Data drive: Curbing Covid growth

In Kerala, Haryana, Delhi, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and some north-eastern states growth rate of deaths outpaced the growth rate in cases.
coronavirus cases in India data analysis

Covid-19: Allow CSR-spend to be used to fund vaccine rollout

Govt-run vaccine scheme is the best and, apart from a Covid-cess, CSR-spend can help defray a large part of costs

More important, the Centre taking on full responsibility—with the states working on the delivery along with it—will ensure a uniform process of vaccination, proper follow-up and surveillance.

Getting National Education Policy right

New approach must focus on pedagogy, technology, health and private sector

As NEP 2020 takes-off, amid high expectations, we need to future proof education.

Collateral gains: US recommitting itself to Paris accord will certainly be a big positive for global climate agenda

The US’s GHG emissions fell during the course of Covid-19 so far, the challenge is to sustain some of this momentum

The challenge will be to sustain some of the momentum on emission-lowering.

Construction of new Parliament building: Shaping the Central Vista

A project of such importance in sweep and substance as of Central Vista redevelopment deserved to be free of any serious reservations and doubts

In an era of remote collaboration, software and documents sit in the cloud, and several offices and activities could well disperse, which will help the capital get much-desired relief.

HAMsome gains

Recent changes to the hybrid annuity model will benefit the road sector.

Sowing future growth: Agri transformation is next growth frontier for entrepreneurship

The technological milieu, policy environment and evolving entrepreneurship present an opportunity for a productive shift in Indian agriculture, a shift that incorporates indigenous farmer knowledge,

Worm Meal: Time to consider the benefits of entomophagy?

EU has just certified the yellow mealworm as safe for human consumption

Farm Agitation: A little less democracy, a little more reform

The Farm protests not only seek to strike down laws enacted by an elected government but also infringe on the rights of many others in the Indian Democracy

Rational Expectations: Go easy on bashing the ‘antisocial’ media

It is easy to say Twitter and Facebook reinforce your bias, but people need to take some responsibility as well

Agri Reforms: Seeding consensus

The Centre can permit states to pass state-wise legislations to defray the provisions of the current Acts.

The most notable consequence of the continued use of the MSP price-guarantee system has been the excessive building up of cereal stocks.

Punjab farmers will benefit from SC panel

This is a chance for Punjab farmers to negotiate a Central package to help fund a crop diversification plan

Farmers protest against farm laws

Shot Ready: Preparing for the Covid-19 vaccine rollout

States must ready their response systems for managing adverse events. A team of specialist doctors should be at stand-by at every vaccination site

COVID vaccine: We have not got a pre-mature approval, says Bharat Biotech’s Dr Krishna Ella

Union Budget FY22: Need a tough balancing act

The government must stimulate demand while targeting to boost tax revenue to cover shortfalls

A downward revision of GST collections in the revised estimates is expected.

Fair exchange? New stock exchanges may not thrive

New players may bring in technology, but may not be able to accomplish much on marketing, especially when confronting well-established players

Covid-19 in India: A prickly position on choice of vaccines

Centre saying people can’t choose between Covishield and Covaxin at present further erodes trust in vaccine strategy

Covaxin News Update Vaccine Efficacy

Building societies: Rigid land use norms leading to unplanned colonies

There can be no denying that a liminal existence as residents/property-owners unauthorised colony can be prevented for millions if land regulation is responsive in real-time instead of trying to conta

Bring pulses under Public Distribution System

The government can ensure nutritional security for millions of vulnerable by including pulses in PDS

Poor outlook: Covid-19 has likely caused global addition to extreme poverty to quadruple from the ‘no pandemic’ projection

A recent analysis published on World Bank Blogs makes the impact stark—the authors had forecasted, on the basis of growth outlook in June’s Global Economic Prospect, that between 88 million and 11

The authors have termed this rise “the first ever significant growth in poverty in this millennium”. The Asian financial crisis (AFC) had resulted in an 18-million addition to global extreme poverty.

The spectre of a Covid-19-malnutrition syndemic

We need ‘triple-duty actions’ to tackle undernutrition, overweight/obesity and Covid-19

Indian Railways: From freight to super-freight

The DFC will herald an era of fast, safe and timetabled running of freight trains

Conceptualised a decade ago, the plan to win back freight business began with the creation of a special purpose vehicle, i.e. the Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Ltd (DFCCIL), in October 2006.

Demand recovery key to reviving growth

Government measures for supporting consumers have remained few. According to ILO estimates, the gap between the working hours lost and the equivalent fiscal stimulus required to compensate that in Ind

The pandemic would essentially mean a loss of two years of growth in consumption

Decoding the Code on Wages: Now central and state govts must decide the national floor wage and minimum rates of wages

The Code has been drafted keeping ease of doing business in mind. Small creases can be ironed out easily by the government.

The Code on Wages has subsumed four laws, some of which were from the pre-Independence era.

Govt must increase funding for nutrition security programmes

Post Covid-19, existing inequities in individual household spending on nutrition could worsen. Hence, the Centre needs to play an even bigger role in ensuring adequate funding for this crucial sector

In contrast, although the overall expenditure on social services by state governments has been fairly consistent, the spend on nutrition decelerated after FY14.
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