Tax burden: India’s investment trust deficit

Indian tax laws tax any business income of a trust at the maximum marginal rate and treat gains from hedging instruments such as futures and options as business income. This renders all income from an

A tax on the super-rich was expected, with rumours about such measures doing the rounds before the Budget. (Representational image) News

GSTR-3B: Blowing hot and cold

The return in Form GSTR-3B is only a stopgap arrangement till due date of filing the return in Form GSTR-3 is notified.

The High Court held the above clarification to be illegal and contrary to Section 16(4) of the CGST Act read with Section 39(1) of the CGST Act and Rule 61 of the CGST Rules. News

India ditches data dialogue again

The sensitivity about protection of data is clearly not the main reason behind some developing countries staying away from global digital trade work programmes

One of the most profound truths to emerge over the last couple of decades is the sharp heterogeneity amongst the developing world. (Illustration: rohnit phore) News

Digital identity: Need a closer look at inclusion, trust, and agency

Apart from national IDs, one’s identification in some form is used in the digital economy for providing goods and services.

Digital ID projects, conceptualised back in the 1980s in the UK and the US, never took off due to their privacy ramifications. (Representational image) News

Cooperative federalism: Towards reforms in agriculture

Intense cooperation between the Centre and states is a sine qua non for implementation of reforms in the agriculture sector

The government, to deregulate and privatise agriculture marketing system, has ushered in a series of structural market reforms over the years. News

Finance ministry’s decision to restrict access to journalists is effectively a ban

Logging all meetings restricts a reporter’s ability to get sensitive news; the Finance Minister’s decision is effectively a ban.

GST, GST Collection, GST Returns News

Let RBI deduct SEB dues from state govt accounts

While talking of how the power sector’s dues to banks are Rs 1.74 lakh crore and the slow pace of resolving stressed assets, the central power ministry flags another serious problem, that of falling

It is time to ensure that all their dues—to banks, power producers, etc—are automatically deducted from their accounts with the RBI; anything else less drastic will be cosmetic. News

No bilateral concessions: Madhya Pradesh power tariff case holds valuable lessons

The state government has apparently justified the lower tariff to new companies on the grounds that the older companies would have received some other sops as well in the past.

That practice, however, could increasingly be challenged legally as preferential power tariffs are being done right now in Madhya Pradesh. (Representational image) News

Sour note: Tamil filmmakers ‘ban’ reviewers who judge their films harshly

Although the notice doesn’t seem to have any legal standing—critics and reviewers agree that published negative reviews alone don't make the general public develop an unfavourable opinion of the f

Today, for most of the multiplex-going public, the decision to watch a movie is based on the opinions it garners on social media, not on any one critic’s take. (File photo) News

How FPI taxation hurts small investors and FDI

It results in an arbitrage between FPIs, per their legal status,and thus paints India as a country lacking stable tax policy

This raises the effective rate of capital gains tax on FPIs constituted as non-corporate entities vis-a-vis those organized as corporate entities or firms. News

NCLAT’s judicial activism damaging IBC

With the order on operational creditors in the Essar Steel matter, NCLAT has veered into legislative territory, sans electoral accountability

The IBC was passed in the face of mounting NPAs gnawing at fiscal reserves of the banking sector. News

IndiGo flies into turbulence, investors must brace for a bumpy ride

The battle between the two sets of promoters may not have affected operations just yet. But we have yet to see an instance where governance issues don’t eventually work their way into balance sheet

IndiGo, in a sense, is the test case for what a differential voting rights (DVR) environment will look like. (Illustration: rohnit phore) News

Eventually, India will be an ageing country

An ageing India may appear to be a distant issue, but considering its rapid pace and scale, it requires an immediate action

The impact of the dividend, however, depends upon good health, quality education and skills, job opportunities and a lower proportion of young dependents for existing population. (Representational Image) News

Ilayaraja, music and the ever-lasting confusion over copyright

There was a wave of shock when he served a legal notice on singer SP Balasubrahmanyam (SPB), who has given a huge number of hits with the composer when he was performing concerts in the US.

Many hearings later, the Madras High Court delivered its verdict recently. News

Telecom firms need help, government will decide on penalties first!

With Trai not lowering Rs 3,050-cr fine, telecom panel must decide penalty; it should have been totally focused on a relief package

Not surprisingly, Trai has stuck to its original recommendation, so it should be interesting to see what DCC does. (Representational image) News

Too many curbs in single brand retail kept out serious investors

Rules that compel companies to buy from artisans, cottage industries and so on are stifling, and should be altogether scrapped.

