World day against trafficking in persons: Breaking the back of a criminal enterprise

In 2012, Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) for the first time in its advisory called human trafficking as an organised crime. Sections 9.7 and 9.9 of this advisory advised states to conduct financial investigations and confiscation of assets under the Preven
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Caring for the elderly: More facilities needed, rope in institutions like places of worship

Abandonment, as defined by the new Bill, will invite a longer jail term than provided for by the 2007 Act.

The Bill also proposes to do away with the Rs 10,000-ceiling for maintenance amount payable to parents, keeping view the fact that the amount needs to reflect the needs of the parents and the capabilities of the children. (Representative image)

SEBI must correct stand on superior voting rights

The intent may be to make it easier for new-age tech firms to list in India, but the bearing on corporate governance outweighs this


Renegotiating FTAs: India and the European Union

There is a significant untapped potential to expand India-EU bilateral trade relation through an FTA

For this to happen, regulatory barriers in cross-border supply as well as provision of services through temporary movement of professionals will need to be addressed.

Listen to Tesla, Hyundai on duties: Some duty relief for a temporary period would be a nice gesture & benefit India in long run

Investors like Tesla can make a big difference to the ecosystem, and if the government is serious about the environment and promoting clean energy, it should be willing to give up some revenue.

Kim’s case is that companies need time to localise production of components and, until then, imports could help generate some demand for EVs.

Greening coal-based power: Govt must seriously mull over shutting old, polluting plants

The government (both states and the Centre) must summon the political will to act against inefficient coal-based plants.

So, in a perverse way, the worse polluters will be allowed to pollute for longer.

Sowing Trouble: The beginnings of an alcohol problem?

The PLI scheme to boost ethanol production could lead to unintended consequences for India’s food security and environment

However, besides these positives, PLI for enhancing ethanol production might also lead to certain unintended adverse consequences.

Make-in-India must ‘make for the world’

Govt must lower tariff protections for domestic manufacturers to spur them to become globally competitive

Unless there is a low and stable tariff regime, companies will not be encouraged to think global and invest for the long term.

Free up online education

Credits through Swayam good, but regressive rules need to go

That apart, the antediluvian provisions of the UGC (Open and Distance Learning Programmes and Online Programmes) Regulations, 2020, need to go

Seeds Of Trouble: Profits have prevailed over national interest

The coming together of two seed-company associations with polar interests doesn’t augur well for the Indian farmers and the smaller seed-industry players

Today, over 50% of the global seed market is controlled by 4 corporations.

Deliberate laws before passing them

A robust mechanism for doing this is to put all Bills through a detailed scrutiny process by parliamentary committees

Earlier this week, Lok Sabha passed the Bill in a din. It now awaits debate in Rajya Sabha.

Revisiting the role of funding for improved urban services

Stable city leadership, effective PPP, and citizen engagement play a key role in providing better SWM services

Trade Talk: Is India a reluctant liberaliser?

Successive governments have remained focused on trade liberalisation but have largely ignored the need to improve the competitiveness of domestic enterprises

India Inc’s pain isn’t over yet

Rural demand under a cloud, no stimulus likely; vital that jobs-scenario improves and transport, hospitality, etc, recover

Premium and high-end brands will do well but products in the affordable category might feel the pressure.

Compensate For Surrogacy: Without this, women are denied reproductive autonomy

The fixation with altruistic surrogacy as some sort of ‘exemplary’, ‘noble’ action, with ‘compassion’ being the prime driver rather than economic gain, serves little real-world purpose.

GST: End hibernation on dispute resolution

The GST Council must evolve the rules for adjudication in time, lest a solution on resolving disputes itself becomes dispute-ridden

With the impact of the second Covid-19 wave waning and the vaccination drive making progress, parts of the economy are expected to look up from July.

The Kerala Covid Conundrum: Ultimately, Covid-19 response is going to be judged by mortality

Is it advisable for other states to be following a testing algorithm like Kerala’s?

The net result has been that it never had overcrowding of the hospitals, and its Covid-19 mortality is the one of the lowest in the world. Ultimately, the only thing to judge the severity of the pandemic will be mortality rate.

AGR dues: Govt must work to ease Vodafone-Idea’s pain

SC’s AGR ruling latest blow to the company; if it bows out, the telecom space will be left a duopoly

Even though Trai later came up with a technical paper explaining why the call-drops were not the fault of the telcos, it did not drop the recommendation of a penalty.

Mandating Covid shots: India must consider a referendum on this

The hard reality for India is that data from the Covid Symptom Survey, conducted by Facebook and the University of Maryland earlier this year, shows relatively high levels of vaccine hesitancy.

States must adopt the right strategies to make people aware in the long-term, but the urgency in terms of expanding vaccine cover to prevent another ugly wave can’t be underscored enough.

Fifth Column: Raiding newspapers never works, writes Tavleen Singh

The Prime Minister has personally taken leadership of his government's campaign to prove that everything said about its mismanagement of Covid and its strong-arm tactics to silence the media is a lie.

Press freedom, free press

Across the Aisle: Government rides a winged horse, writes P Chidambaram

When a storm broke out on snooping on political leaders, judges, journalists, civil rights activists, students, businesspersons and social friends of the ‘chosen people’, it was revealed that owne

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Crowning Glory: Collin Morikawa’s acceptance speech at The Open affirmed his credentials as golf’s brand ambassador

Morikawa’s game is perfect for strategic golf, and it showed. Am I gushing? Absolutely, and I suspect I’m not the only one to feel this way. This kid is special.

Morikawa, golf

Less anti-carbon, more pro-EU

The EU’s carbon border adjustment mechanism will have a marginal impact on the bloc’s decarbonisation efforts and a detrimental one on equity, in terms of trade, income and jobs.

carbon emmission, net zero emmisions, climate change

India Inc can no longer ignore climate shocks

Its climate-initiatives have tended to focus on stewardship rather than addressing risks to operations and value-chains.

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