Exclusive: Twenty Two Motors Flow Review: Can budget electric scooters in India be smart?

Set to launch at the Auto Expo 2018, Twenty Two Motors Flow will be one of the very few electric scooters on offer in the Indian two-wheeler market.

By: | Updated: December 28, 2017 11:01 AM

Most of my reviews are about the overall experience - the ride, the place, the road taken. However, this one will be purely concentrating on the product, which is a brand new electric scooter set to launch in our market by a company called Twenty Two Motors. Why so? Well, because this is perhaps the most feature-packed scooter I've ever ridden. For starters, it has a reverse gear! The only two-wheelers with reverse gear that I'm familiar with are giant tourer motorcycles like Honda Goldwing or the Boss Hoss. The reason they feature a reverse gear is that they weigh almost as much as an asteroid, so why does a little scooter need one. I had the opportunity to meet the people behind the electric scooter Flow, and these chaps are all about making the scooter as convenient for the buyer as they can. And they have succeeded to a large extent. Set to launch at the Auto Expo 2018, Twenty Two Motors Flow will be one of the very few electric scooters on offer in the Indian two-wheeler market. But this a great start towards a greener automotive scenario. The government plans to make the country go all electric by 2032, and India being the largest two-wheeler consumer in the world could definitely use such electric options to begin with.

I was invited to have a go on the brand new Twenty Two Motors Flow, and I'll be honest this is the first time I ever had a ride on an all-electric vehicle. So, there it was - a prototype ready for me to take. I took a seat and the men around had to prompt me that it was ready to go for a spin. Well, electric motor means that there no noise, none whatsoever. You may think that I'm being too fascinated over nothing, but if you ask me it was spooky.

You pull on the throttle and it just goes, you don't have to wait for torque to kick in. The Flow is easily and quite instantly propelled forwards, which is also where its name comes from. I happened to have asked Parveen Kharb, CEO and Co-Founder, Twenty Two Motors, that why Flow? He said that he wants the scooter to be smooth and just 'flow', hence...

Kharb, teamed up with Vijay Chandrawat, COO and Co-Founder and Farhaan Shabbir, President and Co-Founder, came up with the concept of Twenty Two Motors Flow, the development and manufacturing of which has all been done in-house. And I must say that the three are a very enthusiastic set of people and do treat the product as their baby.

Now, I did not ride the scooter for very long and I’m going to say it again that I was spooked by the absence of noise, but that is only because I am used to a screaming engine. The prototype was in my hands for a short time on a little test course on a rooftop and it felt fairly comfortable. And I do believe that in the real world, the scooter will perform even better.

Going back to why I said that this one of the most feature-loaded scooters ever. Wait for it…. It features cruise control! Twenty Two Motors Flow has a mode called ‘Drag’, which will come in handy if there is a flat tyre and the scooter needs to be dragged to the puncture repair shop. What that mode does is gives it only enough power to move on walking pace, so the rider walking next to it does not have to use all of his energy in getting to the repair shop.

What makes it smart? A feature you may have heard of in big fancy hybrid cars is a part of the gadgets loaded on the Flow. It will come with something called Electric Braking System (EBS), which generates power each time the rider brakes. It also assists in better braking power from the discs up front and back.

The design is most certainly quite futuristic, especially with the halo DRL (daytime running lamp). The head and tail lamp are both LED, which not only looks better but also helps conserve electric charge. Speaking of electric charge, the battery is very thought out. For starters, it is portable, so you don't have to plug in your scooter but only carry the battery in the house to charge. It can be charged on any five-ampere plug and takes five hours to charge, which will give you a range of 80 km. But if you wish to a distance longer, Twenty Two Motors is also willing to lease an additional battery at very nominal prices. And the battery, I have to mention, is pretty sleek to look. I assure you will not end up looking like a small-time mechanic carrying one of those.

Choose to bring home a Twenty Two Motors Flow? You will also be able to download a mobile phone application for Apple and Android, through which you can check your scooter’s health, from the battery to the disc pads. Flow’s onboard computer will register your riding style, and will also notify you on the app if its senses someone new riding it. Didn’t authorise this new rider, you can shut the electric motor on your scooter off remotely using the app.

Twenty Two Motors Flow is a fresh idea and is a concept that will work well in the real world. One might think why does a little scooter need all these fancy features. I say, why not. Our market could now develop towards treating two-wheelers as more than just a cheap mode of transport. I’m thinking about a young kid who’s just got a learner’s licence – they’ll find the reverse gear very useful. I’m thinking about a man/woman who commutes to work and back every day - it’ll be very cost-effective for them, not having to ‘buy fuel’ and just charge a battery. The Flow will not be expensive to maintain, with a warranty on the battery for 50,000 km, and it is quite practical with a large storage bin that also has a mobile phone charger. Twenty Two Motors Flow is a package that should fit the bill for different needs.

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