Nal se Jal needs getting jal right

Else, the “piped water for every household” vision could end up a pipe dream.
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Healthy life can’t prevent cancer

Recognising the role of randomness—or "bad luck"—in cancer could help save lives by making individuals more vigilant.

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Explained: India’s labour market and PLFS data

There are no easy answers on how to create quality jobs for India’s population. The recent PLFS data provide an opportunity to understand the nuances of India’s labour market, identify constraints

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Air pollution: The time to act is now

We cannot have a laid-back approach to the public health emergency caused by poor air quality.

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Budget 2019: Aluminium or steel— what will benefit India in the long run

Weighing aluminium on a par with steel will benefit India in the long run.

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BPPI finding 25 batches of drugs entering Jan Aushadhi to be substandard

The Jan Aushadhi scheme aims to make generic drugs affordable to the poor. While BPPI has promised strict action against the companies—from banning the sale of the respective batches to blacklisting

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Heatwaves to become more intense, declare it a natural disaster

Bihar alone is not suffering because of searing temperatures. Over the past month, parts of Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Telangana, and Maharashtra

temperatures in few places reached almost 47 degree Celsius skymet alert for heat waves News

Trai is the judge and Trai is the jury!

The current case pertains to RJio asking Airtel etc for Points of Interconnection (PoIs) in June 2016 to enable its subscribers to talk to those on Airtel etc’s networks.

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Mining ban: Time is running out for Goa

The reason is that as Goans were still trying to wipe off the bad loans and financial crisis they faced due to mining closure during 2013-16, they were presented with this crisis in 2018.

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FAME-2 needs consistent policy backup to succeed

FAME-2 proposes that the quantum of incentives be linked to the cost of advance batteries (non-lead acid batteries) and the government will be neutral to all types of EV technologies—hybrid electric

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Why going cashless is some time away

Actions are under way to regulate monetary systems and a committee on payments has been formed under the aegis of BIS. Recognising vulnerability, some countries have introduced payments legislations,

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GDP calculation: Is the CSO right in its approach?

Academic papers have their own charm, as in economics, and once the assumptions are stated and the models run, there is nothing amiss if all the tests are performed and are shown to work.

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Budget 2019: Modi 1.0 exhausted all fiscal space

Budget 2019: Contrary to Modi government 1.0’s fiscal consolidation claim, the central government’s debt-GDP ratio has inched rather modestly towards 40%, which is what the newly amended FRBM Act

Narendra Modi, Narendra Singh Tomar, Nirmala Sitharaman, Piyush Goyal, PM KISAN scheme News

Climate change is an undeniable reality

Global surface temperatures have surpassed the 1951-1980 average every year since 1977, which means anyone born since has lived their entire lives in an already changed climate.

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Plastic a significant environment risk, replacement pose other environmental risks

The ministry estimates that a cotton tote would have to be reused 7,001 times more than a LDPE bag to prove an effective substitue, thanks to the environmental footprint of cotton cultivation and the

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West Bengal medical crisis a symptom of underfunded public health

In West Bengal, this ratio stands at 1:10,411—while this may seem palatable in comparison to the national average and the worst-performing Bihar's 28,391 patients per doctor, the WHO's ideal doctor-

West Bengal doctors strike, doctor strike in bengal, latest updates on doctors strike, Mamata Banerjee, NRS Medical College and Hospital, ESMA, juniors doctors strike News

Minor fix on ESIC suggests no big labour reforms soon

Given how group insurance costs a lot less, surely the government could have given workers more options that cost a lot less and probably give better cover.

Modi win market effect, sugar industry india, global sugar market News

How will PE/VC investments fare?

There is a weight of expectations from the new government’s Union Budget to be presented in July, with the hope that a bold set of reforms will help kick-start private consumption, rejuvenate the ru

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Employees must see themselves as facilitators of benefits, not just providers

The modern workplace is characterised by technologically-advanced tools, untethered workspaces and the influence of the millennials.

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Economic challenges for the new government

The four major challenges are fixing the country’s financial sector, especially its banks; continuing to reform the tax system; reducing outflows of funds due to loss-making or inefficient governmen

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Illiberal Left: Kerala govt booked 119 since 2015 for objectionable posts against CM

While some of the posts included death threats and casteist slurs—where it can be argued that there was legitimate cause for action—there are a good many instances where the state government has a

Kerala govt booked 119 since 2015 for objectionable posts against CM News

Greener energy may mean slower growth

In future, as the world works to protect the climate by turning to low-carbon fuel sources, lower economic growth may be an unwanted consequence

The credit goes to the government policies supporting solar PVs and wind energy. (Representative image) News

Arvind Subramanian’s attempt to estimate GDP instead of explaining it through cross-country regression fraught with problems

As the dependent variable, he had heights of actresses on the Bengali stage in the 19th century, with a clear perceptible decline in heights towards the end of the century. Among

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