Trai should let go of policy flip-flop on satellite TV, allowing the market to decide

Trai wants broadcasters to bundle channels of similar pricing, and take expensive and niche categories out.

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Trade war: How US has swung dramatically from viewing China as opportunity to existential threat

The confluence of these four transitional challenges would be daunting for any country.

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How Bimal Jalan report can be a game-changer if funds are used to recapitalise PSU banks

The RBI board has transferred Rs 1,760bn, including Rs 526bn of excess capital, to the fisc, up from 2018’s Rs 500bn. We expect Delhi to apportion RBI’s transfer between recapitalising PSU banks a

Jalan report, RBI, economic capital, PSU banks, Bimal Jalan, Nirmala Sitharaman, RBI excess capital, Jalan committee News

Decoding the Cold War space race

Nobody won the space race; the world benefited

Cold War space, Chandrayaan 2, South Pole, Soviet space programme, US, American space programme, NASA, Sputnik 1 News

Dawn raids are CCI’s tool to curb anti competitive practices

In these raids, companies were often found to be unaware of not only the procedural necessities and requirements that the DG investigation is supposed to follow, but also the rights a company has when

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For well-run NBFCs, liquidity is no longer a problem

The managing director of Sundaram Finance Ltd shares with Sushila Ravindranath the reasons why the country is facing an economic downturn, the various problems facing the NBFC sector, the liquidity cr

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Report shows 53 per cent dip in number of wildlife species since 1970

The report forces environmental policies to look ‘below the canopy’.

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Deforestation, desertification and climate solutions

A decade later, the carbon market has collapsed and the developed countries’ funding commitments for REDD+ have also been much lower than expected.

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How RBI coming to government’s rescue, without running immediate risk of exposure to own credibility

The central bank is coming to the govt’s rescue, and without running any immediate risk of exposure to its own credibility.

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Need to improve country’s sports infrastructure

Sports complexes like the DDA’s Siri Fort one are the need of the hour as they provide much-needed sports infrastructure for the public.

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If Modi Government makes structural reforms now, it will reap benefits before 2024

If the Modi govt makes structural reforms now, it would be able to reap the benefits of at least a part of them before 2024.

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FCI hit by unpaid subsidies

The FCI sold c.15% less food grain in FY18 than it did in FY14.

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No, RBI hasn’t capitulated govt by giving it Rs 1.76 lakh crore

If the govt signed on to the Bimal Jalan report that resulted in it getting much less than the Rs 4 lakh crore it wanted, it suggests the report is technically sound

With such an endorsement by someone of Subramanian’s stature, the RBI’s capital attracted everyone’s attention like bees to honey. News

Arun Jaitley: India’s hero at WTO

As the commerce minister in the Vajpayee govt, Jaitley pulled off some nifty moves that changed the course of trade negotiations at the WTO in favour of developing nations.

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Explained: How misaligned monetary policies are at the root of the current rot

Misaligned monetary policies are at the root of the current rot.

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While CLR report is a comprehensive one, few issues remain unaddressed

The recommendations call for including section 4A that allows for reasonable exercise of IPR as a defence against allegations of abuse of dominance.

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If government show some strategic thinking in exports, India will be on roll when global demands recover

If Sitharaman and her team can show some strategic thinking around exports, India will be on a roll when global demand eventually steadies and recovers.

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Difficult to sync lending rates with repo rate

The 10-years GSec has moved down by 110 bps between August 10, 2018, and August 9, 2019, 364-days Tbill by 143 bps, 91-days Tbill by 124 bps, and call rate by 90 bps.

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PV Sindhu’s rise should inspire India to take right route to nurture more sports greatness

PV Sindhu’s rise should inspire India to take right route on nurturing more such sports greatness.

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Madhya Pradesh: Kamal Nath government’s move leaves tribal folk more vulnerable

Madhya Pradesh’s move leaves tribal folk more vulnerable.

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Anti-plastic vision shouldn’t become a waste of efforts

Ban on plastic hasn’t worked; the focus should perhaps be on managing plastic waste better.

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Voting rights ushering in a new era of capital raising

Differential voting rights allow for more Silicon Valley inspired investment structuring and negotiations, and could have avoided the debacle of a public Indigo fallout or Mindtree’s hostile takeove

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Angel tax: Not dead, merely deferred

If the intention is to bring relief, then the February 2019 circular should be amended to state that loans and advances in the ordinary course of business should be allowed provided the PAN of the rec

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Policy on vaping is in contrast to the policy on cigarette

The Centre’s proposed policy on vaping is in contrast to its policy on cigarette/beedi smoking.

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CACP’s proposed price-deficiency scheme is a bad idea

If subsidies given to farmers by the states are subsumed, this cost could fall. But, even if the subsidies continue, this amount isn’t very different from what the government would likely incur as

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Linking social media to Aadhaar is serious overkill

The government, it is true, doesn’t want to have the detail of everyone’s Aadhaar-linked-social-media accounts. It only wants them in certain cases.

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The economic slowdown is structural

Monetary and fiscal policy measures alone cannot do the trick. Sustained growth requires a reforms policy.

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