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‘Talking Gloves’: IIT Jodhpur & AIIMS Jodhpur’s researchers create communication device for people with speech impairment

These talking gloves use principles of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to automatically generate speech that is language independent and helps speech-impaired people communicate more effectively.

'Talking Gloves': IIT Jodhpur & AIIMS Jodhpur's researchers create communication device for people with speech impairment

Man vs machine: Artificial Intelligence is a force to reckon with

Even businesses that are betting on AI are cautious about the returns on the massive investments required for such initiatives and therefore for AI solutions to become common place would take a long time.

Artificial Intelligence Ethics: Designing systems that are fair for all

Can humans be in control of the AI system once AI grasps all the intelligence from humans? The concern around AI in ethics is not just a moral dilemma, it is centered around the social responsibility of the business towards i

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Intel’s AI tool screens patients for vision loss

Sankara Eye Foundation and Leben Care are deploying a cloud-based AI solution Netra.AI, powered by Intel technology, to identify retinal conditions in a short span of time with the accuracy level of human doctors

The solution can be expanded to other retinal conditions and glaucoma, helping to reduce the screening burden on healthcare specialists and focus key resources on patients who need immediate care and intervention.

Artificial Intelligence: Pandemic has forced enterprises to innovate, says Viswanath Ramaswamy, V-P, Technology, IBM Technology Sales

IBM says that adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has set in well, with India topping the list along with China on deployed AI, and a little behind the latter in exploring new AI avenues

The judiciary’s use of AI will be transformative

AI should assist the judiciary, help aid access to material, but remain non-intrusive when it comes to decision making

The responsible use of AI has been explored extensively, including both by NITI Aayog, and recently by the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy in its paper titled ‘Responsible AI for the Justice System.’

Talent scouts: AI as recruiter’s friend & guide

Recruiters ensure the human interface with the company brand

Artificial Intelligence is the driving force behind smart enterprises: Sajan Paul, MD, India and SAARC, Juniper Networks

In today’s open multi-vendor ecosystem, organisations are exploring ways to leverage existing network and security elements to better protect investments while ensuring business continuity.

SAJAN PAUL, MD & Country Manager, India & Saarc, Juniper Networks

Google working to build error-corrected quantum computer by 2029, unveils its Quantum AI campus

With the help of this technology, Google hopes that major problems like world hunger and climate change could be solved.

Nvidia flexes its Arm, announces Grace CPU for data centres setting alarm bells ringing for Intel

Nvidia says Grace will deliver 10x the performance of today’s fastest servers.

Nvidia Grace, Nvidia, Arm, Intel

Artificial Intelligence helps marketers take smart decisions

Blueshift raises $30 million in Series C funding round to scale its SmartHub customer data platform

Need policy, financial support for Indian farm sector to make use of full potential of artificial intelligence: Nasscom

AI has the potential to play a key role in relieving the sector from most of its stressful input conditions, catalysing a shift towards data-driven farming, it said.

Deploying AI at the shop floor and integrating it into automation and the network is a complex task, requiring highly specialised expertise and innovative products such as Siemens Industrial Edge.

May the Force be with you: Facebook says its neural wristbands will one day let you control virtual objects at a distance

"Ultimately, it may even be possible to sense just the intention to move a finger."

Tech tactics: How Artificial Intelligence is aiding the fight against Covid-19

Two important research breakthroughs—one in the US and the other in UK— leverage advanced artificial intelligence technologies to fight the pandemic

Sight diagnostics: Artificial Intelligence solution to help prevent blindness

Intel-powered AI solution Netra.AI helps reduce diabetic vision loss

Research shows that DR is a leading cause of blindness and vision loss in adults, and early detection and treatment is critical to stopping the damage.

MIHUP: Empowering businesses through human-centric voice AI

The Mihup platform enables enterprise developers to create customised voice interfaces with full control over brand identity and privacy

Mihup co-founder and CEO Tapan Barman (L) with COO Biplab Chakraborty

Booster Dose: DeepTech helps Comofi make surgery simpler

Comofi’s nGuide intervention platform helps surgeons to visualise target area during surgery in great details and increase surgical efficiency and safety for surgeons and patients alike

Satish Kalme, co-founder and CEO, CoMofi

Machine Learning: Long way to go for AI bias-correction; some hurl abuses, others see abuse where there’s none

While the need will be to continuously go back to the AI “drawing board”, human control of AI’s learning and other machine-learning will be important to set the context for the machines.

While more companies are warming up to AI, AI platforms are being taught to screen for specific ‘cue’ words to detect bias or abuse.

Budget 2021 expectations: With integrated SDG interventions, we could exceed development goals despite COVID, says think tank head

Union Budget 2021 expectations for climate: Talking to Financial Express Online’s Bulbul Dhawan, Dr Jai Asundi, Executive Director of think tank CSTEP, shared his views on various domains, their outlook and Budget 2021 expe

union budget 2021, budget 2021-22

Autonomous IT may keep cyber criminals at bay; here’s how it’s better for cyber-defense 

An Autonomous IT-led approach to cyber-defense is the key for organizations to better tackle cyber-threats in the new decade.

Autonomous IT, cyber crime

Now AI will assess credit risk of small businesses as UK’s Wiserfunding enters India to tap MSME market

Credit and Finance for MSMEs: Wiserfunding is planning to tie-up with three-four banks and around eight to 10 non-banking financial companies (NBFC) and cover 8.5 million SMEs in India through its AI-backed models by the end

Online education needs mindset change in India, institutions must use AI, emotional intelligence

As India learns to skill themselves again - amidst this turmoil – ed-tech and AI will be instrumental in nurturing a creative learning environment.

ISB, Microsoft to set up artificial intelligence digital Lab

Taking a cue, the Indian School of Business (ISB) and Microsoft India have inked a new partnership to take forward their shared vision for an AI-empowered India.

Artificial Intelligence, Indian School of Business, Microsoft India, Machine Learning, AI tools, PlatiFi technologies, AI Digital Lab

Drone manufacturers, 3-D printing among hot five emerging sectors to invest in

India has the world's fastest growing internet population; this could be a prime insight into the burgeoning potential for ecommerce in India.

investing, emerging sectors

World’s first robot lawyer, ‘ROSS’, hired by US firm

The robot called 'ROSS' is built upon Watson, IBM's cognitive computer.

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