Tax reforms: Get over GST compensation obsession, focus on reforms by states

Can India focus on reforms by states instead of being obsessed with GST Compensation?

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UN report on under-5 mortality: India one of the worst in gender disparities

In India, the under-five mortality rate for boys, in 2018, was 36 per 1,000 population while that for girls was 37.

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Tax pass, through status, to Category-III Alternative Investment Funds? Here’s why

The government may also consider according a tax pass through status to Category-III AIFs.

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Expect fall in UPI volumes if govt doesn’t reverse MDR order; can hit FDI flows also

If fintechs like PhonePe or PayTM can no longer make money through the MDR, and there are going to be more restrictions over how the data of consumers can be used, the government has to ask itself why

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When Vodafone Idea shuts, govt will be biggest loser!

It owes govt over Rs 215,000-crore and banks Rs 50,000-crore; if a Voda shuts after investing $30 billion, this will scare others too .

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How to catch tax theives: Use tech more aggressively!

Finmin does well to scrutinise GST records to catch input tax fraud; use other databases like MCA, income tax, etc.

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Artificial life: Development of Xenobots, programmable organisms to have far-reaching therapeutic implications

Michel Levin, a lead researcher involved in this development, calls xenobots a ‘new form of life’—neither living organisms nor machines, they are something in between.

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Sebi caves in to India Inc: Here’s why extending deadline on splitting CMD job is unfortunate

The Kotak Committee had rightly recommended that companies split the powers between a chairperson and the CEO or MD so that the powers are better distributed.

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Why deny broadcasting telecom-like success? Trai must shed intensive regulation

Trai must shed intensive regulation of the broadcasting market. distribution technology doesn’t allow for innumerable channel combinations at consumer-end

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Google’s decision to end third-party tracking of people’s browsing habits to enhance user privacy

Google’s decision to end third-party tracking of people’s browsing habits will better protect user data, but it may also extend the tech giant’s dominance of online advertising

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Don’t lean on fiscal deficit! What the govt must do to arrest the fall

The real deficit in FY19 was 4.7% against the government’s headline number of 3.4%. In FY20, government faces more challenges as revenues will fall short by Rs 2-2.5 lakh, while fiscal deficit is ex

Equity infusion in the PSBs has been done in this manner. As a result, there is no impact on fiscal deficit, but the debt and liabilities increase. News

Urea import by DoF: Here’s why there is well-designed scrutiny of the proposal

The DoF does not import urea at its discretion. There is well-designed scrutiny of the proposals to go for any lot of imports.

DoF is responsible for ensuring adequate and timely supply of fertilisers. News

Here’s is why Medical devices need a separate regulator

The National Health Protection Scheme has led to an increase in patient pool as well as bed capacity, and the medical devices industry is set to be one of the biggest beneficiaries.

If the scheme is implemented effectively, we can expect a compound annual growth rate of at least 30% over three years. (Representative image) News

Charade of austerity: Ruling class remains austere on austerity

Ruling class remains austere on austerity: instead of making austerity a way of life, it chants the slogan from time to time, to no effect

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Health inflation: Should India also subsidise pharmacy costs?

The NCAER-India International Centre Mid-Year Review 2019-20 had pointed out that miscellaneous inflation was the biggest contributor to overall retail inflation in the first half (H1) of 2019-20 (40.

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How to spur growth in FY21: FY20 fiscal deficit might need to be taken to 3.8% of GDP

On the revenue side, total gross taxes collected by the Centre (before transfer to states) will likely miss BE targets by Rs 4.2 lakh crore.

While the FY20 fisc is now mostly of academic interest, insights on the likely contours of the FY20 RE, which will set the base for FY21 growth assumptions, is useful. News

The Irishman-esque digital de-ageing: How tech is influencing the perception of art

It is not the first time the technology is being used—it was used in 2006, in X-Men, and another Oscar-nominated movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008), had Brad Pitt looking decades youn

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Why just stop at Andhra? Govt must penalise SEBs that are not paying dues

It is not clear if this will stand legal scrutiny, but the central government would be well-advised to broaden the scope of its attempt to fix the power sector.

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Bushfires in Australia: Lessons India can learn from catastrophe down-under

Many parts of India share the same ecosystem and conditions that have set Australia ablaze. We need to learn lessons to avoid similar catastrophes.

The scale of the devastation that the forest fires have inflicted on Australia is unheard-of. (AP Photo) News

Push fertiliser direct benefit transfer to save subsidies and also the soil

A big reason for why govt is not too keen on genuine DBT is that it can no longer pay its dues of around Rs 60,000 cr.

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Food price rise: How RBI can still find room to ease

The sharp rise in the price of vegetables since August seems to have driven much of the spike in inflation. This was not a big surprise.

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Implementing India’s economic strategy: Problems of the architecture of governance in India

Any successful economic strategy will depend on systemic changes in the civil service, regulators, the judicial system, and of course, politicians

One major difference in the NITI Aayog report is that it doesn’t give much attention to macroeconomic stability or to the need to clean up the mess in the financial sector. News

Return of import phobia in India! Failure of SEZs and a forceful comeback of the swadeshi ideas

Disengagement has... meant India not being involved in dialogues and discussions on the latest developments in global trade

India played an active role in establishing the WTO and formulating global trade rules. News

Maharashtra’s liquor ordinance leaves more scope of harassment!

The ordinance, passed in September last year, sets a limit to possession of alcohol—given that it allows an individual to possess up to 12,000 litres, it shouldn’t seem too restrictive.

But, it has also imposed a rule whereby those hosting house parties of more than 10 people need to apply for alcohol licences. (Representative image) News

Not just the Kochi builders! Panchayat permits were illegal, Kerala HC order helped

In September 2006, the Maradu panchayat issued building permits to four companies to construct apartment complexes in an area designated as CRZ III.

A technical committee set up by the SC in 2018 found that the Maradu panchayat had violated the CRZ rules in giving the permission. (PTI Image) News

A step towards normalcy: SC order on govt’s Jammu and Kashmir mobile, net lockdown

A recent research report pegged the economic cost of India’s internet shutdowns in 2019 at $1.3 billion—third only to Iran and Sudan.

However, where the SC judgment falls short is in providing immediate, summary relief to the petitioners and the people of Kashmir. News

How simplifying capital gains tax regime will help both investors and the income-tax department

Long-term capital gains (LTCG) arising from the transfer of a long-term capital asset are either taxed at a concessional rate in India or exempt from taxation on meeting some preconditions.

A simple capital gains tax regime will help investors in compliance and the income-tax department in administration. (illustration: rohnit phore) News
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