Fifth Column: No more ‘high command’, please, writes Tavleen Singh

If someone has the courage to break ranks and speak the truth, they risk being expelled or getting their homes attacked, as Kapil Sibal discovered last week.

Congress Flag

Hard reset: Bryson DeChambeau is changing the way golf is played in the modern era

The widely-held gentle-nature-of-the-game theory has all but disappeared from the biggest stages of the professional game.

Bryson has beefed up his body and his golf game in 2021

Fighting dowry: Kerala-style affidavits won’t help, a more concerted effort needed

Examining 40,000 marriages in rural India between 1960 and 2008—across 17 Indian states that house 96% of India’s population—the researchers found dowry was paid in 95% of the marriages.

Kerala, as per NCRB, saw six incidents of ‘dowry deaths’ under Section 304 B of the Indian Penal Code in 2020.

$5-trillion economy needs greenfield investments

Such investments depend on a more stable policy and regulatory framework than the streamlining of procedures and digitisation of paperwork

However, not so long ago, India was the world’s leading recipient of greenfield FDI—$63 billion and $62.3 billion in 2015 and 2016, respectively, according to fDi Markets of the Financial Times Group— after reforms-friendly Modi took office in 2014.

Framing curricula is no desk exercise

Interpretation of NEP 2020’s emphasis on Indian knowledge systems must avoid prejudice towards any specific community; underprivileged children need a level learning field

The draft education policy of 2019 (which was subsequently approved in 2020, albeit with several changes) was also drafted by a committee headed by Kasturirangan.

Push for a bigger share of direct taxes in the economy

The govt must ensure that the base for direct taxes is widened, and also that the rates are rationalised by phasing out exemptions

Going by the trend so far, the share of direct tax revenues could be bigger than that of indirect taxes.

Green Hydrogen: Opportunities and Challenges for India

India has the potential to bring down the cost of green hydrogen by using low-cost renewable generating plants and cost-curtailment experience gained through solar and wind reverse auctions.

Over the past few years, green hydrogen has emerged as a 'game-changer (at least theoretically) and become the latest buzzword in the area among net-zero energy experts. (Representative image)

Expect bond yields to rise as inflation climbs

RBI could start withdrawing from its accommodative stance, albeit in a phased manner

Bonds had rallied in early Tuesday trade after the government decided to borrow just Rs 5.03 lakh crore in the second half of the year, and no additional borrowing was announced. This takes into account the funds needed to compensate states for a GST-revenue shortfall.

Ban child marriage: Rajasthan amendment a reflection of flaw in central Act

Given the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, deficiencies notwithstanding, tries to curb child marriage by prescribing imprisonment and fines as punishment for those who permit or promote or solemnise

The Rajasthan amendment Act in question merely changed an earlier provision—under which parents/guardians of a couple under 21 years of age were required to register the marriage—to bring it in sync with the definition of children as per the 2006 central Act,as lawyer Seema Sindhu points out in The Leaflet.

India, the net-zero pressure, and CoP26

To those advocating net-zero by 2050, we need to ask how this is possible for nations at different levels of development

To those advocating net-zero by 2050 for all countries, we need to ask how nations at different levels of economic development turn net can-zero around the same time.

National Monetisation Pipeline: Ambitious, and in the right direction

Smooth implementation of the projects for the first Rs 10,000 cr will determine the fate of Rs 6-lakh-cr national monetisation plan

The estimated value of NMP corresponds to about 5.4% of the total infrastructure investment envisaged under the National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP). The NMP has accordingly been established as co-terminus with the NIP.

Time to settle: Implications of the T+1 settlement cycle

The benefits of introducing a shorter timeframe for the settlement of trades may outweigh the difficulties that certain market participants may face

In 2002, Sebi had reduced the settlement cycle for trades from T+5 to T+3 and thereafter, in 2003, it shortened the cycle to T+2.

