Modern day work places: Thin lines between digital and physical

A research by BBVA says that by 2030, individuals will cease to have permanent jobs and there will be an increased rise of freelancers.

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By Srihari Palangala

In this era of digitalisation, innovation and disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics and Internet of Things (IoT), we are at the point where tech will impact many facets of daily life. A research by BBVA says that by 2030, individuals will cease to have permanent jobs and there will be an increased rise of freelancers. The emergence of these digital trends and the shift of workforce from millennials to Gen Z, with the amalgamation of the digital and the physical world will be a highly transformative element for every business.

Could workplace as an address seize to exist?

We are moving towards everything smarter—from smart infrastructure, smart factories to smart cities. Today, technology has changed how the workforce is interacting with their physical office space and their working hours. In today’s work ecosystem, workers are not restricted to their desks and are always on the go, without worrying about power cords. Innovative and intuitive tech in your computer, is every IT decision maker’s primary task. According to the Future Workforce Study, a research by Dell and Intel, 80% millennials cited workplace tech as a deciding factor for taking up a job while 42% of them agreed that if workplace technology isn’t up to their standard, they would consider quitting. So what are the key indicators of a smart workplace defined by them—real-time collaboration with co-workers and accommodating work from anywhere!

Digital workplaces for fostering better collaboration

Modern workplaces for the modern workforce demand high-end computing experience without any room for security lapses, which requires a secure, reliable, and a professional solution. So active workspace digitalisation, has the potential to bring real value to employees in the form of improved productivity, greater working flexibility and convenience through mobility, collaboration and security. More importantly, the ability to take tasks to the most skilled people across the globe in order to tap the best talent, regardless of boundaries is key to a modern workplace.

The nature of businesses will decide the future of workplaces

In industries such as steel and manufacturing where production is moving towards digitalisation, face to face engagement is still a high priority and thus the need of a physical workplace remains indispensable. However, where there are opportunities for going digital, organisations are becoming more collaborative and linear in their structure.

Striking a balance between digital and physical workplace

Workplaces will need to be more holistic – lean and agile and authentic. The future office will be a modern workplace that integrates the physical world with the experience in the digital world and is highly likely to succeed in this dynamic environment.

An adaptive workplace will bring the best minds together in a more flexible world with a wide network of relationships—how a job is done is equally important as the job itself at the end of the day. And this will be enabled by more people working globally, virtually freelancing or in transitory partnerships, and with a stronger focus on personal (not brand) loyalty. While the concept of physical workplace will not cease to exist but birth of a ‘Phigital’ workplace is definitely something that we can expect in the upcoming years.

The writer is director and head of marketing at Dell EMC

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