Exclusive Interview | Krishna Shroff on being an entrepreneur, her gym MMA Matrix, fitness & more

Krishna Shroff on what motivates her and Tiger Shroff: Fitness and workout is our therapy

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Meet fitness icon and entrepreneur Krishna Shroff

Actor Jackie Shroff’s daughter Krishna Shroff is a successful entrepreneur and fitness influencer. Krishna Shroff currently runs a mixed martial arts studio and her social media is all about fitness. The core team at MMA Matrix consists of Tiger Shroff, Krishna Shroff, Ayesha Shroff, and Coach Alan Fernandez. In an exclusive interview with the’s Eshita Bhargava, Krishna Shroff talks about her entrepreneurial journey, her gym MMA Matrix, fitness, her relationship with brother Tiger Shroff, and more. Excerpts from an interview:

Who from your parents got you and Tiger into fitness?

Tiger and I both found fitness, but at very different stages of our lives. Tiger got into it a lot earlier than I did, but ever since I found it and began my journey 6.5 years ago, there’s been no looking back. It’s exciting to see how far you can push yourself not just physically, but mentally as well. Being able to progress every week is super motivating.

Tell us about your fitness regime. How do you start your day?

I like to start my day with a workout because I truly believe it sets the most positive tone for the day. I feel most energetic and at my strongest then, so I’m able to push more. In the evenings, if time permits, I enjoy some light cardio or a walk outside depending on where I am. Other than that, I’m big on recovery—something so important for longevity in training, yet still neglected (saunas, ice baths, regular sports massages, etc).

Out of all the workouts you do which one is your favourite?

My absolute favourite day of the week is leg day! I love training my legs and glutes because it challenges me the most. Compound lifts like squats, front squats, deadlifts, etc. are my favourite.

Like anybody else do you have your cheat days? If yes then when is it?

Absolutely! However, recently, I haven’t been following a very restrictive diet, so I don’t feel the need to binge on that one particular day. I find that including foods I enjoy throughout the week in the limit benefits me a lot more. As opposed to being taken a step back after that one day of bingeing, I stay on track and still get to enjoy balance in life.

Whom do you idolize when it comes to fitness? Is anybody from Hollywood or Bollywood?

Apart from the obvious (my brother), I greatly look up to my boyfriend when it comes to fitness. He’s a professional MMA fighter, so his level of endurance and the grit and mental strength he possesses is very inspiring to be around. It motivates me every day.

What is it like having Tiger as your workout partner? How do your siblings motivate each other to work out?

We don’t usually work out together; however, we both train pretty similarly. Neither of us needs an extra push to go get our workouts done. It’s our therapy and MMA Matrix, our gym, is our haven. We both believe it’s a blessing to be able to move our bodies every day, so we never take that for granted.

Would you like to pass on some tips to the ones who would want to start a fitness journey?

Your fitness journey is going to be a game of trial and error until you finally find what works best for you. It’s an extremely individual game, so it’s important to never compare your journey to someone else’s. What may work for one person may not for another, so be your competition and strive to be better than you were yesterday every day to be closer to achieving your goals.

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First published on: 26-03-2023 at 13:01 IST