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Russian President Vladimir Putin’s offer of a call with US counterpart Joe Biden was to save ties: Kremlin

Putin made it clear that "it makes sense to have a talk to maintain Russia-U.S. relations instead of trading barbs," and he wanted to make it public to help defuse tensions over Biden's "very bad remarks," said his spokesman,

Russian President Vladimir Putin's offer of a call with US counterpart Joe Biden was to save ties: Kremlin

Will counter China’s aggressive, coercive action: Biden administration

The Biden administration is formulating its policies toward China, which many analysts see as America's largest geopolitical challenge.

us china relations

After Trump setbacks, Kim Jong Un starts over with Joe Biden

Shin expects Biden to eventually pursue a deal with North Korea that resembles the agreement with Iran that Trump pulled out of in 2018.

अब फ्लोरिडा का यह शानदार एस्टेट होगा डोनाल्ड ट्रम्प का नया ठिकाना, 1166 करोड़ रु है कीमत

न्यूयॉर्क पोस्ट की खबर के मुताबिक व्हाइट हाउस में ट्रम्प के आखिरी दिन निकले ट्रकों को

Donald Trump to make Mar-a-Lago estate in florida his permanent home after leaving White House, palm beach

राष्ट्रपति बनते ही 15 फैसले लेंगे Joe Biden, ट्रंप के कुछ बड़े फैसले हो जाएंगे रद्द

पदभार संभालने के कुछ समय बाद राष्ट्रपति के तौर पर जो बिडेन 15 एग्जेक्यूटिव ऑर्डर पर हस्

JOE Biden to sign 15 executive orders on day one as president SOME WILL REVERSE DOANLD TRUP DECISIONS

Joe Biden की कैबिनेट में भारतीय मूल के 20 लोगों को मिली अहम जिम्मेदारी, लिस्ट में कमला हैरिस समेत 13 महिलाएं

Indo-Americans in Biden's Cabinet:  जो बाइडेन ने 20 भारतीय-अमेरिकियों का चयन किया है जिसमें से 13 महिलाएं हैं.

know here about indo Americans in joe biden cabinet and kamala harries

Vinay Reddy: Meet the Indian-American behind US President Joe Biden’s forward-looking inaugural speech

Joe Biden's Inaugural Speech: It is the first time that an Indian-American has been appointed as a presidential speechwriter.

Who is vinay reddy

Joe Biden Inauguration Day 2021: जो बाइडेन का शपथ ग्रहण आज, बनेंगे अमेरिका के 46वें राष्ट्रपति

Inauguration of Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States: बाइडेन के साथ भारतीय मूल की कमला हैरिस (Kamala Harris) उपराष्ट्रपति प

Joe Biden Inauguration Day, Joe Biden sworn in ceremony, american Presidential Inauguration 2021, Kamala Harris, US Capitol, donald trump, washington 

US President-elect Joe Biden unveiling $ 1.9 trillion plan to stem Coronavirus and steady economy

Next Wednesday, when Biden will be sworn in as president, marks the anniversary of the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in the United States.

joe biden coronavirus aid package US

चीन ने TikTok, WeChat पर अमेरिका के बैन का किया विरोध, जवाबी कदम उठाने की चेतावनी

चीन ने शनिवार को कहा कि वह अमेरिका के WeChat और TikTok ऐप्स को ब्लॉक करने के कदम के सख्त खिलाफ है

china protests against US ban on TikTok WeChat warns them of counter measures

दुनिया में इन देशों के पास है सोने का विशाल भंडार, टॉप 10 में भारत भी शामिल

वर्ल्ड गोल्ड काउंसिल (WGC) की ताजा रिपोर्ट के मुताबिक जानते हैं दुनिया में किन 10 देशों के

COVID19 की संभावित दवा Remdesivir हुई आउट ऑफ स्टॉक, अमेरिका ने खरीद ली पूरी सप्लाई

कोरोनावायरस से संक्रमित लोगों पर ट्रायल्स में Remdesivir ने सकारात्मक परिणाम दिए हैं.

Home Isolation guidelines

US reacts to Nawaz Sharif’s 26/11 remark, says concerned about Hafiz Saeed roaming freely in Pakistan

The 2008 Mumbai attacks were carried out by Pakistan based terrorist group, Lashkar-e-taiba. The attacks lasted for four days across Mumbai, India's financial capital. Many foreign nationals were among those dead.

India hails US decision to designate Hafiz Saeed’s Milli Muslim League as terror outfit

Hafiz Saeed had last year floated MML, but the Election Commission had refused to recognise MML as a political party. MML is a political front of terror group JuD. However, the Islamabad HC last month set aside the EC observa

India, MEA, OBOR, china, China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

What is the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival deal and why is Donald Trump threatening to kill it?

DACA programme was announced by Barack Obama in 2012. DACA refers to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival and provides a platform to legalise the status of undocumented immigrants, commonly referred as 'Dreamers'.

Mexico, DACA deal, United States, Donald Trump

See strong conversion of interests and concerns under Donald Trump presidency: Foreign Secy S Jaishankar

He said, "With Russia, India's relationship has grown very strong in the last two years as with the bonding of the two leaders".

Barack Obama admin sent ‘very tough’ message to Pakistan to dismantle safe havens of terrorists network: Envoy Richard Verma

Former United States of America President, Barack Obama last year also took a stand against terrorism sponsored in Pakistan at 71st UN General Assembly session.

Donald Trump thanks news organisations who did not ‘treat him well’ and other best quotes from his first press conference as president-elect

Trump took to a stage in Phoenix and delivered a speech where he said how news channels and conferences helped him win the elections.

Donald Trump revokes press credentials of The Washington Post

Republican presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump has revoked press credentials of The Washington Post, a leading American daily, accusing it of writing falsely about him.

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Orlando shooting: 50 dead in carnage; top 5 things to know

Orlando shooting: Some 50 people were killed and 53 others wounded after a gunman wielding an assault-type rifle and a handgun took hostages and opened fire inside a crowded Florida nightclub. Here are the top 5 things to kno

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US has moved ahead of India in its enmity with Pakistan: Hafiz Saeed

Hafiz Saeed said: "It is our duty to tell the people of this country about the dangerous nexus of the US, Israel and India against Pakistan."

United States man imprisoned for violating Syria sanctions

A California man was sentenced to 32 months in prison for conspiring to skirt US sanctions against Syria by sending tactical military equipment to jihadists in the war-torn country.

US, US news, US sanctions, US sanctions against Syria, US sanction against Syria news, Syria latest update
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