Farm growth: Govt must offer incentives, promote technology

Of the total private investment, 79.1% is by farmers, and private corporate investment accounts for only 2.3% of total investments.

Indian farmers have already made a mark in countries such as Canada, the US and Australia. (Illustration: shyam kumar prasad) News

UP govt must take steps to manage diabetes during pregnancy

Men and non-expectant women are regarded as having diabetes if their blood glucose level is above 199mg/dl. If it is in the 139-199mg/dl range, they are in the pre-diabetes stage.

The threshold level above which blood sugar levels are considered abnormal is lower in pregnancy. News

Greta Thunberg highlights urgency of climate action, the future will be bleaker if her message is ignored

Whatever the criticism, there can be no doubt that Thunberg is right in foregrounding climate action, rather than climate negotiations and deals, as the need of the hour.

Greta Thunberg (AP Photo) News

Benchmarking hurts banks: New loan pricing norms will hit their margins

The loans are to be benchmarked to the repo rate, the yield on the 3-6 month government bond, or certain other external benchmarks.

RBI’s objective in asking banks to switch to an external benchmark is to bring about faster transmission News

Govt makes it easier for farmers to rent machinery to remove crop-stubble via an app

The app would allow farmers to know which hiring centres are available near them, see photographs of the machinery they wish to hire, and negotiate prices before placing an order.

The government has launched the CHC Farm Machinery app that allows farmers to both rent and buy, among other machinery required for farm work (Image: Google play store) News

China’s sustainability strategy is an example of global leadership

While renewables still account for just 4% of China’s total primary energy consumption, they have been growing by 25% annually over the past five years

In the past 12 years, China’s economic structure has shifted dramatically from excessive reliance on smokestack manufacturing industries to low-carbon services. (Representative image) News

Why gig economy needs a new labour gig

A good starting point of legislative measures will be an acceptance of the changed nature of the employee-employer relationship within the gig economy paradigm

Countries around the world are waking up to the need for re-orienting their labour laws to address these iniquities. (Representational image) News

Modi govt’s tax cuts will incentivise entrepreneurs, risk takers

A study conducted by the Tax Foundation, a tax policy non-profit organisation based in the US, on the CIT rates across 208 tax jurisdictions in 2018 revealed that India had the highest CIT, at 35%, am

It is for the first time that the government of India has used an ordinance to slash IT rates outside the conventional Budget. (Illustration: shyam kumar prasad) News

Corporate tax cut: A bold move by the Modi Government

Manufacturing sector is likely to get a boost with the headline tax rate for newly incorporated domestic manufacturing companies being reduced to 15%.

Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman (file photo) News

How farming can be brought back from ‘take home’ to ‘reap the value’ model

Appropriate awareness around FPOs, their formation process and their demonstrated benefits must be spread amongst farmers of states with lower penetration.

Collective operations in Indian agriculture have a century-old history, with the enactment of the Cooperative Society Act 1904 that enabled formation of agricultural credit cooperatives. News

An Assembly type citizen-list can be problematic

Some will argue that such Aadhaar linking is against the Supreme Court ruling, but this can be fixed by either approaching the court for direction, or by amending various Acts to allow for this.

Amit Shah, RTI, CIC News

Supreme Court does well to bring government-funded NGOs under RTI

The bench, comprising Justices Deepak Gupta and Aniruddha Bose, ruled that “substantial” was “not necessarily” a major portion, or more than 50%, and that there can be “no hard and fast rule

The SC also did well to disambiguate, as best as possible, “substantial financing”. News

Majority of approvals for cancer drugs in EU between 2009-2013 came on back of questionable trials

A new study, published in The BMJ, has found that the majority of cancer drugs approved in Europe between 2009 and 2013, entered the market without clear evidence that they improved survival, or the q

These drugs piggybacked on “surrogate endpoints”, or measures that don’t always reliably predict a drug’s effect. (Representational image) News

Why US and China need to decarbonise their economies to ensure limit in global temperature

Under Donald Trump, energy-related CO2 emissions of the country have grown in 2018, at a rate that is the highest since 2010, and is likely to be the second-highest in nearly two decades.

