Where are the education reforms? Many hyped announcements, no real action

From the Central Advisory Board of Education (in 2005) to industry (the 2003 Ambani-Birla report on education) and the NITI Aayog (in 2017), many have argued for granting greater autonomy to higher ed

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Reservation in India: High limit of EWS quota will bring entire general category under ambit

The setting up of income-earning criteria of `8 lakh per year as the eligibility for the proposed reservation is a serious issue. This high limit will bring almost the entire general category househol

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Declining household savings after demonetisation, GST hit investment

Net financial savings of households have come down from 7.4% of GDP in FY12 to 6.6% in FY18 because of a rise in households' financial liabilities.

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Rural distress: Why structural transformation is the only cure

The challenge is to increase both the scale and impact of financial resources, improve linkages, and build partnerships between the public and private sectors.

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Huge delays in procuring are the real Rafale scam

CAG report has enough to please both BJP and Congress, but the delays in procuring weaponry are unconscionable.

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Why a group of investors should pay ratings agencies to end bias

Instead of firms, a group of investors should pay for them.

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Oath by school students from Surat celebrates anything but Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day is usually celebrated with an expression of love for those who occupy an important part of one’s life, and it is marked with a lot of passion and rigour.

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US vs China: Huawei offers case study on free trade

As the internet of things expands, what technology isn’t ripe for data theft? Your phone is made in China. So why isn’t it just as susceptible to data theft as the network on which it operates?

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Centre’s policies hurting Kerala, union militancy only propaganda: Pinarayi Vijayan

Kerala scores high on many parameters of social development and governance, and its per capita income is one of the highest in the country.

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Gaganyaan: ISRO should learn from the American voyage to the moon

Lessons for India and ISRO from the American voyage to the moon

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India needs to create an adequate and safe blood transfusion system

The roadmap for creating an adequate and safe blood transfusion system in India.

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Huge delays in procuring are the real Rafale scam

BJP deal cheaper, but real issue is why the deal was not finalised in 10 years and why issue of HAL's cost and Rafale quality assurance not addressed.

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Make in India: The new avatar of the policy could be self-defeating

Section 65 owes its origins to the Sea Customs Act, 1878. The earliest notification issued by the then Central Board of Revenue (CBR) dates back to 1927.

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Global warming: China and India’s greening efforts praiseworthy, West needs to act fast

Global green leaf area has increased by 5% since the early 2000s, and the main contributors to this have been China and India, accounting for one-third of the greening witnessed during this period.

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Sugarcane dance: Fixing cane prices at realistic levels the solution, not govt ‘packages’

The real issue, of course, is the high cost of cane mandated by the Central government—states like Uttar Pradesh add to the Centre’s Fair and Remunerative Price (FRP) to arrive at their State Advi

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End-to-end digitisation of the process means lower costs, time-to-market

End-to-end digitisation of the process means lower costs, time-to-market.

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Bad tidings: New FDI policy a googly for e-commerce players

The new policy introduces many changes that are likely to make doing business difficult for existing e-commerce players. Wrong to call it a mere reiteration of the earlier policy.

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Opening up manufacturing without proper employment impact assessment might prove disastrous

Opening up our manufacturing without proper employment impact assessment might prove disastrous.

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Language of shapes: Do straight lines belong to men, curved ones to God?

It all started with the long drive on a rainy day. I was engrossed in my favourite pastime—a meditation of sorts, if you may call it. With my face extendedly fixed on the window sill and the wind hi

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After RBI rate cut, onus on banks to deliver benefit and stimulate growth

Macroeconomic indicators show early signs of growth that can be capitalised with appropriate policy action. The annualised IIP is down to 2.6%, while capacity utilisation in the manufacturing sector i

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Garbage management: Is waste-to-energy plants a feasible option?

WTE plants have a role, but not in the way our planners are envisaging. They should be the last resort to manage high-calorific-value waste that cannot be managed by other technologies.

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Crude oil and currency in locksteps – what is the way out?

At an average price from $71.7 per barrel, the import bill of crude oil during the first three quarters of this financial year (April-December 2018) has risen by about 65%, compared with the same peri

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SAARC countries cooperating on energy could yield economic benefits for all nations

Geopolitical roadblocks and disagreements between partner countries have stifled the progress of the SAARC framework agreement for energy cooperation (electricity), signed in 2014.

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Insects fundamental to eco balance, their dying grim news for humans

Insects are fundamental to ecological balance, so their dying out spells grim news for us humans.

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Prashant Bhushan contempt case: India at a crossroads, SC must uphold transparency

In celebrated cases like Jessica Lal, it was the public opinion that was generated—through involved people speaking to the press, on- or off-record—that forced retrial and ensured justice was serv

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Jack Dorsey summoned by Parliament: What does the Indian govt really want from Twitter, WhatsApp?

Apart from the legal and ethical issues that come up, the government wants WhatsApp to be pro-active in removing content but objects to Twitter doing this!

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