PM Narendra Modi can learn these lessons from Cairn on raising oil output

Don’t hound investors, especially those who have delivered so much, ensure policies are attractive to raise oil/gas production.

Disaster management: Government must allocate funds but needs to address recurring implementation challenges

A panel of state finance ministers formed to recommend ways to mobilise funding for natural calamities and disasters has sought the view of the GST Council on whether a disaster cess/tax should be imp

Coal shortage hits power sector again; how India can get its production right

By convincing states of the value proposition of increased production, the record production of Fy15 & Fy16 can be emulated.

Infra sector gets technology boost, project costs expected to be reduced by 20%

Penetration of technology is expected to result in almost 20% reduction in life-cycle costs of a project.

How employers can create right atmosphere to get women into employment

The social entrepreneur, and founder & president of Avtar Career Creators, shares with Sushila Ravindranath that the government has to work hand-in-hand with both large and small companies, including

With a war chest of funds, NIIF must act to get more investments

Equipped with an enviable war chest of funds, NIIF must seek out investment opportunities on a war footing.

Ayushman Bharat-NHPS: Are package rates giving preference to affordability over quality healthcare?

With Ayushman Bharat-National Health Protection Scheme, the healthcare sector is expected to witness a makeover.

Why ailing PSUs, working as ‘instrumentality of state’, can never recover or work freely

Finance minister Arun Jaitley did well to say, at a recent event organised by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG), that it was time the country revisited the legal regime for PSUs, to e

Weak rupee fails to bring cheer to exports, structural reforms needed

A study by Axis Bank showed that, while India has moved up the value chain in the US market, the unit value of exports was similar to that of Vietnam in 2012; today, Vietnamese exports command a premi

Polio vaccine contamination: Government needs to fix drugs procurement policy for public health

The Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) needs to handle the re-emergence of a polio-virus strain long believed to have been eradicated with a much larger degree of deftness than it is

Domestic infrastructure: Fix land and labour related regulatory hurdles to boost growth

With slowing world growth, the falling ` won’t help. improve domestic infra, ease the regulatory hurdles in acquiring land and hiring labour

Why monsoon-dependent Indian economy needs climate-sensitive budgeting

Statistics show that 65% of the net sown area constitutes rain-fed crops, demonstrating the over-reliance on monsoons for crop growth.

Rupee at 79 against dollar: Worsening CAD and FPI outflows from India to trigger further slide

RBI can probably spend about $50 billion more before FX reserves dip into the IMF’s Assessing Reserve Adequacy (ARA) range (100-150% of the metric).

National merit order list for electricity generation to help in reducing power cost

At the national level, the scheme is well-intended, because of the variation in regional costs of power generation.

Antitrust enforcement: Emergence of artificial intelligence poses new challenges for courts

While developing a future system for AI, it is important to bear in mind the standard-setting process to safeguard the future balance of competitive forces in the market and not to overlook the legal

#MeToo movement: Beti Bachao takes a hit with M J Akbar case, government should have asked him to step down

Given the nature of a #MeToo movement, where victims come out with their stories decades after the event, proving allegations to the satisfaction of a court of law was always going to be a tough call.

Worrying! Capital expenditure is falling; a lot depends on government spending and that could weaken too

For investments to pick up, however, government policies need to be better framed; in the renewable energy sector, for instance, some state governments have reneged on contracts jeopardising the capex

What will destroy humanity first: Artificial intelligence or climate change?

Hawking’s hypothesis of eventual machine dominance may just lose to climate change destroying the planet before AI does

Why banks don’t need to worry about deposits despite ostensibly higher post office small saving rates

With digitisation catching on and the India Post possibly becoming a successful payments bank, the concept of small savings may narrow down to those which exclude deposits.

Forecasting: A chanawala’s guess is as good as an expert’s when markets go crazy and are volatile

In any market at any time, nobody knows what is going to happen the next second, the next minute, the next hour, leave alone the next three months or a year.

UNCTAD report lessons: India must not accept narratives of digital giants, should formulate its own ecommerce policy

The UNCTAD's Trade and Development Report 2018 outlines what developing nations must to do ensure that they don't get swayed by the narratives being perpetuated by the digital giants and their cheerle

Google Pixel 3 is an epitome of software enhancement

Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will come with the kind of integration that will let Google predict what the user is up to and suggest answers before a query has been entered.

Electronic spot exchanges to help government bring agriculture price stability

Cropping decisions continue to be driven by price-adaptive behaviour of Indian farmers. Such decision-making manifests as the most remunerative crop in the last season being sown over larger acreage i

The big solution to reducing India’s imports is privatising PSUs, not imposing import duties

India’s largest imports take place in areas dominated by PSUs and which are, in cases like coal, almost exclusively reserved for them

European Union plans CO2 emission monitoring from space by 2020 – where are cuts from its member nations?

The European Space Agency, by the late 2020s, will be deploying miniature carbon dioxide measuring instruments in space, via a constellation of satellites, which will check if cities and plants are st

More nutrition in wheat, rice: Is Modi govt up to bio-fortification to move from food to nutritional security?

Grain production plummeted from 89.4 million metric tonnes (MMT) in 1964-65 to 72.4 MMT in 1965-66. India became heavily dependent on PL 480 food aid from US and underwent a ‘ship-to-mouth’ crisis

Swadeshi Jagran representative on RBI board & exit of Nachiket Mor; hurting RBI autonomy will impact investment

Investment into the country can only come if the world out there respects its economic policies as rational and prudent

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