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Investing in debt mutual funds? Beware of these risks

Retail investors are still not aware about the risks and consider debt funds to be risk free. This misconception is very risky and needs to be cleared as a prudent investment practice.
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Want stability with benefit of equity return? This category of mutual fund would suit you best

Although debt funds also face some market risks, but such funds are very much trusted as investments are made in secure fixed-income instruments like government securities, debentures, bonds, treasury

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NFO: Things to know before you invest in Principal Small Cap mutual fund

What is unique about Principal Small Cap Fund is that exclusively during the NFO period, the fund house is offering a mechanism to stagger one's investment into the market and not invest in a lump sum

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NFO: Things to know before you invest in Mirae Asset Focussed Mutual Fund

After SEBI's MF re-categorisation exercise, how is a Focussed Fund different from a Multi-Cap fund? Know the difference and risk impact before investing.

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How to allocate investment portfolio via the Mutual Fund route

Balanced Funds are more aggressive, as the equity allocation is higher. Balanced Advantage Funds and asset allocator funds are more defensive, as allocation to equity, which is relatively more volatil

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10 best performing mutual funds in last 5 years which may give you superior returns

Mutual fund investments work best over the long term because assets need time to grow, and over a longer period of time, volatility in the markets tend to get smoothed out.

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Busting myths about Mutual Fund NAV: Anytime is good for investing in a good fund

Anytime is good for investing in a good fund when the investment is for a long term, subject to your age, risk appetite and asset allocation.

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SIPs are best-suited for investments in volatile markets

SIPs are best for investments in volatile markets. Hold your investments for at least seven years to eliminate risk of capital erosion. Longer the investment horizon, higher the probability of making

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Want to become a crorepati through small investments? Take SIP route; know its benefits

You can start investing in mutual funds through a SIP with amount as low as Rs 1,000 per month or in case of certain schemes, even with Rs 500 per month.

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Mutual Fund 2018 look back and where to invest in 2019

One important trend which is becoming visible is the strong SIP flows of around Rs.8000 crore per month on an average.

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Mutual Fund Investments: Important dates to remember for calculation of LTCG tax

There are certain dates to keep note of while computing your tax liability on equity investments including equity mutual funds.

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How to invest in mutual funds through SIP online and offline? All you need to know

Investing directly in the stock market can be risky. A better alternative is mutual fund. Let us check the step by step process of how we can start investing in mutual funds through SIP.

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RBI Repo Rate Cut: What should debt mutual fund investors do in 2019?

Read on to find the fund that allows the fund manager the flexibility to change the portfolio positioning depending on the emerging situation and is a better alternative if you wish to allocate to bon

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RBI rate cut on cards: Is it right time to invest in gilt funds?

Gilt funds carry no credit risk as investments are mainly made in government securities, but the funds are exposed to interest rate risk.

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How to invest in ELSS online with Video KYC by March 31

Merely picking the scheme that is currently performing well or picking one from the list of best ELSS funds for 2019 may not be the right decision.

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Top 10 mutual funds to bet on this year for superior returns

Looking for top-performing mutual funds? Here is a list of MFs that are well managed and have provided superior results over the longer term.

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​Crackdown on fraudulent, misleading companies giving share market tips; SEBI bars these websites

Certain individuals create unregistered investment advisory websites periodically and lure investors by promising assured monthly income to them.

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By reducing SIP, you can’t buy units at lower prices, says Dhaval Kapadia

The main benefit of SIP is rupee cost averaging, an investment technique applied to regular fixed instalments. As the amount is fixed and regular, more units are bought when the market price of shares

By reducing SIP, you can’t buy units at lower prices News

Top 10 mutual funds which may double your wealth in 5 years

Here are the top 10 mutual funds which can help you lower your risk profile and enhance your reward potential, if you invest in them for a period of 5 years.

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With Rs 20,100 crore net outflow in Feb, mutual fund industry continues to bleed; ETFs only gainers

The ETFs saw a net inflow of Rs 5,200 crore in February, compared to a net inflow of Rs 700 crore in January, registering a growth of about 643 per cent.

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Step-Up SIP: Accumulate Rs 1 crore by starting to invest Rs 2,500 every month

Before you start investing, list down all your goals with their present cost and duration as well. Thereafter, estimate its inflation-adjusted cost, which becomes your target amount to save.

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Best ELSS options: Top 5 tax saving mutual funds to invest in for 2019

Based on research and their rankings, we have picked out five mutual fund schemes that have shown good performance over the long term.

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Mutual funds: Inflows into equity funds lowest in 25 months

The data from Amfi also shows that, mutual fund industry saw outflows of Rs 20,083 crore in February.

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Investing in mutual funds? Look at index funds, ETFs; Here’s why

As large-cap mutual funds have failed to generate alpha, it makes sense to move towards low-cost alternatives such as index funds and ETFs .

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