Vedanta moves Supreme Court, seeks permission to continue medical oxygen production

A bench led by Justice DY Chandrachud posted the matter for hearing next week after senior counsel Harish Salve mentioned the matter for urgent hearing.

However, the Tamil Nadu government, through senior counsel Kapil Sibal, said it is opposed to continuation of oxygen production in the plant as the state has sufficient liquid oxygen.

ऑक्सीजन पर हाहाकार: वसंत कुंज के इस हॉस्पिटल को तुरंत चाहिए सौ सिलिंडर, 150 से ज्यादा मरीजों की अटकी हैं सांसें

दिल्ली के वसंतकुंज स्थित इंडियन स्पाइनल इंजरी सेटर में ऑक्सीजन की भारी किल्लत हो गई ह

oxygen supply in sir ganga ram hospital

Earth had enough oxygen before animals appeared

It's a known fact that oxygen is crucial for the existence of animals on Earth, but did you know that an increase in oxygen level did not apparently lead to the rise of the first animals.

Earth may have got its oxygen from blue-green algae

According to a recent study, a whiff from blue-green algae was likely responsible for the Earth's oxygen.

Oxygen detected on comet for first time

Scientists have for the first time detected abundant oxygen in the atmosphere of a comet which streaked past the Sun in August, a surprise finding that may change our understanding of the evolution of our solar system.

There’s more oxygen in Earth’s core than previously believed

A new view of the content of the Earth's core has suggested that there is more oxygen in it than previously believed.

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