1. What are Chinese flags doing in Kashmir?

What are Chinese flags doing in Kashmir?

Separatists in Kashmir are probably hoping that China would come to help them in their fight against India.

By: | Published: October 19, 2016 11:50 AM
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Separatists in Kashmir are probably hoping that China would come to help them in their fight against India. This was revealed for the first time after the Indian security forces recovered Chinese flags along with several incriminating materials during raids at suspected hideouts of terrorists in Baramulla area of the Valley on Tuesday. As many as 44 people were also arrested for their alleged involvement in activities related to terrorism.

PTI reported an army spokesperson as saying: “Over 700 houses were searched in a span of 12 hours on October 17 in an extensive search operation in the old town in Baramulla, during which 44 persons involved with terror-related activities have been apprehended.”

The arrest of people involved in terror activities in Kashmir is good but the recovery of Chinese flags doesn’t augur well for India.

While it is not yet confirmed whether China is directly involved in keeping the unrest alive in the Valley or if it is aiding the separatists who have the full backing of Pakistan, but there are reasons enough to believe so.

First, China-Pakistan friendship has become stronger, even as the latter country is being condemned across the world for its inaction against terrorism. This clearly shows where the Chinese priority lies. It is certainly not India.

Second, China already occupies Aksai Chin, which was a part of Jammu and Kashmir. Chinese interest in Kashmir, hence, is not new.

Third, the unrest in the valley has been continuing for over three months. The separatists and terrorists require foreign aid to sustain such a campaign against for so long. With China treating Pakistan as its chief lackey, it doesn’t require a wild guess to point out how and who powers the separatists and militants.

Fourth, both China and Pakistan are in favour of making Kashmir an international issue. Being the most powerful country in the region, China must be anticipating it would have a major say as a mediator or even as an occupier if the Kashmir issue is internationalised.

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The presence of Chinese flags in Kashmir is clear indication that a dark movement, to destabilise the region, backed by Pakistan, who in turn is backed by China, is going on in the Valley. India doesn’t have much choice under the circumstances but to crush any such movement before it gets too big to handle.

(With PTI inputs)

  1. Ramakrishna Ps
    Oct 19, 2016 at 9:46 am
    More worrisome than winning on the back of surgical strikes across LOC to neutralize the launch-pads of terrorists!Perhaps, we, the India tried to chew more than we can bite in the just concluded BRICS conclave, putting all our cards on table & exposing our hand to diplomatically isolate, in turn our strengths & weaknesses.Winning Elections & consolidating power on the back of surgical strikes AND international diplomacy, coupled with geopolitics seem to be a different ball-game.Respective ministries should be vested with their domains & powers to deal with in case of adept & experienced like Sushma Swaraj. Otherwise, setbacks & shortcomings like the failed attempt of exposing & isolating stan may keep happening to our nation of international fora! PM is preoccupied with too many tasks & external affairs should be left to the experienced & wise minister, herself.

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