NHB right in linking loans to stages of construction

The NHB followed up, advising HFCs not to disburse loans sanctioned to individuals upfront for greenfield projects and to link the disbursals to the various stages of construction.

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India could have a drug-resistance cure

IIT-Kanpur & CDRI scientists have developed a new molecule based on the fundamentals of how antibiotics attack bacteria

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A balance between fiscal prudence and investment-driven growth is needed

With the slowdown in the economy, unemployment is going to turn its ugly head once again, even though this has been one of the key pressing issues during the 2019 election campaign.

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How to bring back excavated land to original land-use in the mined-out area

How to bring back the excavated land to original land-use in the mined-out area

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Explained: Why India is indeed a ‘tariff king’

There is very little by way of analytical comparison of tariff structures that would negate the impression of India being a high-tariff economy, at least among the emerging market developing countries

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Data safety regulation not barrier to India’s role as global destination

A primary goal of data safety regulation should be to inform people of their risks and available remedies.

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Brexit: EU must give Boris Johnson a new deal

In the current political chaos, the chance that the brexit deal as it stands can be revived within the next 100 days seems vanishingly small

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Improvement in innovation index is great, but India must do more

India is an odd juxtaposition of stellar successes like the Chandrayaan and digital payments and a large number of unemployable engineering graduates and institutes that have virtually no autonomy.

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Fear of CAG, CBI, CVC hits decision-making

Only the fear of CAG/CBI/CVC can explain why telecom panel okayed a Rs 3,050-cr penalty after it asked Trai to cut this

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Taxes should not be taxing

(Ir)rationale of tax on buyback and dividend distribution

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Manufacturing sector’s RCEP inhibitions

While our negotiators bargain hard for an inclusive and balanced RCEP, we must focus on eliminating the niggling problems our manufacturing sector and exports are facing. India’s plans for the manuf

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India needs a ‘care economy’ policy

A comprehensive care economy infrastructure can support women to participate in economic activity

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Is it time to impose a carbon tax?

The tax can be an effective policy instrument for realising India’s Paris commitments and can substitute the current Clean Environment Cess

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Ailing healthcare system needs more healing hands

The fault lines of the Indian healthcare system, especially those of our understaffed and under-skilled health workforce, are in urgent need of repair

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Sewer workers continue to work under dangerous and dehumanising conditions

Sewer workers in India, more often than not, receive no gear for personal protection, making their working conditions dehumanising and dangerous.

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Auditing firms: Sebi proposals will bring transparency, boost investor confidence

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has done well to propose a regime in which auditors can’t resign without spelling out the real reasons for such a decision.

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With consumption, investment flagging, even a 7% growth looks a bit of a stretch now

Private consumption & investment are flagging, govt alone can’t revive growth; need a big reforms push for that

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Andhra for Andhraites: Will spur similar demands in other states

Clearly, Andhraites have moved out at a rapid pace in pursuit of work to other states that have been generous in accommodating them.

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IL&FS exposes the rot in the rating agency system

Grant Thornton report clearly shows just how ratings were manipulated; some serious action must be taken.

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Andhra for Andhraites: Will spur similar demands in other states, a bad idea

Will spur similar demands in other states, a bad idea.

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Related party transactions falling could be a sign of improving corporate governance

Related party transactions falling could be a sign of improving corporate governance in the country.

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Agricultural growth needs warehousing reforms

Customers initially allowed him to do so, but when they realised he was gaining more than the warehouse rents, they renegotiated the contracts.

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Industry doesn’t need sops; it needs clarity in procedures

Sugar, one of the group’s major businesses, has been shaky in the last few years. It has had to shut down manufacturing at its Puducherry plant and at two of its Tamil Nadu units.

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India’s trajectory: An innovation powerhouse

If the IMF has to achieve its mission of ensuring international financial stability, global leaders should end this stitch-up and choose the best person for the job. They must also do more to depoliti

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Fast-tracking economic growth

Between 2018 and 2030, the amount will be spent towards connectivity and expansion of the sector.

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Changes in RTI law will affect information flow

Having fixed, and unchanging tenure, is a vital part of institutional independence; this is now under threat.

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Jammu and Kashmir Governor does well to retract his ‘kill’ statement

Militancy does get some kind of justification, even if incorrectly, in the eyes of the populace if the government is not delivering even basic services; and this is certainly the case in large parts o

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