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Dharmaj Crop Guard IPO
Dharmaj Crop Guard IPO: 28 नवंबर को खुलने वाला है इश्यू, प्राइस बैंड 216-237 रुपये, चेक करें GMP समेत तमाम डिटेल

IPO: वर्तमान में ग्रे मार्केट में यह आईपीओ 30 रुपये के प्रीमियम पर ट्रेड कर रहा है. यानी अपर प्राइस…

Governing MIIs

Market infrastructure institutions (MIIs) must be governed in a way that ensures transparency.

To illustrate, if a claim has been raised against a company and legal advice may be needed to ascertain the seriousness of the claim, 12 hours is too short a time.
Unfair disclosure

Companies must be allowed to keep critical information under wraps till regulatory filings are made to the exchanges

The committee has proposed to reduce the time period of buybacks to 66 working days from six months at present starting from April 2023 and further to 22 working days from April 2024.
Sebi to revamp buyback norms

In the case of buybacks through the stock exchanges, the company should use 75% of the amount earmarked for the…


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