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GST compensation: Jharkhand joins GST borrowing scheme

All 28 states and 3 UTs have now come on board

State to receive Rs 1,689 crore this fiscal in compensation dues

Across the Aisle: A fraud on the Constitution

Throughout the struggle for Indian Independence, Indians were not divided on race, religion, caste, language or gender.

Indian activists protest against a legislation in Uttar Pradesh directed against inter-faith marriages (AP photo)

Inside Track: Of new VVIP Air India One aircraft and Kisan brigade

Kovind was keen to try out the aircraft dedicated for the exclusive use of the President, Prime Minister and Vice President, and went on the inaugural flight.

Its plush interiors with conference rooms and suites are reportedly on a par with the US President's Air Force One.

‘Haldi’ way of boosting immunity! The Ayurveda renaissance is here

As the pandemic caught the world unawares, people are clutching on to hope, of which Ayurveda has emerged as a big leader, with both the government and businesses putting their might behind it

And with the government stamping a blue tick on it, Ayurveda was discovered as the hero in the fight against the pandemic.

A binge fest: Here’s to happy and safe dining, one home delivery at a time

From comfort food to gourmet grub, some joints that you can order from to indulge your tastebuds

The Covid wave is stronger than ever before, which means more home deliveries & stricter hygiene checks

The silver lining of corona pandemic: How India found happiness in these stressful times

It’s true that the pandemic has created havoc in everybody’s life. But it has also presented us an opportunity to assess the positive effects of negative emotions, and use them for personal improvement.

From going slow and minimal to conscious buying and eating, the health crisis has been instrumental in accelerating many positive changes.

Diego Eternal: If you love football, you love Maradona. Period

Diego Maradona's genius allowed him to come out of abject poverty and become a world star

The nonsensical ‘one of the greatest ever’ phrase should be laid to rest, as we talk about football and Maradona.

Worried about pollution affecting your health? These superfoods can act as shield!

Antioxidants can help, as they neutralise inflammation-causing free radicals that are produced when toxic air particles enter the body.

Here are some foods and antioxidants that act as shields against pollution.

Hire a guitarist on video call! Yes, tis the season of digital gifting!

With the wedding season upon us and Christmas and New Year just around the corner, gifting has gone the digital route

Another floral boutique Fiorella offers virtual flowers at minimal prices for consumers to help them connect with loved ones and make occasions like birthdays and anniversaries special.

Harry, Meghan and memories of Princess Diana: The dark side of royalty

Harry and Meghan’s story is too fresh to be re-read in a book

A file photo of Britain’s Prince Harry and Meghan in Sydney, Australia (AP photo)

The politics of a memoir: From Babur to Obama, the tradition lives on

While the popularity of the political memoir has been unflagging, Barack Obama’s hugely successful A Promised Land is much more than just continuation of the long political tradition of a public servant accounting for their time in office

A file photo of former US President Barack Obama (Bloomberg)
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