Judicial OVERREACH: SC did well to stay the Allahabad HC’s order to impose lockdown in 5 districts of UP

The Supreme Court (SC) did well to stay the Allahabad High Court’s (HC’s) order to the Uttar Pradesh government to impose lockdown in five districts in view of the Covid-19 situation there.
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Building bridges to build the nation

New DFI signals the huge thrust India is putting on infrastructure and its role in driving economic growth

The good thing about the NBFID mandate is its scope into the brownfield as well.

Can Reserve Bank of India win this war?

The market believes the rupee needs to be weaker. To ensure that this battle doesn’t turn into a crisis, more than just intervening heavily, RBI needs to tell the market in no uncertain terms that i

On the other hand, many health analysts believe this wave will peak sometime over the next month or so, assuming that the people and the government begin to behave sensibly—both relatively tall orders.

Mobility hit, but lockdown stringency is unchanged

The NIBRI has fallen by ~16pp below pre-pandemic normal; however, the second-wave’s impact on the economy remains far more benign than that of the first wave

The Traffic Congestion Index (TCI) has also fallen further to 7.5 as of April 18 vs ~10 as of April 13, and down from 16 a month earlier, although above the levels (of ~2) a year earlier.

RBI’s prescription needs a relook

Low bond yields alone will not ensure economic growth

Studies in developed economies indicate lower bond yields precede economic growth as lower bond yields mean lower cost of funds for investors, encouraging investment and, thereby, economic growth.

Infrastructure lessons from states

The NIP envisages more investments coming from the states (40%) as compared to the Centre (39%)

Robert Mundell (1932-2021): Mundell can never be forgotten

Robert Mundell may not be as famous as John Maynard Keynes or Milton Friedman, but holds an important place in the pantheon of economists, and the ‘impossible trinity’ will be something that will

Loan against property: Five mistakes to avoid

Factor in processing charges and disbursal time when applying for a loan against property. And go for a floating interest rate

Relook the PAPG: Limitations being imposed by RBI require careful consideration

Most financial frauds today stem from relatively systemic issues, and pushing forward with the Payment Aggregators and Payment Gateways guidelines will have an ambiguous effect on data security while

Studies in developed economies indicate lower bond yields precede economic growth as lower bond yields mean lower cost of funds for investors, encouraging investment and, thereby, economic growth.

Your car is a private or a public place?

A car can be a public place or a private place, depending on whether the occupant is wearing a mask or lighting a joint

Against this backdrop, the knotty question is: How will the courts look at removing masks to consume contraband substances in a car?

That little thing called economics!

Good call to free vaccine pricing. Price controls help one lot but, as supplies dwindle, this hurts those who don’t get access

Those who get both Covid-19 shots at a cost of Rs 500 are obviously better off as compared to a situation where they are asked to Rs 2,000 going by the free-market price Poonawala said he would like to charge. But, if the result of the price control is delaying supply to others, their loss can be huge since it could result in them requiring greater hospitalisation; indeed, till the country is fully vaccinated, parts of the economy will continue to face some kind of lockdown and, when that happens, even those who benefitted from the price caps may have to bear an additional cost due to job losses and higher inflation resulting from supply disruptions.

Gaining from SVAMITVA- Survey of Villages and Mapping with Improvised Technology in Village Areas

While the promise of the scheme is considerable, certain aspects like monitoring and updating of data need to be carefully figured out

The Svamitva scheme can unlock the potential of land in inhabited areas of villages.

Insurance Amendment Bill: The need of the hour

Given India’s low insurance penetration & densitty, crucial to foster the sector’s growth. Raising FDI cap helps this, while the Bill’s provisions protect India’s interests

Insurance companies are plagued by high risk due to the business’s capital-intensive nature and an unusually long break-even period that can vary anywhere between 7 years and 10 years.

Gloomy Forecast: These warnings shouldn’t be ignored

The US’s Global Trends report paints a dire scenario over the next two decades, with erosion of democracy a prime threat

The latest report flags usual suspects like climate change, changing demographics, etc, as also emerging threats such as technologies that divide and erosion of trust in institutions and in democracy, with the gap between challenges and the will to deal with these growing and fuelling deeply polarising politics. (Representative image)

The Competition Commission of India needs to tech up

Keeping up with the developed jurisdictions, the CCI is looking at blockchain markets in a serious manner

The CCI recently released a discussion paper on blockchain and the use thereof while complying with the rules of free and fair competition.

Managing suppressed G-Sec yields

RBI must juggle its multiple hats well to manage positive and negative pay-offs dexterously

This is a good time for RBI to relook at banks’ internal mechanisms to avoid the temptation of mispricing risk in easy liquidity scenario.

G20, net zero emissions and India’s role

It would be irrational to expect all the countries to reach net zero by 2050/2060 given the fact that they are at different points of economic development, with large chunks of their populations not h

We have to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and need to concentrate on our renewable capacity addition targets and ensure these targets are actually met

Elections are less free and fair

The Election Commission (EC) was fiercely independent: for instance, it acknowledged the logic of allotting a common symbol to all the candidates of the AIADMK (though it was not a recognised party an

Prime Minister Narendra Modi during an election campaign rally in support of BJP party candidates for West Bengal Assembly Polls at Gangarampur in South Dinajpur district (PTI Image)

Coronavirus Pandemic: Is there a vaccination strategy?

If the men who make up the Government of India’s vaccination task force have the smallest sense of honour, they should accept blame and resign.

Had he not been prime minister, they said, we would not have been able to stop Covid-19 from killing millions of Indians.

Sensei Matsuyama: Zen Master

Hideki Matsuyama gave a masterclass at the Masters Tournament to become the first Japanese Major winner in history

If this week was any indication, we’re going to see a lot more of the American in the time to come.

Data drive: The FY21 tax suprise

The Centre’s indirect tax collection grew 12%, to Rs 10.71 lakh crore, in FY21 on the back of higher collection from central excise (led by taxes and cesses on petroleum products as well as the reco


America Inc’s opposition to “discriminatory legislation” has sparked a debate on whether MNCs should remain bipartisan

So, expecting corporations that have to look at consumer opinion to stay neutral is perhaps expecting too much.


AI for judiciary will help reduce pendency of cases

With quick access to case law as set by SC judgments, in a comprehensible-for-all format, it is likely that court processes in the high courts and lower courts could get accelerated. SUPACE, a composi

AI judgement

Immunise school education against Covid disruption

Another year of shut schools spells disaster for EWS students; need to push digital inclusion, jabs for children & SAT-like test

school education
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