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US-China Trade War: Experts warn of bad impact as Trump ratchets up the rhetoric

Escalating the war of words, US President Trump has warned China that he will be even more tough with the country if he succeeds in winning a second term in the elections due next year.

US China Trade War, Time line, Donald Trump, Xi Jinping

Big Tech trauma: Will Trump administration queer the pitch for Google, Facebook, Amazon?

Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has been among the most outspoken about targeting Facebook, Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Amazon

What is the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival deal and why is Donald Trump threatening to kill it?

DACA programme was announced by Barack Obama in 2012. DACA refers to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival and provides a platform to legalise the status of undocumented immigrants, commonly referred as 'Dreamers'.

Mexico, DACA deal, United States, Donald Trump

This is how US President Donald Trump’s ‘Beast’ travelled with him to Asia

Trump's limousine, codenamed 'The Beast' can be seen in the photo along with the Chevrolet Suburban armoured SUVs.

Donald Trump’s obsession and potential threat to auto-industry ends up securing jobs in USA

With Toyota Motor Corp and Mazda announcing fresh investments worth $1.6 billion, its good news for President Donald Trump who came to office on the back of promises to bring back manufacturing jobs.

Someone just bought Donald Trump’s old Ferrari F430 F1 Coupe at a price lower than expected

At first, the car struggled to sell as it failed to meet its reserve with bidding stopping below the low estimate. The car had been expected to reach near US$350,000

Donald Trump government urges lowering tariff on Harley-Davidson in India to increase foreign investment

If the import duty is lowered, Harley motorcycles that presently cost Rs 15 lakh and above would come within an affordable price bracket

Donald Trump’s oath-taking ceremony: A step-by-step guide to the Inauguration Day

Donald Trump will take oath Friday at noon, local time, (10.00 pm IST). Check out the ceremonial steps

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Donald Trump thanks news organisations who did not ‘treat him well’ and other best quotes from his first press conference as president-elect

Trump took to a stage in Phoenix and delivered a speech where he said how news channels and conferences helped him win the elections.

Donald Trump plans to attack Hillary with Bill Clinton’s scandals

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's campaign is ready to attack his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, using the infidelities of her husband, former President Bill Clinton, according to documents.

How vengeful Michelle Obama humiliated Donald Trump; a blow-by-blow account

It is payback time. Donald Trump's extremely shocking and controversial stances on most everything he has spoken about, and he has left out nothing, is now leading to even US First Lady Michelle Obama heaping humiliations on

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Donald Trump campaign raises $ 18 million

The Trump campaign has claimed to have raised USD 18 million after the first presidential debate, attributing the "massive" fundraising to "huge debate win" of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Donald Trump challenges Hillary Clinton to release medical records

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump challenged Democratic rival Hillary Clinton to release "detailed medical records" and said he would have "no problem" releasing his own.

Donald Trump to give speech on illegal immigration on Wednesday

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump tweeted on Sunday night that he would make a major speech on illegal immigration in Arizona on Wednesday.

Cher insults Donald Trump, with gusto, at Clinton fundraiser

Entertainer Cher unloaded a freewheeling barrage of insults at Donald Trump during a private fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, comparing him to Hitler and saying he reminded her of the actress who played a murdering child in th

Donald Trump regrets not using right words sometimes

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has said he regretted causing pain to people by not choosing the "right words" sometimes and uttering "wrong thing" even as his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton termed the statem

Donald Trump proposes extreme vetting of new immigrants into US

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has proposed an "extreme vetting process" for new immigrants to prevent entry of radicalised ones into the US.

WHCA condemns Donald Trump for revoking press credentials of Post

A group representing reporters covering the White House today condemned Donald Trump for revoking press credentials of The Washington Post over allegations that the leading US daily was writing inaccurate stories against the

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Hindu Sena celebrates Donald Trump birthday with cake in New Delhi

A small group of Donald Trump fans in India has celebrated the presumptive Republican presidential nominee's birthday with a cake and balloons in a New Delhi park.

Donald Trump revokes press credentials of The Washington Post

Republican presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump has revoked press credentials of The Washington Post, a leading American daily, accusing it of writing falsely about him.

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Donald Trump’s post-Orlando message falls flat with Republican establishment

Trump said in a speech Monday in New Hampshire he would suspend immigration from countries "where there is a proven history of terrorism" against the United States.

Column: Donald Trump becoming president would trigger new dimension of uncertainty

Where will the rupee be in January 2017 if the UK leaves the EU (Brexit, in common parlance) and Trump wins the US presidential election?

Donald Trump says he was right about ‘radical Islamic terrorism’

In the wake of the deadliest shooting in U.S. history, likely Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said he was "right on radical Islamic terrorism" and called for toughness and vigilance.

China is the biggest and best ‘abuser’ of free trade: Donald Trump

Branding China as the "biggest and best abuser" of free trade, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has alleged that the Communist trading giant was dumping its goods into the US, stealing intellectual pro

US presidential elections 2016, US presidential elections 2016 Donald trump, Donald trump latest news, Barack Obama news, Hillary clinton news

Donald Trump would change governance philosophy, say supporters

Pennsylvania, a 'coal country' which once was the economic hub of America but is now badly hit by recession and new economy of climate change and green energy, could prove to be critical to Trump's path to the White House.

China is the biggest and best ‘abuser’: Donald Trump

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has alleged that China is the "biggest and best abuser" as it was dumping its goods into the US, stealing intellectual property and imposing hefty taxes on American com

Republicans wait to see if a disciplined Donald Trump will emerge

Weary Republicans are looking for assurances that Donald Trump can maintain the discipline needed to stay on message as he prepares for a bruising general election run-up against Hillary Clinton.

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