Pro Kabaddi 2017, Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Bengal Warriors Highlight: In last gasp effort, Warriors beat Panthers 32-31

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New Delhi | Updated: October 2, 2017 12:34:01 AM

Pro Kabaddi 2017: In Match 104 of the Pro Kabaddi League 2017 Inter-Zone challenge week, Bengal Warriors defeated Jaipur Pink Panthers in the last gasp effort, 32-31.

Pro Kabaddi 2017: In the 104th match of Pro Kabaddi League Season 5, the Jaipur Pink Panthers will clash against the Bengal Warriors as a part of the Inter-Zone Challenge Week

Pro Kabaddi 2017: In Match 104 of the Pro Kabaddi League 2017 Inter-Zone challenge week, Bengal Warriors defeated Jaipur Pink Panthers in the last gasp effort, 32-31. The turning point of the match was Maninder’s last raid, where he managed to get a lucky bonus point which took Warriors a point clear on the scoreboard. Before this raid the match was a draw and if Jaipur could have managed to stop Maninder from getting any point they could have either won or even settle for a draw. A nail-biting finisher and a stellar performance put up by both the teams but it was the Bengal Warriors who stand tall at the end of the day with Maninder Singh’s 16 raid points. This is the first win for Bengal Warriors in the Inter-Zone challenge. Although, Manjeet Chillar tried his best to keep the Panthers defence together,but some sloppy defending by the Panther defenders made them pay the price.

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Here are Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Bengal Warriors:

8:58 pm: Maninder on last attack of match is trapped by Panthers. Goes for review. 1 point given to each team. Warriors win 32-31.

8:55 pm: Panthers have Do or Die raid in dying second but is trapped. Warriors win point. Score:31-30 for Panthers

8:54 pm: Maninder on raid, gets no points. Now Pawan on raid, he has 13 raid points till now. gets no points.

8:53 pm: Surjeet earns bonus point for Warriors. Score tied at 30-30

8:52 pm: Panther ALL OUT, as their man is strapped. But he gets 1 point. However, Warriors get 3 points, Score:30-29

8:51 pm: Pawan on raid, gets 2 points on attack. Score: 29-25. however, on next raid by Maninder, they give up easy point themselves. Score 29-26.

8:48 pm: Massive play by Pawan, he gets 2 raid points. Moves score to 27-25 for Panthers

8:47 pm: Jaipur in danger of All OUT, just 2 players in play, Panthers tried to stop Maninderm fails misserably. Score 25-24

8:46 pm: Maninder on Do or Die raid for Warriors, big mistake by Panthers, gives him 1 bonus point. Score: 24-23.

8:45 pm: Match is too close to call, with 5 minutes to go, Panthers lead by a point.

8:44 pm: Maninder pulls another point on raid. Scores level 22-22 but give up lead on next Panthers raid. Score 23-22 for Panthers.

8:42 pm: In another Maninder raid, he has 9 points so far. Super 10 beckons and he gets it. Score 22-21

8:42 pm: Fortunately Maninder on attack gets points for team. Score 22-20.

8:41 pm: Warriors mess up again with Pawan on raid, tried to catch him near half line, but fails. Score; 22-18.

8:40 pm: 8:40 pm: Deepak Narwal trapped on raid; Score: 21-18 for Panthers.

8:39 pm: Pawan on raid, gets no point.

8:37 pm: One more point for Maninder

8:37 pm: However, ajith on raid, makes for a great raid, escapes from being trapped; Score: 20-17.

8:35 pm: Manjeet Chillar on raid, claims 1 touch point but gets none. Now Maninder claims 1 touch point but PAnthers disagree. However, Warriors get 1 point. Score: 19-17.

8:34 pm: Final,y a great raid by Maninder, earns his team 2 points; Score 19-16 for Panthers.

8:33 pm: Abhishek Bachchan is an extremely happy man today. Panthers trap Maninder to earn more points. Score:19-14

8:32 pm: To make matters worse, Warriors man trapped on raid by Panthers, Warriors All OUT. Score jumps to 18-13 for Panthers.

8:31 pm:With just 3 Warriors in play, Panthers man pulls off fine raid,earns 2 points for team; Score:1 5-12

8:30 pm: After half both teams battle to 13-13.

8:24 pm: However, Maninder wins 2 points from his last raid before half time; Score 12-11

8:23 pm: Nitin adds another point to this on raid. Score 12-9

8:22 pm: In Do or Die raid, Lee takes to big a chance, trapped by Chillar; Panthers lead 11-9.

8:22 pm: Deepak Narwal on raid. He has 3 radi points till now. Both teams unwilling to take chances, he goes back without point. Ditto for opposition. Just 1 minute left.

8:21 pm: Maninder on raid, he has 1 raid point so far, but goes back without scoring.

8:20 pm: Lee on Do or Die raid for Warriors, he is allowed to escape after getting touch point. Panthers too slow to react.

8:19 pm: Pawan again on raid. Panthers have 7 raid points till now and 2 tackle points. No points for Pawan in this raid.

8:17 pm: Super Tackle on with Pawan on raid for Panthers; fails to score any point.

8:17 pm: Easy raid for Pawan, not only does he get bonus point, he also get a touch point; Score: 9-6 for Panthers.

8:16 pm: However, Maninder makes a hash of his raid, is trapped easily on raid. Score: 8-6 for Panthers

8:14 pm: Warriors are not giving up easily, they are fighting for each and every point; trap Panthers man to reduce Panthers lead to 7-6.

8:11 pm: Great play by Panthers as Warriors fail to trap their man. He gets bonus point but he is also out. Review asked for. Review succcessful, Panther raider gets 2 points; Score: 6-5

8:10 pm: Maninder on raid with just 3 Panther players left on mat; but he earns no points.

8:09 pm: Nitin Rawal on raid with Warriors menacing him all the way. gets no point.

8:08 pm: Pawan on raid, was too slow to get back, is trapped easily; Warriors in lead for first time in match, 4-3

8:07 pm: Warriors trap Panther player on raid, Scores level at 3-3 now

8:06 pm: Pawan back on raid for Panthers, tries to go for corner points but gets nothing.

8:05 pm: Lee on attack, earns nothing. Do or Die raid for Panthers leads to major goof up by Warriors. Score rises to 3-1

8:04 pm: Finally, Maninder pulls one back but that too after 3 minutes have gone. Score:2-1

8:03 pm: Panthers earn another ppoint as Warriors falter.

7:59 pm: Pawan Kadiyan on the first raid of the match, earns 1 point for Panthers. Warriors earn nothing from theirs.

7:55 pm: The teams have entered the arena.

7:27 pm: Manjeet Chillar is all set for the match. WATCH VIDEO|

5:22 pm: Hello and welcome to live commentary of Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Bengal Warriors. It is the Inter Zone Week match and will be played at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

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