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Mirae Asset Banking and Financial Services Fund NFO opens today – Check features

The fund will aim to identify high growth companies which have high return ratios and possess a sustainable competitive advantage.
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Flexi Cap option provides escape route to Multi Cap schemes from enhancing small-cap exposure

Multi Cap funds of most Asset Management Companies have majority of asset allocation in large-caps, moderate allocation in mid-caps and negligible allocation in high-risk small-caps.

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New Fund Offering: Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund launches Kotak ESG Opportunities Fund

It is an open-ended equity scheme that also evaluates how companies make money, not just how much.

DSP Value Fund with allocation of up to 35% in global equities: Check details of NFO

It is open ended equity scheme following a value investment strategy that offers value investors an exposure to companies at reasonable valuations.

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Mutual Fund: 5 smart strategies to optimise your mutual fund returns

Retail investors can further increase their returns from their mutual fund investments by adopting these smart strategies.

Mutual funds add 4 lakh folios in October; total tally at 9.37 crore

Market experts said the addition of folios suggests that investors were undeterred by the market volatility.

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Mutual funds: Know all about the new flexi-cap category

The new category will bring stability to retail investors’ portfolio as multi-cap funds can now be just rebranded as flexi-cap funds

Analysts say the flexi-cap category will help fund managers to invest freely across market capitalisation.

Investments for Children: How and where to save money for your child

When it comes to saving for children’s education needs, the role of both equity and debt asset-classes becomes important. The reason to choose one over the other should be determined by the numb

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Debt MFs see Rs 1.1 lakh cr inflow in October on robust investment in liquid schemes

Credit risk funds saw an outflow of Rs 415 crore in October as compared with outflow of Rs 539 crore in September, Rs 554 crore in August, Rs 670 crore in July, Rs 1,494 crore in June, Rs 5,173 crore

Investors continue to tread a line of caution by staying away from riskier investments. Hence, credit risk category continue to witness net outflows, although the pace has slowed down significantly, Srivastava said.

Investors continue to focus on Fixed Income funds: AMFI data

Liquid Fund category was the biggest beneficiary followed by Money Market Fund and Short Duration Fund, according to AMFI’s monthly data for October 2020.

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How to prepare a savings plan for children’s education

If you are planning to send your child out of the country for education it is essential to invest in Indian and US mutual funds.

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Gold ETFs shine in October too, record net inflows of Rs 384 cr

The Gold ETF category received net inflows of around Rs 597.3 crore in September and Rs 384.2 crore in October, according to AMFI’s monthly data for October 2020.

Interview: Investors must bring down return expectations, says Kalpen Parekh, president, DSP Mutual Fund

If we draw parallels from history, such economic slowdowns in the past would have seen a larger price and time correction. This time, however, we have low interest rates globally for very long and cen

Smart investing: Using Sortino Ratio to choose mutual funds

Sortino Ratio is best-suited for conservative or risk-averse investors since it focuses only on the negative deviation of a portfolio’s returns from the mean

Your Queries—Mutual Funds: Switching from regular to direct plan is considered as redemption

Investors may also opt for the offline route by filling up the switch form and depositing it either at an AMC branch, or branches of registrar & transfer agents (R&Ts).

Equity MF continues to see outflow; investors withdraw Rs 2,725 cr in October

Equity mutual funds witnessed an outflow of Rs 2,725 crore in October, making it the fourth consecutive monthly withdrawal, on profit booking by investors.

Mutual funds: Check out dynamic asset allocation funds

Dynamic asset allocation funds provide downside risk protection more than the upside capture of returns, thus ensuring risk-adjusted return for long-term investors

Mutual fund investors prefer dynamic asset allocation funds as the investments are well-diversified, especially in an uncertain market.

Your Money: Ground rules for first-time mutual fund investors

Invest via SIP, spread your bets, and don’t get influenced by dividend payouts or compare NAVs when choosing funds

Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when investing in equity mutual funds.

Flexi Cap Fund: New equity mutual fund category introduced – What should investors do

Since this is a new category which is getting created, most multicap funds may get their schemes reclassified in to flexi cap category.

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International Mutual Fund Schemes: SEBI enhances overseas investment limits for MFs

For all ongoing schemes, an investment headroom of 20% of the average AUM of the previous three calendar months would be available to the Mutual Fund.

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U.S. Elections: What should retail equity mutual fund investors do?

There will be volatility in market post-2020. One can take advantage of such volatility by actively managing the quantum of investment.

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Allocate a sizeable portion of your retirement funds in equity MFs to beat inflation and make your money grow

A few investments that retirees should avoid are those that come with high risk such as real estate, direct stocks. It is better to spread the investments across so as to keep the risks in control.

If one takes a Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) around age 50, nearly four decades of life are still ahead.

Large, Multi and Small-Cap Mutual Funds: How to decide which work best for you?

Investment-related risks vary from one equity fund category to another. So, how to know which category is best suited for you?

Mutual Fund NFO October 2020: Benefit of FMP and ETF rolled into one – Check details

The fund combines the benefit of an FMP which has a fixed maturity and at the same time offers the flexibility provided by an ETF.

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