Mutual Funds

Top 10 mutual funds which can double your wealth in long term

Mutual funds are one of the most popular and smart ways for investors to build wealth over the long term. One can also double one's money, if planned properly.

Mutual funds: Not mutually beneficial

Close to 65% of a total 380 mutual fund equity schemes have posted negative returns in the last one year. A number of the worst-performing funds are infra sector funds.

Equity Mutual Funds: As markets fell in September, here’s how MFs did across categories

Equity mutual funds across categories have shown negative returns in one to six months' time-frame. Here we are taking a look at the category-wise performance of various mutual fund schemes.

Mutual funds’ exposure to banks hits 3-month low of Rs 1.88 lakh crore in September

Mutual funds' holding of banking stocks declined by over Rs 21,600 crore to Rs 1.88 lakh crore in September, driven by the correction in equity markets.

Mutual funds collection via SIP up 40 percent to Rs 7,727cr in September amid volatile markets

Mutual fund industry managed to garner Rs 7,727 crore through systematic investment plans (SIPs) in September, a surge of 40 per cent from the year-ago period, despite corrections in equity market.

Hurry up! HSBC MF’s Equity Hybrid Fund NFO closes on October 12

The minimum amount for lump sum investment will be Rs 5,000 per application and in multiples of Re 1 thereafter and it will be Rs 1,000 for monthly SIP and Rs 3,000 for quarterly.

SIPs lose lustre with investors

SIPs are largely being closed by the investors who have invested directly in MFs, without the help of distributors or independent financial advisors

Mahindra AMC unveils Rural Bharat and Consumption Yojana: Should you invest in this equity fund?

The scheme has no entry load, but an exit load of 1 per cent is payable if units are redeemed or switched out till one year from the date of allotment.

Mutual Funds sector suffers liquidity scare in September, Rs 2.3 lakh crore wiped out

While fund managers were quick to attribute the withdrawals to the advance tax payments, September 2017 saw inflows into liquid funds of Rs 4,833 crore. More recently, in June liquid funds saw inflows

MF direct plans are great: How to find suitable fund and how to invest

Market fluctuations give the opportunity to get higher return in the long run, which otherwise would not be possible if the gain is risk-free and steady one.

Mutual Funds: LTCG tax on equity MFs to be paid only if holdings are redeemed & gains above Rs 1 lakh a year

LTCG tax on equity MFs to be paid only if holdings are redeemed & gains above Rs 1lakh a year.

Mutual Fund Investment: Is it a good idea to invest in international mutual funds now?

With the rupee falling, especially against the US dollar, many investors may be contemplating on investing in international mutual funds. However, is it a good idea?

Will these open MF FMPs give better returns than FDs? Here is the answer

As the tenure and maturity values of the instruments constituting a fixed maturity plan are predetermined, like fixed deposits (FDs), the FMPs also provide fixed return.

Mutual Funds: MF managers expect redemptions of Rs 50,000 crore from debt funds in September

Recent liquidity crunch in the system has led to redemptions from the debt funds, especially the liquid funds and ultra short-term debt funds.

Mutual Funds: Index funds are also subject to equity market-related volatility

Equity index funds invest in stocks by typically replicating a benchmark equity index such as the S&P BSE Sensex, Nifty, etc. They buy all the stocks which are in the benchmark index in the same propo

Investors hope of thinking big with small, crash. Small & mid-cap mutual funds post poor returns in 2018

A study by FE shows close to three-fourths of all stocks with a market capitalisation of Rs 1,000 crore or more have lost value since January.

Mutual Funds: TER cut – Larger equity MF schemes to take big hit

Equity MF schemes with AUM above Rs 20 billion will have to reduce their TER by 15-70bps

National Pension System: PFRDA caps equity mutual funds investment by NPS

The PFRDA guideline on 5% cap on equity mutual fund investment by pension funds will be applicable to all NPS schemes—central and state governments, private sector, NPS Lite and Atal Pension Yojana.

Sebi clears proposal to bring cost effectiveness in mutual funds – Know what it means

In a major overhaul of the fee structure that mutual funds charge from investors, markets regulator Sebi Tuesday decided to cap the total expenses for investment in such funds to 2.25 per cent.

Mutual Fund Investment: Top 10 mutual funds you can bet on for long-term growth

Mutual funds are believed to be relatively stable compared to direct stocks and they have also given decent returns over the years. Here are some of the top funds which may make you rich in the long t

How safe are your low-risk debt mutual funds?

If the NAV of your debt fund turns negative, you may have to wait for much longer than an equity fund investor to turn it into positive.

Why hybrid mutual funds may be a better investment option for you

Hybrid funds do the job of asset allocation on your behalf. It also gives you the added benefit of professional fund management and professional asset selection.

Mutual funds: Stick to SIPs even if market remains volatile

While market volatility remains the most important risk in equity investment either directly or through mutual funds, one should look at equity investments for the long term

How to invest in mutual funds SIP online; Here’s all you need to know

Once you are KYC-compliant, you can invest in mutual funds through lump sum or SIP. Here is how to do it.

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