Farm distress stalks the growth story

Farm-laws repeal notwithstanding, states will continue to pursue agri-reforms

The saga of the farmer agitation is yet another manifestation of the narrative of farmer distress that stalks the India growth story.

Bridging learning divide outcomes in online education

According to a recent UNESCO report, only 22% schools had computing equipment and only 19% internet facility. Of this, only 14% rural schools had internet as compared to 42% in urban areas.

Bridging learning divide outcomes in online education

A rate cushion for compensation expiry

GoM likely to propose GST rate-hikes that prop up states’ finances; processes, too, must be made simpler

There is every possibility, therefore, the GST Council, will overlook the current inflationary environment.

Mushrooming of joint initiatives causing fragmentation of WTO’s rule-making function

Several countries, including India, have so far stayed out of the JI negotiations, on the principle that these initiatives lack a multilateral negotiating mandate and are an attack on the fabric of mu

Several countries, including India, have so far stayed out of the JI negotiations, on the principle that these initiatives lack a multilateral negotiating mandate and are an attack on the fabric of multilateralism underlying WTO.

Making sense of the cash imperative

Five years after DeMo, despite the digital-transactions boost, currency in circulation is high. Demographics, uncertainty in pandemic times have contributed

Bear in mind, it has also been argued that DeMo needn’t have been the chosen route to expedite digitisation, and providing incentives could have been the logical way to get there.

Expect modest outcomes from WTO’s upcoming ministerial

The EU’s unwillingness on Covid-related IPR waiver, attempts to improve the interim agreement on public stockholding of grains, etc, are tricky hurdles

The fourth and perhaps the most important issue is WTO reform.

Sebi’s investor charter–Towards investor protection and grievance redressal

Investor charters are a step in the right direction as they recognise and accentuate the role played by Sebi’s grievance redressal mechanisms

Both are aimed at protecting the interest of investors in securities market by enhancing awareness of their rights and responsibilities.

End of the agri-reforms road?

The repeal of the farm laws may not mean that. Indeed, this bold ‘step back’ could pave the way for more inclusive and long-term reforms

This bold and strategic ‘step back’ can actually pave the way for something more inclusive, valuable and long-term!

Driving internet inclusion & safety

India Internet Governance Forum aims to achieve these goals, with multi-stakeholder engagement

It is a necessary step to offer more inclusive and accessible internet for every Indian—regardless of gender, level of disability, or economic status. (Representative image)

WTO’s 12th Ministerial Conference: The road to Geneva

A raft of issues relevant for India will come up for discussion at the WTO ministerial

The way forward is to adopt a procedure wherein each nation, keeping its national interests in mind, makes withdrawal strategies to claim S&DT.

RBI lends weight to digital lending

It believes there are serious issues with lending practices and is, therefore, spelling out the rules

To this end, the RBI’s working group has done well to recommend the creation of a nodal agency to verify the technological credentials of all lending apps and also dedicated legislation to curb illegal lending.

Repeal of farm laws: A setback to agriculture reform process

The government must now hold discussions with all farm leaders (both for and against the laws) to arrive at a long-term solution

The intention of the first Act was to provide an alternative market and create more competition in product markets so that farmers could get better prices.

Pushing exports behind the sustainability veil at WTO

Despite the urgency of addressing climate change, global trade rules should not be allowed to create more imbalances and stunt the prospects of economic growth in developing countries

Trade talks: India, US to expand agri market access

RBI report: Lending is trust. Digital, a layer

The RBI report on digital lending has suggestions on ensuring customers borrow from only verified mediums, and fintech firms that fall under the purview of digital lending include credit and BNPL play

Consumers’ faith in a system is based on their comfort that the regulator has adequate measures to protect them. Here, RBI has shown fine mettle

From Plate to plough – Repeal of farm laws: Tactical retreat or surrender?

The net result of the move is likely to be a slowing down of economic reforms that are desperately needed to propel growth

However, the BJP undoubtedly has a much higher stake in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections than it does in Punjab, as the former could be a critical state for the party in the 2024 general elections.

Buy-back tax inhibits business efficiency

Instead, abolish this and ensure shareholders pay tax on any income from buy-back

Consequently, unlisted companies had to either pay DDT or buy-back tax, and their shareholders were tax-exempt on dividend income up to Rs 10 lakh or on income from buy-back of shares.

A controversy in the making?

For the purposes of levying Social Welfare Surcharge, imports enjoying ab initio exemption should not be viewed with the same lens as imports on payment of duty using scrips

Arithmetically, when the amount of BCD is nil, any levy as a percentage of nil should always be nil.

Front-loading tax devolution: Centre does its bit, over to the states now

Higher than budgeted devolution of taxes to the states more than makes up for fuel-levy cuts

The revenue loss to the Centre, for the remaining part of the fiscal, is pegged at Rs 44,000 crore.

Across the Aisle by P Chidambaram: Happy With My Hinduism

The first line is inscribed on the walls of the United Nations. The poem is believed to reflect the way of life of the Tamils 2,000 years ago and earlier.

Devotees light candles at Guru Gobind Singh Gurudwara in Patna on the occasion of Deepawali (PTI Image)

Inside Track: What’s behind Trinamool’s latest move in UP?

Even in UP, Banerjee has given the Congress something to think about. The TMC’s latest recruits include Kamalapati Tripathi’s grandson Rajesh Pati and his great grandson Lalitesh Pati.

Mamata Banerjee,

Not a pleasant exit: Tim Paine and the sexting scandal

Australia Test cricket captain Tim Paine’s exit comes less than three weeks before the start of the Ashes

Australia's Tim Paine (File Photo: Reuters)

Milking synthetic biology

The significant scientific effort and VC investment in synthetic-biology-led dairy products ought to be of some interest in India

A key conceit of synthetic biology, with its intellectual origins in the engineering culture of MIT, is that we can now better nature. (Representative image)

RBI is right, need to move with caution on cryptocurrencies

The underlying tech may be transformative, but cryptos’ impact on financial markets needs clarity

Depending on what form cryptocurrencies take on in India, there could be an adverse impact on monetary policy, possibly on the currency and fiscal stability.

India must not swallow the bait

The Revised Draft on disciplining fisheries subsidies has weak provisions on special & differential treatment for developing nations, turning its back on the negotiating mandate

Thus, a critical dimension of the mandate for disciplining fisheries subsidies, and preventing the proliferation of IUU, given by the WTO Trade Ministers, and reinforced by Goal 14.6 of the SDGs, was that special and differential treatment (S&DT) to developing countries must be an integral part of the outcome.

More than trade: Why India resists an investment facilitation agreement in WTO

Proponents are the new Vamanans (the Vishnu avatar) who demand ‘three feet of land’ & occupy ‘the whole of three worlds’ of entry, admission and non discriminatory treatment

This resulted in the forum being attempted to be shifted to the newly established WTO, with its relatively effective dispute settlement system.

Banks shouldn’t only be pleasing investors

RBI watching banks’ strategic decision-making closely will red-flag systemic risks

As Das said, banks must exhibit prudent risk-taking behaviour and use their capital efficiently.

The bathwater and the baby

Data regulation must balance the need for privacy and gains from open data. The state must embrace its role as a data generator and disseminator.

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