Beating hunger: Two-third of under 5 deaths in India occur due to malnutrition

Policy steps such as Integrated Child Development Scheme, the Mid-day Meal Scheme, National Food Security Act, and the NNM targets were taken to reduce malnutrition and related deaths.
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Is IT and electronics manufacturing a low hanging fruit?

By Nitin Kunkolienker The global electronics manufacturing sector is changing, fuelled by national aspirations and strong political leaderships. A combination of several aspects like geopolitical real

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Saudi Aramco attack: Impact on crude oil supply in India

Crude oil reserves maintained in India by the Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserves Limited (ISPRL) for such contingencies are yet to reach their full capacity.

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Understanding the investment slowdown

The pace of growth in investment would be slow as far as the private sector is concerned. There will be pressure on the government to provide a fiscal stimulus by expanding the fiscal deficit and enab

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Boosting exports: Standards matter more than schemes

WTO can’t force India to cut export subsidies in keeping with its norms as the Appellate Body of WTO’s dispute settlement becomes dysfunctional from December 11, 2019

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Absence of a law against paid news emboldens Jharkhand to try and legitimise it

The Election Commission of India (ECI) had called upon the government to amend the Representation of Peoples Act (RPA) to include an election candidate paying for news to get published in the Act’s

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While carpooling is one solution, it can achieve a lot more

There are, though, some needless irritants that indicate the government does not fully appreciate the benefits of car-pooling; this, in fact, is what will prevent extending the usage of car-pooling be

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Why it is good idea to give farmers interest-subvention via DBT

The RBI study also found that while livestock, forestry, and fisheries contributed around 38-42% of agriculture output during 2014-16, this sector got just 6-7% of total agriculture credit; clearly, t

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Agriculture 4.0: Here are 10 elements of strategy that the sector needs

Volatility in agricultural product prices is not good for farmers and consumers. Planning crop production and matching it with domestic and foreign demand must begin. Import policies need to interface

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How companies undergoing insolvency resolution face hardships due to probable clash of GST with IBC

Companies undergoing insolvency resolution are facing hardships due to probable clash of GST with IBC

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Explained: How to get innovative with CSR

The transfer of unspent CSR money to bank accounts is a bad move. We need a framework that marries national goals with CSR—we must involve India Inc in co-achieving national goals by creating an ena

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The spectre of Malthus: India fast losing its demographic potential

Different communities have different fertility rates; typically, immigrating groups produce more children than native—mostly white—populations in these regions. In the US, fertility rates amongst

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Eating away at food safety norms: A shadowy industry group shapes food policy around the world

The report states that global farm subsidies have a rather large climate-change footprint—1% of the $700 billion given as farm subsidies globally is used in a manner that benefits the environment.

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Centre’s Hindi push may end up harming India’s unity

Hindi did have influential backers in the Assembly, including Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel and BR Ambedkar, but after a heated debate in the Assembly, it adopted the Munshi-Ayyangar formula that calle

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No case for a GST cut, not clear that it will help a lot

It is certainly true that, in response to the global financial crisis in FY09, the government made a sharp cut in excise duties; and while sales did increase—26%, in the case of passenger vehicles a

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It is worth a relook at what Subir Gokarn said in 2013 RBI report of currency and finance

Economists often trace back the institutional linkages between fiscal and monetary authorities to ‘Unpleasant Monetary Arithmetic’ (UMA) of Thomas J Sargent and Neil Wallace. This UMA regime deals

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Apple has played some strategic pricing with new iPhone, but its trump card might be an older phone

Apple will be hoping that the improved cameras on its new phones—the iPhone 11 has two cameras and the iPhone 11 Pro models three lenses—will get at least its dedicated user base to upgrade.

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Hard to imagine that economy will always behave as per our models

There are assessments that point, with some degree of certainty, to elevated volatility in accounts—P&L in particular—as ‘fair value’ gets to broadly determine what banks report in their annua

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Why PM Modi is a Level 5 leader

The poorest of the poor is convinced about his honesty and integrity. It is well known that illiterate intelligence is more effective than educated incapacity many times.

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15th Finance Commission terms tilt fiscal scales in favour of the Centre

The last Union Budget was somewhat timid, perhaps, given the growth slowdown, but recent economic policy changes have shown more willingness to respond vigorously to the problem.

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Why linking deposit rate to external benchmark has to be considered

Today, while the MPC is happy that inflation is down, the income of farmers has been affected, which has affected spending. The reverse of the two can cause political upheaval.

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Linking vehicular insurance premiums to driving behaviour is a good move

On September 6 , IRDAI notified the constitution of a working group to recommend the implementation framework and methodology for a potential premium-driving behaviour regime.

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Why housing packaging needed to have been a lot bolder

While it is hard to estimate how far Rs 20,000 crore can go, Kotak Institutional Equities (KIE) points out there are currently 4.1 lakh apartment units costing less than Rs 45 lakh.

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Big export boost requires a bigger change in strategy

The measures, announced last week, include replacing a WTO-non-compliant duty refund scheme with a compliant one and, with a Rs 10,000 crore higher outlay, there are measures to ensure a higher amount

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