Saudi astronaut Rayyanah Barnawi set to embark on historic cosmic odyssey to ISS

Commanding the cosmic ballet is Peggy Whitson, a revered figure who has traversed NASA’s celestial tapestry.

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Beside Barnawi, an illustrious assemblage graces this mission. (Image/IE)

In a groundbreaking moment of celestial exploration, Rayyanah Barnawi of Saudi Arabia is poised to etch her name in the annals of history as the inaugural Arab woman to venture into the cosmic embrace of the International Space Station (ISS). With bated breath and celestial aspirations, she embarks on this interstellar odyssey on Sunday, May 21, joining the private Ax-2 mission orchestrated by Houston-based space technology titan Axiom Space.

True to its name, Axiom’s second privately-funded voyage to the ISS is primed to push the boundaries of human achievement. The four-person crew, their eyes set on the stars, shall ascend to the heavens within a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft, ensconced atop the mighty Falcon 9 rocket, a technological marvel befitting this extraordinary endeavor.

Beside Barnawi, an illustrious assemblage graces this mission. Commanding the cosmic ballet is Peggy Whitson, a revered figure who has traversed NASA’s celestial tapestry. Her keen leadership shall guide the intrepid crew, with John Shoffner, a stalwart aviator, serving as the mission’s pilot. Barnawi’s compatriot, Ali Aqarni, shall also partake as a mission specialist, lending his expertise to the cosmic odyssey.

Exuding gratitude and elation, Barnawi radiates the collective aspirations of Saudi Arabia and the entire region. “I am honored and overjoyed to embody the dreams and hopes of the people of Saudi Arabia, as well as the aspirations of women across this land,” she exclaims, sharing her heartfelt sentiments during a pre-launch conference streamed worldwide by Axiom on the grand stage of YouTube. This momentous venture into the celestial abyss symbolizes Saudi Arabia’s resolute commitment to fostering gender equality within its borders.

This cosmic spectacle follows in the wake of UAE’s trailblazing astronaut, Sultan Al Neyadi, who, earlier this year, embarked on a historic long-term mission to the ISS. In a cosmic confluence of destiny, Al Neyadi presently resides within the ethereal confines of the space station, eagerly anticipating the arrival of Barnawi, Aqarni, and the valiant astronauts comprising the Ax-2 mission.

As the countdown commences, hearts are aflutter with anticipation, for this ambitious journey toward the stars promises to reshape our perceptions of possibility. It is a tale of unity, dreams, and the unwavering human spirit, as Rayyanah Barnawi, clad in her cosmic armor, steps into the void, an intrepid Arab pioneer heralding a new era of exploration.

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First published on: 21-05-2023 at 09:29 IST