Data drive: A difficult budget

Within direct tax, corporate tax collection has been just 27% of Rs 1.86 lakh crore of Rs 6.8 lakh crore estimated in the budget.

Get e-waste management right

NGT order on central monitoring good; producer responsibility must encourage partnering with informal waste-processors

With impetus from the NGT directions, the authorities will likely step up efforts to control the problem.

Real changes for real estate: Govt needs to relax tax provisions in FY22 Budget to give fillip to housing

The housing sector is extremely important from a contribution to GDP as well as employment perspective.

Given the liquidity issues in the sector, landowners have been entering in collaboration agreements.

Moving towards legal parity: Existing tax laws should be liberalised

While there are merger/demerger corporate and tax laws, none exist for partnerships or LLPs

A major policy instrument can be the encouragement of mergers and demergers in corporates and partnership.

The antitrust dilemma: CCI must come out with detailed penalty guidelines to reduce uncertainty

Globally, the competition authorities, including the European Commission, the US, and the UK competition authorities, have issued penalty guidelines to ensure that the penalty imposed does not become

Banking on the new: Differentiated banking licences for NBFCs is a reform the Budget 2021 should consider

Differentiated banking licences for NBFCs—to make low-cost capital available to specific sectors—is a reform the Budget should consider

Essential commodities act: The essential and the non-essential

There is an issue of de-seasonalising prices of agricultural commodities, often subject to cycles. But ECA doesn’t solve that problem. It is solved by ensuring storage and processing, allowing marke

Remembering Nani Palkhivala: The future is here, we need to embrace it

On the 101st Anniversary of the legendary TCS chairman, a look at how the fourth industrial revolution may unfold and how India can cope with, and benefit from, it.

The fourth industrial revolution will envelop us at a pace and scale that is mind-boggling. It also presents an opportunity for us as a nation, to carve out a unique development trajectory by leapfrogging technologies and stepping away from conventional models.

The big lie

It is still a long time till 2024 and the lies will continue. But, so will the protests as more and more Indians have gotten over the TINA concern and are willing to stand up and act themselves

US capitol

New research works underscore the role of autoimmunity in the severity of Covid-19

Many research works point at a common problem—autoimmunity, or the immune system attacking the body itself.

A study conducted by researchers at the Rockefeller University showed that more than 10% of 987 individuals with severe Covid-19 had autoantibodies that targeted proteins that help bolster defence against pathogens.

Can Modi pull off an Ajinkya?

The fiasco over the land Act defined the limits to reforms in NDA-1, farm laws’ setback will do the same in NDA-2

farm laws, Ajinkya Rahane, Narendra Modi, farmers, farmer protest, Punjab, farmer talks, MSP, Punjab farmers agitation

Need to state motive behind query weakens RTI

Delhi HC’s order weakens transparency law; suo motu disclosure by govt, penalties can help check motivated requests

Punishing risky behaviour

Linking vehicle insurance to driving quality a good idea

The absolute horror behind ‘how to make corona-vaccine at home’ Google trend

‘How to make Covid-19 vaccine at home’ being a top online search is a worrying development

A haste to clear vaccines has meant subversion of norms and led people to question the process of clearance. It hasn’t helped that governments have tried to obfuscate with terms like ‘clinical trial mode’.

An atmanirbhar Budget for Indian investors

Union Budget 2021 India: Abolish the enhanced surcharge on capital gains from unlisted shares and Reduce the holding period for unlisted equity shares to qualify as long-term capital asset

Budget 2021-22, Union Budget 2021

India’s aluminium bellwether needs to work fast to increase capacity

The country’s aluminium bellwether needs to work fast to increase capacity

Between a rock & a hard place

DTH needs a level playing field in terms of regulatory touch to compete with OTT

The algebra of subsidies

India’s power subsidy structures perpetuate distorted prices for dirty fuels and limit the resources available to target the households needing support

Without factoring in these additional variables, the algebra of subsidies will be limited to the constants of past policies rather than the profitable promises of the future.

Monetising domestic work done by women is only way forward!

As the Supreme Court recently said, unpaid domestic work by women needs better recognition from society

The seven-point manifesto brought out by Kamal Haasan’s Makkal Needhi Maiam party in the run-up to Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu also talks about “due recognition” of women’s unpaid housework.

Moderate your expectations from the Budget

Union Budget 2021 India: While sectors may want more from the government in terms of policies, there have already been myriad policy announcements since May 2020 for various sectors and hence it would

The Budget anyway is merely a statement of account of the government, and tax rates are outside its purview because of the GST regime

Union Budget FY22: Giving tourism priority this year

Union Budget 2021 India: The investment required for developing the tourism potential in India is so large that a separate development financial institution for tourism may well be warranted

Tourism in India generates around 8% of total employment and around 9% of GDP.

Budget FY22: GST vaccine for ailing economy

Indian Union Budget 2021-22: The government must rationalise GST rates for inputs and input services with the corresponding output supplies to avoid accumulation of tax credits

One such prognostication is addressing the issues under goods and services tax laws to make GST a ‘good and simple tax’.

Organised cheer, unorganised fear: Master show, pent-up demand and K-shaped recovery

India is witnessing the classic K-shaped recovery with the formal sector doing well while the informal one lags

Indeed, in the short run, the accumulated savings of high earners can support the economy.

India’s economic future lies in modernising the masses

The growth of a technologically advanced start-up ecosystem is not a substitute for faster growth in labour-intensive manufacturing

In addition to the obvious acceleration of digitisation created by the pandemic, specific sectors such as health, education and finance provide global growth opportunities for India.
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