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Debt Mutual Funds: Is higher Yield to Maturity = Higher Returns?

While investing in debt funds, it has been observed that investors typically chase high returns by selecting funds which have high Yield to Maturity.
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Mutual Fund NFO: PPFAS Mutual Fund launches Parag Parikh Tax Saver Fund

Parag Parikh Tax Saver Fund is an open-ended Equity Linked Savings Scheme, offering income tax benefits up to Rs 1.50 lakh under section 80C with a mandatory lock-in period of 3 years.

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Mutual Funds: Six steps to reduce your investment risk

Higher risk does not necessarily mean higher potential reward, unless you know the tricks to mitigate the risk. Here are some strategies that can help you manage your mutual fund investment risk.

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Sensex, Nifty near all-time highs: Is it right time to invest in equity mutual funds?

For the last 2-3 years, while the Sensex and the Nifty have been touching new all-time highs, the broader markets – especially small- and mid-cap stocks – are lagging behind.

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SEBI tightens norms to make Debt Fund investments more secure

With a series of bond defaults following the IL&FS debacle that left the trusted debt fund category shaken, market regulator SEBI has come forward to restore trust among the investors.

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Why inexperienced mutual fund investors end up losing money?

Although equity mutual funds (MF) are managed by the teams of professional fund managers, but such funds also get affected by market volatility, especially in the short term.

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Mutual Fund Investment: Liquid fund yields set to come off

Liquid funds have long been a popular avenue for investors, especially institutional, with a very short-term horizon.

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NFO: ESG Equity Fund from Quantum Mutual Fund is open: Should you invest?

The selection of stocks within the 'ESG Equity Fund's portfolio will be restricted to only those stocks which meet the criteria of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) of the fund house.

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NFO Watch: Sundaram Ultra Short Term Fund offer is about to close; Should you invest?

As debt funds don't invest much in equities, such funds are remain unaffected by turmoil in stock markets and are considered relatively safe.

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Budget 2019: Anomalies between MF and ULIP that may be relooked in the upcoming budget

With the Union Budget India 2019 round the corner, the mutual fund industry is waiting for better clarity to emerge as far as the LTCG tax is concerned.

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Debt fund crisis: How to play safe and keep away from risky funds

Despite the recent adversities that hit some debt fund schemes hard, benefits like high liquidity, safety and tax benefits on long-term capital gains still make it an attractive choice over other fixe

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Mutual Fund Investment: 7 smart tips for women looking to invest in MFs

While mutual funds are a suitable investment tool for making short as well as long-term investments, there are certain factors every prospective women investor must consider.

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Mutual Fund Investment: Is it right time to invest in Credit-Risk Funds? Find out

Debt mutual funds are considered less risky due to their little exposure to direct equities, although they are exposed to risks associated with trading of debt instruments.

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Mutual Fund Investment: Why are Direct Mutual Funds better than Regular Funds?

Regular and Direct plans are just the two options to buy the same mutual fund scheme, run by the same manager who invests in the same stocks and bonds with the same amount of exposure in them.

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With stock markets touching all-time highs, what should mutual fund investors do?

For both new and existing investors, there are quite a few things to keep a note of before investing in equity mutual funds.

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Along with chatting, calling and video sharing, you may now invest in MFs through WhatsApp!

Popular messenger cum social media platform WhatsApp has become a utility tool with the introduction of mutual fund (MF) investment facility by Motilal Oswal AMC.

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Investing in debt mutual funds? Beware of these risks

Retail investors are still not aware about the risks and consider debt funds to be risk free. This misconception is very risky and needs to be cleared as a prudent investment practice.

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Should you consider investing in DSP Quant Fund NFO?

Factor strategies combine active and passive investing models providing the investors with the tools to express investment preferences and philosophies in an efficient manner.

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Regular Vs Direct Mutual Fund: Which MF plan should you choose?

The amount of savings one can make over a longer period of time more than compensates for the extra work that one needs to put in making the right selection in terms of mutual funds.

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Have the new SEBI rules impacted returns for mutual fund investors?

The regulator had done the categorisation of mutual fund schemes and subsequently asked the fund houses to showcase their performance against the 'total return index' thus making them more transparent

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Want stability with benefit of equity return? This category of mutual fund would suit you best

Although debt funds also face some market risks, but such funds are very much trusted as investments are made in secure fixed-income instruments like government securities, debentures, bonds, treasury

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NFO: Things to know before you invest in Principal Small Cap mutual fund

What is unique about Principal Small Cap Fund is that exclusively during the NFO period, the fund house is offering a mechanism to stagger one's investment into the market and not invest in a lump sum

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NFO: Things to know before you invest in Mirae Asset Focussed Mutual Fund

After SEBI's MF re-categorisation exercise, how is a Focussed Fund different from a Multi-Cap fund? Know the difference and risk impact before investing.

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How to allocate investment portfolio via the Mutual Fund route

Balanced Funds are more aggressive, as the equity allocation is higher. Balanced Advantage Funds and asset allocator funds are more defensive, as allocation to equity, which is relatively more volatil

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