Thriving domestic green bonds market key to India’s energy transition

While Indian firms’ green bonds have done well in markets abroad, the need is to develop the nascent domestic market as an additional route for debt capital

India’s renewable energy capacity

Judiciary needs more women but reservations are not the right way to get there

Women judges make up just 12% of the pool of sitting judges in the Supreme Court and High Courts (81 out of 677). Lower courts have a better showing, at 27% a per a Vidhi Legal report, but this is now

Lower courts have a better showing, at 27% a per a Vidhi Legal report, but this is nowhere near what would be considered ideal.

Mandate to share non-personal data may hinder start-ups

Bigger players will throw large quanta of resources and devour the competition

It can then evolve into a true partnership between the government and private entities to boost India’s economic growth.

Labour picture not that bleak?

The latest QES numbers paint a sunny picture of labour after the pandemic, though the quality of the data may not be the best

This was a good 29% higher than the 23.7 million reported in the sixth Economic Census (EC-6) of 2013-14. These numbers relate to establishments with 10 or more employees, tracked across nine selected sectors.

Bad regulations could play spoilsport for online gaming

States, conflating online gaming which are overwhelmingly games of skill with games of chance such as betting and gambling, have been trigger-happy with bans

Many of these are predominantly skill-based, while some can become skill-based by adding necessary changes to formats.

Maligning Infosys, Amazon uncalled for, goes against govt’s vision of encouraging industry

Citizens need to be allowed to express themselves without fear of incarceration; at the very least, they should have the courage to defend themselves and those in their fraternity. In a healthy democr

Citizens need to be allowed to express themselves without fear of incarceration; at the very least, they should have the courage to defend themselves and those in their fraternity.

Fuelling inflation: Fuel prices pinching, get disinvestment right to lower fuel levies

With the price of Brent nudging $80/barrel and Goldman Sachs already talking of $ 90/barrel, the Indian economy is in for tough times.

The government must work harder to meet its disinvestment and strategic sales targets and look to mobilise revenues from other sources so that it can lower levies on fuel.

The risks from a central bank digital currency

There are some cyber-risks a central bank digital currency (CBDC) must contend with, from the threat of hacking to data privacy

Systemic risks, operational risks and risks affecting competition are of importance when dealing with large financial market infrastructure and Big Tech.

India as a startup nation is built on the foundation of its digital public goods

India Stack's success has catalyzed the aggressive acceleration of the country's startups

India now has the world's most extensive biometric ID system and has been recognised worldwide for its comprehensive coverage, ingenuity, and flexibility.

Improving employability: UGC push to apprenticeship-plus degrees is welcome

Both industry and the government will need to do the heavy-lifting to get the skilling space in the country to thrive.

university grants commission

Use cases for a CBDC: A central bank digital currency can be a key element in direct transfer of govt benefits

A possible use case for CBDC is ‘fit-for-purpose’ money used for social benefits and other targeted payments in a country.

indian digital currency

Bonding with foreign investors

Indian bonds' inclusion in global indices will deepen markets, help ease pressure on banks on supporting govt borrowing

bond market

Animal husbandry, fisheries key to doubling farmers’ income

The growth in this space is demand-driven, and the trend will get reinforced in the years to come as income of the people goes up and diets diversify.

Animal Husbandry

Employer’s ESG goals and outcomes matter to new gen talent

In 2020, Larry Fink, President and CEO of Blackrock, world’s largest asset management firm had called out the focus on climate goals and linked the same with their investment strategy.

If we look at global workforce trends, multiple research studies have estimated the composition of workforce in 2020 and beyond, and most of them predict that Gen Z (born between 1997 and 2012) and Gen Y (born between 1981 and 1996) would together constitute more that 60% of the working population (and beyond) by 2025. (Representative image)

Across the Aisle: Mischievous and fake crusades, writes P Chidambaram

A secular nation must stamp out such fanaticism whether it is expressed in words or deeds or through subtle means of discrimination.

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