital it is to invest in improving learning outcomes among school students in EMEs

A new World bank study show how vital it is to invest in improving leraning outcomes among school students in EMEs

Chinese threat to cybersecurity: Why India needs a comprehensive & concrete action plan for national security and economic health

India’s first priority must be to promote domestic companies and this must be internalised by every government department and official. The national interest and the future of a billion-plus Indians

Data watch: Post Demonetisation, India’s tax base is growing but buoyancy still low

While the number of individuals declaring income above Rs 1 crore increased about 68%, to 81,344 for the assessment year 2017-18 from 48,416 in assessment year 2015-16, direct tax as percentage of GDP

GST cess question: What is the legal permissibility of levying a cess over and above the tax

The legal permissibility of levying a cess over and above GST has been a source of constant debate, which has amplified in importance and relevance in the past few weeks. 

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