India needs to mend ways police arrests citizen. Here’s why

After 72 years of Independence, it’s time Indian citizens are given their due under the Constitution.

NPA in India: RBI needs Basel norms as its defaults are higher

Unless the govt has very good data to show RBI’s estimates on default risk are incorrect, it should just let the regulator do its job.

Income Tax in India: How Taxman runs riot, ignores ruling by higher court

Between 2012-13 and 2017-18, as a result, tax arrears rose 2.3 times, from Rs 4,86,180 crore to Rs 11,22,752 crore, while direct taxes rose a much slower 1.8 times.

Air Pollution menace: Delhi-based start-up designs 40 feet tall purifier; read details

A Delhi-based start-up has designed a 40-feet-tall purifier which it claims could provide clean air to 75,000 people living in the three-kilometre radius around it.

Fiscal Deficit: The path of fiscal consolidation

So far, in April-Sept, the Centre’s fiscal deficit has reached 95.3% of budgeted target of FY19 compared to 91% in corresponding period of last fiscal.

Ola, Uber strike: What is going wrong for cab aggregators

Estimates suggest that there are around 50,000 drivers in Mumbai with the two aggregators, and 80% of them were on strike. Similar strikes have been common across other cities where Uber and Ola opera

TB treatment in India: How technology is helping end the menace

New technologies also focus on maintaining drug adherence—ensuring patients stay the course of treatment, since failing to do so is the main source of drug resistance.

Forget to pay bills? This mode may help you get over card payments

Unlike card payments, in this mode the user doesn’t need to manually make any payments or even authorise anything month-on-month.

Global trade: A message to India amidst protectionist policies of Donald Trump

With the hike in the US Federal Reserve’s interest rate, most of the dollars invested in emerging and European markets have returned home.

Strong RBI helps the economy: Know why raiding RBI reserves is a bad idea

Govt asking RBI to relax PCA norms and forbearance on power loans is odd since no govt has done more to fix bank balance sheets via the IBC route.

Disruptive, pioneering technologies are the future! Indian companies should direct their innovation expenditure towards them

An Accenture report surveyed 106 companies in India. It found that approximately 25% of Indian organisations surveyed are generating significant value from their innovation investments.

Moving beyond coal for green power: How to create an alternative economy using DMF funds in coal mining areas

The existing overcapacity, coupled with increasing non-competitiveness of coal power plants, means that the country doesn’t need to construct new coal power plants till 2027.

Regulating payments systems: Is the trinity of Jan Dhan, Aadhaar and mobile banking being ignored?

Across India, there are 12-15 lakh Ola/Uber drivers, who have taken loans amounting to Rs 32,000 crore and these small-ticket loans at risk, too, demand attention.

What are Renewable Purchase Obligations and how to effectively meet RPO targets?

Enforcement of RPO targets, despite availability of RECs, is poor. The government has launched RPO Compliance Cell, which will coordinate with states, CERC and SERCs on matters relating to RPO complia

Saving environment: Decentralised composting & treatment of water can convert municipal waste and sewage as inputs for new products

India has around 70-80 million tonnes (MT) of municipal waste, 7-8 MT of construction & demolition (C&D) waste, 1.8 MT of e-waste per annum, and 8.7 million ELVs (end-of-life vehicles).

Divided on Earth, united in space: Global community comes together on World Space Week to discuss the impact of outer space on the human race

This year has been particularly eventful in outer space affairs, with NASA sending its Parker Solar Probe with the aim to assess the Sun’s atmosphere more deeply.

Maharashtra CM Fadnavis did well by dismantling APMC monopoly, but can he make it work now

The reason for this was simple, since the government created no other options for farmers to trade in, they had no option but to continue to bring their produce to Vashi and Azadpur.

RISC: An avenue for a rethink on university innovation

RISC – V, having the ability to process commands faster and in fewer cycles, is expected to fuel the growth of the fourth industrial revolution by providing basic infrastructure for artificial intel

Will mandating performance-linked appraisals in CIT ensure greater efficiency and less wastage

Tax experts say that the new system will mean that the CIT (appeals) would be focussed on strengthening the tax officer’s stand rather being neutral and that this could amount to a conflict of inter

RBI vs Govt tussle: Is the government right to question the Reserve Bank?

What action has been taken against govt-nominated board members for allowing banks to lend to unviable projects?

Gender equality is an idea whose time has come: Jamal Mecklai, CEO, Mecklai Financial

The real reason #MeToo has caught fire now is because the global political landscape is increasingly barren and is crying out for change.

How to turn around the power sector and solve the coal supply issues

Power-generating companies should not be saddled with the burden of cross-subsidising the renewable sector. Promoting renewable energy is laudable, but it has a cost. This has to be borne by the socie

Why there is an urgent need to reduce the economic & social costs of mental health

A recent NIMHANS survey found that 150 million Indians are in need of intervention for mental health and over 10% of them require immediate treatment.

Fiscal stimulus powers US household income & consumption, Europe and Japan not able to capitalise

By Mohamed A El-Erian The divergence among economies, and the asset-price dispersion that has come with it, remains one of the key global issues for policymakers and investors this year. The phenomen

NBFCs loans will slow, but there’s no need for special credit lines; here’s why

Today, it is the better-rated companies alone that are able to borrow, and those with weak ratings will find it very difficult to access funds.

Going gets tough for India Inc! Ex-RIL and TCS, Q2 profits rose just 3.8%, sales 20.4%

Economists at Nomura pointed out recently that while rural demand had been holding up, that, too, may have started moderating; sales of tractors and two-wheelers have been very subdued in recent month

Rationalising Welfare: DBT transfers should be prioritised over subsidies; here’s why

The direct benefit transfer (DBT) had raked in savings of over Rs 30,000 crore in 2017-18 and the target has been set for it to save over Rs 40,000 this fiscal year.

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