FM versus CBI says a lot about government functioning

The problem with naming all the people the CBI has, on grounds that they were involved in the sanctioning of the loans by ICICI Bank, is the case now moves on to proving their guilt as well.

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FM versus CBI says a lot about government functioning

When Arun Jaitley describes ICICI Bank case as investigative adventurism, imagine the fate of bankers in this and other cases.

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Emerging Markets’ junk bonds look good? Think again

Preferring credit is understandable: With the Fed no longer raising rates this year, a major overhang has been lifted for emerging markets’ (EM’s) dollar issues and stocks, on the other hand, need

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IBC process: SC boost will mean faster resolution; Apex court may not exempt power firms from Sec 12

Tightening of rules on wilful defaulters welcome, and SC indicates is may not exempt power firms from Sec 12.

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Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s political plunge: Dynasts get a much easier launch, but success isn’t guaranteed

Dynasts get a much easier launch in politics, but their success isn’t guaranteed.

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Fiscal math: Additional spending on rural India may keep 60 pct public debt-to-GDP ratio target elusive

There is no agency in the government that looks comprehensively at both Central and state, fiscal costs and revenues, and relating them to the fiscal rules that the country has enacted.

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Almost 30% of the core inflation relatively ineffective to RBI monetary policy; consumer still end up paying more

Barring food and fuel, some categories of the core CPI basket may not be responsive to RBI policy. Certain categories within core inflation seem to have dominance of supply-side factors. Demand in suc

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What is VUCA and why both employers and employees are facing the brunt of it?

Both employers and employees are facing the brunt of the VUCA world—VUCA is equal to uncertainty.

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Going beyond an apple a day: Disease prevention taking centre stage

Compounding this problem is infectious diseases that pose a huge challenge to the health system, resulting in a double burden of having to deal with both NCDs and communicable diseases.

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Inside Track: From Priyanka Gandhi’s entry in politics to Hardeep Puri’s performance as minister

The four filmstar MPs in the Trinamool Congress — Sandhya Roy, Tapas Paul, Satabdi Roy and Moon Moon Sen — are apprehensive that Mamata Banerjee will drop them in the coming polls.

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Across the aisle: Ring out the old, ring in the new, says P Chidambaram

The argument that counting — and declaration of results — will be delayed is a weak argument.

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Don’t get conned by modern fundamentals of golf, advises instructor Bob Toski

Toski is often accused of not subscribing to the ‘big muscle’ method of the modern golf swing, but the litany of injuries that so many pros who use that has triggered concern.

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Why cannabis shouldn’t be legalised in India

Will legalisation worsen our overburdened healthcare system? India is struggling to control the three addictive substances of tobacco, alcohol and areca nut.

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State of growth: Where are jobs?

Inflation, however, fell across states from the levels five years ago, though the inter-state inflation figures show wide difference, with Kerala having the highest consumer inflation, at 6%, and Odis

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Understanding political economy for India’s future growth

Decentralisation needs to extend to India’s cities, which also need better governance, and which will be the focal points for future economic growth.

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Hold the outrage about soaring wealth inequality

So, although it is good to be concerned with wealth inequality, reports such as Oxfam’s shouldn’t be cause for alarm.

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Censorship by OTT players a bad idea, especially given the latitude guidelines allow

Self-censorship, in any case, is done out of fear or deference to the sensibilities/preferences of the party or coalition in power, thereby denying both content-generators and viewers the freedom of e

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The good and bad news on education

And while universities continue to see their standards plummet thanks to such controls and the pernicious reservations policy, the quality of school education is also getting poorer.

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Jet Airways woes: Rs 32,809 crore of taxpayers money to Air India may have sealed the fate of Naresh Goyal-led airline

In hindsight, it would appear the beleaguered Jet Airways got it wrong by opting to run a full-service airline in a country that just about made it to lower-middle-income status a few years ago, but t

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Low expectations: Why lowering the bar for reserved posts in judiciary is a bad idea

A Supreme Court bench headed by Chief Justice of India (CJI) Ranjan Gogoi has asked the Kerala High Court to consider lowering the qualifying score for SC/ST candidates for filling up judicial officer

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Manual scavenging: Govt must stop hiring and provide people with alternative livelihoods

Manual scavenging remains a blot on India’s governance, considering it was outlawed 25 years ago, and yet, since 2017, one manual scavenger has died every five days, as per data from the National Co

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Budget 2019: How to analyse budget forecasting errors

Volatility in intergovernmental fiscal transfers has had significant impact on the forecasts of public deficits by state governments.

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IL&FS crisis: India’s Lehman genie out again

Even now, India needs hundreds of billions of dollars for roads, bridges and power plants. It will be hard to raise that money if ring-fenced investments go from AA one week to D the next.

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How to address regional imbalances in agriculture credit in India

In the last decade, agriculture credit has registered a per-annum average growth of 16.5%. In terms of physical outreach, the three credit purveying agencies (commercial banks, cooperative banks and r


Subcontinent’s regional power market: New regulations for cross-border power trade a new step

The business of import/export of electricity across borders is not new, but traditionally had been a bilateral affair and considered as a case for development aid or an extension of foreign policy.

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India 4th-highest in terms of corrupt payments: Using FCPA dataset to tackle corruption

The government has taken measures on prevention of formation and return back from foreign shores of black money, like grandfathering double taxation avoidance treaties with Mauritius and Singapore, si

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