Simulation, predictive analysis has bought down vehicle roll-out time drastically: Altair Technologies

Rollout time of a new vehicle that used to be over 4-5 years has now been reduced to just about 18-21 months with the use of simulation and predictive analysis tools.

By: | Updated: August 17, 2018 3:26 PM
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In the fast-changing and evolving world, the need to come out with a new design for a vehicle has constantly seen being developed at a faster pace and the use of high-speed computing along with predictive analysis has also helped automakers to reduce the cost of development. Leading this innovation from the front is Altair technologies that help automakers to design its new vehicles using simulation, machine learning and use different tools that also further helps in increasing efficiency of the vehicle throughout the product's lifecycles.

Industry experts say that the product timelines to bring an all-new vehicle to the market has reduced to anywhere between 18-21 months depending on the segment. A car can now be completely ready for full-fledged manufacturing in just 18 months and in the case of commercial vehicles its about 21 months. Pavan Kumar, Managing Director, Altair India in an interview with Express Drives said that "the consumer demand has seen a huge change in the turnaround time of a vehicle. The idea to make a new vehicle in just 18 months is possible only be designing and developing the vehicle on the computer and very little in the physical world." He says that simulation plays a crucial role in the product planning stage and Altair addresses the various attributes required in the process.

Pavan Kumar, Managing Director, Altair India

From the first design of a vehicle, from the first concept to the actual production version, about 50-60 physical prototypes were made over the years for one product to make it to the market. This has now reduced to about 10 prototypes which are designed using new simulation tools. "These tools are being used by automakers right from the start for the product's reliability studies, standard durability load cases and also the comfort factor is considered. The new-age tools have gone to an extent of predicting what would be the decibels heard by the driver in the driver seat without building a prototype" added Pavan.

Altair technologies provide its clients with a basket of tools or tech solutions which can we used for multiple purposes. For instance, if an automaker's immediate goal is the meet BS-VI norms these tools would suggest ways if the automaker should achieve that with better combustion or using after treatment or just by reducing the weight of the vehicle. Altair has many tools that help automakers at various stages of product planning.




With many global automakers including the likes of Hyundai, Renault-Nissan and many others are investing heavily in R&D in India, Pavan Kumar says that India has enough leads on the simulation front to design various products both for domestic and global markets. Altair currently has over 700 employees in India with a strong focus on R&D.

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