Big Question: RBI regulates currency but not clear why it shouldn’t control payments

RBI regulates currency anyway and, since all payments have to connect with banks eventually, a common regulator makes sense

Rising pollution in Delhi: Cracker bans look good but don’t address the real issues

Cracker bans look good but don’t address the real issues

Shocking! Human activity is making entire hills in the Aravallis disappear, with disastrous long-term consequences

Human activity is making entire hills in the Aravallis disappear, with disastrous long-term conequences

UDAY discoms: Why states must do their part on last-mile distribution of power and take politics out of it

While the Centre must resolve issues on thermal power generation, coal sector reforms, deployment of smart meters, and transmission, and states have to do their part on last-mile distribution and take

Digital boost: Reduction in GST, licence fees and SUC to provide respite to telecom sector

Reduction in levies such as GST, licence fees and SUC will provide some respite to telecom sector

Digital banking: Imparting comprehensive digital literacy is crucial in changing times

As part of customer protection, RBI has directed banks to make good the loss on account of unauthorised digital transactions if customers report the same on time

Rising air pollution: Lessons Delhi can learn from Chinese capital Beijing

Delhi faces the same challenge as Beijing did—what we lack is political willingness and public anger to force the govt to take hard action.

India’s Findex data: Reasons behind non-usage phenomenon even after widespread financial services

The Global Findex Survey 2017 reports that 80% of adults in India have an account at a financial institution. This is an important milestone for India and the world.

India’s tax net widens but low number of rich taxpayers, 12.4 percent average tax rate indicate poor compliance

When the number of crorepati taxpayers in the country rises from 88,649 in FY14 to 140,139 in FY17—for individual taxpayers, it rose from 48,416 to 81,344—it is undoubtedly a big achievement.

E-wallets get a leg up as interoperability guidelines make usage more efficient

With RBI giving the green signal to inter-operability of pre-paid instruments (PPI), primarily wallets, digital transactions should gain momentum.

Central secretariats in states? Good idea if they only monitor central schemes and do not get politicised

The Centre is planning to establish secretariats in each state capital in a bid to streamline interactions between Central and state government authorities and improve performance of central schemes.

Sustainable urban development: Why it is important to set standards and have quality certification for recycled materials?

The C&D Waste Management Rules were notified by the ministry of environment, forest and climate change in March 2016.

Price rise exposes problems in the financial sector resulting in exodus of investors from India

Can there be a reason to feel happy about finiteness of resources? This finiteness often brings sanity in the economic system. Scarcity of crude oil is one such example.

Can Delhi breathe cleaner air this winter or ‘stubborn’ stubble burning will choke the capital again?

By devising a scientific methodology, these parameters are combined into a single quantitative measure called Air Quality Index (AQI) to assess overall air quality.

Lessons for RBI from the shocking Rupee slide and questions it has raised

The central bank is learning the hard way that inflation targeting is not the panacea it was so sure about

Time for India to integrate climate sensitive budgeting to tackle natural disasters

Instead of ex-post planning processes on natural disasters in various parts of our country, integration of climate sensitive budgeting within public financial management is needed

Why government must not lean on RBI to relax norms for PCA banks

Apart from the fact that non-PCA lending ensured robust credit growth, restrictions on PCA banks critical to keep them solvent

Corruption in CBI: How the appointments in question got past CVC?

Govt must act quickly & ask how the appointment got past CVC

How lack of central law for protecting trans-persons’ rights is robbing India off its edge over the US

The US is planning to obliterate trans-identity, India is way better for trans-persons, but lacks a central law protecting their rights

Why the Rupee depreciation has not helped in improving India’s exports yet

While exports are not along the lines hoped for, base effects played a large role in the September numbers. But, the exchange rate, by itself, can do little

How 2018 Economics Nobel prize brought together two different yet complimentary streams

The two prize recipients illustrate different, but complementary ways of doing economics

What India can learn from global rankings such as THE, QS and Shanghai Rankings

In May 1998, Jiang Zemin, then China’s president, discussed with top Chinese academicians to explore basic parameters that would determine world-class universities.

Rational Expectations: Rafale Deal and MeToo are big issues, but they are eclipsing bigger concerns

HAL’s record is poor, 34% MPs face criminal charges, huge PSU wealth erosion & export-jobs potential being hit—but who cares?

Collateral Benefits: WB study suggests China’s BRI may benefit non-members too, but scepticism is hard to shed for India

A key goal of China’s Belt and Road Initiative is to boost connectivity and reduce trade costs through new and improved transport infrastructure projects.

Green in the growth is no more costly: How climate change can help economic development

With cheap renewable energy, budding AI and big data, the trade-offs that used to exist between environmental conservation and development are now disappearing.

NFRA is a necessity, ICAI contentions are contrary to international standards; here’s why

The contention of ICAI, that there exists an overlap between it and NFRA, runs contrary to international best practices, which show a distinct shift from self-regulation to an independent oversight of

Unemployment in India: Real problems of country’s job market are being ignored

The GDP growth rate fell post-2012, the investment-to-GDP rate fell, capacity utilisation fell to 70% in industry, the plant load factor in energy plants fell to 60%, and credit offtake fell. Under th

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