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Retirement: The time to plan and invest is now

Retirement planning is not much different from any other type of financial planning.

EPFO settles 11 lakh claims in July, 43 lakh since AprilFirms with 10 or more employees may come under EPF Act
Tax talk: Selling residential property? Make it a lot less taxing
Investing in a house seems to be the preferred choice of many not just because of the lucrative retu...

Income tax: Don’t panic if your return is under taxman's scrutiny

For most taxpayers, scrutiny or audit of tax return means long-drawn hassles...

Gold loans: Adding to the lustre, but duration capped at just 12 months

RBI has eased norms related to gold loans for non-agricultural purposes.

A clean bill of health

How to buy the most suitable medical cover and use it to your advantage

Impact of Finance Act 2014 on sale of unlisted securities

Have you been dealing in unlisted securities or entering into off-market transactions?
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Inflection point for insurance
The insurance industry is on the cusp of technology-driven changes that will bring in efficiency, re...
What trusts are and how their income is taxed
The dictionary meaning of 'trust', in so far as it relates to the realm of law, is 'an arrangement' ...
More for sure
The number of shares held by you goes up following a stock split. But is that the only result?
We need a govt mandate on retirement savings: Rajesh Sud, CEO & MD, Max Life Insurance
The cap of five product launches a year for a life insurer has become...
Top up your home loan to meet additional needs
A top-up loan is a bonus to your existing housing loan, provided you have...
Equity-oriented funds: How gains from transfer of units are taxed
Investment in mutual funds has always been a subject matter of discussion...
Financial planning: No child’s play
Saving for your child’s education requires proper planning. Some handy tips
Health Insurance: The good, bad & ugly of family floater plans
Family floater health insurance, as the name suggests, acts as an umbrella of coverage for the entir...
Beware of fraudulent calls in the name of insurance regulator
The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (Irda) has cautioned policyholders against a risi...
Borrowing’s alright, but investing needs a push
Housing and infrastructure, which are strategic to the new government’s political and economic agend...
Credit Card: Cards up your sleeve
The double-edged sword of credit cards calls for precaution and discipline at all stages — even when...
Lighten your tax burden from sale of real estate
Capital gains tax is an aspect that every property seller needs to consider in a cost-sensitive mark...
The case for and against short-term bond funds
Bond funds are bundled together under one single category in the investment arena.
Buyback: Parting Shot
A rewarding move if you analyse the size of the offer, its price and duration.
Don’t lap up that rights issue just yet, ascertain the company’s motive
This year, more than half a dozen companies have announced rights issues for their shareholders. Let...
Domestic savings to drive investment
A growing middle class and a young demography is likely to boost the country’s savings rate. A Dun &...
Complying with I-T provisions of clubbing income
The rule says one should pay taxes on the income earned. What taxpayers seldom know is that ‘income’...
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