Aero-politics: Bubbles bypass painstakingly-crafted bilateral agreements; could soon see legal challenges

Countries are now mandating health protocols that, in many cases, are going beyond the purview of aviation. They are also negotiating “bubble” arrangements that temporarily bypass bilateral agreem

And if that wasn’t bad enough, there is the Belarus incident in which a flight was diverted mid-air and forced to land using a bomb-threat purportedly facilitated by the state. Overall, these elements point to a challenging and contentious era of aero-politics.

Don’t give in to airports’ Covid-relief demand

The govt must go by the force majeure clause in the ODMA with the Delhi Airport, which has nothing on cash relief. Indeed, such relief will create copycat demands from other PPP partners

In fact, Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL), on the basis of an estimated loss of Rs 1,330 crore in FY21, against a profit of Rs 383 crore in FY20, has invoked force majeure to suspend revenue share (45.99%) with AAI during FY21.

From Plate to Plough | Seven years of the Modi govt: Welfare over growth

Compared with the Manmohan Singh-led govt, the Modi-led govt seems to have priotised welfare, most visible in Swachh Bharat, MGNREGA, and rural housing

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Across The Aisle: The bird and the worm agree, writes P Chidambaram

The NSO and the local survey — the bird and the worm — saw the same picture on the ground. That is a happy congruence which leaves the Finance Minister and the Chief Economic Adviser locked in an

The view may be stark, dirty and ugly, but it will be closer to the truth.

Inside Track: Story behind Rahul Gandhi unfollowing 50 people on Twitter, writes Coomi Kapoor

But, PTR also tends to shoot off his mouth. He ruffled feathers in the establishment recently by describing celebrity yoga guru Jaggi Vasudev as a “publicity hound” and compounded it by later quot

Tamil Nadu’s new Finance Minister Palanivel Thiagarajan

Heavy Metal Football: The Euro could be splendid in its unpredictability but a tough tournament than the World Cup

Didier Deschamps, though, is rightly playing down the hype. “Two years at the highest level is a long time, even if it is not a lot in life in general."

France coach Didier Deschamps (Reuters image)

Mid-Career Executives: Should you quit your corporate job to StartUp?

If you’re working on a startup, there’s probably a 21 year old in a college dorm room who’s working on the same idea with the raw energy of youth. Your founding team will also likely be at-least

Net zero emissions by 2050—a new approach needed

Having a future-rational, equitable and balanced carbon budget is the key to climate stability and points to the nature of actions required by historically high emitters and those above the per capita

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Save water: We need a lot of blue to stay green

According to a study, by 2025, agricultural productivity is likely to fall by 68 percent in more than one-third of India's districts that are currently under water stress.

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Remembering Sunil Jain – the editor whose economic astuteness is irreplaceable

His desire to embrace what’s best for the country was reflected in his non-ideological approach to economics.

sunil jain

Solar/wind power deals and auctions: Investor sentiment won’t tolerate too many shocks

The renewables target won’t be met if states keep reneging on solar/wind power deals and auctions

Although the winning tariffs were Rs 2.78-2.81 per kWh, GUVNL wants an even lower rate.

Radical action needed: Environment Day theme a mission statement on green action

The UN says humans are consuming 1.6 times the resources the planet can restore every year, and that there is a need to rewild an area the size of China by 2030 to meet commitments on nature and clima

The window for meaningful action is closing fast, the IPCC warned us some time ago.

If ESG was a bubble, it no longer is: No real premium for ‘good’ ESG stocks overall; some areas like clean energy look frothy

Today, valuations for ‘good’ ESG companies (i.e., those with high ranks based on a variety of data vendors) hardly look bubble-like, especially relative to the recent past.

The puzzle of the surge in currency-in-circulation

We are perhaps looking at a scenario where high unemployment and high inflation coexist, like in the 1970s

Simplify the Tax: Put more cash in taxpayers’ hands

The government should increase the Section 80G deduction limit from 10% to 30% for this year

The government should consider doubling the limits under Section 80D.

Of global equities and equity

Central banks have played a large role in inflation in asset prices through their successful efforts at ‘suppressing’ bond yields through large bond purchases

Gold exchange a good idea

The proposed gold exchange will open competition across modes in which the metal is transacted

Gold price

IEA’s prescription and the reality of the net zero ambition

If the intention was to lay the stark reality before us in terms of effort needed, then IEA has clearly succeeded

Must not run out of charge

EV vision now depends on getting charging & energy mix right

Expect policy tightening only from September

RBI must bat for growth, ensure govt is able to borrow at affordable rate

Any change to a neutral stance or any hike in the policy rates has to wait a while because yields will spike at the first hint of tightening; remember, some Rs 7.24 lakh crore is to be mopped up by the Centre alone in H1FY22.

Heed SC on vax purchase

Centralised procurement can ensure meaningful coverage

They are required to put in public domain information about the supply of vaccines at the district and at the centres, and it is important they do this.

GVA showing good, but still need a fiscal push

Without wide vaccine-coverage, consumer-spend will be muted; sans support, MSMEs, lower income households face more pain

Without a push, the economy is unlikely to clock double-digit growth; at the very best, GVA could grow at 7-8%, on the back of a contraction of 6.2% in FY21.

Changing GST rates for Covid-supplies no panacea

The solution lies in ensuring adequate supply and not making ad hoc changes to GST rates


Need a robust fiscal response

FY22 growth markdowns will mask deeper loss of incomes, with vaccine rollout key to sustained revival

A look at some past data from the larger set of companies might serve as proxy for the actual scarring, the loss of incomes

India Inc must contribute to the ‘stimulus’: Given bumper profits & cost-cuts of Rs 4 lakh crore, it could cut a cheque for the have-nots

The pandemic may have hurt thousands of small businesses and killed many MSMEs, but given their financial and management muscle, the larger corporations were able to sort out their supply-side disrupt

That’s a stupendous 56% increase over the previous year, but the jump in the PBT (profits before tax) is an even more impressive 61%.

Let vax-data drive policy: Data must inform any shift to a one-shot vax regime

While a trial of Covaxin among 2-18-year-olds is to take off shortly, the government will need to marshal as many vaccine-candidates as possible to protect children’s health.

It said the positivity rate is less than five per cent in 344 districts and 30 states have reported a decline in active COVID-19 cases since the last week.
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