No bricks in the wall

The recent draft notification on utilisation of fly ash for making bricks is poorly designed and, if implemented, will shut down the construction industry.

comstruction sector, construction industry News

India needs fresh political blood, seeing small amounts of it already

There is a need for fresh political blood, and the good news is that we are seeing small amounts of it already.

India needs fresh political blood, seeing small amounts of it already

How Tamil Nadu got waste management right

The Commissionerate of Municipal Administration (CMA) of Tamil Nadu not only worked on getting the Solid Waste Management Policy for Tamil Nadu in place but also worked hard to ensure state-wide progr

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As India tries to improve ease of doing business, important to allow entry of perishables through express courier

India is a signatory to the WTO's Agreement on Trade Facilitation

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India Post: The network serves functions outside the remit of private competition

The postal network serves a wide-range of functions that is outside the remit of its private sector competitors

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What Earth Day? Most nations still unwilling to do what’s needed to save the planet

Scientists strongly believe that the planet may be in the midst of the sixth mass extinction, and unlike other times in the past, this could be largely anthropogenic.

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Kerala’s housing project for the homeless an initiative worth serious consideration

Under the initiative, the state will be providing shelter to 4.3 lakh families that are without a home.

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To improve national security, the government must develop mining

The National Mineral Policy of 2019 recognises that minerals are essential for industry and employment and have export potential.

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Jalan report to help lending rate cuts

Transfer of excess RBI capital to the fisc will not impact liquidity/RBI open market operations (OMO) if it is deployed to recapitalise banks

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Reading the clouds: The recent forecast for monsoon in India is a siling lining

A silver lining is the recent forecast for 2019 south-west monsoon. The MET has forecast a near-normal monsoon, and the Skymet has forecast south-west monsoon for 2019 at 93% of LPA. In case these for

monsoon, monsoon forecast, monesoon forecast in india News

Can interoperability strengthen regulatory supervision for the market?

The unification in clearing and settlement services can reduce chances of systematic default or trade disruption.

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Are stock markets poised for a meltdown?

Investors should make their choices judiciously at this stage

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Investigate harassment case against CJI Ranjan Gogoi, don’t pre-judge it

It is possible, as CJI & FM Jaitley have argued, that this is a hit job, but a complete investigation of the facts is essential.

Ranjan Gogoi, CJI harassment case News

Strengthening India’s economic fundamental may be the best route to enhance its influence as a strong economy

Strengthening India’s economic fundamentals may potentially be the best route to enhance its influence as A strong economy is a major driver of foreign policy.

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India should be beware of Aramco billions, crude-powered development model

In a country at grave risk from climate change, whose cities are already choking on vehicle smog, reducing the reliance on imported fossil fuels is more than just an issue for the current account.

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Controlling stent prices may show benefits in short-run, but does long-term damage

The capping slashed the price of drug-eluting stents by as much as 70%.

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Jet Airways shutdown: The surprise was that so few saw it coming

The economy can’t sustain a full-service airline, but no banker acted in time; Jet’s staffers never looked for jobs either.

jet airways, jet airways crisis, jet airways shutdown, aviation sector, aviation industry News

Worry lines: CMIE data shows new investment proposals are at a 14-year low

In the 2006-2011 boom, the average share of the private sector in total investments was around 62%.

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The gold standard for gold reserves

A comprehensive gold policy, ensuring quality standardisation through Good Delivery Rules in tune with global standards, mandatory hallmarking of jewellery, transparent pricing, institutional enableme

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Cleaner future: Kigali Amendment a significant opportunity to live up to the promise of a better environment

The Kigali Amendment is a significant opportunity for us to live up to the promise of better environment.

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Why management is both art and science

Management is science as it has universal principles. It’s also art as it requires perfection through practice.

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Modi vs Manifesto: Hindi heartland to witness battle of ideas, says P Chidambaram

Every Lok Sabha election in India is unique even if the two main contestants are the same.

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Inside Track: Why BJP has gone from ‘Modi hai to mumkin hai’ to ‘kam ruke na desh jhuke na’

Whether because the electoral campaign is so long drawn out or the BJP feels its advertising material needs to be buttressed, the party has come out with yet another slogan which will be introduced in

pm modi, pm narendra modi, narendra modi News

Over the top: How Tiger Woods scripted his greatest comeback after being written off

Two years after the golfing world had written him off, Tiger Woods scripts his greatest comeback yet.

tiger woods, golf, golfer tiger woods News

Quotas in promotion are an abomination. Why they should be scrapped

Apart from govt needing to show SC/ST are inadequately represented, it must show administrative efficiency is not hit.

Supreme Court , jobs, job promotions News

Why Mukesh Ambani, Uday Kotak’s endorsement of Milind Deora is a welcome change

Indian businessmen have traditionally operated behind the scenes, whether it comes to getting their work done, or paying for it.

mukesh ambani, murli, deora, reliance News

New MBBS syllabus strengthens dangerous stereotypes about disabled people

The absence of information relating to disabled people in the new MBBS syllabus strengthens dangerous stereotypes about them

mbbs syllabus, medical sector, medical industry News
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