Tax Talk: Not every gift is exempt from tax

While all monetary gifts are covered, the Act restricts its scope in case of the non-monetary gifts only to land, building, shares and securities, jewellery, archaeological collections, drawings, paintings, sculptures, any work of art and bullion.

Fraudsters in India shift focus from financial services to travel and leisure: Report

In India post the unlocks, travel and leisure have increasingly become a target as the industry recovers and fraudsters are looking to capitalize as more transactions return to this industry.

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SBI Vs HDFC Vs Kotak Home Loans: Interest rates, features compared for low EMIs

SBI, in a first-of-its-kind initiative, is offering credit score linked home loans at just 6.70%, irrespective of the loan amount. 

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Blockchain: How it plays a crucial role in assessment of credit risk in borrowers?

Digital currencies played a crucial role in powering the growth of the FinTech industry while giving a push to the widespread adoption of digital transactions.

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City vs Suburbs: Where do homebuyers want to live now?

Homebuyers are now finding themselves staring at a critical question: Whether to opt for a property within the city or the suburbs?

Who will benefit from India’s entry into global bond indices?

India has been present in most benchmark equity indices but absent in the bond indices market.

india in global bond indices

Why it is a good time to invest in market-linked products – Find out

Your financial roadmap must talk about robust planning for not just the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic but also some common unforeseen circumstances, like death, disease and disability.

Your Queries (Mutual Funds): Go for pure-play equity and fixed income funds for better control over asset allocation

Asset-allocation calls are taken by the fund manager at his/her sole discretion, relieving investors of the need to decide their asset allocation on their own.

The redeemed proceeds would be subject to capital gains tax (short-term or long-term) depending on the holding period.

Health insurance: Insurers need to own hospitals so as to reduce medical costs

This impasse has been going on for years. No wonder Indian health insurance has the highest complaints rate as compared to other countries.

Stock market: Keep your emotions in check in the market

In the world of investing, emotions often cause investors to make suboptimal decisions. So go by facts and figures, rather than your feelings

Should you opt for fractional ownership of property or stocks in the current market scenario?

Fractional ownership provides dual benefits to the investors in terms of monthly rentals and capital appreciation at the time of sale of the asset.

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Income Tax Return: Why you shouldn’t wait for the extended due date to file ITR

The due date of filing ITR has been extended to provide relief to taxpayers, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, and due to concerns and technical glitches in the new Income Tax Portal.

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Demand for plots growing fast in India, almost at par with apartments: Survey

Post-Covid consumer trends on Magicbricks suggest that the demand for plots has been on the rise as home buyers look for more space to accommodate the rising needs for a home office.

New retirement Gratuity payment, calculation rules notified for Central Government Employees; details here

The Central Government recently notified Central Civil Services (Payment of Gratuity under National Pension System) Rules, 2021.

gratuity payment rules

10 best-performing mutual funds in the last 5 years that could make you rich

We have put together the 10 best-performing mutual funds in the last five years to make it easier to choose the right one best suited to your financial capacity and risk appetite.

Your Money: Why liquidity is paramount for a business

A business may be very profitable but have a cash crunch which can bring its activities to an abrupt halt

Companies and corporate analysts use certain key ratios to gauge liquidity.

Mutual funds: Dividend yield schemes a good bet now

Investors should consider dividend yield schemes now as low interest rates make high dividend yield stocks attractive

Typically, the funds invest minimum 65% of the net assets in equity and equity-related instruments of dividend yielding companies.

Buying petrol and diesel with credit card? Here’s what you need to know about discounts, rewards

Many credit card companies are trying to bank on rising petrol and diesel prices by offering discounts, cash backs and reward points to potential new customers.

fuel credit card rules

Should you do cryptocurrency SIP to get rich?

Cryptocurrency SIP: Over the short history, crypto-assets have generated the highest returns among all asset classes. But, is it sustainable? This is a question that has polarized the world.

crypto sip

I-T dept notifies FY21 ‘safe harbour’ rates for cos

The Central Board of Direct Taxes, through a notification has extended the applicability of Safe Harbour Rules (SHR) to 2020-21. As per the notification, the rates under SHR applicable from 2016-17 to

Transfer pricing implies the prices at which various overseas divisions of a company transact with each other.

Fixed Deposit: 5 things to know about FDs to make the right investment decision

Most banks and FIs offer investors the facility of depositing money in their FD instruments. But how do you know which is the best FD product for you?

Why to invest in international mutual funds and how to choose a fund

As portfolio compositions of domestic equity MFs are confined to the stocks of Indian companies only, investing in foreign companies through international MFs will ensure additional diversification.

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ESIC scheme adds 13.21 lakh new members in July

According to official data, around 13.21 lakh new members joined Employees’ State Insurance (ESI) scheme in July 2021 as against 10.58 lakh in June, 8.87 lakh in May and 10.72 lakh in April.

During September 2017 to March 2018, around 83.35 lakh new subscribers joined the ESI scheme.

How parents can leverage their US market portfolio for study abroad dreams of their children

Accumulating education corpus in dollar-denominated assets to pay for tuition and living expenses for study abroad offers several advantages.

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