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Mutual Funds: Inflows in liquid funds gain in August

Out of the net assets of Rs 13.22 lakh crore of debt AUMs, liquid funds have the highest share of 40%, followed by fixed term plans with 11% share and ultra-short duration funds with 7% share. Top eight debt schemes account for 85% share of the total net
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Here is what Sebi has done to make mutual funds cheaper

India has earned a higher grade than several American, European and Asian markets such as Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Spain, Singapore, Italy, Mexico and Taiwan.

In 2018, Sebi mandated that distributor fees will be paid from scheme account and not from the books of mutual fund houses. News

Mutual Fund Investment: Want to grow your idle cash? Invest in liquid funds

Liquid funds can provide better returns than a savings bank account and can be easily liquidated as well, making them an attractive cash management tool.

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Mutual Funds remain cautious over NBFC debt instruments

In August last year, mutual funds had invested around Rs 2.48 lakh crore in both CPs and corporate debt issued by NBFCs. Debt funds had an overall exposure of 13.6% towards NBFC debt in August 2019, a

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Mutual Fund Investment: 5 reasons to invest in tax saving mutual funds

While there are various tax-saving investment options such as NPS, NSC and PPF, among others, tax-saving mutual funds have remained the most preferred.

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Planning to invest in equity mutual fund? Here is how to find the best fund

For a novice investor, who is looking to enter the equity segment, choosing the best fund is the first challenge before negotiating the stock market turmoil.

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Essel Group pays mutual funds nearly Rs 2,000 crore

Mutual funds that had lent to the Essel Group against shares can breathe a sigh of relief as several funds have received the first tranche of the payout from the Group.

The Essel Group had entered into an agreement to sell up to 11% promoter stake in ZEEL to Invesco Oppenheimer Developing Markets Fund News

Want to start SIP in mutual fund? Know how safe it is and how you may start one

According to a CRISIL-AMFI research, SIP investors, who continued to invest for five years, have never ended up losing their money in the history of Indian stock markets.

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Mutual Funds Vs Real Estate: Which is better investment avenue?

Recent data shows mutual funds give a better return than real estate but again it depends on individual preferences as many diversify their portfolio by investing in real estate.

One should not have any second thoughts about buying the first house or a property for self-occupancy, whether it is with or without tax benefits News

Mutual Fund Investment: Six steps to shortlist the right mutual fund

Understanding the merits of investing in mutual funds is one side of the story. What is more important is to ensure that you find the right fund.

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Mid-cap funds giving negative returns: Should I exit or invest more now?

In times when markets fall, long term investors are less bothered and some even use low levels to average their cost of holdings.

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Mutual Funds: Should you choose index funds over large cap funds for better returns?

The performance of index funds in the calendar year 2018 may suggest that they are better than large cap funds. However, is that really the case?

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Sebi wants MFs to invest only in listed securities; exposure to unrated debt to be capped at 5 pc

A key proposal is to reduce the existing overall limit for investment of mutual fund schemes in unrated debt instruments, except those for which specific norms are separately provided, from 25 per cen

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Mutual Fund Investment: Want better returns? 5 immunity boosting funds to SIP this monsoon

In the current market downturn, it makes sense to invest in the equity market via mutual funds systematically, thereby enabling the investor to take advantage of the Lows and Highs faced by the market

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Motilal Oswal AMC launches 4 index funds; Which one to choose?

All discussions on index funds and passives start and end with long debates on alpha while digital DIY trends demand simplicity.

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Is market turmoil affecting the performance of your MF investment? Diversify in these funds to make steady returns

Such funds account for a mere 0.3 per cent of the total corpus in equity funds, while it should consists of about 5 per cent of investors' portfolio.

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Mutual Funds: To stay invested or exit? Check these four points first

The BSE Sensex is trading lower compared to the 1-year-ago and 3-months-ago levels, while it is flat compared to its level 6 months ago. In the past one year, small cap and mid cap funds have offered

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Paytm Money Mutual Fund Investment: What millennials need to watch out for

The online platform offers free risk assessment and advisory investment portfolios to new users who need hand-holding in their journey towards investment and wealth growth.

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Mid-Cap Funds Update! With 1-year return down over 15%, what should investors do now?

It is important for investors to note that any equity investment will have its share of volatility and it is only those investors who can hold on during stressful times are able to generate significan

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Top 5 ELSS funds to invest in to get better returns

To avoid duplication, choose ELSS schemes with varying portfolio allocations across different sectors, market capitalisation and stock holdings.

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Mutual Fund Investment: Should you invest in debt funds now?

Many of you who have debt funds in your portfolio may be wondering whether you should still remain invested in these schemes.

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Lenders earning more commission by selling in house MF schemes

Not being affiliated with any bank makes us and other fund houses an unbiased business and we are comfortable with that.”

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MF holding in commercial papers fall 24% from August high

A fixed income manager said they don't want to take any risk now, and are investing in quality papers or treasury bills.

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Section 80C tax benefit not available in CPSE ETF 6th tranche: Should you invest?

Here are a few important things to consider before investing in the sixth tranche of CPSE ETF that will open for a day for retail investors on July 19, 2019.

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