India slipping on global competitiveness index is worrisome

India slipping on the global competitiveness index is worrisome, structural reforms are now urgent
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How govt can control sudden spike in prices of onion and tomato

Improving processing and direct buying from fpos could help check large price volatility of vegetable like tomato, onion, potato that export bans and stocking limit

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Firms are turning to people analytics to achieve better efficiencies

Firms are increasingly turning to people analytics to achieve better efficiencies from employees

hr employee office. corporate tax News

What Delhi needs to do to combat air pollution

The recent RFID system (introduced by the School of Planning and Architecture) for commercial vehicles entering Delhi is an example of congestion pricing which has worked.

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Digital platforms need to be robust for compelling people to give up cash

Now that smarter, faster, more secure, cost-effective and transparent channels of digital payments are in place, and the pace of economic formalisation has picked up owing to GST, RBI can confidently

Digital platforms need to be robust, scalable and self-reconciling, for people to be compelled to give up cash. Moreover, grievances need to be handled promptly News

Congress leaders are speaking out of turn, where is discipline panel?

The average age of the committee, chaired by A K Antony is 82. The three-member panel consists of Antony,78, Motilal Vora, 90, and Sushil Kumar Shinde, 78.

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Stats don’t lie: Ravi Ashwin probably experiments a little too much

Ashwin probably experiments a little too much, but he has had a career to be proud of

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Corporates get responsible about plastic

Rushing into announcing a ban, to coincide with Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th anniversary or some such other landmark, is a bad idea.

Govt must announce bans only after a roadmap for transitioning to alternatives is laid down. News

Chem Nobel honours work that led to the Li-ion battery

With prices falling, lithium has found resonance with large-scale utilities and electric vehicles.

The theme of this year’s Chemistry Nobel was set as ‘A Rechargeable World’. News

WHO report shows how big the problem of blindness that could have been prevented is

The WHO’s first-ever World Vision Report highlights that 2.2 billion people across the globe suffer from vision impairment—of these, nearly a billion cases could have been prevented, if they were

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Swachh Bharat shows how to nudge the right way

Setting up a ‘behaviour insight team’ in the govt, to help different ministries incorporate psychological and cognitive dimensions in public policy, may be useful.

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Explained: Why India slips 10 positions in Global Competitiveness Rankings

While India is finding it difficult to compete with a Vietnam in wooing manufacturing firms moving out of China, the latest slip in rankings in the Global Competitive Index will cause further heartbur

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Modi-Xi Meet: How India-China ties are underscored by economic asymmetry

President Xi Jinping and Prime minister Narendra Modi have much in common—pragmatism, nationalism and marked shifts in foreign policy, but Sino-Indian relations are underscored by economic asymmetry

The present meet is a testament to the “Wuhan spirit” deemed to help manage, if not resolve, the differences that underlie Sino-Indian relations. News

Smart move by Reliance Jio, others should have emulated it

It benefits if its customers can pressure Trai to scrap IUC; if that doesn’t happen, it benefits from higher revenues.

Mukesh Ambani, chairman, RIL News

RBI right on Indiabulls-LVB; it needs to push mergers of weak banks quickly

It is really not much of a surprise that RBI has turned down the proposal to amalgamate Lakshmi Vilas Bank and Indiabulls Housing Finance.

Indiabulls Housing Finance vice-chairman and MD Gagan Banga and Lakshmi Vilas Bank MD & CEO Parthasarathi Mukherjee News

A new survey highlights acute lack of awareness about mental health in the country

Although the government launched the National Mental Health Programme in 1982, little has been done to address the problem.

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Reviving growth: What could spur income tax rate cuts

Income Tax rate cuts should come only if Diwali demand is weak, there is weak rate-cut transmission by banks and govt finds ways to fund the corp tax rate cut.

There is no doubt that a demand-side measure, like the income tax cut, has a more immediate growth impact than a supply-side measure like the corporate tax rate cut News

Instead of engineering a growth acceleration to go with a demographic dividend, policymakers have allowed growth to slow

The government has a perennial problem of failure to raise adequate tax revenues. Periodically, it resorts to “tax terrorism,” which only creates more uncertainty and damages growth.

The biggest priority is a clean up of the financial sector. An overhang of bad debt can kill growth for many years. News

RCEP churn: Protecting Indian dairy from itself

India has problems that go beyond RCEP, it needs to explore why the private sector is mute in FTA discussions and why cooperatives inevitably become political.

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How bank denationalisation can be a solution to tackle slowdown woes

Banks despite having deposits, have limited capital. Given the Basel capital adequacy norms, they are constrained. That indicates to a problem of supply of credit. But, do we have enough demand for cr

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RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat should have been unambiguous on lynching

Bhagwat should have condemned lynching in a more forthright manner; did well to support privatisation/FDI.

Like prime minister Modi did earlier, Bhagwat talks of how “so-called leaders” create clashes between Hindus and Muslims, and “have made an industry out of their pursuits for self-aggrandisement”. News

Why India needs a forest wall against the march of desertification

With a plan to create a 1,400-km-long and 5-km-wide green belt, from Gujarat to the Delhi-Haryana border, India is committing to concrete steps to combat desertification and land degradation.

It is not hard to imagine the scale of gain from the Green Wall of India. News

Explained: How Delhi shows the way on celebrating festivals

Delhi shows the way on celebrating festivals, idol immersion and all, and fighting pollution at the same time.

The city made sure that the Durga Puja celebrations—idol immersions are a key ritual—would not contribute to the pollution of the Yamuna. News

Junk Boilers Act and relook Seventh Schedule

With perceptions about inspections by private companies having changed, the Indian Boilers Act, 1923, and the entire Seventh Schedule, needs a relook.

Irrespective of whether boilers needed oil and grease or not, inspectors did. Since 2014, there have been more relaxations, with self-certification pushed (Representational Image) News
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