Without serious commitments by the US and China to decarbonise their economies, the world is not likely to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C or below 2°C (Representational image) News

Ayushman Bharat: It’s crucial to ensure easy access to life-saving foreign medicines in Indian markets

According to a major study in Lancet, India has made solid progress in reducing deaths from common non-communicable diseases, such as cancer, and heart and lung diseases, but not enough to meet intern

Pre-Existing Disease, health insurance, health insurance claims, irdai, insurers News

Explained: Why govt must stop financing compactors under smart city mission

The thrust of urban solid waste management should be household level segergation. Lobbies are pushing unsustainable alternatives instead. The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs should stop financin

The savings from eliminating costly secondary transport can easily fund the construction and operation of decentralised centres for the processing of wet and dry waste (Illustration: shyam kumar prasad) News

Road safety: India needs policy of surprise checks and frequent monitoring

In the US, with its heavy reliance on road transport, the process of issuing a driving license is a serious business. Applicants often fail multiple times before they are granted driving licenses

The traffic police do carry out ‘radar’ speeds checks for over speeding, but such exercises are few and far between. (Representational image) News

Donald Trump’s North Korean diplomacy: It’s clear that US administration’s policy is one of appeasement

Trump has wrangled a loose stalemate that could hold through the November 2020 US presidential election, and Kim has secured a suspension of US-South Korean military exercises, in exchange for freezin

The Kim regime’s recent missile tests and behavior toward South Korea may be meant as a warning to Trump. News

Don’t rush to trash traditional knowledge

BCG is normally effective only against disseminated and meningeal TB in children—the immune response triggered by the vaccine doesn’t last into adulthood.

This is not the first study to discuss the effects of curcumin (read haldi) in battling TB. (Representational image) News

Need Cornell and Clarkson: Get it right on allowing foreign universities

The government has never officially explained why it has dithered on opening India up to foreign universities, but statements from policymakers would suggest that the high cost of availing education a

education loan, education loan default, education loan in India, education loan interest rate, education loan details, education loan calculator News

How agriculture R&D could yield better gains than nationalising land revenue

While rising productivity in India has lifted many out of poverty, significant poverty still remains.

With agricultural productivity growing more slowly in poor nations, time is running out for tackling extreme poverty. (Representational image) News

Explained: Why corporate tax cut is no brahmastra

A great deal will depend on how the MPC chooses to communicate its views on growth, and the role of monetary policy to undertake the ‘heavy-lifting’, post-fiscal shock

RBI Governor Das, too, had communicated this, in no uncertain terms, to the market a week before. (File photo) News

Corporate tax cuts will drive private capex

Corporate tax cuts in medium term: drive acceleration of capex & spur demand. In near term: more corporate savings. Only 58% of total revenue loss will be apportioned to the Centre

The government is also short of the targeted GST collections. News

Packages announced by FM will take time to yield results

The packages announced by the finance minister so far mostly target the supply side. It will take a while to yield results by way of turning around growth

Until growth revives, the high buoyancies signify a fall in revenue unless a rise in tax base and compliance compensates for it (Illustration: shyam kumar prasad) News

Poshan Abhiyaan is leading the war against malnutrition

Jan Andolan for behaviour change can be successful if front-line workers are energised with adequate counselling skills, knowledge, tools and also right motivation

Poshan Abhiyaan identifies key messages that need to be reinforced for improving status of nutrition. (Representative image) News

India’s upcoming foreign trade policy may consider integration of Codex practices on mass scale

Harmonisation can only be attained when all countries adopt same standards. The General Principles of the Codex Alimentarius specify the ways in which member countries may “accept” Codex standards

This incident signalled that harmonisation of food safety standards is indispensable for spurring food trade globally in an eloquent atmosphere. This incident signalled that harmonisation of food safety standards is indispensable for spurring food trade globally in an eloquent atmosphere. News

Weak Rupee: Will it boost exports?

Indeed, the sudden outflow of about $2 bn in August did push the rupee quickly through 70 to 72+, but it has recovered since then, despite continuing FPI selling in the equity markets.

It does seem that India’s government yield of 6-6.5% could continue to draw investment interest, despite the fumbling economy and nervous rupee News
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