Where’s the autonomy? UGC-IIM bout over one-year degree shows IIMs still not free

Stifling regulation is a big reason why India’s position has worsened in global university rankings. Most universities, including IoEs, have slipped in the latest QS rankings.

It is only now that the government has allowed the top-100 universities to teach online; so far, this was restricted to a few, and even this handful had to seek UGC approval to do this.

Ivy Leave: US asking international students to leave could backfire

Almost 10% of American universities were projected in a recent study to be readying to take all their courses completely online.

It is indeed shocking that the US government would have taken such a stand, in the midst of a raging pandemic, which calls for distancing, something that is facilitated by the shift to online.

Banking on AI: The time is ripe for Indian banks to embrace artificial intelligence

Given the magnitude of the challenge, it might make sense for banks to come together to establish a consortium for knowledge sharing on AI.

Therefore, banks must leverage AI to balance the need for privacy and security with personalisation and engagement.

Mutual benefit: Why investing through growth plans of mutual funds may become more popular

Various arguments support both the views discussed above, including analogies from other provisions and the ratio of other judicial precedents.

This advantage can be optimised by investing in growth plans rather than dividend or dividend reinvestment plans of mutual funds.

Covid has altered realities of consumption and commerce – need for global consensus on digital taxation

Covid has altered the realities of consumption and commerce. Unilateral taxation measures by some countries has accelerated the need for a global consensus

To mitigate this, most countries provided fiscal stimulus to increase liquidity in the economy.

What India should do to get its energy transition right

Build thermal capacity as per CEA estimates and, by 2030, accelerate renewable energy production & storage capacity

In 2014, the solar target was increased to 100 GW by 2022.

Covid-19: Don’t politicise the vaccine; be careful on testing as well

A vaccine by Aug 15 would feel good, but more important to see that it works; ditto for the ramp-up in testing

To that end, the near quadrupling of daily tests in Delhi, for instance, after the central government started playing a role is welcome.

Dr Kang leaving is a loss: Covid war needs as much talent as possible, not less

Dr Kang is vice-chair of the Board of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, an association that aims to facilitate the development of vaccines against emerging infectious diseases.

But, it comes at a time when India has kicked off one of the world’s most ambitious vaccine trials.

Tracking DNA: China’s DNA database could have chilling future consequences

Y-STRs, which are used in forensics and genealogical testing, are extremely similar among males of common paternal lineage.

While most countries do use DNA profiling for forensics, the scale at which China’s ministry of public security is doing this—expanded from its earlier DNA profiling for forensics—is unprecedented.

AGR crisis: Supreme Court will have to solve the telco mess

A cue is available from the stance taken by SC itself in case of unpaid dues from public sector undertakings (PSUs) such as Gas Authority of India (GAIL), etc.

The licence fee and SUC is charged as a percentage of service provider’s adjusted gross revenue (AGR)—8% and 3-5% respectively.

All that glitters is indeed gold! Relevance of yellow metal to Indian economy is more than apparent

To remind one of the numbers, if 1,000 tonnes of gold got mobilised, i.e. `4,50,000 crore, it is equal to 20% of revenue receipts

The mobilised gold that is unhedged held by RBI can be used for borrowing or doing a swap transaction for dollar or any other reserve currency at a rate lower than in the market.

Can the clause for a ‘compassionate use’ be invoked to fast track Indian corona vaccine trials?

India is in an unprecedented health emergency, can the clause for a ‘compassionate use’ be invoked to fast track Indian corona vaccine trials?

Recession’s here, downside risks abound – FY21 may see a de-growth of 5%

FY21 may see a de-growth of 5%. The downtrend in growth between FY17 and FY20 suggests that India’s potential growth itself has likely whittled down to 5.0-5.5%.

App-ward Mobility: Govt must commit to long-term support for Indian appmakers

Indian appmakers will find it hard to fill the app vacuum if the govt doesn’t commit to long-term support.

To beat China, focus on real issues, not faux rankings

Laws are so regressive, even labour-intensive exports are falling; can’t hope to beat China with so much red tape.

Agri revolution 2.0: New ordinance set to revolutionise agriculture, but Centre needs state co-operation

The new Farmers Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Ordinance 2020 is set to revolutionise agriculture, but Centre needs state co-operation.

Cropping success: Why farmers don’t want to furnish land information to sell their products on online portals

Even if the registration process is easier, farmers do not want to furnish land information to sell their products on online portals

Why there’s a need to stabilise the GST tech platform

Apart from the rate-structure maze, another reason why GST revenues are missing the mark is poor compliance, which the GST tech was supposed to address.

Getting the firewall ready: Cyber-audits critical for government to begin with

Given the use of legacy systems and software in government organisations is a big problem, the government would do well to run security audits of its organisations first,then mandate each body to run

If Modi govt wants Aatmanirbharta in agriculture, oil palm is a crop to work on

At $10 bn, edible oil Import account for the largest portion of India’s Agri-Import bill. If the Modi govt wants Aatmanirbharta in agriculture, oil palm is a crop to work on.

The economics of Covid-19

An unanticipated shock compelling physical distancing is a rare phenomenon, especially at a global scale. When it all ends, the global economy would have recovered to get back to its status quo ante.

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Equalisation levy: ESS EQL may require financial services players to relook at their commercial arrangements

EQL is not administered under ITL but is governed by a separate legislation; accordingly, the availability of treaty protection and foreign tax credit in the home jurisdiction for NR is also likely to

Leading through the Covid-19 crisis: How a dairy producer company responded to the pandemic

Transparent operations, concern for members, locally-relevant innovation and committed employees continue to attract dairy farmers to apply for membership of the company even in these times of crisis.

Over the barrel: China, through the eyes of a diplomat

My father, Jagat Singh Mehta, was a diplomat and, to the extent our foreign service acknowledges specialisation, he was considered a Sinologist.

Isolation Error: Govt should have considered a few hard realities before tweaking Covid isolation rules

Not enough is known about viral persistence in the case of Covid-19 to justify shortening home isolation period.

India Inc must reform, raise capital

Without stronger balance sheets, firms will perish in this harsh environment; board, group structure reforms will attract investors.

Custodial death: Jeyaraj and Bennix shouldn’t have been remanded to any custody, writes P Chidambaram

It is our callousness towards that inviolable right called 'liberty' and our ignorance about how liberty is eroded that lead to a George Floyd moment in Minnesota, US, or a Jeyaraj and Bennix moment i

Villagers in Tamil Nadu's Tuticorin stage protest against the death of Jayaraj and his son J Bennicks (PTI Image)
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