US moves against Huawei’s real owner?

It appears the American move is directed less against Huawei and more against Chinese state. The thinking is that the US is the hand that feeds China and contributes to its surplus.

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How SWFs threaten capitalism

By underwriting more private investments, sovereign funds could be contributing to the hollowing out of trust in capitalism itself.

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Arm Twisting

HDFC Bank, Surf Excel and others that faced such backlash should assert that they will not deviate from the principles they hold dear.

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Verdict 2019: Little to do with economic issues

It is possible that the farmers are more discerning and do distinguish between the states and the Centre when it comes to evaluating performance.

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Modi 2.0: Push market reform to revive growth

Market access is critical for farmers to get better deal; cash transfers will ensure even poor get fair share of subsidies. Reviving the power sector also needs market reform and sectors like oil and

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Reforming FCI not a piece of cake

The NDA’s PDS reforms have been half-hearted measures. Mounting arrears towards food subsidy budget settlement pose a serious question mark on the Centre’s fiscal management. The new government ha

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Qualcomm’s day of reckoning is here?

A US federal judge’s ruling strikes at the heart of the chipmaker’s business model, one that leverages the patents the company holds.

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Cost of doing business trumps ease of doing business

The 100-Day plan of big ideas for decisive action is important. But, so is a longer term plan to overcome the systemic and structural challenges to making industry globally competitive.

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India’s RISAT 2B will help with mointoring crop failure, forest cover depletion as well security at the border

If it delivers across the fronts it is expected to, India can further consolidate its position in the club of the space-elite.

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States must emulate Maharashtra on registering land titles

While users, where records are up-to-date and disputes are minimal, will not mind paying a small premium for the peace of mind the insurance guarantees, those in states where the records have been his

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Lavasa’s right, the EC has hurt its own credibility

His dissent should have been recorded, and made public; that said, some part of the Model Code of Conduct must be revisited.

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From IT services to software products

With the focus on technology start-ups and R&D, India can make a stride in software product development space, continue its brand as a global IT leader, and become a wealthy nation, eventually bringin

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A custodian of the grid needed

An independent CTU at arm’s-length from any developer, including PSUs.

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RERA progress calls for applause, but there are areas that need to be fixed

The RERA progress calls for applause, yet there are areas that need to be fixed. Each and every activity of developers is strictly under the scanner now.

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Regional cafe: Finally getting easier to start-up, attract talent and grow in Chennai

People are venturing into familiar and not-so-familiar areas. Take the example of PurpleTeal, which operates Tweak & Eat, an AI-powered wellness app for weight management.

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Exit polls: A clear majority for BJP-led coalition

The principal opposition, the INC-led coalition (the UPA) is predicted to win 119 seats, up from 59 seats in 2014. Other remaining parties are likely to win 119 seats in 2019, versus 148 seats in 2014

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Immigrants are the only hope for America’s shrinking workforce

For three decades, Asia’s most successful economies have experimented with a range of policies to reverse far more serious declines in fertility.

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Junk the term climate change, replace it with one that recognises impending catastrophe

Scotland has already declared a climate emergency and is setting targets to reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions to net-zero by 2045.

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Even if Modi comes back, the market is too costly

Even for FY19, estimates were earlier pegging growth at 20%-plus whereas the reality has turned out to be quite different.

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Satluj Basin set to lose more than half of its glaciers by 2050

The Satluj Basin has 2,026 glaciers spanning 1,426 km2—the small glaciers (less than 1km2) are more vulnerable, and 62% of those will be lost by 2050.

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#MeToo and Crying wolf: Anonymity protects survivors, but allows for fake complaints too

To be sure, the MeToo campaign has been a powerful tool for victims of sexual harassment in the professional sphere to seek justice as part of a collective.

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IBC has passed many litmus tests, will continue to weather storms

Established out of a vacuum, the NCLT had no institutional experience. A dozen NPAs, comprising 25% of total NPAs, were pushed into IBC by RBI at the nascent stage (July 2017) of the law.

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Uplifting the poor Indian farmer: A #MeToo for farmers’ redressal as well

his new kind of ‘MeToo’ movement has emerged during last year or so, with an eye on winning the elections, both at the central and state levels.

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Digital India will have little meaning without 5G

Globally, 5G rollout has begun. As many as 211 operators in 87 countries have invested in 5G technology. As of March 2019, 15 operators around the world have been offering commercial 5G services.

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GST and inter-branch transactions fraught with potential litigation

As these transactions are within the same legal entity, it would typically not involve any consideration and thereby carry no value to estimate the GST liability.

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Lok Sabha election 2019: Is this the beginning of the end of Congress dynastic rule?

By the strangest of coincidences, the election forecast (for BJP and Congress alone) contained in my book Citizen Raj (and reproduced here), the exit polls seemed to centre around 270-280 seats for th

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Rainbow Runner: Dutee Chand coming out as gay must be celebrated

“Hyperandrogenism” is a sanitised, impersonal term—Chand’s was a deeply personal fight for dignity, one in which her gender and, by extension, her achievments as an athelete were questioned.

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