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Pakistan further suspends domestic, international flights as coronavirus cases cross 4,500

The total number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan has sharply increased to 4,601 with more than 280 fresh infections while the death toll reached 66, the health officials said on Friday.
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Coronavirus pandemic no ‘blank cheque’ to flout human rights: UN

Many countries have adopted extraordinary measures to deal with the pandemic, which has killed nearly 100,000 people worldwide since it emerged in China in December. 

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Pakistan PM Imran Khan warns situation ‘can further deteriorate’ as coronavirus tally reaches 4,414

Prime Minister Khan on Wednesday expressed concern that the situation "can further deteriorate" and "our hospitals may not be able to cope" with the increasing number of patients.

Khan has again warned the people to follow official guidelines on self-isolation or the virus would spread further. News

Wuhan coronavirus lockdown over, but lingering fears slow recovery

Wuhan travellers face mandatory 14-day quarantines upon returning to some areas, and web-users in places such as Shanghai have expressed fear and outrage at the prospect of people returning from Wuhan

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Donald Trump fires fresh salvo at WHO; accuses chief of ‘politicising’ COVID-19 pandemic, siding with China

Trump has fired a fresh salvo at the World Health Organization, accusing its chief of siding with China and "politicising" the coronavirus pandemic .

President Donald Trump requests PM Narendra Modi to release Hydroxychloroquine ordered by US News

2020 US Democratic nomination: Sanders drops out of White House race, Biden becomes presumptive nominee

The announcement from the Vermont Senator was expected as he had not done well in the recent Democratic primaries against Biden, 77, who has now taken a substantial lead over him after winning a serie

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Iran says coronavirus deaths near 4,000

Iran, which announced its first COVID-19 cases on February 19, is by far the worst hit by the pandemic in the Middle East, according to official tolls.

The spokesman added that Iran had carried out 220,975 COVID-19 tests to date, according to IRNA. News

China lifts 73-day lockdown of Wuhan amid sharp increase in COVID-19 cases

The Chinese health authority said on Wednesday that 62 new confirmed COVID-19 cases were reported on the Chinese mainland on Tuesday, including 59 cases of people returning from abroad, taking the tot

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‘Wuhan virus’ no more: US and China in truce

President Donald Trump, hardly known for the delicacy of his word choices, has dropped his provocative term "Chinese virus" and held back from criticizing Beijing's response since a telephone call, on

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COVID-19: Donald Trump threatens to freeze WHO funding, accuses it of being ‘China centric’

Trump slammed the global health agency for its early guidance aimed at countering the international spread of the coronavirus.

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Fighting COVID-19: Concerted international efforts needed to fight the pandemic, say experts

Fight against COVID -19 is global with territorial controls and peculiarities that require a concerted international response, experts say.

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China becomes world’s top patent filer: UN

In the main category -- the Patent Cooperation Treaty, or PCT -- China topped the ranking for the first time, with 58,990 applications. It thus overtook the United States, which filed 57,840 applicat

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Coronavirus: China claims no new deaths for first time; set to open Wuhan for outbound travel

While US President Donald Trump called COVID-19 as "China virus" and "Wuhan virus", Beijing said such allegations amounted to stigmatising China. Beijing said the origin of the COVID-19 can be determi

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Coronavirus: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declares state of emergency in Japan, ramps up battle against Covid-19

The state of emergency includes a stay-at-home request; guidance to schools on temporary closures and requests to close nonessential businesses and stores and to cancel or postpone events and exhibits

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Coronavirus outbreak: UK PM Boris Johnson stable in ICU with COVID-19, remains in ‘good spirits’

He was last seen in public applauding the NHS and other key workers just outside his flat in Downing Street last Thursday and posted his last Twitter video message on Friday in which he looked quite u

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Coronavirus: Iran says COVID-19 deaths rise 133 to 3,872

In an attempt to limit the spread of the disease, authorities have not confined the population but have adopted other restrictions such as closing most businesses deemed non-essential and imposing an

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IMF postpones approval of second review of $6 billion bailout package for Pakistan

The International Monetary Fund Executive board approved a three-year, USD 6 billion loan package for Pakistan in July last year to rein in mounting debts and stave off a looming balance of payments c

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COVID-19 impact: France heading for worst recession since WWII, says minister

Services, heavy industry and construction are all taking big hits, Insee said, as factories are shut and only a handful of business sectors, such as supermarkets and pharmacies, remain open.

"It's an indication of the amplitude of the economic shock we're facing," he said. News

‘Bad news’: Radiation spikes 16 times over normal after fire breaks out near Chernobyl nuclear plant

Chernobyl fire: Geiger counter readings from the spot showed radiation levels that were 16-times above normal.

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Afghanistan peace process: No end to violence

The Agreement signed in Doha on 29 February 2020 between USA and Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, more known around globally as Taliban, with much fanfare has failed to deliver any semblance of peace i

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Fighting Coronavirus: The US lends a helping hand! Announces $2.9 million aid to India

Out of the $ 2.9 million, around $2.4 million will be used for the USAID's health strengthening project, which is being implemented in India by Jhpiego, which according to the embassy statement is an

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Japan PM Shinzo Abe proposes state of emergency over coronavirus

"We hope to declare a state of emergency as early as tomorrow after listening to the opinions of the advisory panel," Abe told reporters.

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Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II delivers special COVID-19 address, says ‘we will succeed… and we will meet again’

The 93-year-old British monarch and Head of the 54-member Commonwealth of nations which includes India, acknowledged the grief, pain and financial difficulties being faced the world over during this "

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Why is Ecuador the Epicenter of Corona epidemic in Latin America?

The next presidential elections in Ecuador are two years away. The prospects for Ecuador in the short term appear bleak. In 2020, the country has to contend with the collapse in oil prices, fall in re

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