Navratri 2022: What should you offer to Maa Durga this Navratri as per zodiac sign

Navratri 2022 – ‘According to Vedic Astrology, offering things as per your zodiac sign during Navratri brings peace, prosperity, and happiness.’

Navratri 2022: What should you offer to Maa Durga this Navratri as per zodiac sign
Navratri 2022 festival begins from 26th September 2022. (Image – Unsplash)

Finally, the auspicious Ashwin month is here. And with it, it’s time to welcome the divine feminine in our abodes. Maa Durga is worshiped by Hindus all over the world as the symbol of strength, valor, and fearlessness. Navratri is the festival of the victory of good over evil. It celebrates the victory of Goddess Durga over Mahisasur. It hails the power of femininity.

The nine avatars of Maa Durga are worshipped during these nine nights. Her ardent devotees perform rituals, fast, and dance in her honor. Sidhharrth S Kumaar, who is Founder of NumroVani and a renowned name in Astro numerology, says that according to Vedic Astrology, offering things as per your zodiac sign during Navratri brings peace, prosperity, and happiness.

  1. Aries

The color red is favored by Maa Durga. Also, Mars is the ruling planet of Aries. This makes red an immensely lucky color for you. Thus, offering red hibiscus, fruits, and clothes to Maa Shakti will ensure blessings for you and your family.

  1. Taurus

If you are born under this earth sign, you are graceful, compassionate, and ready to do anything noble for Maa Durga. This Navratri, you should offer marigold, rice pudding (kheer), and roses to receive her blessings.

  1. Gemini

Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini. Hence, the color green brings positivity into your life. This Navratri, please the divine by offering a green-colored saree. Remember, the color red has great significance to Navratri. Hence, decorate Maa Durga’s pedestal with red flowers.

  1. Cancer

Those who are born under this zodiac sign worship Goddess Durga with all their faith and devotion. As their zodiac is ruled by the moon, they should offer white-colored vegetarian food and silver-coated sweets to open the doors to opportunities and good news.

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  1. Leo

Leo is represented by Devi Durga’s vahan – the lion. There’s no way their wishes will not be fulfilled if made by pure heart and selflessness. This Navratri, they can offer boondi laddoos, golden jewelry, and red hibiscus to the divinity.

  1. Virgo

It’s rare to find your temple disordered. Being a Virgo, you make the best arrangements to establish Goddess Durga in a well-decorated worship place. Offering green fruits, vegetables, and cloth on the Goddess’s feet will shower you with success and serendipity.

  1. Libra

You belong to the zodiac sign of balance. As a Libra, you can try maintaining balance in your offerings this Navratri. For instance, you can offer a beautiful combination of red and white flowers, white sabudana pudding, and red chunari(cloth).

  1. Scorpio

If there’s someone to whom the most mysterious sign of the zodiac can open up freely, then it’s definitely the supreme being. Express your gratitude to her by offering hibiscus flowers, jaggery, or golden jewelry.

  1. Sagittarius

If you are a Sagittarian, all of your offerings should be in shades of yellow or golden (apart from red). Your zodiac is ruled by Jupiter. Hence, yellow flowers, oil, and cloth is the best offering choice for this Navratri.

  1. Capricorn

A Capricorn moves one step closer to its goals by arranging blue-colored offerings for the Kaalratri. You can also decorate her pedestal with blue-colored decorations and clothes. For nuts, you can present almonds.

  1. Aquarius

Look for blue flowers and embroidered fabric to please Goddess Durga. Doing this on Navratri fulfills your wishes and provides good health. If possible, you can also present silver ornaments on the divinity’s feet.

  1. Pisces

Everyone waits eagerly for Navratri, especially the people born under this zodiac sign. Being the most spiritual sign of the zodiac, you leave no stone unturned in planning the best welcome for the Devi. As per your zodiac sign, you can offer pistachio nuts, sweets, chunari, and yellow flowers.

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