Explained: India’s $5 trillion economy target and challenges ahead

Strategies for a12% growth over the next five years becomes complex, because it comes at a time when there are radical shifts in the global economic paradigm.

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India-US trade: Are we reaching a point of no return?

Restoring normalcy in India-US trade relations will need a strong dose of injection of trust.

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Why India must enable country’s space start-ups

Becoming a space power will need India to encourage private sector in space-defence.

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Five reasons lending rates are set to fall by 50 basis points

We expect lending rates to come off by 50bps cut by March 2020 in contrast to 2018’s 30bps hike. Also, Budget 2019 should retain February’s 3.4% of GDP fiscal deficit target.

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Here’s how artificial intelligence will benefit pharma sector

Churning of data is something that definitely all pharma companies need to invest in.

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Why India needs to reform its trade policy

Modi 2.0 has its task cut out with regard to reforming trade policy.

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What can revive India’s GDP growth — consumption and investment

Budget 2019-20: Cutting corporate taxes, or RBI cutting repo, won’t help much if the government’s policies are seen to be hitting investments.

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WrongDose: WHO legitimises TCM, traditional medicine shouldn’t be dismissed

WHO legitimises TCM; traditional medicine shouldn't be dismissed, but surely the unscientific should be discarded?

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Explained: Modi’s Bt cotton connection and why his govt needs to wake up on GMO

WIth Bt cotton, India gained about $67 bn in forex from extra exports of cotton & cotton yarn, and savings in imports, over FY03-FY17, compared to business as usual.

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Budget blues: Why govt isn’t the sole determinant of economic growth

Budget 2019-20: Indian politicians and economic commentators put too much faith in the idea that the government is the sole determinant of growth or stagnation.

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Too many unanswered questions in Draft Education Policy

The draft does not provide for a definitive and time-bound action plan. It accepts the fact that “the challenge is the ability to implement the policy,” but does precious little to address this pa

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Budget 2019: Govt must address poverty and quality education as binaries

Union Budget 2019 India: Modi 2.0’s first Budget must address poverty & quality education as binaries.

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What business leaders should do to succeed in innovation economy

Business leaders have to continuously stare into the future.

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GST, Ujjwala, Swachh Bharat — right policies, bad implementation: P Chidambaram

Swachh Bharat is good policy, but the false statistics fed on ODF status of states and villages is the deceit of small-g government. Ujjwala is good policy, but the replacement cylinder rate of three

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Inside track: Is Modi silently changing the guard in Rajasthan BJP?

Modi does not go by the traditional logic of job suitability. More than language skills and parliamentary experience, Birla was rewarded for outstanding social work and public service in his constitue

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Why Solskjær needs a dressing room free of Pogba

Solskjær needs a dressing room free of Pogba as it will reduce the player-power factor and bad vibes.

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Budget 2019: Need for balancing act to revive investment, drive consumption & keep fiscal deficit in control

Union Budget 2019 India: The Budget will have to do a balancing act to revive investment, increase farm productivity, drive consumption and keep the fiscal deficit under control.

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Double farm incomes by investments, not subsidies

WTO scrutiny will prevent a big hike in farm subsidies by govt, but fixing markets is a far more efficient solution anyway.

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Higher education regulations still anchored to outdated norms

As Modi 2.0 looks at NEP to inspire its higher education regulation vision, it must also be careful to avoid the risk inherent in some recommendations.

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Job creation: World Bank report shows rural roads helped non-farm employment rise

A World Bank report on PMGSY shows rural roads have helped non-farm employment rise in three states.

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Arvind Subramanian’s method suggests Germany overestimates GDP the most

Arvind Subramanian’s method of estimating GDP suggests that Germany overestimates the most; brazil underestimates GDP the most—India only a mild outlier.

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The case for a financial transaction tax

It would favour longer-term investors over speculators and put a little useful resistance into the financial system.

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Why did China back down in Hong Kong?

One of the key factors behind China withdrawing is Taiwan, what with China still hopeful and dangling the reunification carrot.

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Lateral hires a great idea, need a Nandan Nilekani now

Between sacking officials and importing talent, big moves on bureaucratic reform; need a Nilekani-type thinker too.

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IL&FS thrived due to its bureaucratic cover, go after them

IL&FS thrived due to its bureaucratic cover, time to go after them.

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GDP by state: Will the North and the South ever meet?

The centralised planning strategy applied all these years did not work. One strategy across India cannot address the inherent differences between states.

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Bitcoin lessons for Facebook’s Libra

Mark Zuckerberg faces plenty of competition in the race toward a cashless society, with other corporate and government rivals already well advanced in their plans.

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