Your Money: India remains a favourite with global investors

Long-term investors should stay put and use a staggered approach to invest towards their equity allocation
Indian equities have seen $1.6bn of net selling by foreign investors in April.

How top-up health insurance plans give you more coverage at a lesser premium? Find out

Top-up plans are generally considered a safety net that helps if one exceeds the limit of their normal health insurance plan.

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Sustained, concentrated efforts required to manage growing stressed real estate in India

Unless the growing menace of stressed and stuck real estate is neutralized, the markets will feel the heat.

Central Government Employees’ LTC Cash package scheme bill/claims deadline extended

The Central Government has further extended the deadline for submission of bills/claims for benefits under the LTC Special Cash package scheme.

central government employee

Demand for luxury homes slow since April; builders hope for recovery in 2nd half this year

On demand outlook, Mani Rangarajan, Group COO,, and Proptiger, said "a lot will depend on how the Covid second wave behaves and how quickly the citizens are vaccinated."

Sebastian said luxury home buyers today prefer projects by branded developers and ready-to-move-in properties where quality can be assessed first hand.

Max Bupa launches Senior First plan for senior citizens – Check features

In a nutshell, this feature will enable senior citizens to never fall short of coverage which is critical to protect against unforeseen medical expenditure towards all kinds of diseases, including Cov

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How to harness the potential of healthcare sector

It is very likely that both the Centre and the State governments will be charting out plans to make huge investments in the healthcare sector, in the times ahead.

How much do you need to pay for a Rs 15L super top-up health plan? Compare offers

A super top up medical plan is similar to a regular health insurance policy as both cover hospitalisation costs subject to coverage limits among other terms and conditions.

Debt funds Vs Large-cap stocks: Where to invest in a falling market?

Most people, in general, have this perception that investing in stocks directly will deliver them higher returns, however, eventually in the chase to earn higher returns, they end up loosing lose all

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5 key things that should be the homepage of your financial plan

A proper financial plan will help you save the right inflation-adjusted amount towards all your goals based on your risk profile.

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New Age Investments: What helps millennials grow financially?

The traditional way of making investments through physical mode – filling application forms and depositing with cheques – hit a major roadblock last year due to nationwide lockdown.

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Take the ETF route to be a part of the pharma growth story

For those looking to take exposure to healthcare as space now, ETFs present a few interesting options. The biggest advantage of investing in an ETF is you get the units at real-time NAVs, unlike mutua

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7,400 office leases of 90 mn sq ft up for renewal in top 6 cities in 2021

Of the approx 7,400 leases expiring in 2021, Mumbai has the highest share at about 44%, followed by Pune with a 17% share.

Mutual Fund Investment: How to choose the right scheme from 10 categories of equity MFs

On a relative risk basis, small-cap funds carry higher risk compared to midcap funds which can themselves be considered riskier than large-cap funds.

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Gold Mutual Fund vs Gold ETF: Which is a better investment option for you?

The price of gold moves in the opposite direction when compared to equities and it is an advised investment to hedge against the market risk but only with a marginal part of the overall portfolio.

Your Queries – Mutual Funds: You can withdraw money from ELSS after lock-in period and reinvest it

I have been investing in ELSS for the past five years. As the lock-in is for three years, can I withdraw my first year’s investment and reinvest the amount? —K S Singh Yes, since the ELSS inve

Fund houses don’t deduct any taxes on capital gains except for investments made by NRIs where TDS is applicable.

Your Money: Financial planning for the new normal

After securing the base, the money left over should be directed towards your original financial plan. Here asset allocation is critical. Make sure you have sufficient allocation to equity, medium-term

Health insurance: Tips to ensure your health claim is not rejected

The most common ground for rejection is incorrect or false information in the application/claim form

Indiabulls Housing Finance to sell its mutual fund business for Rs 175 crore

The sale of Indiabulls Asset Management Company will be limited only to the MF part of the business, whilst the alternate investment fund (AIF) and portfolio management service (PMS) businesses will b

“Indiabulls Housing Finance will continue to build on its pedigree as a leading lender in the market and our AIF-driven real estate asset management business will complement our core business perfectly,” he added.

Facing hardship after job loss, salary cut? Here’s how to manage your savings and finances

After the nationwide lockdown last year, many States have imposed partial to full curfew/lockdown again this year to contain the second Covid wave.

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Instant Credit Line Facility by CASHe – Check features

With the credit line facility, the borrower receives a set credit limit—just like with a credit card—and makes regular payments composed of both a principal and interest portion to pay it off.

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Worried about your child’s school fees? Here are some financing options

Most of these platforms offer parents the option to repay the amount on a low or zero-cost EMI basis. This usually helps in easing out the burden of the parents.

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Good news! Debt mutual funds witness Rs 100,903 cr net inflows in April

After net outflows for two months in a row, Short Duration category witnessed net inflows of Rs 1,246.52 crore in April.

Guarantee security for your kids with these simple investment tips

Make sure you identify your short-term and long-term goals before planning for them. For example, higher education or marriage are long-term goals while short term goals could be your child’s 18th b

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