There is good cholesterol in Budget 2013: Andy Mukherjee

Investors have been a tad too impatient in rating the government's Budget 2013 as unhealthy.
Budget 2013: Rich don’t get richer, no one gets poorer Tax credit of Rs 2,000 to bring some relief for those with an annual income of up to Rs 5 lakh.
Budget 2013: Balanced Act? Street opinion is that Budget seems to have balanced both populist and reformist measures.
Budget 2013: Achieving the impossible, three times in a row If you believe UPA-2’s growth and tax projections embedded in Chidambaram’s Budget for 2013-14, I have some used cars, a bridge, and snake oil for you to buy.
Balanced Act? The street opinion is that the Budget seems to have balanced both the populist and reformist measures in order to aid growth in the environment of high inflation.
Budget 2013: UPA's boldest direct tax drive targets the rich Move to tax individuals with taxable income above 1 cr to collect an extra 13,300 cr, surpassing direct tax revenue gains made by Chidambaram’s previous five Budgets
Budget 2013: In tough year, Chidambaram vows by prudence and patience Chidambaram: I would have liked to do several things. But we must wait for the wheel to turn.
Budget 2013: The spirit is willing, but the fisc is weak Despite an expenditure spurt, FM keeps fiscal deficit in check & cuts welfare schemes.

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Sensex fell 1.17 percent, while the 50-share Nifty index ended down 1.8 percent.

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FE Editorial : Slow train to nowhereThe Financial Express | 27 February 13 If the Railway Budget was supposed to provide an inkling of whether the Union Budget to be presented tomo...

Rail Budget 2013: Slow train or fast train?The Financial Express | 26 February 13 FE Editorial: Railway Budget will decide UPA’s reform credentials.

FE Editorial : Budgeting for actionThe Financial Express | 25 February 13 Economists will have their eye on the fiscal deficit the finance minister will project for FY14 on Thursd...

Union Budget Expert Comments

01 March 13 Fiscal deficit reduction not based on govt spending cuts in Budget 2013 bad for economy: Goldman Sachs Goldman is not optimistic about govt's ability to meet fiscal deficit target set at 4.8.
28 February 13 India's credit rating unaffected by Budget 2013, says S&P Standard & Poor's said Budget will have no impact on country's sovereign credit rating.
28 February 13 Budget 2013: India Inc gives thumbs up Budget has focused on human resource and rural agriculture sector.

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