Inching forward at Katowice – Earth gets a climate action rulebook

The world now has a rulebook for implementing the Paris accord—a way to see if countries are on track to meet the emission cut targets they have set when the deal comes into force in 2020.

America is no longer no. 1

China is where multinational companies want to build their factories and offices. That, in turn, leads to whole supply chains migrating to China, as companies try to locate near their upstream supplie

On-track on railway safety! Railways has done well on efforts to check derailment over the past four years

The number of train accidents recorded a 40% reduction from 118 in 2013-14 to 73 in 2017-18. Latest data available for the yearly cycle from September to August shows that the number of fatalities als

What will drive us tomorrow? When it comes to the future of transport, we need every solution we can get

Hydrogen, as a fuel, has the potential for heavy freight; natural gas looks promising in trucking and shipping; biofuels could be the new aviation fuel.

Smart metering: Making India more energy efficient

Each household must adopt smart meters that will empower the end-consumer to control consumption and costs.

Trai caught napping, again – It has no realistic model for calculating spectrum prices

It has no realistic model for calculating spectrum prices, and TDSAT rips into it on predatory-pricing recommendation.

ARKipelago: Dutch re-wilding project should offer a cue to the rest of the world on conservation

A non-governmental organisation in The Netherlands is creating islets in a body of water in the hope of drawing wildlife to these man-made dunes.

Agricultural reform: How to boost farmer income – Decoded here

Only 22.2% of marginal farmers and 23.6% of small farmers grow high-value crops. Such groups are 3-7% less likely to be poor if they shift to these crops

Explained: Why China’s Make in 2025 is a paper tiger

The country has a better chance of climbing the technology ladder by exposing its companies to the rigours of world-class competitors.

CBI: Will the current turbulence eventually lead to smooth sail?

With more focus on financial crimes, CBI has been left wanting in investigating such matters. Also, it relies solely on police officers from state cadres to fill its ranks on deputation.

The year of churn, and clarity – 2018 put a lot of companies in the doldrums

During a recent interaction, Micromax co-founder Vikas Jain told me that the Indian consumer has come a long way in the past year. And he credits Reliance Jio for whetting the appetite of millions of

B-schools must go beyond research

The focus should be developing innovative solutions to managerial problems.

Rational Expectations: Brand Modi can’t just be ‘not-Rahul’

Instead of Congress-bashing, Modi must focus on what he has delivered & what he plans to—voters are more likely to like that.

Six years of Nirbhaya case: Change is there, but nowhere close to enough

The sixth anniversary of the Nirbhaya rape is here, and Delhi seems to be still far from having the CCTV coverage—camera surveillance which will make rapes like the Nirbhaya one become less likely.

Global commodity forecast: India coming into its own in the commodity markets

Given India’s projected development trajectory, a strong pick-up in energy demand is more assured than a sharp rise in metals demand.

How emerging Asian market has split apart for investors

Two broad factors shape emerging-markets investing. Strong global economic growth tends to lift export-oriented north Asia, while the Federal Reserve’s interest-rate policy moves younger markets suc

How can India take advantage of Industry 4.0

We have to take advantage of the fast-paced technological changes and leapfrog into the future with new-age systems without transitioning through the long cycle that most of the developed countries we

Gig economy: Why there is a need to balance employment opportunities with basic rights

The gig economy—a labour market characterised by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work as opposed to permanent jobs—is ubiquitous globally, and India is no stranger to it.

Project managers, take note! Here are tips for success

Successful project managers work closely with their team, understand the market, fulfil customer needs and are enthusiastic.

Across the aisle: A hundred-day journey

Congress-mukt Bharat was always a chimera. The BJP, and particularly its two leaders, Mr Narendra Modi and Mr Amit Shah, tried to sell the fatuous idea that the Congress party can and will be wiped ou

Inside Track: Will Mahagathbandhan leaders accept Rahul Gandhi as anchor after Assembly elections verdict?

Buoyed by three victories, the Congress now assumes that Rahul Gandhi is the automatic favourite to lead an anti-BJP alliance in 2019.

Over the top: Discovery to launch GolfTV – viewership set to rise

Golf viewership is set to rise as the game’s first OTT channel launches in 2019.

Capital formation continues to remain sluggish, but there are indications that its productivity is rising

The CMIE database, which tracks project starts and completions, shows capital formation continues to remain sluggish.

Acting against pollution – NGT’s hefty fines on Karnataka, Delhi should spur other states

The National Green Tribunal’s order earlier this month, imposing a Rs 50-crore fine on the Karnataka government and a Rs 25 crore one on the city’s municipal government for negligence that led to

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