Why social security benefits for gig workers must be expedited

The silent frontline warriors during the pandemic, gig workers deserve social security and allied benefits, which will help motivate more people to join the gig economy.

Where will markets be without central banks?

Markets are fixated on the inflation debate, but strong recovery with or without inflation will lead to tapering by central banks

Bond markets have become quiescent for the time being, beguiled or bludgeoned by the actions and words of the central banks.

Here’s how online gaming and E-sports are taxed in India

For online gaming to exist just as an exception to the definition of gambling under the law and yet being taxed in the same manner, seems unfair.

How to distribute Covid-19 vaccines

Prioritising states will need to balance many considerations, including population, share of infections in total population, share in overall infections in the country, etc

Slipping on space-launch? India’s satellite customer base shrinking considerably

India must execute a series of micro-reforms. Competitors have been demonstrating capabilities during the pandemic

To maximise the impact of reforms, the government must end hibernation of the space launch sector.

Covid-19: Daily cases fall, but meaningful rebound still some distance away

Outlook on indicators like farm-wages, exports, encouraging but services needs to recover, and signs of that are feeble still

Unfortunately, agriculture cannot pull the economy out of the trough.

Reason for concern: India must comb for variants, step up vaccine innovation efforts

The government needs to roll out support programmes for vaccine and therapeutic innovation, say, US-style funding of Covid-vaccine research.

The government must also facilitate access to Covid data; 800 Indian scientists had appealed to the PM in April on this. This can only happen with rigorous data collection; as far as possible, cases and deaths need to be recorded correctly.

Money Trap: The return of the finance threat?

Central banks’ codependent relationship with the financial sector has worsened wealth inequality during the pandemic

The financial sector thus continued to grow markedly, both in absolute terms and relative to national economies.

L-E-A-P culture essential for businesses in a post-COVID world

A recent study by Microsoft has revealed some encouraging, as well as worrying insights about remote work, and organisations need to rethink how they will engage and motivate their workforce in a hybr

Businesses in a Post-Pandemic World, LinkedIn, Google, rem,ote work, hybrid work environment, learning (L), enjoyment (E), autonomy (A) and performance (P), post covid work culture

L-E-A-P culture essential for businesses in a post-COVID world

A recent study by Microsoft has revealed some encouraging, as well as worrying insights about remote work, and organisations need to rethink how they will engage and motivate their workforce in a hybr

Across the Aisle: Take responsibility, consult, make plans, writes P Chidambaram

On their part, the state governments and the Opposition must move on. We must clear the mess and achieve the targets set by epidemiologists and health experts.

Even today, the actual production and supply, month-wise, of the two manufacturers have not been disclosed.

No political shenanigan will help BJP win UP elections if a third Covid wave rages in state, writes Tavleen Singh

Why nobody in this task force has been sacked yet is a question that this column has asked before and will continue to ask till heads roll.

When I listened to the Prime Minister’s speech last week, I saw him make a similar attempt to use denial to distract from reality.

Good for the Game! Megha Ganne’s coming out party; Jon Rahm’s heartbreak; and two bruisers straining at the bit

17-year-old high-school junior, Megha Ganne, whose parents hail from India, burst on to the scene with a major bang, contending at the US Women's Open.

Amateur Megha Ganne, ranked 30th in the world, nearly made history at the US Women's Open

Covid-19 vaccine: Time to test Covishield-Covaxin mix for immune response against D variant

Perhaps it is time for our scientists to test whether a mix of Covishield and Covaxin will increase the chances of a more effective immune response against the D variant

As part of the nationwide vaccination drive, the Government of India has been supporting the states and UTs by providing them COVID-19 vaccines free of cost.

Ban conversion therapy; Govt must ensure rights for LGBTQIA are on a par with the rest

The Centre has also signalled an intent to oppose marriage equality; it must realise that if the government fails to treat LGBTQIA on a par with heterosexuals and cis-genders, it will be condoning ent

The fact is the violence and oppression of conversion therapy—as also forced marriage, which the Delhi HC stridently ruled against recently—is also rooted in the homophobia/transphobia of the larger society.

Protect PPAs to recharge investment in renewables

An ordinance protecting discoms’ obligations to renewables-gencos must be considered


More trade deals key to boosting exports

Higher import duties a big hurdle; India must negotiate harder and become part of RCEP-like trade deals

Need to partner community-based organisations for Covid-care in rural India

From SHGs to PRIs to NGOs, there is a lot of capacity at the grassroots that is going unutilised. Need to harness this to contain spread in rural areas

Need to partner community-based organisations for Covid-care in rural India

The productivity of state legislatures has been quite poor

In 2020, despite the pandemic, Parliament met for 33 days. Nineteen state legislatures met for 29 days on average in the preceding, non-pandemic years

In Parliament, Bills are often referred to Parliamentary Standing Committees for detailed examination. …In most states, such committees are non-existent.

Sebi’s Franklin-Templeton ruling a defining moment

It sends the right message to AMCs on need for due dilligence and respecting investors’s money

The sustainability heat on companies

At least three key factors have led us here: investors unwilling to put their money in companies without a sustainability focus, regulatory push, and the streamlining of sustainability reporting

All of this in the month of May 2021! The decades-old debate on environmental damage and sustainability is now reaching a decisive phase. There is a confluence of three sets of undercurrents which generate this optimism.

Don’t lift reservation cap; Govt must instead focus on education support to communities

While many have argued that a 50% cap limits true reservation since the general category constitutes a small proportion of the population, the impact of access to education on the upward socioeconomic

Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray

Leveraging natural gas to usher in the green hydrogen era

Critical to position natural gas as a transition fuel for near-term GHG reductions & enable entry of hydrogen in a decade

A 150 million tonnes capacity addition primarily based on coal is being targeted by 2030 to propel our economic growth through manufacturing, requiring investments to the tune of Rs 5,000 crore per million tonnes of steel capacity.

A shot in the arm for Covid-19 vaccination

LVP is gone, but the Centre must not let its priority-formula for vax supply penalise states that controlled spread better

They are required to put in public domain information about the supply of vaccines at the district and at the centres, and it is important they do this.
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