Policy influencers and leaders should be tested periodically to determine fitness for their roles

Business leaders, lawmakers, bureaucrats, judges—anybody who has a bearing on policy—should be tested periodically to determine fitness for their roles

ASCI’s disclosure norms for influencer-promotions will help ‘followers’ tell a paid promotion from a genuine one

ASCI’s disclosure norms for influencer-promotions will help ‘followers’ tell a paid promotion from a genuine one

A better deal for media: Getting BigTech to pay newspapers for content is good news

Since the credibility of the media often depends upon it not buying the government line and in presenting the true facts to the reader, it is not clear how this conflict is to be negotiated.

Going digital, there is little doubt, increased newspaper readership, but the bulk of online advertisement accrues to the BigTech giants like Google and Facebook; so, while the advertiser has shifted from traditional media to online media, those generating the news are getting a smaller share of the pie.

Keeping yields low when inflation is rising is risky

RBI risks losing credibility if it tries to keep bond yields low while, to contain inflation, it will be tightening policy

Real interest rates, especially at the shorter end, have been negative for far too long, favouring borrowers and hurting savers.

Getting prepacks to work well: The framework must refrain from stipulating a Swiss Challenge method

Prepacks are indispensable in insolvency legal infrastructure, especially given the imminent Covid-19-induced deluge of distress—the IMF recently advised policymakers regarding ‘pent-up bankruptci

insolvency law

Indian Railways: On the right track

One should consider reforms the IR has undertaken while analysing ills & shortcomings to get a clearer picture

electrification, railways

Privatisation this time, not disinvestment

The path towards total privatisation does involve breaking ideological shibboleths that have been built since Independence. At the same time, is it necessary for the government to actually sell stake

This makes a lot of sense, and as the finance minister spoke of the concept during the Atmanirbhar series, it does appear that the government is keen on moving out of some companies.

Fiscal marksmanship: A look at budgets of states over 15 years shows they consistently overestimate revenues

The fiscal marksmanship is poor due to the ‘Grants from Centre’ component of their revenue budgets

States either raise their own revenue through taxes or receive money from central transfers as the state’s share of central taxes and grants.

Coin toss: India should embrace cryptocurrency

If RBI chooses to be visionary rather than insular and knee-jerk, it should consider bitcoins akin to a reserve and engage in buying about $5bn worth of bitcoins


Trolling of a prominent interfaith couple over the naming of their newborn is plain communal polarisation

Policing of people’s choices in the 21st century as in the present instance—with an underlying narrative that deepens divides—is purely communal.

Banking on cybersecurity: RBI’s new rules for digital transactions a step forward

The master direction on digital payment security controls, released last week, casts a wide net.

The Reserve Bank of India has, therefore, done well to provide regulatory direction in this regard, with a new set of guidelines for the digital banking and payments ecosystem. The master direction on digital payment security controls, released last week, casts a wide net.

Time for Centre/states to cut taxes on petrol and diesel

More than two-thirds of the price of petrol is made up of these taxes, and it is slightly lower in the case of diesel

petrol price, petrolprice in delhi

CIL to monitor rake movements to enhance supplies through rail mode

This would help the miner rationalise its entire coal supply matrix by obtained information of a rake's turnaround time which down the line would enable the company push more coal via the rail mode.

coal india limited

India needs to focus on digital infrastructure

By scaling up investments in human and physical digital infrastructure, and increased collaboration with local and global entrepreneurs, India can easily expand its role in the growing global market f

This digital transformation has been accompanied by a growing wave of technological entrepreneurship.

Shot Supply: Lack of access to Covid-19 vaccines is killing healthcare workers in poor nations

Nearly three-fourths of the Covid-19 vaccine doses administered so far have been in 10 countries that account for roughly 60% of the global GDP, as per the World Health Organization.

For perspective, each individual doctor-death is a severe blow for Mozambique, where there are 8 doctors per 100,000 population (India has 60-70 while the US has 300).

Budgeting for energy justice: Budget FY22 has extended target to cover one crore additional households

Union Budget 2021 India: After achieving phenomenal success in providing 8 crore free LPG connections under PMUY, Budget FY22 has extended the target to cover one crore additional households

It lays the blueprint for wealth and wellness, aiming at sustainability and inclusiveness.

Rethinking employee value proposition

The workforce is changing, so should the workplace and workplace policies

The HUL policy aims to protect and provide assistance to staff members who are fighters of abuse, or acts of emotional and physical abuse beyond the office.

Create world-class labs to meet global standards

Its best to park a suitable scheme in The MSME Ministry that can support lab development across sectors

This is a challenge for MSMEs, more so for micro and tiny sectors, since creating an inhouse lab and its maintenance, personnel, equipment, consumables and all, requires investment.

Atmanirbharta through FDI

Achieving competitiveness has to be the country’s central goal as a whole

The government’s initiatives to reduce the regulatory burden on businesses will also play an important role in making India cost-competitive.

If PM Modi proceeds with economic changes he once promised, this column will lend full support: Tavleen Singh

It is now time for him to realise that only when he delivers on the ground what he has put in words will we see a revival of that optimism that we saw in 1991.

Cairn gave us our biggest on-land oil discovery but left India when it was retroactively taxed Rs 10,247 crore.

Numbers do not lie: ‘attempt to fudge the numbers and present a so-called ‘budget for growth’ is unpardonable’

When the Budget for 2020-21 was presented on February 1, 2020, I had questioned the credibility of the three key numbers.

Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman during a discussion on Union Budget 2021, in Chennai (PTI image)

Stay classy: It’s hard not to lose your composure in the game but sometimes it’s well worth the effort

You know the best thing about not being a pro? You can self-flagellate all you want, and, in as colourful a language as will ease your angst, without fear of corrupting the kids.

Control temper tantrums on the golf course

Data drive: The state of vaccination

Although India on Friday crossed 1 crore vaccinations--and became the fastest country to do so--in terms of vaccinations per capita, India still lags far behind other economies.

covid 19 vaccination in indoia, covid 19 pandemic

India’s IT framework review: Don’t junk inflation targeting

In December 2020, a paper by senior RBI economists argued that flexible inflation targeting had been successful in achieving its objectives and cautioned against raising the inflation target for fear

This will make the job of reducing inflation that much harder.

Virtual Trade: Governments need to get real about virtual

A $1.5-mn virtual ‘property’ deal should offer a cue to govts on the real potential of regulating the virtual world

A classic example of the ‘move to online’ is Fortnite’s Travis Scott concert last year, which saw 12.3 million views for the first show.

Policy yet to log on to online education vision

Rules remain myopic despite Covid-19 making online education essential, signal reluctance to liberalise the space

The website of the Distance Education Bureau (DEB) of the UGC listing just seven universities/HEIs that are allowed to offer online education is, therefore, quite telling of regulatory sclerosis.

Speed up Covid-19 vaccination: Mutant Coronaviruses in Maharashtra already pose a threat

Given lockdowns can only be a temporary measure, the state government and the Centre need to double down on the non-pharmacological interventions, such as distancing, proper use of masks and hand hygi

Given lockdowns can only be a temporary measure, the state government and the Centre need to double down on the non-pharmacological interventions, such as distancing, proper use of masks and hand hygiene.
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