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ICICI Prudential MF launches Midcap 150 ETF: Is the fund suitable for you to invest?

The NFO period is from January 15 to January 20, 2020, during which you may invest minimum Rs 5,000 and in multiples of Re 1 thereafter.
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Mutual Fund Investment: How to select a mutual fund to invest in 2020 and become rich

How to select a mutual fund that would be congruent with your financial objectives? Here are a few things to look for while making your selection.

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Which debt fund to invest in 2020? Here is an option to benefit across multiple MFs

Axis All Seasons Debt Fund of Funds is an Open-Ended Fund of Funds scheme investing in debt oriented mutual fund schemes.

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Mutual Fund investment 2020: Want machine, not fund manager to take decisions? Check this

Unlike actively managed equity funds where the buying and selling decisions are made by the Fund Manager, the Quant Funds select stocks based on quantitative decision-making frameworks.

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Is Bharat Bond ETF a good investment bet? Here is what you need to know

The NFO of the Bharat Bond ETF witnessed energetic retail participation, being oversubscribed 1.8 times. The units can be bought or sold on the stock exchange post the NFO.

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Want to invest in mutual fund for your kids? Here is the guideline for MF investment in minors’ name

The new guidelines would ensure that the minor beneficiary would actually enjoy the benefits of long-term investments you started in his/her name.

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Mutual Fund investment: Growth or Dividend – which option should you choose while starting an SIP?

While applying for an SIP, investors need to mention, out of growth, dividend reinvestment and dividend payout, which option they want to opt for.

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How to make the most of Mutual Fund, SIP: Top tips

Mutual Fund, SIP investment tips: To ensure financial security in the long-run, investing can be beneficial.

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Higher Vs Consistent Returns: How to make MFs less risky to attract novice investors?

Mutual Fund (MF) penetration in India is abysmally low with total assets under management (AUM) being just about 11 per cent of the country's GDP.

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Mutual Fund Investment: Top 5 mutual fund schemes to watch out for in 2020

Investing in mutual funds is a wise way to grow wealth. However, selecting the right mutual fund to invest in can prove challenging.

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Mutual funds: Why SIPs remain the best bet in volatile times

Outflows were reported in the aggressive hybrid funds, equity savings funds and conservative hybrid funds. Agarwala says aggressive hybrid funds had reported outflows for last few months as the segmen

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Exit loads dent popularity of Liquid Funds, investors shift focus to Overnight Funds

According to AMFI data, after imposition of the exit loads, investors have started shifting their focus from Liquid Funds to Overnight Funds and other short-term funds.

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Mutual Funds’ asset base hit all time high of Rs 27 lakh crore on inflow in debt schemes

The 44-player industry logged an assets under management (AUM) of Rs 26.33 lakh crore in October-end, as compared to Rs 27.04 lakh crore by November end, representing a growth of 3 per cent, according

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This new mid-cap mutual fund makes automatic shifting of gains possible

NFO of mid-cap fund from Principal Mutual Fund is open which makes automatic shifting of gains into another fund possible.

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With RBI rate cuts on cards, it’s a good time to invest in Gilt funds

As Gilt funds and underlying securities are traded in secondary markets, the prices vary if new papers are issued at a different rate.

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Motilal Oswal AMC launches two large cap index funds: Should you invest?

Post the SEBI re-categorization exercise and mandating fund houses to declare performance against the TRI of the benchmark, beating benchmark may become difficult for fund managers managing large-cap

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Good News! Your mutual fund investments won’t get affected by the Karvy scam

Karvy Fintech provides registrar and transfer agency (RTA) services to many fund houses such as Axis MF, LIC MF, Principal MF, Nippon MF (Reliance), Sundaram MF, Tata MF, UTI MF etc.

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Mutual Fund Investment: Why investing in direct plans of mutual funds is a better bet

There is no distributor/intermediary or commission involved, so this reflects lower expense ratio. The fund manager and the portfolio of stocks will all remain the same.

The only difference is the cost saved which will reflect in higher returns. News

Mutual Fund Investment: Best mutual funds to buy in 2020

Identifying best schemes in mutual funds remains a very challenging exercise given there are more than 40 mutual fund houses in India with more than 10 different fund categories.

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Investing in mutual fund? Five reasons to go for equity Fund of Funds

If the equity-oriented Fund of Funds has generated appealing returns, the effective post-tax returns can be rewarding

As a result, the risk involved in the journey of wealth creation is mitigated and the gains are optimised for the investor. (Illustration: Rohnit Phore) News

How a monthly SIP of Rs 5,000 fared over the last 15 years? An analysis by CRISIL

The study done by CRISIL showed that the instances of negative returns declined as the investment horizon increased.

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Is it better to invest in large-cap funds for the long run?

Exclusively choosing one market-cap category over another may deprive you of opportunities.

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Large-cap fund managers finding it difficult to generate alpha: Are index funds a better substitute? Find out

There is enough evidence of historical data from the developed markets to support the argument that as markets mature, it becomes increasingly difficult for the fund managers to out-perform Index.

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What can mutual fund investors expect in 2020? Lessons to learn from HNIs

Read on to find out the right investor approach, outlook for 2020 and traits of HNI investors which even a retail investor can imbibe upon.

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