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Is it really possible to completely ban Cryptocurrency in India? Check experiences from other countries

Crypto experts say that it won't be possible to completely ban cryptocurrencies. However, the government may ban or put restrictions on trading in crypto and its use as a means of exchange or payments.

cryptocurrency ban india

Cryptocurrency Bill 2021: Check All Updates and Buzz Around Crypto & Official Digital Currency Bill Today

Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill 2021 in Parliament Live Updates: The Crypto industry is awaiting a positive regulation that may allow investing and trading in crypto assets with certain restric

Cryptocurrency Bill 2021

Tremendous growth potential for ESG investing in India, says CFA Institute’s Vidhu Shekhar | Interview

ESG investing trends in India: Almost all sustainable investment products have been launched in the last two years, reflecting increasing interest and potential in the country.

esg investing in india

Jewar Airport impact: ‘Greater Noida, Yamuna Expressway properties to see steady capital appreciation finally’

Noida International Airport (Jewar Airport) impact: With the upcoming Noida International Airport at Jewar, real estate properties in Greater Noida and along the Yamuna Expressway are finally expected to see a steady capital

noida international airport

Here’s why cryptocurrency investors in India should not act in haste on crypto ban rumours

Crypto investors in the country should remain calm, do their own research before arriving at a rushed conclusion. Investors should also wait for a government statement on this matter and not rely too much on information from

crypto ban in india

Wint Wealth’s Senior Secured Bonds allow investing even Rs 10,000 in fixed income assets. Should you invest?

Wint Wealth will introduce Senior Secured Bonds in a publicly listed structure tomorrow (25th November 2021) on its platform. Investors would be able to invest as little as Rs 10,000 in these bonds and earn monthly interest.

Wint Wealth Senior Secured Bonds

India’s own cryptocurrency wallet linked to DigiLocker can address multiple Govt concerns, says Policy 4.0

The report suggests that an 'India Wallet' linked to DigiLocker will help the government in tackling KYC, the inflow and outflow of cryptocurrency and monetary concerns.

crypto india wallet

Made money from Nykaa and other IPO listings? Check how much tax you need to pay

Income Tax on IPO Listing Gains: Several investors have made money from IPO listings this year.

income tax on profit from ipo listing

This Bengaluru startup is planning to launch Health Savings Account; here’s how it will help users

FEDO Health Savings Account is a unique savings account that can be used to pay for qualified medical expenses including the ones which are not covered by health insurance

fedo health savings account

Made money from US stocks? Check rules to report it in Income Tax Return and claim credit

Income Tax on Gains from the US stocks in India: It is now possible for investors living in India to own stocks of some of the biggest companies listed on the US stock exchanges.

income tax

Coin Sets by Mudrex: How is mutual fund-like cryptocurrency investment scheme faring?

Coin Sets by Mudrex (Risks, Benefits and Features): Coin Sets give market-linked returns. What we are showing is the returns in the last 1 year. And the honest reality is that in the last 1 year, returns have been actually th

coin sets by mudrex features and benefits

Should you let your child own or operate a debit or credit card?

The importance of savings and investment is an important value that must be inculcated from early on. This will help one understand the golden rule of investment- to start early.

debit credit cared for children

Children’s Day 2021: Experts Weigh In On 5 Investment Options For Your Kids’ Financial Security

Happy Children's Day 2021: Just saving money in a bank account may not help. Instead, parents should choose suitable investment options to secure the financial future of their children.

children's day investment options

How to introduce your child to the world of cryptocurrencies?

Children's Day 2021: While investing for children is parents' responsibility, it is also important to make them understand the role money plays in life and what a person should do to generate and grow wealth.

cryptocurrency lessons for children

Investing in commercial real estate: Pros and cons, tax implications explained

CRE properties are valued at 25-30 crore and upwards. Traditionally, CRE investment has remained restricted to UHNIs and HNIs owing to the exorbitant ticket size.

commercial real estate investment

Buying health insurance for children: Here are some key points parents should keep in mind

As is the case with all major financial decisions, those looking to buy health insurance should carefully scrutinize and comprehend all terms and conditions attached to the plan before zeroing in on any particular option.

buying health insurance for children

More than insurance: ‘Kenko Health is building India’s first integrated healthcare platform’ | Interview

'Kenko is slowly building towards becoming India’s first integrated health platform to regularly be in touch with our customers’ health with the help of a Kenko score'

health insurance

Dividend vs Growth options for mutual fund investment: What can make you rich fast?

There are two broad types of options for mutual fund investors - Dividend and Growth. Experts say that investors should choose either option basis their investment objective. Tax implications should also be factored in before

mutual fund

‘Rainmaker app helps users learn cryptocurrency trading nuances in a fun and gamified way’ | Interview

Rainmaker helps its users understand how the market volatility works in the crypto and stock markets and how just an upside is not the outcome of an investment in a highly controlled environment

cryptocurrency trading

Received Cash, Car or Gold as Diwali Bonus From Your Employer? Check Income Tax Implications

Diwali Bonus 2021 Income Tax Rules: If an employee receives a Diwali gift in kind (vouchers/hampers/token) and the aggregate value of such kind is Rs. 5,000 or more in a FY, then the same shall be subject to tax as a perquisi

diwali bonus 2021 income tax rules

Happy Diwali 2021! Know how much cash you can take as gift without paying income tax

Income tax on Cash Diwali Gift: Is it wise to share cash as a gift on Diwali? And, are there any tax implications on sharing cash as a gift? Know much cash you can receive without tax implications

income tax on cash diwali gift

Dhanteras 2021 Gold Buying Guide: Is Digital Gold as Good as the Real/Physical Gold?

Dhanteras 2021 Gold Buying Guide: Digital gold investment can seem attractive but its 3% storage fee to the platform and 3 % GST can exhaust all or most of your returns, an expert says.

dhanteras gold buying 2021 guide

Next Diwali, Silver wali? Silver ETF can become as popular as Gold ETF, says Wint Wealth’s Ajinkya Kulkarni

Though Gold based investments have always been an investor favourite, Silver ETFs will help diversify and strengthen their asset allocation

silver etf diwali

SGB, SIP, FD to Insurance: Quick investment options you can gift your loved ones this Diwali and Dhanteras

Diwali, Dhanteras 2021 Investment Gift Options: Sharing gifts on Diwali and Dhanteras is an age-old tradition. In view of the financial difficulties faced by millions of people in India due to Covid-19 pandemic, this year's D

diwali dhanteras 2021 investment gift options

Modi Govt plan: Soon, you may use an Aadhaar-like code as address for eKYC, property tax, online shopping!

Digital Address Code (DAC): Soon, you may not need to provide your address for booking an online delivery or for paying property tax. All you will need is an Aadhaar-like unique code for your address.

what is digital address code - dac

Income Tax on Diwali, Dhanteras 2021 festival gifts: Here’s all you need to know

Income Tax on gifts received from parents, son, daughter, friends, family, relatives: Not many of us are aware that some of the gifts received on festivals, if not reported properly, may draw the taxmen's ire.

income tax on diwali dhanteras gifts

Revised Income Tax Return: Failed showing investment upto Rs 1.5 lakh in SCSS, SSY, NSC? Do this now

Revised Income Tax Return: Investments made in schemes like Senior Citizen Savings Schemes (SCSS), National Savings Certificate (NSC), Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana (SSY), Public Provident Fund (PPF) etc. are eligible for deductio

income tax return
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