I have never met an athlete without insecurity, doubt: Paddy Upton

Rajasthan Royals head coach Paddy Upton talks about his stint as mental conditioning coach with the 2011 World Cup-winning Indian team and about getting players to open up, says Dhoni’s ‘strategic

Paddy Upton, Indian Premier League, world cup 2019, Rajasthan Royals, Indian cricket team, conditioning coach, Indian dressing room News

Indo-Pacific is ‘priority theatre’ for the US

The new American vision, marked by clarity and simplicity, reiterates that the US is a Pacific power, a resident Asian power, and that the US ‘pivot’ is here in Asia to stay—with the Indo-Pacifi

Indo-Pacific, Patrick Shanahan, Sino-US trade war, Shangri-La Dialogue, National Defense Strategy, global GDP,  US foreign direct investment News

India’s tax collections in a slowing economy

The new American vision, marked by clarity and simplicity, reiterates that the US is a Pacific power, a resident Asian power, and that the US ‘pivot’ is here in Asia to stay—with the Indo-Pacifi

India's tax collections, india economy, GDP growth, gross tax revenue, GST collections, GDP growth level, personal income tax News

What is common in China and Japan? Both are victims of US trade war

Japan and China both became victims of America’s unfortunate habit of making others the scapegoat for its own economic problems

China, Japan, US trade war, Ronald Reagan, US trade deficits, GDP,  World Trade Organization, global supply chains, US economy, donald trump News

Why regional election results are good for RCEP

Many quarters are heaving sighs of relief as leaders familiar with each other have retained power; a great impetus for RCEP prospects

regional election results, RCEP, narendra modi, thailand, US China trade war, Indonesian Presidential election, Parliamentary elections in India, bjp, NDA, General Election Commission News

Why Great Indian Bustard is on the verge of extinction

The lack of action by states has now brought the Great Indian Bustard to the verge of extinction

Great Indian Bustard, IUCN, bustard diet, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Thar Desert, endangered species, mass extinctions, Ex situ conservation News

Azim Premji’s lasting legacy is of munificent money

Wipro’s outgoing chairman defines for India Inc what giving and compassionate capitalism means

Azim Premji, Wipro, IT industry, Azim Premji retirement, Azim Premji Foundation, latest news on Azim Premji Foundation, Azim Premji University, IBM, HCL News

Curbing GST evasion a must, but need to check tex terror

Curbing evasion a must, but need to check tax terror

GST, GST collections, GST arrests, tax department, Supreme Court, Telangana High Court , GDP, latest news on gst News

Food processing: The untapped growth opportunity

The food processing industry is of enormous significance as it provides vital linkages and synergies that it promotes between the two pillars of the economy, i.e. agriculture and industry

Food processing, food supply chain, global economy, india, organised sector, unorganised sector, global food processing, NITI Aayog News

US-India trade ties: Important for India to raise challenge against US’s GSP termination before WTO

It’s the second time the US has hit India with its unilateral measures

US-India trade ties, US, Generalized System of Preferences, WTO, US tariffs, GSP benefits to India, WTO disputes, europe, china News

RBI monetary policy: Rate cut to boost growth

Global growth remained sluggish across both advanced and emerging markets. Global yields have fallen significantly.

RBI monetary policy, Rate cut, policy repo rate, Global growth, BCBS, inflation, global economic indicators, India’s banking sector News

Next trade-war casualty may be mergers and acquisitions market

Whether it’s the sale of a Boeing jetliner or a tech takeover, trade tensions spell bad news for megadeals

US India trade ties, WTO, Boeing planes, Celgene Corp, M&A transaction, Bristol, sale of Boeing jetliner News

Nuance key to Madras HC’s ruling on forwarded messages

Nuance key to Madras HC’s ruling on forwarded messages

Madras High Court, Tamil Nadu, WhatsApp, fake information, Facebook posts, Mamata Banerjee, Bal Thackeray News

