Full state for Delhi: AAP’s obsession a misplaced idea

Kejriwal may well ponder how this obsession in reality dwarfs the space he needs for action.

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Indian economy has entered danger zone, writes P Chidambaram

When the management of the economy is entrusted to novices or tyrants, the consequences will soon follow. Demonetisation was a classic example.

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What happens if Congress crosses 125 and BJP tally is below 200

The Capital’s political grapevine is abuzz with possible scenarios after the election results on May 23.

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Why Barcelona must clear deadwoods to make room for new arrivals

Barcelona must clear deadwoods to make room for new arrivals, and prepare for life after Messi.

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H-1B fee hike, US local hiring rules hurt Indian IT

Indian IT companies must now focus on emerging areas like automation, AI, cloud, etc.

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What a new Lancet study reveals about HIV and ART

Studies show ART could help eliminate transmission.

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Fighting fat: The action must shift to rural areas now

As a study published in Nature shows, the action must shift to rural areas now.

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Will 2019 election be another black swan event for Modi?

Opinions vary, but not the reality. 2014 election was contested around the economy—2019 election is being fought along similar lines. Will the result be similar?

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Crazy to turn away skilled immigrants

The Trump school of thought doesn't realise that welcoming engineers, doctors and other such skilled foreigners is a win-win policy.

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How US steadily upping the game to counter China

The US has claimed that China’s coast guard and fishing boats are not harmless, benign entities, but de facto maritime militia expanding China’s presence in the seas.

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Explained: What slowed down India’s economic growth

The rising rural distress has led to slowdown in private consumption as households have gradually reduced consumption due to insufficient income growth.

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With the demonetisation boost gone, reality check for tax regime

With a likely shortfall of over Rs 1 lakh cr in FY19 taxes, tax-GDP ratio will be 11.2 vs 10 in FY14 & 11.1 in FY17; FY20 targets are tough.

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Volkswagen must pay: Pollution and emissions-cheating is a worry for India too

Pollution and emissions-cheating is a worry for India, too.

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Birthing slavery: Unnecessary hysterectomy is pushing families into debt bondage

A Thomson Reuters investigation finds that unnecessary hysterectomy is pushing families into debt bondage.

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Economic data: Govt should focus on accuracy than speed

Rather than strive for speed in disseminating data on a more real-time basis, it would be better to tarry and provide final numbers even if there are lags involved.

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US-China trade war: After all the talks between the two parties, still a huge gap in perception

After all the talks between China and the US, there is still a huge gap in perception. That says as much about countries’ leaders as about the state of diplomacy.

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When countries use ‘security’ to restrict trade

Although the WTO has expressed its right to adjudicate security exceptions invoked by members under Article XXI of GATT, it remains to be seen whether WTO members, particularly major powers, accept th

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Transparency of data can improve nutrition for India’s poorest

The government, on its part, collects a range of information including the number of beneficiaries, their nutritional status and variances in coverage across villages and social groups like scheduled

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Cyclone Fani: Support provided to Odisha so far has been largely inadequate

The supercyclone Fani, with wind speeds of 220-250 km per hour, on May 3, 2019, had a devastating effect on the coastal districts of Odisha, one of the most cyclone- and flood-prone areas of India.

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Facebook is its own worst political enemy

The social network has announced a slew of measures intended to fight misleading news stories and foreign meddling in elections, including: Tougher oversight of political ads, a fact-checking operatio

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Privatisation to reducing losses of state-run power entities: A difficult time awaits the next government

The overall picture is of serious impediments in some segments that require urgent reform or resolution if encouraging private investment is a policy priority.

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EVMs may have flaws, but paper ballots allow easier subversion of democracy

One booth per assembly segment translates into less than 1% of the total polling booths in the country, thus, it makes it difficult to catch any tampering if it was happening, opposition parties that

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Transparency vs state secret: Public interest a powerful touchstone for official secrets act

The Centre’s stand is portentous since indiscriminate application of OSA can have a chilling effect on the freedom of the press and whistleblowing by public officials and employees of concessionaire

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Is the MCA-21 a black box that is distorting GDP data?

It is not clear if the explanation is kosher as no one knows whether the fake bills being generated are equal to or greater than the amount of genuine sales—from service or manufacturing firms—but

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Anchoring bias in investments: Awareness and assessment can act as first line of defence

Seeds of this bias are sown when someone assumes certain value for an unknown quantity before attempting to estimate that quantity.

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Judges must be independent, but must also be accountable

The fear of judicial independence getting eroded holds so firm that it has helped the judiciary tide over whatever crises of faith the masses may have had. Arghya Sengupta of Vidhi Centre for Legal Po

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Building ecosystem for the social sector

At a critical time in the history of India’s social sector, an ‘ecosystem’ of this kind will decide how the sector grows in the years ahead. At the moment, though, this ecosystem is still an ide

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