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Fix the yawning edtech gap: Time to act to protect the dreams of disadvantaged students

Else, inequities of online education will foster the inequalities of the future.

We live in the digital age, and online education is now more important than ever.

Why placebo leadership is need of the hour

Empathy is essential for competent leadership; without empathy, one cannot build or nurture followers.

Ratan Tata is well known for his philanthropy, shared the note from his charitable organisation.

How businesses are relooking at marketing in the new normal

With the pandemic becoming a part of our life for the long run, marketers are rethinking conventional medium while preparing for the new normal

As per Statista, a whopping 4.57 billion people were using the Internet in April 2020 which is 59% of the world population

How e-commerce marketers can turn the current situation to their advantage

E-commerce brands can view the current scenario as an opportunity, provided they are able to focus on brand building and innovation

There are opportunities in many areas, and it requires a deep understanding of consumer needs

Will gold be the next Bazooka?

This lower rate of interest cycle by US Central bank has created a global asset bubble in Equity, Gold & Real Estate due to easy credit.

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E-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Zomato coming home, where consumers are 

Swiggy says since the beginning of the lockdown, there was significant rise in consumer intent to purchase groceries and essentials on the platform, and so it ventured into delivery of items other than food.

Virtual selection: How difficult is it for recruiters to study a candidate’s body language?

The conventional job interview is a thing of the past now with virtual hiring taking its place. But in a world where recruiters meet interviewees only on screen, how difficult is it for them to study a candidate’s body lang

Women led, when the world struggled! Here are some powerful women leaders who made headlines recently

We are currently witnessing powerful women leaders who have come to the fore even as the world struggles to heal. Here are some who made headlines recently.

From memoji to avatar, putting a digital version of yourself on the internet is now possible with various apps 

From memoji to avatar, putting a digital version of yourself on the internet is now possible with various apps and services

Covid-19: Prestigious universities moving online, but can digital learning compensate for campus experience?

With scholarships drying up, travel restricted and new visa rules, the pandemic has jeopardised the dreams of millions of students looking to study abroad. As a way to deal, many prestigious universities have moved their cour

Why investors cheering the current stock market rally need to be more cautious than before

The recent moves in the market were driven by liquidity mostly in the high-quality stocks. Since March, many growth sectors were beaten down on account of uncertainty regarding macro-economic growth.

What waits the new Director-General of WTO?

Roberto Azevêdo, Director-General, World Trade Organisation in a surprising announcement on 14 May broke the news of his resignation effective 31 August.

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How new OTT players can win Indian customers

From quickly increasing reach, rapidly adding content to introducing innovative business/pricing models, three things new OTT players must focus on

The fastest way for any new OTT to enter a new market is to partner with a mobile or fixed-line telecom operator (carriers).

How co-living spaces will evolve post the pandemic

The evolving pandemic and lockdown have momentarily slowed down operations as well as begun to question our way of functioning across various segments and co-living is no different.

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What is the crucial link between repo rate and your home loan EMIs? Find out

The RLLR regime has ensured that the benefits of rate cuts are compulsorily passed on to the borrowers.

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How data and engaged marketing is becoming the next frontier for brands

New-age brands are ethically collating customer data to create data-driven insights and enhance services in line with the dynamic trends

To resolve the issue of data appropriation and drive engaged marketing, brands are now coming up with innovative tech-led solutions which will compensate the consumer and allow the brand to use the data.

Get industrial policy right to take on China – What govt can learn from Japan

The govt must take a cue from Japan, on aligning industrial policy to International trade goals. This is what South Korea did, and China too

Trade is advantageous to all when the trading countries have equal wares to share and that there is a shared vision of mutual welfare.

Swadeshi for 21st century realities: Govt should foster an ecosystem for driving consumer preference

Instead of forcing declaration of country of origin for products, govt should foster an ecosystem for driving consumer preference for a standards-driven Made in India brand.

As consumer choices aren’t being restricted, such certifications wouldn’t be against free trade or competition.

Strategy to spur the rural economy: Creating value and sustainable livelihood for migrants

As part of the strategy to spur the rural economy, migrants should be encouraged to invest in the medium-term and long-term livelihood options.

The government, through its various interventions specifically through the Prime Minister Garib Kalyan Yojana, MNREGA has provided timely relief to migrants in these difficult times.

Analyst Corner: Edelweiss maintains ‘buy’ rating on TCS with target price of Rs 2,310

This, we believe, will trigger structural jump in demand going forward. We maintain a ‘buy’ rating with a target price of Rs 2,310.

All industry and geography segments plunged, barring healthcare and Europe, respectively.

Equity inflows hit: Mutual funds see more pain in coming months

With markets having jumped a sharp 41% from their March lows, mutual fund investors have rushed to redeem their investments in equity mutual funds while new SIP account additions moderated.

SIP account additions, too, have fallen, even though they remained in positive territory compared to number of SIPs discontinued.

Journey of Climate Change: Impact on human health

For global warming, scientists claim that it is vital to hold the temperature increase to about 1.5 degrees vis a vis, the globe would need to cut its greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050.

The risks and impacts of climate change, as well as the capacity to respond to it, vary considerably among countries.

What should graduates do in tough economic situation? These sectors may have an answer

The current COVID-19 pandemic is significantly impacting fresh graduates who are entering the job market. Most recruitment in corporate India has come to a screeching halt.

These companies collectively employ more than 3.6 million worldwide.

Govt must rescue and revive mining sector to boost economic recovery; here’s what needs to be done

The mining sector is a core driver of a nation’s economic development. The sector is a significant contributor to GDP, a major source of employment, and a catalyst of growth in other vital industries.

Everyday household plastic products their impact on environment

In fact, in menstrual hygiene products plastic is often used as a raw material as well as packaging since it offers the use and throw advantage.

Being non biodegradable, such plastics continue to pollute our environment for decades or even centuries after the usage.

Working in post-pandemic era: Internet and Social Media to be major area of focus

Your business needs to be communicating effectively and efficiently to your customers, so you can make the most out of this difficult situation.

Kuwait Expatriate Bill and its implications for India

As Kuwaiti economy has slowed down that led to unemployment amongst the local population. It is also evident that there has been hype and rhetoric against expatriate workers amongst the local population.

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