Getting gold monetisation going

The gold monetisation scheme can succeed if policy reflects the original idea—to allow people to reclaim their gold on maturity

However, due to the limited number of collection and purity testing centres, especially in rural India, and the unwillingness of housewives to get their jewellery melted, dampened the appeal of GMS.

Making ARCs bankable: RBI panel highlights banks’ role in ARC failure, need for correction

For exposures worth Rs 100 crore and more—where the borrower is a defaulter and the resolution plan is being worked on by the lenders—banks should assess the possibility of a sale or an auction to

Nonetheless, going by the recommendations of the panel tasked by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to come up with suggestions to re-invigorate the ARC ecosystem, it would appear that the operating framework does suffer some frailties.

Attracting climate funding on affordable terms

India can set an affordability limit, and commit to buying within that limit

Breaking this stalemate requires a mechanism that enables each side to back their principles with action.

COP 26 Climate Summit: Not zero by 2050, but much lower emissions than now

India does the most it can on climate, onus on rich nations to provide adequate climate financing

The world’s biggest emitter even withdrew from the Paris Agreement and backpedalled on several things—reneging from funding commitments under the Green Climate Fund.

India needs a judicial corps: All-India cadre can tackle dearth of judges

Successive Union governments have failed to enact an appropriate Bill that sets the contours of an AIJS, faced with stiff opposition from states and high courts; while states saw this as enfeebling fe

Against the Law Commission prescription of at least 50 judges per 10 lakh population, India currently has 19.

India-UK FTA talks should champion digital trade

Key to an expansion of digital and data services trade are the data protection regimes in both countries

Is poverty really rising since 2012? Comparing PLFS data with CES data is flawed poverty assessment

The data source for poverty analysis in India has been the Consumer Expenditure Survey (CES) conducted by the NSSO periodically. Analysts across the globe accept this database as a representative one,

India needs a PLI for steel

Sino-Indian tensions telling on Indian iron-ore exports, PLI can catalyse domestic value addition

The fortunes of the Indian producers in terms of exports of iron ore and prices are thus intimately linked to the Chinese market.

Relay stress clearly

Bandhan Bank loss warranted a profit warning

Analysts have a valid concern that the bank may be behaving leniently with borrowers. If it is doing so, it needs to make this known upfront.

The future of agri-futures

Bans on trading come in the way of functioning of the market as price-discovery process gets affected

Therefore, often, there is a misunderstanding on the causation as there can be a two-way relationship.

The great China shock

The dissipation of China's power crisis is unlikely to fix the global supply-chain immediately. The after-effects Will likely linger & input prices will stay high for a while

Final goods producers have to choose between accepting a squeeze on margins or passing the cost-spikes on to consumers.

Making private-sector trains a reality

One way forward could be unbundling of provision and maintenance of the rolling stock (including locomotive and coaches)

The appointment and functioning of an independent regulator will take unprecedented time, and till then, the Railways need to keep moving on.

Will the CoP26 be the turning point?

India must build a new coalition of countries whose per capita emissions are below the global average

The current discussions essentially create a smokescreen for doing precisely that again at the COP 26 and this must be called out. (Representative image)

What Meta means: Pivot to the future may not take attention off present problems

Metaverse is the internet furnished in 3D for the user with the help of virtual- and augmented-reality technologies, among others, instead of merely being accessed through a screen.

But, many believe it is also about putting some sort of psychological distance between the company and the train of controversies that have seriously dented its image.

Frontload devolutions to states: Revenues likely to top estimates by Rs 2 lakh crore; states can use the funds to prop up the recovery

Some economists have observed that the muted spends probably have more to do with slow execution rather than a lack of resources. Now that much of the economy has been opened up, the government needs

Indeed, given the difficult environment, it must be said the Centre is managing its finances well; cash balances with RBI, at the end of September, stood at a fairly sizeable Rs 1.82 lakh crore, much the same levels as at the end of March.

Across the Aisle: Neither victory nor justice, writes P Chidambaram

Surprisingly, the Home Minister did not visit the erstwhile state for over two years after August 2019. Meanwhile, a number of ministers visited the UTs but they were totally boycotted by the people.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah greeted by supporters in Srinagar (PTI Image)

Fifth Column by Tavleen Singh: By labeling dissidents as ‘anti-nationals’, you end up weakening democracy

This is why the Supreme Court’s decision to set up a committee to investigate the Pegasus case is the most important decision it has taken in a long while.

The apex court also asked the states of the NCR region to consider asking employees to work from home. Besides, the state governments were also asked to pursue farmers to halt stubble burning for a week or two.

Favourite Son: Hideki Matsuyama, wins the Zozo Championship, the PGA Tour’s first stop in Japan

I wasn’t surprised, when after holing a blinder on the final day to wrest the lead, Matsuyama just grabbed the title and stepped on the gas, taking it far out of reach of the chasing pack.

World No 1., Jin Young Ko's 'old-fashioned 'turning within a barrel' golf swing

Flush with funding: Good projects likely to easily find equity backing now

There may have been differences of opinion on valuations, and the fact that 40% of the issuances are trading at a discount, despite the secondary market remaining buoyant, reveals that some companies

Be that as it may, investors would not have bet on all these businesses to the extent they have had they not believed in their potential.

MBED is not the right approach: It remains inconsistent with existing legislative framework and market structure

The MBED proposes a centralised scheduling model for dispatching India’s total annual electricity consumption of ~1,400 billion units. This remains inconsistent given power is a concurrent subject,

The mechanism also seems to be a deterrent to the resource adequacy efforts of the discoms yjay have entered long term PPAs and will bear the fixed costs and Long-Term Access (LTA) charges.

Where are we in the growth cycle?

As the global economy starts to witness a tapering of peak growth and higher inflation, India could see higher inflation and higher growth

This is after a slight downward revision to global growth estimates by the IMF, on the back of supply constraints and spread of the delta variant.

Banks must not turn away MSMEs

Having run up crores of rupees of corporate NPAs, they can’t afford to be coy about small units

Crisil said recently it expects stressed loans—NPAs and restructured accounts—in the MSME portfolio to rise to as much as 18% by March 2022.

Pegasus case: Upholding citizens’ right to privacy

SC’s concern is seen in its insistence on an independent panel to probe Pegasus episode

The SC intends to make sure the investigation is thorough; it has rejected the Centre’s suggestions for a committee, and has gone out of its way to select a crack team, headed by former SC judge Justice RV Raveendran and comprising experts on cyber-security and criminal investigations.

Need to build regulatory capacity

With the right human resources, both regulators and firms would appreciate each other’s perspective better

The regulations, at a minimum, add to costs on availing freedom, which business may not mind if it is less than benefits.

Hawkers, not harassers: Need to be sensitive to the plight of street vendors

Given pandemic realities, the points about overcrowding and sanitation are in right earnest but those are problems that can be addressed through reasonable restrictions and provision of civic faciliti

The Act estimates street vendors/hawkers to reasonably constitute 2.5% of the population of a city; to put that in perspective, the number for Delhi under the Act would be 5 lakh.

Equalisation Levy: The case for an early removal

If not the entire levy, the government could consider a rollback of the expanded scope of 2020 and 2021 vintage

This has led to a long-standing debate between taxing rights of the place where businesses are established and the place where the goods or services are sold or consumed.

Careful on CA convertibility

Big, sudden foreign capital outflows can disrupt markets

To be sure, we have come a long way since then; today, domestic residents can easily access forex for travel, study and remit $250,000 abroad under the Liberalised Remittances Scheme.
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