Lok sabha 2019 elections: Why politics and economics don’t always smile

Growth will likely continue to disappoint in the near-term as effectiveness of recent policy easing will be partially lost due to transmission lags and implementation hurdles.

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Mandatory KYC compliance: Will small e-wallet players survive

In order to encourage healthy competition, RBI must either remove the stringent requirement of full KYC compliance or provide for a cost-effective method to complete it.

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And now, Google designs chipsets in India! Nation emerges as serious player in tech industry

With others like Qualcomm also doing this, India is slowly emerging as a serious player in the tech industry.

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EU clamps down on Google, Facebook to protect publishers, artists

The new rules will give video/music producers and publishers, among other, greater leverage for getting the tech giants to compensate them.

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Absher’s removal will not delete oppressive laws that continue to restrict women

Over the past week, Apple and Google have been severely criticised for offering a Saudi Arabian government application called Absher on their respective app marketplaces.

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Basic income: The idea and Indian experiments

UBI has the potential to provide a sense of security to individuals and households; to provide all the members of the society safeguards against the vagaries of market forces; and to give individuals

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Will Singapore VCC be a game-changer for FDI in India?

Singapore’s VCC framework is a significant development for investment fund industry investing not only in India but the whole of Asia-Pacific region

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Decoding the macroeconomic impact of uncertainty

During 2012-18, did uncertainty play any role in influencing the movement of the multiple economic variables?

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Why protect steel, not telecom: How does the government pick winners?

If PM Modi’s policy towards creating national champions is unclear, it is also not clear what criterion is used to select industries that need protection.

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Facebook right in considering removal of anti-vaccination posts

The anti-vaxxers (people opposing vaccination) ‘movement’ is fast emerging as a major challenge for public health worldwide.

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Farm subsidy to loan waivers: A race to compensate farmers for their losses

Despite last ditch attempts by election-minded political parties to atone for farmers’ losses, these are not a substitute for the structural reforms that are needed.

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Modi vs Grand coalition: What will the 2019 Lok Sabha election be about?

The difference between the two sides is not so much in economic ideology but in execution of programmes. Modi has been criticised for over-promising but he has not underachieved relative to the UPA-II

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Lessons of India’s budget

The Budget displayed a maturity and rationality of thought and action in terms of basic public finance policies. Within the economic sphere, what India still needs is careful rethinking of the balance

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GDP and productivity statistics viewed overlooking much of what we truly value

GDP and productivity statistics are viewed overlooking much of what we truly value.

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The rate effect on GST collections: Lower rates, moderate revenues, higher compliance

The budget estimate of GST collections for FY19 is Rs 13.48 lakh crore, with a monthly target of Rs 1.12 lakh crore.

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Rafale deal: Modi government is running for cover, says P Chidambaram

If the government and the ruling party thought that they could keep the lid on the most opaque defence purchase in recent times, they were wrong, and they were rudely dragged out of their comfort zone

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Lok Sabha Polls 2019: Why opposition looks a disunited front

Akhilesh Yadav is annoyed with the Congress for abstaining when the SP, joined by the TMC, BSP and TDP, protested in Parliament against the Yogi Adityanath government preventing Akhilesh from boarding

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Chelsea Football Club seems to be regressing towards mid-table mediocrity

Gone are the days when managers received texts from the club owner after defeats.

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RBI rate cut: Analysing the impact of lowering of the repo rate

Lower rates do not lead to higher investment. This is dependent on the state of the banking system and opportunities for growth.

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GST math conundrum: Budgeted growth target of 20% ambitious

Even if there is no further rate rationalisation or relaxation in compliance requirements during FY20, the budgeted growth target of almost 20% for GST collections can be described as ambitious.

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Weak demand, keen competition hit earnings in Q3

IT firms are a saving grace, else, the December 2018 quarter would have been a washout for India Inc

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Campaign to hoist BJP flags on house of govt scheme beneficiaries unethical

Government funds belong to the people, and government programmes are mere channels through which these funds are deployed for the people’s benefit.

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Where are the education reforms? Many hyped announcements, no real action

From the Central Advisory Board of Education (in 2005) to industry (the 2003 Ambani-Birla report on education) and the NITI Aayog (in 2017), many have argued for granting greater autonomy to higher ed

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Reservation in India: High limit of EWS quota will bring entire general category under ambit

The setting up of income-earning criteria of `8 lakh per year as the eligibility for the proposed reservation is a serious issue. This high limit will bring almost the entire general category househol

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Declining household savings after demonetisation, GST hit investment

Net financial savings of households have come down from 7.4% of GDP in FY12 to 6.6% in FY18 because of a rise in households' financial liabilities.

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Rural distress: Why structural transformation is the only cure

The challenge is to increase both the scale and impact of financial resources, improve linkages, and build partnerships between the public and private sectors.

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Huge delays in procuring are the real Rafale scam

CAG report has enough to please both BJP and Congress, but the delays in procuring weaponry are unconscionable.

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