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Treat good and bad carbs as equals

Treat good and bad carbs as equals

The idea that all carbohydrates are not created equal has become the foundation of many popular diets.

Comfort food does not lift your mood
Comfort food does not lift your mood

Your mood will probably improve shortly after you eat your favorite high-carb hug...

Expectant dads experience hormone changes

Impending fatherhood can lower two hormones - testosterone and estradiol - in men, a new study has found.

Wild blueberries can lower bad effects of high-fat diet

Eating wild blueberries or bilberries diminishes the adverse effects of a high-fat diet, a new study...

Trickle down effect of exercise

New study finds that exercising changes the functioning of genes that affect how healthy and fit our muscles become.

Ability to balance on one leg may reflect stroke risk

Struggling to stand on one leg for less than 20 seconds is linked to a higher risk of stroke...

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