Economic growth slows, recovery may take long

Private consumption, the bulwark of the country’s growth story in recent years, grew 3.1% in Q1FY20, a four-year low.

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How China does a volte-face in Hong Kong

China’s step down is a mystery. Is it because China cannot attempt a Tiananmen 2019 fearing global backlash? Has China been cornered because of the Reuters leaks? Is truce in Hong Kong tied to the i

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Solar energy: India needs a globally competitive solar panel industry

India’s rising solar ambitions necessitate creation of an indigenous, globally-competitive manufacturing industry for solar panels

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Will bank mergers make a difference?

From an economic point of view, the MOVE serves no immediate purpose, and could have been implemented in phases to avoid disruptions

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Private insurers’ decision to cover IVF treatment is a good idea

At present, 27.5 million couples in India suffer from infertility—in percentage terms, this is about 10-15% of couples who are actively seeking a child.

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Good governance: Many districts working on transformation through innovation

The Tirunelveli administration, under Nanduri, has created 106 community soak pits where wastewater collected from households is processed through filtration systems and used to recharge the groundwat

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Why govt must adopt certification-based regulation for both OTT content and cinema

Censoring OTT content a bad idea, govt should adopt certification-based regulation for both OTT content and cinema

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Forcing banks to cut lending rates is a really bad idea

Forcing banks to cut lending rates is a really bad idea

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Sectoral solutions are the key to reviving GDP growth

Given the large multipliers the sector has—both for employment as well as for consumption—this can really spur growth demand and GDP growth.

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Leveraging open data for policymaking

Large digital databases like the GST Network can give granular insight, create predictive models; this can lead to more grounded interventions

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NBFC reforms to enhance credit-access; Here’s how

NBFCs are now a dominant supplier of credit to several segments. Given the current liquidity crisis, a structural reforms agenda that would enable sustainable growth of the NBFC sector is crucial

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Fighting slowdown: Govt needs a holistic approach to revive the ailing economy

The slowing economy needs a holistic approach and not ad hoc measures. Policymakers must systematically remove hurdles in each and every sector of the economy

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Does e-commerce harm competition? This is what CCI study says

A CCI study seems to suggest online markets must be treated on a par with offline markets

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Using water crisis as an opportunity

India doesn’t have a problem of water scarcity, it suffers from overexploitation of groundwater; opportunity lies in supplementing resources by natural and artificial recharge

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Bank merger good, now to fix them

Shedding flab critical, as is adopting technology; so this needs a change in work culture, PSBs not known for that

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Govt must foot the MDR charges if banks are not willing

Govt must foot the MDR charges if banks are not willing

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Jalan panel’s recommendations represent a possible silver lining

Given that the global growth environment is also turning more difficult, the government needs to wake up and build on its lone expert-driven success.

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How Brexit blew up Britain’s constitution

Neither Johnson nor anyone else can predict how things will unfold. though, when the dust settles, Britain’s constitutional landscape will not be quite the same again

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Making India an arbitration hub

Recent legal reforms and judgments point towards India gradually developing into an arbitration-friendly regime

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Global growth on a tightrope; current revision reflects negative surprises in emerging markets

In addition to resolving trade and tech tensions, countries need to work together to address climate change, corruption, international taxation and cybersecurity

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Occupational Safety Code needs serious evaluation

Ironically, the Occupational Safety Code has not adequately dealt with issues concerning occupational safety and health, which is non-negotiable and even fit to be a fundamental human right, for this

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Why transfer from RBI reserves to the Centre is a non-issue

Practically speaking, the debate over transfers from RBI’s reserves to the centre is a non-issue

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We need one retail policy, not two

Making a distinction between local and foreign players in the retail sector is bad policy, govt should drop it

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UP mid-day meal expose: Acting against journalist hurts governance, press freedom

UP acting against the journalist who did the Mirzapur-school mid-day meal expose hurts governance and press freedom

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Why China’s most indebted firm Evergrande is too big to fail

There might be a method to the madness of Evergrande’s wild spending; its newest diversification into e-vehicles potentially helps lower real-estate costs

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How blockchain can make an important impact on education

Like finance and logistics, blockchain can make an important impact on education

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