Covid-19 crisis and India’s next government

The Covid crisis has politicised a new crop of leaders who are young, smart, and committed to the country
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Coronavirus vaccine: Real test would lie in the length of immunity

Falling infection rates in the UK could scuttle Oxford University’s SARS-CoV-2 vaccine trial

For this purpose, at least a critical number of trial subjects need to contract SARS-CoV-2 infection. News

‘Aatmanirbhar’ package for agriculture: Sowing half-reforms

While the government deserves credit for announcing agri-reforms that have long been in the making, these may remain halfway measures as it has refrained from biting the bullet on truly freeing up th

No stock limit shall apply to processors or value chain participants, subject to their installed capacity, or to any exporter, subject to export demand. News

Rs 20 lakh crore Covid-19 relief package: Missing demand

The package has a large role for RBI, with 40% of the amount mentioned being provided as liquidity by the central bank.

The advantage this time is the government’s assertion that Rs 3 lakh crore of SME loans will be guaranteed by the sovereign—this should enable banks to lend, though the fine print on this is yet to be revealed. News

Coronavirus pandemic: India’s response to Covid-19

The current government has not developed a coherent approach to implementing structural economic reforms

Liquidity support measures have been combined with direct income support, making it less obvious what the true immediate impact will be. News

Combating economic downturn post Covid-19 pandemic: Sync trade and FDI policies

Revise the existing institutional mechanisms for trade and investment policymaking to make policies more coherent and inclusive

India’s trade policy seems to be out of sync with its FDI policy. News

Covid-19 crisis: Caring for the migrant worker

The state has to learn to trust the civil society's intimate knowledge of the situation of the migrant worker. The only way to fight this pandemic is to work together

The Shramik trains that were announced with huge fanfare were run most secretively, with no information to the public about their schedule, timings, departing stations, destinations or vacancies. News

What India must do to increase its competitiveness

Time-bound reforms would have a significant impact on competitiveness

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Covid-19: An economic mess is staring in the face

Deeper contraction in output and sustained inflationary pressures could be policymakers’ nightmare

However, there are at least four reasons why inflation may not conform to this picture, and trend up instead. News

How India can push its dairy cart ahead

The future of dairy in India hinges on modernising infrastructure, and giving the sector a technological face-lift

Refrigeration is critical in tropical countries when it comes to growth of normal dairy products as opposed to ultra-high temperature products. News

Heatwaves: India must stand up to certain countries’ climate lethargy

Pandemic shows how large emission cuts need to be, India must stand up to countries’ climate lethargy

Climatologists believe that 2020, even if it doesn’t surpass 2016 as the hottest year, will be one of the top five in the 142 years for which global temperature has been recorded. News

Missing power goals again! Thermal plants all set to miss 2022 pollution target

With two years to the deadline, just 97 GW of the coal-fired capacity is in compliance with particulate matter (PM) standards, while upgradation is underway in 14 GW and a mere 16 GW of capacity is in

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Great Olympian: India needs stars like Balbir Singh to revive hockey

Cricket frenzy has taken over—the difference in how India’s national sport and cricket are perceived by the market can be gauged from salaries paid to staff in each sport.

Later, as the coach of the Indian hockey team, Singh helped India best Pakistan in the 1975 World Cup Final. News

Decoded! Taxation of employee stock options vis-à-vis start-ups

Book value instead of full market value should have been considered for taxation of ESOPs

Section 156 of the IT Act, as amended, provides for deferment of perquisite tax liability. News

How India can develop its health ecosystem into a dominant, post-Covid economic sector

By streamlining development and regulatory processes, and lending more support so our innovators can compete on a global platform, India can develop its health innovation ecosystem into a dominant, po

A decade’s worth of investment and capacity building in this ecosystem via accelerators and innovation hubs like C-CAMP paid off during this critical life-threatening event. (Illustration by Rohnit Phore) News

RBI: The absconding forecaster – No GDP growth prediction in two months by MPC

RBI needs to explain why it cannot announce forecasts for GDP and inflation when private forecasters, other central banks and the IMF are able to do so.

The MPC last week shied away—yet again—from offering a number (or range) forecast for India’s real GDP growth and CPI inflation. News

Covid handling — off track, in the air as well

Railways ignore ‘do gaz ki doori’, so does aviation industry

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Public projects: Why states should go beyond ‘heads I win, tails you lose’

Public project administration during corona-times.

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ISRO’s love-hate relationship with private sector – A look back at history

Why does the private sector love and hate ISRO?

If the Indian space agency is serious about this new push for privatisation, then it should introduce the ‘space law’ in Parliament in the Monsoon session or at least before the new Parliament Complex is made. News

Covid-19: Gujarat must learn the right lessons from the pandemic

HC’s criticism reveals its failure in public healthcare; the state also must get testing right.

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Ban on Zoom: India needs data protection law to ensure user privacy and security

Given all the digital deployment in the Covid era, companies need to have data security audits

Last week, a Delhi-based tutor filed a petition in the Supreme Court asking for a ban on video-conferencing app Zoom for violating user privacy and security. News

Invest time and energy in your handwriting—it’s worth the effort.

Griffonage, or poor handwriting, by doctors may be responsible for 7,000 deaths every year.

Griffonage means carelessly written inscription—crude or illegible scrawl. News

Sustaining Atmanirbharta: The right policy mix

Experience of countries that have successfully transformed themselves suggests that an integrated approach over the medium term, based on the first and third sets of policies will improve domestic cap

Modi reviewed the actions taken by the power and renewable energy ministry on Wednesday evening, where the revised tariff policy and the Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2020 were also discussed. News
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