Car maintenance tips: Top 5 car care tips to help you save money and avoid being cheated

Car maintenance is not just hiring a boy to clean your car every morning (not that it isn't a good habit), but little details like tyre pressure and engine oil levels can make or break the longevity of the parts.

By: | Published: March 22, 2018 3:03 PM

Sure regular service of the car is something most people do by the calendar but then it is your car, your prized possession. You can put in a little extra effort to ensure there aren't unnecessary trips to the workshop and of course bills. Car maintenance is not just hiring a boy to clean your car every morning (not that it isn't a good habit), but little details like tyre pressure and engine oil levels can make or break the longevity of the parts. Hence, we have some neat car care tips that will help you save money and time from visiting the workshop every now and then.

Monitor tyre pressure

Car maintenance top tip I: Improper air pressure in the tyres can affect their longevity allowing quicker wear and tear. If the car's tyres are overinflated, the handling may be affected as grip will be too. And if they are underinflated, it will affect fuel economy and how the steering responds. Either way, the impact will be negative. Keep the pressure just right and have it checked twice a month.

Keeping it clean

Car maintenance top tip II: Washing your car isn't only essential when you have to drive to a friend's wedding, keeping it clean inside and out can keep it looking newer for longer. Do not use any ol' Sunsilk or dog shampoo to wash the exterior, use shampoos specifically designed car paint as regular shampoos damage the original paint.

Have your car's interior vacuum cleaned once a month if it is used every day and place rubber mats over the stock mats to protect them from thinning. Clean the steering wheel with an alcoholic wipe at times for better grip and not to mention better hygiene.

One for safety

Car maintenance top tip III: Do not underestimate indicators and tail lamps, their importance is as high as headlamps. Tail lamps, brake lamps make your presence better known on the road and indicators make your turns clearer to fellow road users. If one of these lamps is broken and malfunctioning, have it checked at your local workshop. It is not okay to have them broken just because the police in India don't challan a broken tail lamp!

Regular inspection

Car maintenance top tip IV: Pay attention to your car. Eyeball your car closely for a few minutes every once in a while. Look for fresh spots of fluid under your car and check your fluid levels regularly. Turn down the stereo and listen to your car at start-up, at low speed, on the freeway and during braking and acceleration. When components need replacing you’ll often hear and feel them. It could make your car safer and potentially prevent costly repairs.

Wiper blades

Car maintenance top tip V: New windscreen wiper blades will help keep the windscreen clean. But apart from cleaning your screen less effectively, old wipers trap dirt and rub it into the glass, eventually causing a fine haze effect which can scatter sunlight, blurring vision. Before your windscreen is damaged like so, consider changing the wiper blades.

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