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Issuance of commercial papers rises 47.8% year-on-year between April & August

“The increase in CP issuance reflects NBFCs returning to normal funding routes. Funding requirements were largely met through NCD issuances on account of LTRO (Long-Term Repo Operations) or TLTRO (Targeted Long-Term Repo Op

Market participants said that most non-banking finance companies sold ultra-short-term debt papers in July and August to fund high net worth individuals, who were eagerly subscribing to the IPOs by the company.

Can the forthcoming QUAD Summit salvage USA’S reputation and would it be worrying China

While the US National Security Adviser has been quick to clarify that such was not the case, this is obviously a fall out of the clumsy US withdrawal from Afghanistan and the swift and triumphant takeover of that country by t

Quad summit

Multi disciplinary approach to education: Careers of a lifetime

Right from choosing the right career stream to setting career goals, the right start at the time is what makes all the difference.


Indian Pharma: a strategic sector from ‘Make in India’ to ‘Make and Develop in India’

Poised to grow to USD 120 to 130 billion by 2030, the pharma sector contributes significantly to India’s economic growth— 1.7 percent to the country’s GDP last year as compared to its contribution at one percent, a deca

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Remote working is the same as work from home? This and other myths explained

We must learn to identify these specific causes of anxiety, but to learn, we must often start with unlearning. To that end, we dispel some underlying myths of Remote Work.

remote working

MDG to SDG, but the hunger continues…worsens

Millions of mouths that were getting fed began starving for food as food supply chains disrupted, jobs were lost and economies collapsed the world over.

food security

How technology is changing commercial real estate in a post-Covid world

The commercial realty segment in recent years has streamlined itself according to the emerging trends and demands of the new workforce. 

Nifty needs to hold above 17500 to hit 17777, Bank Nifty could scale 37250; check stocks to watch

Nifty is trading at higher levels and building strength as bullish bias is intact and banking stocks are picking up and supporting the bulls in Nifty Bank.

Nifty, Bank Nifty

F&O expiry: Nifty to trade in 17400-17600 range, Bank Nifty may hit 37300; check trading strategy

Options data suggest an immediate trading range between 17,400 and 17,600 levels for Nifty 50 index on F&O expiry day

Nifty, bank nifty

Buy these two stocks for near-term gains while Nifty edges towards 17600-17700

One may expect further upside towards 17600-17700 levels in the next few sessions. Immediate support is placed at 17420 levels.

Stock market today

Not just a token move: RBI permitting more tokenisation reduces trade-off between security & ease-of-use compulsions in digital payments space

Tokenisation is a process of replacing sensitive data with non-sensitive data. In payments cards industry, it is typically used to replace cardholder’s card number (i.e., PAN) with a surrogate value called a ‘token’.

Tokenisation provides for both convenience and security of payment transactions. The concept has been widely adopted in the payment card industry globally.

Insider Trading Violations: The implications of Sebi’s recent rulings

The regulatory objective of the insider-trading law is outlawing the ‘abuse of UPSI’; Sebi therefore must not bar all trade by a person in possession of UPSI

Coming to the second order, that was issued against a director of Mazumdar Shaw Foundation who had bought certain shares of Biocon prior to the announcement of Biocon’s collaboration with Sandoz.

AI Anywhere: Scaling Artificial Intelligence across the enterprise

Scaling AI entails moving beyond proof-of-concepts to implementing and enabling AI in operational processes across a firm

Balakrishna DR Portrait

Modernization of MSME sector: How to achieve scaling up and technological transformation of MSMEs?

Technology for MSMEs: Technology upgradation and modernization is rather a perennial objective of India’s SSI policy up to 2006, and that of MSME policy since 2006. However, we have not achieved much success on this front,

New labor codes

6 examples of embedded finance that will transform the near future

Today, non-traditional financial players such as Amazon, Google, etc. are also trying their luck for market share in consumer financial services.

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A paradigm shift in the investment ecosystem: What can we expect?

With the ongoing pandemic bringing a paradigm shift in the way the investment ecosystem works, it’s essential to analyze the changes to predict what we can expect from large-scale crises in the future.

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Experts hail easy to understand FoPL warnings on packaged food products towards addressing NCDs

FoPL would efficiently guide consumers in making healthier choices and help them reduce their intake of fat, sugar or salt.

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Environmental, Social, and Governance: Building the ESG narrative for a new world

And as it is said, that with great power comes great responsibility, the moral obligations on corporations to be custodians of social and environmental good is increasing.

ESG - Environmental, Social, and Governance, Building the ESG narrative, moral obligation of a company, role of ESG adherence in amplifying the interests of the Triple Bottom Line

Coping with ailments when families are away – How can senior citizens manage being independent?

Several things can be done to help your elders and make them feel more independent. These include:

senior citizens

Engineers Day: Top 5 in-demand skills for engineers

The digital transformation trend coupled with the wave of pandemic has compelled organizations to invest in building digital infrastructure.

Engineers Day

Fighting fever outbreak in Firozabad, UP and ill-prepared health systems: Need for multi-level approach

This is especially true in the hinterlands of India, where unsanitary conditions, poor preventive behaviours, and a lack of surveillance mechanisms make it a breeding ground for many diseases.

UP dengue

Importance of healthy lifestyle to lower HbA1c levels in Diabetes

Diabetes is a group of metabolic disorders characterized by increased blood sugar levels over a prolonged period of time.


Engineers Day: Engineers are builders who create a huge impact; here’s how you can hire the best

A direct result of this adoption has been a stellar rise in demand for technology and software professionals not only across startups, multinationals, and IT companies but also in non-technical sectors.

Engineers Day

China and the Taliban – several similarities

As the Taliban marched last month into Kabul after engulfing Kunduz, Herat, Mazar-e-Sharif, Kandahar and other cities, some Chinese analysts likened it to the People’s Liberation Army of the 1940s defeating the Kuomintang f

china taliban

Kingmaker posse or splitting Muslim votes? What Asaduddin Owaisi really stands to gain in UP elections

With a divided opposition in UP and AAP eyeing to contest from all 403 seats, the division of Muslim votes is only going to aid the BJP's election campaign strategy.

Stocks to buy: Nifty eyes 17500; SBI, IndusInd Bank, Motherson Sumi, others show strong uptrend in near-term

Technically, on intraday charts, the Nifty 50 index has formed a triple top kind of formation.

stocks to buy, SBI, IndusInd Bank, Motherson Sumi, Polycab India

Cash in on the crypto opportunity

Industry must work along with the govt to address the concerns.

As a nation, we can’t afford to have a scenario where this category of investment exists unregulated.
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