Competition Bill needs a relook

While the hub-and-spoke arrangement is welcome, the res judicata proposal needs to be reconsidered.

The Bill lends clarity on the inclusion of hub-and-spoke issues, thereby exposing them to fines imposed on cartel participants (10% or turnover of each year of the continuance of the cartel or three times the profit) as opposed to non-cartel offences (10% of the average turnover of the last three years). News

Delhi infections can cross 2 lakh: ICMR

If quarantining not effective, can be 1.5-10 million; nationwide lockdown instituted now can help reduce impact.

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Growth of consuming segments must resurface to restore stability

Coming back to the state of steel industry in the first 11 months of the current fiscal, it can be surmised that growth and health of the industry was reasonable. During this period, the crude steel p

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Corona-crisis needs urgent fiscal intervention

The government must work on a credible fiscal consolidation strategy once crisis settles. For now, fiscal support must be spent such that it can be credibly redeemed

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Credit, corona and climate: Banks need to wake up to climate risk in a more concerted way

It is heartening to note that the SGX, the stock exchange in Singapore, recently made quarterly reporting optional for companies meeting certain criteria.

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Bring on the moratorium tool: Why a timely humanitarian act is a must

The COVID-19 Economic Response Task Force is bound to be flooded with several recommendations—sector-specific bailouts, tax holidays, direct transfers, grants, loan support and guarantees, and so on

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Olympic Mistake: Postponement of cancellation of games is not unprecedented

The grounds—the risk coronavirus pandemic poses to the health of both its athletes and the public at large.

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Mobile policy gets it right: New policy WTO-compatible, rewards only big producers

While India raised the incentives on mobile phone exports to 4% of the value of the phone, the problem was that everyone got this, even small firms.

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(Block)chaining coronavirus: World will require inspired leadership and innovative measures

As the coronavirus pandemic threatens to mutate, the world will require inspired leadership and innovative measures.

Block chaining coronavirus, Chinese Year of the Rat 2020, Covid-19 pandemic, Tokyo Olympics, Wall Street, China, coronavirus outbreak News

Procurement reform: Jugaad legislation in India

Copycat Bills originating from self-styled ‘model’ ‘international’ legislation can pose serious dangers, especially when passed by state governments.

Copycat Bills, Anti Bribery Act, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Planning Commission of India, Public Procurement bill News

Why is corona package taking so long to clear?

Economic activity is grinding to a halt, need much faster govt reaction; pay dues & clear tax refunds to begin with

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Corona highlights need for global public goods

The world must invest in robust public healthcare systems and universal access to healthcare

India seems to have escaped, so far, the levels of infection many Western and Asian nations have reported. News

Don’t clear out hostels now

It is true that the government must ensure enough isolation capacity, given the country’s large population and the density in urban centres, where the disease is being reported at the moment.

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New CSR rules try to curb fraud by companies, but open red-tapism floodgates

The new rules vest oversight of CSR projects with the Board, and mandate an additional 5% expenditure for impact assessment, over and above the 5% mandated for carrying out administrative functions of

But, the new draft CSR Rules released by the corporate affairs ministry for public consultation will likely do more harm than good. News

Contagion, lies, and crises

The corona-crisis has begun with a different sort of contagion than the 2008 financial crisis, but its impact on financial systems and economic activity is similar

Instead, Trump obsessed about the stock market’s behaviour (a symptom far removed from the causes needing attention), his re-election in November, and the “foreign” origins of the virus. News

Suspend FRBM Act to allow fiscal stimulus

The liquidity requirement could be fulfilled by RBI directly monetising the deficit, which the FRBM Act allows for in case of a "national calamity"

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The Veblen effect

There is also a 'Counter-Veblen Effect', where people believe they will be admired for buying bargains or for being prudent in their purchases.

Veblen wanted to site the relationship between the economy, society, and culture. News

Power reforms: Evaluate regulators’ performance

The Forum of Regulators should make independent evaluation of CERC and SERCs, against fixed parameters, an annual exercise

This legislation was restrictive since it provided the option to the state governments to allow limited jurisdiction over functions to the commission, apart from a few other constraints. News

Supreme Court decision has freed up virtual currency exchanges, but onus is on government now

The circular was challenged before SC on several grounds. For one, RBI did not have the power to prohibit trading in VCs through virtual currency exchanges (VCEs).

Even assuming RBI had the power, such power was not properly exercised. News

To play, or not to play: Mc Ilroy won’t play in Premier Golf League, but here’s a Covid-19 checklist for weekend golfers

The weather in Delhi is still quite lovely and the air has really cleared since the travel restrictions came into play. It seems like a real shame not to tee it up.

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British plan for judges way to go for Rajya Sabha?

After Partition, the new Constitution and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel got rid of princely states. What we have instead are elections in state Assemblies where the electorate is small, with their choice p

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OPINION | Fighting COVID-19 and beyond – by P Chidambaram

The government has been busy with video conferences; repatriating Indians from affected countries; and issuing advisories on hand washing, covering one’s nose and mouth, and  wearing masks.

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Sentimental journey

A new way to review scientific literature is being tested.

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Coronavirus: Flattening the curve

Building liquidity infrastructure and protecting incomes required in the short term; rebuilding trust in the long term.

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Silencing Hate

Delhi govt’s move to let the public flag hate speech and take action on it based on expert reports is commendable

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The Kerala example

Empathetic govt, relief package show robust Covid-19 handling.

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PM sets the stage, now to follow through with action

Vital to sensitise citizens & Janata Curfew is a good start; now do cash transfers for poor, support to MSMEs, etc.

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