Monsoon deficiency shadow over millet, cotton – Here are the charts and figures explaining details

State-wise, Maharashtra’s Marathwada region recorded a 20% rainfall deficiency for the season. Madhya Pradesh recorded 12% deficiency, Rayalaseema in Andhra Pradesh recorded 36% deficiency and easte

Operational creditors get their due, but IBC slows

Operational creditors will now get more of their dues and a voice in insolvency resolutions, but the process will slow

Mental-health gaps: India will lose trillions if it doesn’t fix mental healthcare

Data from WHO show that, in 2014, India had just 0.3 psychiatrists per 100,000 population compared with Brazil’s 3.49, China’s 1.71 and the US’s 12.4.

Special privileges like separate lines for taxpayers? This may not work in the long run. Here’s why.

Tax compliance levels reached 65% in April of this year from 55-57% in September/October of last year. The incentive proposal is aimed at widening the tax base and narrowing the trust gap between citi

The Jobs Debate: Projecting NSS data shows jobs-growth slowing

Surjit bhalla contested cmie’s labour growth estimates by suggesting it had got the female labour participation rates wrong. cmie explains why it is right.

The collapse of IL&FS and what it tells us about fixing India’s critical need for infrastructure finance

India has a long way to go in structuring and managing public private partnerships. Doing a better job on that front is essential.

Innovation can beat pollution! Pro-farmer solutions from entrepreneurs can fix India’s bad air

Increasing air pollution across India is a serious issue, and despite conscientious debates around it, systematic steps haven’t been taken by authorities on-ground to address it.

Big success! India has done remarkably in solar power capacity addition. Here’s how to take it to the next level

India announced its commitment to achieve 40% of its total generating capacity from renewables by 2030 for the Paris accord. Then, in 2015, the even more ambitious target of 100,000MW of solar power b

Banks not passing Repo cuts to home loan borrowers: SC directive displays lack of knowledge of banking

Asking RBI to see whether banks are cutting lending rates in line with repo rates is simplistic since many factors are involved

Burning more cash at Air India: New debt SPV plan is triumph of hope over experience

No reason to believe the revamped Air India will be profitable

Going need-based: Google’s move to cut requests for data by apps is a security boost for users

Google’s latest security measure seeks to rein in requests of apps for data that are not critical to their functioning

30 mn more jobs than projected? Surjit Bhalla on how correct interpretation of data can lead to the right conclusion

Conventional wisdom of no job growth in 2017/18 is found to be a gross under-estimate by a correct interpretation of household survey data for 2017/18.

Relief for suppliers to insolvent companies: IBC amendment now provides priority to operational creditors

An amendment to the CIRP Regulations provides that the amount due to operational creditors under the resolution plan shall be paid in priority over financial creditors

Public libraries in this day and age; no one has an answer to what they are supposed to do, says Bibek Debroy

In this day and age, we need to think what a public library is supposed to do, its role. The 1954 legislation on public libraries is about the delivery of books and newspapers. Several states have leg

Don’t ban e-cigarettes: UK, Canada that have legalised use, are seeing a historical reduction in smoking!

The government should regulate the e-cigarette market, rather than an outright ban, particularly since tobacco smoking remains legal and products are readily available.

This is not the last upswing in oil prices; India has to make its demand for oil more elastic. Here’s why.

India imported 1.7 billion barrels of crude in the last fiscal, worth $88 billion, when the average price of Indian basket of crude was about $52 a barrel.

SBI purchase of loan portfolios: Bailing out NBFCs critical as regulators slept earlier

Certainly the IL&FS-induced crisis made things tougher for NBFCs, but how did regulators allow such large ALM?

Here is one Aadhaar solution that telcos & fintech cos can use till SC concerns are addressed

When Aadhaar was begun, anyone wanting to use it for authentication had to give his/her Aadhaar number.

Oxford English Dictionary adds new words; in the times of Trump it may be right in adding Idiocracy

Idiocracy may be best depicted by the Trump administration—it refuses climate action even as scientists have sounded the final alarm for action to avoid climate catastrophe, it is caging infants an

Saving the earth from disastrous climate change needs a Plan B. Here is what that could be

The world cannot afford warming of 2°C. To have a fighting chance to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, the goal must be firmly fixed at 1.5°C

Good news! Polluting coal may be nearing its end. Solar & wind could win it for earth

As wind and solar costs continue to decline, the tipping point where new renewables undercut fully depreciated existing plants isn’t far off

US wants Free and Open India Pacific (FOIP) to counter China’s OBOR. But, is the American project good for India?

While advancing ‘Made in China’ is a core objective of the Belt and Road Initiative, ‘America first’ appears to be a similar objective for the Free and Open Indo-Pacific. This is hardly the wa

Net neutrality debate: More transparency needed for ‘specialised’ VoIp and IPTV services

In March 2015, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India issued a consultation paper relating to the regulatory framework for OTT services, which also went into the questions of net neutrality, and t

India’s current account deficit worries: Focus on these two important priorities can give a long-term fix

At present, CAD remains within the 3% safe zone; however, any further rise and monetary and fiscal pressure may build, with limited scope of manoeuvrability.

India’s #MeToo takes off, as institutional redressal fails

If it took women this long to speak up in media/cinema, it will take much longer in more hierarchical professions.

Get Trump to act on climate

The report says that, at the current rate, global warming will breach the 1.5oC threshold between 2030 and 2052.

Maths Divide: The gendered stereotype persists and affects girl students’performance

The researchers found that an increase in bias against girls and their mathematical abilities not only led to lower performances for girls in math tests but also to no significant improvements in thei

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