Inflation could return: Investors and policymakers are ignoring structural factors

We are in the middle of a multi-stage process in which strong disinflationary supply-side forces eventually give way to the return of higher inflation

inflation, bond markets, global bonds, US Treasuries, US Treasuries, US unemployment rate, labour market, US Federal Reserve, QE bond purchases News

RBI tries to help, but govt needs to do its bit as well

The cut in the repo was expected, though the shift in the stance was an unexpected surprise; real interest rates are still too high

RBI, loan rates, Shaktikanta Das, Repo rates, market loans, RBI growth forecast, liquidity, private sector borrowings News

Nipah threat: Second outbreak shows how ill-prepared Kerala is in terms of preventing recurrence

A second outbreak, just a year after the first, shows how ill-prepared Kerala is in terms of preventing recurrence

Nipah, Nipah virus infection, nipah virus, Nipah in india, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Nipah virus in India, nipah virus news

GST is a journey and government can make it smoother for honest taxpayers

The govt is about to kick off the pilot for the new GST compliance mechanism. It is hoped that this time around, the systems are tested rigorously before they are rolled out

GST structure, GST collections, Ease of Doing Business, GST rates, GST returns, GST on imports, input tax credit News

Modi govt 2.0 should adopt XBRL

The big value of the adoption of XBRL in India will stem from plugging the leakages in government spending

Modi government 2.0, XBRL, budget 2019, Ministry of Rural Development, NPA, Reserve Bank of India News

Delhi govt’s proposal of free metro, bus travel for women is more populism than a vision for change

The Delhi govt's proposal to let women ride on DTC buses/Metro free of charge is more populism than a vision for change

free metro, Delhi government, free metro for women, DTC cluster buses, labour force, Arvind Kejriwal government, DMRC's revenue News

Fight pollution efficiently, piecemeal solutions don’t work in the long run

Localised, piecemeal solutions don’t work in the long run

World Environment Day, Donald Trump, Paris Agreement, LPG,  Climate Action Tracker, plastic pollution, water pollution, global fossil fuel emissions, greenhouse gases News

Trade wars: The real cost of Trump’s tariffs

Trump seems unfazed by the possible long-term effects of a protracted trade war: a decoupling of the Chinese and American economies, and a loss of gains from trade

Trade wars, US trade war, donald trump, trump administration, china, US trade policy, US tariffs, China, global economy, Chinese goods  News

Banks can’t cut rates till govt drops EPF, etc, interest

Cut in small savings’ rates critical for banks to get more deposits; without that, they can’t lower interest even if RBI cuts the repo

policy rate cut, MCLR, RBI, lower loan rates, loan market, EPF, post office schemes, CASA deposits, small-savings schemes News

Improving women’s higher education key to India become $10-trillion economy

Improving women’s higher education is key to India becoming a $10 -trillion economy

National Fertility and Health Survey, india fertility rates, Higher education, women higher education, Gross Enrollment Ratio, female enrollment News

Education reforms: Towards real learning in schools

The new government must prioritise implementation as much, if not more, as developing new policies

New Education Policy, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, RTE Act, quality of education, primary government schools, HRD ministry News

Automation and jobs: The risks women face

McKinsey Global Institute says 20% of the working women could lose their jobs by 2030 because of automation

women workforce, future of work, women employment, artificial intelligence, jobs for women, global trend of women, women labour force News

Building blocks of MNCs are eroding

The building blocks of the multinational corporation—supply-chain fragmentation, and foreign direct investment—are eroding.

multinational corporations india, world economy, anti capitalists, capitalism, huawei trump, apple, toyota motor, News

Cut budget size, time to get real

Taxes won’t grow anywhere near the target, so govt investment will slow; in which case, where will higher GDP come from?

Budget 2019, nirmala sitharaman, Piyush Goyal, NDA government, arun jaitley, Modi government, finance News
Income Tax Calculator, Budget 2019, How to Calculate Income Tax


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