It is no surprise that the investment in India by single-brand retailers over the last five or six years is negligible. (Reuters File photo) News

Delhi government’s proposal to install CCTV cameras in classrooms is misguided and counter productive

The decision to install CCTV cameras in classrooms is perhaps informed by the desire to increase accountability of both teachers and students, with regard to whether and how well they dispense of thei

Kejriwal’s dependence on technology as the one-stop solution to systemic problems is not only misguided but also counter-productive in more ways than one. (PTI File photo) News

Global trade: Making a start for WTO reforms

Members desirous of preventing disruption of the appellate process in WTO disputes would enter into a plurilateral accord providing for appeal arbitration

In the contentious environment that has prevailed in the WTO Agreement from the outset, it is not going to be easy to agree on WTO reform. (File photo) News

Budget 2019: Disappointing to see continued incrementalism on disinvestments of PSUs

Budget 2019 India: This government had promised to end tax terrorism. Sadly, because of the extreme pressure to raise resources, it has been unable to do anything. However, this is truly being penny-w

Budget 2019-20: An impediment in reviving the private sector investment cycle is the credibility- problem of government as a counter-party. (Illustration: rohnit phore) News

Budget 2019: Stage set for $5 trillion economy

Budget 2019 India: FM spoke of resolving the ‘angel tax’ issue. These proposals, though spoken about extensively in the Budget, do not reflect in the fine print

Budget 2019-20: The key to sustaining the reforms proposed will be revenue mobilisation News

Increase in farmers’ holding power works better than price support

Under the proposed alternative, farmers are enabled to hold produce in regulated warehouses with financial support from the government covering costs of holding them for a minimum of four months.

The second important challenge is ensuring the outreach of institutional financial services to rural areas so that the objective of connecting farmers to financial system is met. (Reuters File photo) News

Budget 2019: Sovereign borrowing plan and its likely impact on local FX and interest rate market

Budget 2019: A prudent, if a bit aggressive, first-time borrower in foreign exchange would likely try and raise about 15-20% of its requirement in the global market

Budget 2019, budget, startups,budget highlights, budget 2019 date, budget 2019 PDF, budget 2019 highlights, budget 2019 income tax, budget highlights 2019 india News

Budget 2019: FM Sitharaman delivered a transformative Budget

Budget 2019 India: Considering the headwinds in the global economy, the reforms announced in this budget will play a crucial role in setting a stable platform for the next five years

Budget 2019, budget, startups,budget highlights, budget 2019 date, budget 2019 PDF, budget 2019 highlights, budget 2019 income tax, budget highlights 2019 india News

Sacking corrupt and inefficient govt officers sounds great but may never become preferred course of action

Officials covered by FR 56(j), 56(1) or Rule 48(1) (b) of CCS (Pension) Rules, must be reviewed six months before they attain the age of 50-55 years, in cases covered by FR 56(j) and after the complet

CBI raid, Opposition leader, PM Modi, narendra modi, Nizamuddin, Congress, TMC, SP, CPI, CPI(M), CBI,Central Bureau of Investigation News

Budget 2019: Finance minister took the easier route instead of catching those who avoid tax

Budget 2019-20: The finance minister should have reduced rates in an attempt to broaden the tax base even if, in the short run, this meant lower taxes and a higher deficit.

Budget 2019, budget, startups,budget highlights, budget 2019 date, budget 2019 PDF, budget 2019 highlights, budget 2019 income tax, budget highlights 2019 india News

Now we’ll know if it is govt or CAG that cripples PSUs

Govt shareholding going below 51% is a good way to dilute impact of the 3Cs, but that may not be the biggest constraint

CAG, nirmala sitharaman, PSU, Finance Ministry, public sector companies, CAG, PowerGrid, telecom business, pricing methodology, Comptroller and Auditor General, industry News

Budget 2019: Towards behavioural shift in taxpayers and regulators

Union Budget 2019: With the Income Tax Department already exchanging information with agencies like the Goods and Services Tax Network and Registrar of Companies, the finance minister’s proposals ar

Budget 2019, budget, startups,budget highlights, budget 2019 date, budget 2019 PDF, budget 2019 highlights, budget 2019 income tax, budget highlights 2019 india News
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