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Greening monetary policy: Lack of appropriate and adequate tools is an insufficient argument

India was the first to integrate climate change in inter-governmental fiscal transfers.

In addition to these fiscal transfers, long term Public Financial Management (PFM) tools like climate-responsive budgeting at national and subnational levels are crucial to address climate change commitments.

A gender lens on recovery packages

Exuberance in financial markets alone is no indicator of recovery. Sans response in terms of gender equality, recovery will be unsustainable

Central banks have a significant role in deployment of credit to the stressed sectors, including agriculture and the MSMEs.

Violence against women: Beyond the rhetoric

Violence against women is as much an economic policy issue as a social one. Macroeconmic policy, governance must set the standards for women’s safety.

State finances: Why is Kerala different?

Identifying innovative sources of financing the deficit is significant to maintain the high human development achievements of the state and also the growth-inducing capital infrastructure formation in Kerala.

Corporate tax cut may not mean much to workers

Given how, in India, there seems to be little impact of the corporation tax on wages, the cut may not mean much for labour.

This tax cut is a bold step, given that India has one of the highest “statutory” corporation tax rates in the world, which, in turn, adversely affected its competitiveness.

It is worth a relook at what Subir Gokarn said in 2013 RBI report of currency and finance

Economists often trace back the institutional linkages between fiscal and monetary authorities to ‘Unpleasant Monetary Arithmetic’ (UMA) of Thomas J Sargent and Neil Wallace. This UMA regime deals with the question of who

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India needs a ‘care economy’ policy

A comprehensive care economy infrastructure can support women to participate in economic activity

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Budget 2019: Key issues that government must tackle

Union Budget 2019 India: The budget announcements are awaited, also, to explore the nature of Sitharaman’s new economic policies for the country

Indian Fiscal Federalism| Complex economic rules between state and Centre explained

Complex economic rules between state & Centre explained in simple terms

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Sustainable growth challenge: Dynamics of the Indian growth story

Gender gaps in labour force participation rates in India affect the “potential output” and also harm the inclusiveness of the growth process

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Make parental leave gender-neutral: Why India must take a cue from Sweden

India must take a cue from Sweden if it is to make parenting equitable and improve its female labour force participation.

Making fiscal transfers gender specific is important. Here’s why

The Terms of Reference of Finance Commissions have expanded over the years, but concerns arising out of gender inequality have never been a part of ToR. This has happened in spite of the growing realisation that it is necessa

Policy solutions to India’s balance of payment crisis

The point to be borne in mind is that there is no panic in the current situation, unlike the case of the 1991 crisis when foreign exchange reserves were sufficient for only for a few weeks’ imports.

15th Finance Commission: What really holds India together

One aspect that never received adequate recognition in the context of what holds India together is the strength of Indian “cooperative federalism” and the role of Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfers recommended by successi

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Narendra Modi in Davos: What was the message from WEF 2018? Find out here

Under the theme ‘Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World’, 2,500 leaders from businesses, governments, civil society, arts, academia and media assembled in Davos last week to push a collective agenda towards ‘incl

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PSB recapitalisation: Here is why this Narendra Modi government step is a big boost to economy

The recapitalisation aims to stem the burgeoning stressed assets and spur genuine long-term infrastructure lending for upcoming or stalled mega-infrastructure projects.

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Global arms trade spurt: Why peace dividend is still a mirage

The UN Security Council has introduced a WPS (women, peace and security) agenda to explore the potential of women in peace-building and also to protect women and girls in conflict.

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Climate change: Here is why role of FinMin in initiating responsive budgeting is crucial for India

Despite the dissent of the US, 19 members of the G20 summit underscored their commitment to Paris Climate Agreement in Hamburg last week.

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The UK mustn’t fall for negative interest rates

This has not been able to take economies out of deflationary pressure

Column: How to combat food price rise before its too late

Persistence of high food inflation can harden the monetary policy stance and make fiscal choices difficult

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Column: All about Brexit repercussions; From education, immigration to austerity and more 

It would entail fiscal austerity measures with cuts on good public spending and a call on deficits.

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