Coronavirus lockdown: How to safeguard your physical, mental and emotional health

Here are some easy to follow tips at your home to help your overall health get going through such hard and challenging times.

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While there is still no cure for the disease, a lot of health experts are saying that a strong immune system could help. With the lockdown till May 3, people are relying on the tips by Ayush Ministry to prevent the contagion.

By Nmami Agarwal

Coronavirus lockdown: Limiting the external outings, managing the social contact, laying back in the apartment and houses- lockdown is affecting our lives like no other. Not only general worries, but it is also affecting our physical, mental and emotional health even leading to tension, stress and anxiety. The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic is taking a toll on our overall health and well-being and with the same news going around all the time, we cannot deny the fact that ‘we all feel drained and jittery.’ Here are some simple steps by which you can take care of your physical, mental and emotional health while staying at home. What’s more!? It helps you in eliminating those negative vibes while prioritizing your internal peace

Here are some easy to follow tips at your home to help your overall health get going through such hard and challenging times.

Coronavirus Outbreak: Tips to stay in good physical health

Stick to a healthy diet: A healthy and well-balanced diet is the key to virtuous health. It not only enriches you with great nutrients but also helps in keeping the diseases at bay. Regular consumption of a healthy diet reduces the risk of developing chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol levels and obesity. Not only this, but certain foods can produce feel-good endorphins which can easily uplift your mood. You can add green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, kale, cabbage, microgreens, and fruits like kiwi, apples, grapefruits and berries in your diet. You can enhance the taste of these healthy food staples by making smoothies, salads and stir-fry vegetables from it. Don’t forget to sprinkle your favourite herbs and spices over it to make it more luscious.

At-home exercise routine: Home workout is one of the great ways to maintain good physical health and to kill that boring indoor time. Be it toned body, weight management or a peaceful mind- exercises can do wonders on everything. You can utilise your stairs and balcony, do lunges, squats, Pilates and dance-based exercises at your home. These are easy to do and can enhance your physical health and well-being like nothing else. Start from 15-20 minutes and increase time slowly up to an hour.

COVID-19: Tips to safeguard mental health

Meditation is a must: Meditation is one of the significant ways to soothe the mind with calmness and to eliminate the negative vibes. Plenty of researches support meditation and it has been used from ages to combat stress levels, reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety and to enhance the memory. Start by breathing exercises, refer to old-school mediation techniques like focussing on inhaling and exhaling, counting the breath and visualization. Just 5-10 minutes of a mediation session can do wonders to your mental health.

Sound sleep can do wonders: A night of good sleep is a pre-requisite for great mental health. Do you ever notice the tiredness and absent mind when you are sleep deprived? Yes, sleep deprivation can impact psychological well-being and even increase the risk of developing health ailments like diabetes, obesity and heart diseases. Maintaining a regular sleep routine for 8 hours is as important as eating healthy and exercising. So, grab your pillow and blanket and manage your environment to get a night of good ZZZZsss.

Coronavirus lockdown: Preserving emotional health

Staying connected is the key: More than ever, we need our near and dear ones now! Talking to your closed ones and expressing your thoughts and feelings will help you declutter your mind while reliving the tensions.It helps in eliminating your negative bubbles of thoughts and fills you up with optimism. But hey, not in person! Do phone calls, video calls and do virtual sharing.

Switch off: Okay, so basically, constantly scrolling the social media and listening to the negative news can force you to develop negative emotions. So, just detaching yourself with social media for some time can help you in uplifting your mood and emotional state. You can incorporate your favourite activities at that time like sketching, crafting, book reading, listening to your favourite music and gardening.

All said and done, but yes it is difficult to stay at home for such a long period of time. It can even lead to distress in the mind and anxiety sometimes. So, incorporate these above-written ways in your lifestyle and enrich yourself with good health and well-being in such harsh times.

The author is Founder, Nmami Life. Views expressed are the author’s own.

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First published on: 11-04-2020 at 12:14 IST