Govt has forgotten the flagging economy: P Chidambaram

Unfortunately, the economy seems to be the last of the concerns of the government which is barely able to conceal the triumphalism after Operation J&K.
An elderly Kashmiri man crosses a road as Indian paramilitary soldiers stand guard in Srinagar (AP photo) News

Sovereign bonds: How to meet the budgetary ends with limited means

The cacophony takes the debate back to the East Asian Crisis and reminds one of the implications of foreign inflows in the form of debt.

The sovereign bond issue might be an outcome of such deep thinking. News

Explained: How yoga can boost exports

Linking to the wellness carnival of the International Yoga Day (IDY) on June 21, many yoga studios are opening up both in India and globally.

As estimated by the ‘2016 Yoga in America Study’, the US continues to lead with the rise in number of yoga practitioners from 20.4 million in 2012 to 36.7 million in 2016. (Illustration: Rohnit phore) News

Amazon should clear Future Retail deal with government first

Amazon may or may not finally buy 10% of Indian retailer Future Retail—media reports suggest the deal is close to being finalised—but what is odd is that the discussions are taking place despite t

Amazon may not require explicit permission from the government to buy into Future Retail using some investment arm News

Population explosion is a bogey the government should ignore

The country's annual population growth rate fell from 2.5% in 1971-81—a time when ‘population explosion’ was bandied around commonly, and when India infamously experimented with forced sterilisa

With such trends likely to continue, as demographers predict, the population burden on India's resources will only ease in the coming decades. (Representational image) News

Facebook transcribing audio chats over Messenger hurts its own interests

The company explained that those using Messenger had chosen the option to have their voice-chats transcribed.

Facebook had hired hundreds of private contractors to transcribe the content of call made over its Messenger app. (File photo) News

Explained: The challenges for one nation, one ration card

For rolling out the one nation, one ration card move pan-India, all PDS shops should install ePoS machines and all ration cards have to be seeded with Aadhaar numbers.

Often, few members of a family migrate to other states, thus depriving them of subsidised foodgrain entitlements under NFSA. (File photo) News

Technology that drives Uber, Lyft may reduce traffic, not just in the way these companies thought

Some dream that self-driving cars may solve the problem by smoothing out people’s natural and often disruptive driving habits, yet self-driving cars are arriving much more slowly than enthusiasts ex

But new research based on statistical patterns in traffic demand and the availability of public transportation flies in the face of this theory. (Representative image) News

Pehlu Khan case: Shoddy probes will fail victims and even the best of laws

The court said that those named by Khan in his dying declaration, a separate set of six, were not named in the complainants’ (Khan’s sons) statement to the police, as required under the Section 16

The court order, in fact, is an indictment of shoddy investigation in the case. (Representational image) News

Know why India ranks 4th in terms of measles outbreak

Vaccination rates must rise at a large scale, especially, in conflict ridden and poor areas—the worst-hit by plummeting vaccination rates.

A recent WHO-Unicef study also noted that vaccination rates for DPT and measles have remained stagnant at 86% since 2010. (Representative image) News

Explained: Why WTO needs an interim arbitration body

With WTO’s dispute settlement process set to fall apart due to appellate body vacancies remaining unfilled, a parallel arbitration procedure is a must

The WTO Agreement contains a set of rules for the conduct of international trade relations. News

It might be prudent for government to take a relook at IBC amendments

Recently, DoT formed a committee to examine issues arising out of insolvency of telecom operators, including its rights as a creditor vis-à-vis the bankruptcy process.

The DoT’s stand before the National Company Law Tribunal in the Aircel case has been that spectrum cannot be classified as an asset of the telecom company or be sold as part of a resolution process. (Representational image) News

Fiscal space before the new government in Karnataka

As of now, the fiscal indicators of Karnataka are well within the fiscal rules framework—although public debt is on the rise, it is within the 20% threshold limit in terms of GSDP.

Populist measures (Rs 4,000 promised to beneficiaries of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi, and waiver of outstanding loans taken by weavers) can derail prudent public finances of the state (Illustration: Rohnit Phore) News

Bringing India and Latin America closer in terms of trade and investment

Over the last decade, India’s trade with LAC has grown three-fold—to reach $39 billion in 2018, with India’s exports to LAC amounting to $13 billion and imports reaching $26 billion.

Transportation cost remains a major constraint for trade between the two. (Representational image) News

Explained: How Vikatan became a contextual content company driven by technology

Vikatan has been ranked number one Tamil weekly by the Indian Readership Survey (IRS). Its TV shows reach 12 million homes.

Vikatan went online in 1997 because its readers outside the state were getting the magazine late due to postal delays. News

Now to deliver on what prime minister Narendra Modi promised at the Red Fort

Can’t celebtrate wealth if taxes are sky-high, or promise water conservation without fixing agriculture policies.

Opinion News

Flood fury: Climate change denial won’t help

As per a 2017 study, India had the second-largest number of deaths linked to extreme weather events—floods, heatwaves, etc.

But, saying that the floods have nothing to do with climate change, as environment minister Prakash Javadekar has done, is nothing short of climate denialism. (File photo) News

Use trusts/pools for agriculture, insurance for health

Indeed, the model needs to be flipped; farm insurance should be based on a trust model or risk-pools, while Ayushman Bharat should be based on pure insurance instead of the trust model that several st

In the case of farm insurance, no single farmer can claim crop failure (Representational image) News

BCCI finally submits to NADA dope-testing for cricketers

As per the World Anti Doping Agency’s (WADA) norms, all athletes competing in a country are to be tested by that country’s anti-doping agency.

BCCI has, however, requested for some ‘premium services’ citing concerns over the quality and efficiency of NADA’s testing. News

Giving legal rights to water bodies a great leap forward

Without contesting pollution in Ganga and Yamuna, one should be sceptical of lists and rankings, both because of data problems (there are good data only for OECD) and because of the way numbers are us

Ill-being of rivers is primarily due to raw sewage and industrial waste. (Representational image) News

US, China trade war intensifies as Donald Trump announces new tariffs

The Chinese authorities then allowed their currency, the renminbi, to fall below the symbolic threshold of CN¥7 per US dollar.

The real significance of the US decision to label China a currency manipulator, therefore, is that it represents a further escalation of the two countries’ avoidable trade war. (Representational image) News

Growth prescriptions: RBI initiatives can reverse slowdown in growth

The central bank's current monetary policy, having evolved from focusing solely on controlling inflation and emphasising independence, is aimed at supporting economic growth

The objective of the Bank of England’s monetary policy is to deliver price stability and, subject to that, to support the government’s economic objectives, including those for growth and employment. (Illustration: rohnit phore) News

Product advisory Committee will deepen benefits of derivative markets

At the micro-level, PAC can observe heterogeneity in participation between physical and derivative market actors, helping exchanges and regulators take measures to bring parity in trade and maintain a

Sebi has directed each recognised exchange, including stock and commodity, to “constitute a PAC for each group News

Financing budget expenditure through RBI surplus is novel financial engineering

The currency revaluation reserve has been more volatile—Rs 5.3-6.9 lakh crore in the last five years, with the lower end being reached in 2017 and a low of Rs 1.2 lakh crore in 2010.

RBI has a balance sheet size of Rs 36.3 lakh crore. News
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