3 quick and easy steps to scrap your 15-year-old car right from your home!

With the latest announcement, owners of old cars need not look out for private scrap dealers as they can now do the same sitting at their home with just a few clicks. The Government has recently issued a license to a Delhi-based firm that gives you an easy option for the scrapping of your car.

By: | Published: December 22, 2018 1:31 PM

Delhi Government has issued a license to a Delhi-based firm for the scrapping old vehicles that no longer comply with the guidelines. In line with the rule which states that petrol cars over 15 years and diesel cars over 10 years of age need to be dismantled and can't ply on roads to avoid serious environmental hazards, the Government had announced in August that such vehicles need to be scrapped at licensed centers only. Now with the latest announcement, owners of such vehicles need not look out for private scrap dealers as they can now do the same sitting at their home with just a few clicks.

Cero Recycling - a joint venture between Mahindra Accelo and MSTC has received a license by the Government of Delhi to scrap old cars. The firm with its recycling facility in Greater Noida recycles everything from cars to industrial scraps & white goods and is giving an easy option to the customers to scrap their vehicles. Here is how you can get your old car scrapped through some quick and easy steps.

3 quick steps on how to get your old car scrapped:

1. You first need to give the details of your vehicle like the year of purchase and manufacturing, model name and condition on the toll-free number specified on the company's official website - www.cerorecycling.com.

2. On the basis of the information provided by you, the company will give you an offer on the spot which you need to accept or reject.

3. After you accept the offer, Cero Recycling asks for a convenient date and time on which the vehicle can be picked from your place. During the meeting, the officials from Cero give you the scrap value for your vehicle and finish the legal documentation before your car is being taken to the recycling plant.

Apart from getting your old car dismantled, Cero Recycling is also responsible for the deregistration process of your car from the concerned RTO and a certificate of destruction is issued to the owner. The firm states that before the vehicle is being scrapped, all the hazardous waste is removed from it and the process includes airbag neutralization along with CFC and fluid collection.

Under its 'Guidelines for the scrapping of Motor Vehicles in Delhi 2018', the Government had stated that the firm responsible for scrapping for vehicles needs to apply for ISO 9001/14000/18000 certifications for health, safety and environmental compliances. The guidelines also stated that the said certificates need to be obtained within six months otherwise the license will be cancelled.

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