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How investors can benefit from corporate tax cuts

Corporate tax reduction is credit positive for companies as it enables them to generate higher post-tax income and this incremental money is channelised further.

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Smart investments! Dividend or growth: Which one is better?

In other words, your earning from the dividend option is not higher than your earning from the growth option, though it may psychologically feel better because of the regular flows.

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Finding funds: What entrepreneurs got wrong about investors

Entrepreneurs are, more often than not, extremely passionate about their startups. However, investors take an entirely different approach when analysing startups.

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Cardekho: A quick solution for buying or selling cars

CarDekho invests heavily in the digital infrastructure and for used cars, at outlets where cars can be evaluated and taken in or sold. Mehta says that the new car business is profitable at this point due to the rich content t

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Man vs Food: EAT-Lancet’s diet great for tackling climate change, but 1.58 billion people can’t afford it

The analysis for the cost study happened in three stages. Researchers, in the first stage, analysed the information on locally available foods—for which data was available—to mark out the lowest-cost products needed to me

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New job roles: The Future of cybersecurity jobs in India

The rate at which developments are happening means a cybersecurity experts need to constantly update with not only the latest tools and gadgets to hit the market, but also with the latest trends and happenings in the domain.

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Why institutions must focus on organisational behaviour

A better understanding of the relation between an organisation and its employees helps create better human resource strategies aimed at creating a better working atmosphere, employee commitment, and strengthening the overall

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Future of learning: Focus on cooperation, not competition

Critical thinking and creativity must be at the core of the curriculum, along with problem-solving. For example, by introducing ‘coding’ and ‘AI’ as a structured curriculum in Adani Schools, we have taken a step to ge

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Govt’s new tool to empower SMEs: This e-learning platform will help protect their ideas, innovation

Startups and SMEs have access to limited resources and undertake tremendous risks in their business ventures. However, they remain susceptible and vulnerable to exploitation by larger enterprises.

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Mutual Fund Redemption: Looking to redeem your mutual funds? Ask these 4 questions first

If you are looking to redeem your mutual funds, keep in mind these things before exiting your mutual fund investment.

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The book of fame: Fresh voices that dare to be audacious are redefining how stories are told

Fresh voices in the subcontinent that dare to be audacious, unrestricted and courageous are redefining how stories are told, with able recognition from the new crop of literature prizes

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RCEP pull-out: What India should do in trade negotiation going forward

Since India rejected RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership) with ASEAN and six other countries, most commentators have focused on reasons for exit.

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Why buy when you can subscribe? Subscribing vehicles is economically more viable

Owning a car used to be a cherished dream, a status symbol. Times, however, have changed, and people today adopt a pragmatic approach more suited for current circumstances.

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Open General Export License to give an extra push to defence exports

The draft Defence Production Policy 2018 had set the target of increasing defence exports to Rs 35,000 crore by 2025.

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Rising on India’s travel map! Here’s why Bhopal is attracting global travellers

While the North of Bhopal echoes its rich history with notable structures and monuments like mosques, bazaars, and narrow lanes; the South of Bhopal reflects the contemporary side.

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South American Lithium: A fuel for Indian future vehicles is the most wanted commodity globally

A high-level delegation of Khanij Bidesh India Ltd., (KABIL) set up by the government has made several trips looking for acquiring strategic mineral assets in “Lithium Triangle” in three countries in South America includi

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Visiting Rishikesh: Uttarakhand’s gateway to the valley of gods

The town of Rishikesh plays an important role in the epic Ramayana, because it is in this sacred town that Ram along with his brothers came to offer penance after killing Ravan.

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Winter is here! How to keep your bones and joints healthy this winter

The change in the seasons brings about change in the circadian rhythm of the body which is linked to the amount of sunlight exposure our body gets.

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CJI Ranjan Gogoi retirement: The bold and far-reaching reforms he brought in Supreme Court

Justice Ranjan Gogoi has brought in, by his vision and imagination, radical changes in the judiciary as well as in the Registry, which will, among others, go a long way in tackling pendency as well as faster disposal of cases

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IBC, RERA need a relook to offer real protection to homebuyers

While well-intentioned, IBC and RERA have not really lived up to their billing on many fronts: protection of homebuyers and sustaining a thriving sector.

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How Artificial Intelligence is transforming logistics sector

With the apps like fleet management system (FMS), it is possible to observe driver’s behaviour in real-time and make a training plan

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India must rationalise trade margins on medical devices

Importers have been lobbying to be kept outside the purview of trade margin rationalisation. By accepting their demand, the government would be doing a great disservice to the domestic device manufacturing industry.

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Breaking the glass ceiling: Systematic engagement of women in enterprise key to achieve $5 tn target

Gender inequality goes beyond the sphere of enterprise and is deeply entrenched in India’s traditional socio-economic power structures.

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Content has become central to a brand’s marketing activities

Any brand, in order to become stronger, has to constantly connect with its consumers. The entire theory of stimulus-response works on the principle of brands sending a stimulus for consumers to respond.

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Life insurance: Private insurers see muted growth in premiums

Private insurers saw 5% y-o-y growth in overall annualised premium equivalent in September.

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Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft: India’s own fifth-generation aircraft to boost defence industry

Indian Air Force (IAF) is very keen that such indigenous development of aircraft should take place and the newly appointed IAF Chief Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria has stated that ‘the IAF gives full support to this idea a

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Remembering Army days: A soldier’s trip down the memory lane

The Indian Army follows the Adage “More you sweat in Peace, lesser you bleed in War”. The technical, as well as tactical training classes, are conducted as per the training programme.

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