US talks tough on trade, India will have to fall in line

India can use retaliatory tariffs, but keep in mind that China which has far greater leverage with US is close to accepting its terms.

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Govt fixes mining policy, at long last

Since even non-oil minerals comprise 25% of our imports, large-scale mining is critical and will also create a lot of jobs.

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Can speaking in one voice be the test of patriotism?

Those questioning the efficacy of the air strikes aren’t anti-national, just as those questioning the wisdom of demonetisation weren’t tax thieves.

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Growth weakening, capex a concern

RBI has acted to infuse liquidity in a timely manner, but more micro-prudential measures might be needed to lower lending costs for MSMEs, who are more dependent on NBFCs for their borrowing needs.

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Why we cannot afford to let the NBFC sector slip

The core vulnerability of NBFCs is borrowing short-term and lending long-term and this can only be tackled by strengthening the long-term bond market.

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Govt policies have shrunk Mahyco’s ag-biotech research spending by 70%: Usha Barwale Zehr

Our goal is to develop products that farmers can plant. We have doubled up on research in molecular markers (that help select plants with desirable traits). We have also made significant investments i

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Govt doesn’t have fiscal capacity to implement anything close to a true UBI

Neither Centre nor states have fiscal capacity to implement anything close to a true UBI.

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An ocean of opportunity: Waterways can make India a trade leader in South Asia

Waterways can make India a trade leader in South Asia and beyond.

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Regulating the regulator: Who will punish regulators if they punish innocents?

Who will punish regulators if they punish innocents?

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How the 2019 Budget boosted technology-driven initiatives in income tax

Minimising physical touchpoints will certainly be a transformational change aimed at bringing in transparency in the system.

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Bringing back the Cold War rivalry! Are US and Russia moving towards ‘active aggression’

To conclude, with the INF Treaty becoming a part of history, all eyes are set on the fate of other global nuclear arms reduction treaties such as the New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty), which

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India’s Agriculture Export Policy: Incidence of non-tariff measures increasing, little understanding of existing restrictions

For this, there is a need to have scientific research and adequate data to establish a case.

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For Europe, hell is two more years of Brexit

No European leader wants the blame for rushing into the abyss of a no-deal Brexit, which would damage the continent too.

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GST Council needs secretariat, with members having domain expertise to improve tax system

The critical element that helps formalisation is its input tax credit mechanism.

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Nobel prize for Imran Khan can wait, Pakistan must first stop lying about terror

A peace Nobel for Imran Khan can wait, the Pakistani leadership must first stop lying on support to terror.

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Consumption is the key, not easy to stimulate either govt or private spending

Won’t be easy to stimulate either govt or private spending.

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RBI must challenge NCLAT attempt to cut its powers

If NCLAT rules that classifying IL&FS loans as NPAs needs its explicit approval, this can be extended to other loans as well.

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When 5G arrives, it won’t be the data revolution it promised to be

The irony is that early 5G looks more like an extension of 4G than the cataclysm that has been promised. The full potential of the technology won’t be exploited until it finds its way into smart fac

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No achhe din for the farmer! Modi govt’s agriculture record is mediocre

And finally, it may be advisable to shift the target date for doubling farmers’ incomes from 2022-23 to 2029-30, which will be more realistic and achievable, and grounded in reality.

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Delhi does well to give sanitation workers machines, Centre must take a cue

Delhi does well to give sanitation workers sewer cleaning machines, states/Centre must take a cue .

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Vodafone CEO raises embarrassing issues for govt: Will Trai ever get it right?

Instead of asking Trai for an explanation when it was pulled up so often by the country’s courts, the government reappointed the Trai chief after his term ended.

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GDP slowdown to worsen, more rate cuts likely now

Slowing global growth will hit exports and the NBFC crisis has hit consumption, as has poor agriculture growth.

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Future of steel in India: Indian firms can be more competitive adopting advanced analytics

Indian firms can become more competitive by adopting advanced analytics through digital platforms and technologies.

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Blockchain gains for food industry, to help farmers realise larger share in consumer’s spend

Tripoli & Schmidhuber (2018) in the FAO’s policy paper illustrated key features of blockchain technologies.

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Global warming: Indian leaders can learn from Ocasio-Cortez how to push a climate change policy

US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was able to generate a lot of buzz over her climate resolution because she got the timing, the language, and the message right. Recent climate-change-related

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UK PM Theresa May calls on Pakistan PM Imran Khan to take action against terror groups

During the phone conversation between the two leaders, May welcomed Khan's commitment to reduce tensions following the return of captured Indian Air Force pilot Abhinandan Varthaman by the Pakistani a

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India doesn’t need to get embroiled in war, says P Chidambaram

Pakistan is a misguided, often malevolent, neighbour.

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