Lightning strike Boeing once too often

737 Max made it onto the market with one system that could cause uncontrolled flights to plunge into the ground. To discover a second casts a worrying light on the company’s entire safety culture.

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Tinder wants to lose its hookup image; here’s why

As Tinder’s explosive subscriber growth has started to wane in North America, its parent company, IAC/Interactive Corp.’s Match Group Inc., has done what so many companies have done before: it’s looked to Asia

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Bitcoin volatility on full display as it drops $1,800 in minutes

Volatility in Bitcoin is near the highest levels since early 2018, when the bubble was bursting.

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Axis bank looks at mega stake sale to raise $1.3 billion so that it can lend more

The deal would help the Mumbai-based lender enhance risk buffers and support loan growth at a time when shadow banks in the country are battling a liquidity crunch due to rising wariness in the nation’s credit market.

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China’s pain is India’s gain: Chemical stocks surge as specialty chemicals makers woo investors

Value of India’s speciality chemicals sector is likely to rise almost two-and-a-half times to $87 billion by March 2025.

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says company was too slow to respond to Nancy Pelosi deepfake

"It took a while for our systems to flag that and for fact-checkers to rate it as false," he said. "During that time, it got more distribution than our policies should have allowed."

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Donald Trump warns of plan B on China Trade: Billions more in tariffs

“My Plan B with China is to take in billions and billions of dollars a month and we’ll do less and less business with them,” Trump said Wednesday during an interview with Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

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Apple hires key chip designer Mike Filippo from ARM as own efforts ramp up

Apple initiated a plan several years ago to replace Intel chips in its Mac computers with processors based on the ARM architecture as early as 2020.

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Facebook and Google should be sued for political bias: Donald Trump in latest complaint

Social media companies have sought to more aggressively police their sites for what they consider hate speech and fraudulent accounts, but say they have no policies targeting conservatives.

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Climate Change: Why economic conservatives must provide market-based solutions

If economic conservatives want to stay relevant, they need to provide market-based solutions to one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century—climate change.

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Chennai water crisis a man-made disaster, more metropolitan cities will suffer

Chennai water crisis 2019: Thousands of people are turning to water tank trucks in Chennai as house and hotel taps run dry in an acute water shortage caused by drying lakes and depleted groundwater.

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Why businesses must fight climate change

Businesses and investors thinking of what assets to build and finance, and where, are signaling that they are aligning themselves with ambitious climate goals.

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RBI deputy governor Viral Acharya’s resignation is worrisome but not surprising: Report

A standoff over the government’s intentions was temporarily resolved by pushing to a panel of experts the question of whether the RBI had excess capital and could return some of it to the finance ministry.

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India plans incentives to lure companies moving out of China amid US trade war

Financial incentives such as preferential tax rates and the tax holiday provided by Vietnam to lure companies are among measures being considered.

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Tata retail arm Trent to build Zara-like ‘fast fashion’ empire but at cheaper price

Trent views trendiness as its main advantage over these competitors. To that end, it’s working to make its fast fashion supply chain even faster, said Tata.

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Yagnas, dry washing cars to serving food in leaves: How Chennai is battling water crisis

India isn’t the only country facing a water crisis. Africa’s booming cities are running out of the essential resource and 2 billion people now live in countries experiencing high water stress.

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US reportedly says equipment for 5G network be made outside China

The White House declined to confirm or comment on specific discussions, The Wall Street Journal said.

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Facebook’s Libra crypto coin: 5 things we know, and 5 we don’t

Libra is being touted as a cryptocurrency, so it’s natural to use existing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum as mental models for what it could be. But it’s probably better to think instead about traditional peer

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Bitcoin में एक बार फिर जागी निवेशकों की रुचि, 15 माह में पहली बार कीमतें 10000 डॉलर के पार

बिटकॉइन लगभग 5 फीसदी की बढ़ोत्तरी दर्ज कर लगभग 10500 डॉलर पर पहुंच गया है.

Bitcoin climbs to $10,000 as memories of the crypto bubble fade News

Iran’s nuclear standoff is about to enter a perilous new phase

In his Twitter post Trump specified the need to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, echoing comments made to reporters at the White House on Saturday.

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Bitcoin climbs to $10,000 as memories of the crypto bubble fade

“The bounce back of Bitcoin has been fairly extraordinary,” said George McDonaugh, chief executive and co-founder of London-based blockchain and cryptocurrency investment firm KR1 Plc. “Money didn’t leave the asset be

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Gold shot to a 6-year high this week. Here’s what to watch next

In a world where many competing safe-haven assets such as government bonds are offering negative rates and the yield curve is pointing to a recession, gold is looking like an good bet.

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India’s decaying health system sees 140 children die in outbreak

About 122 children have been died in Muzaffarpur -- the epicenter of crises -- including 102 in a government hospital, said Kaushal Kishore, additional secretary of Bihar’s health department. With deaths from other district

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Southeast Asia’s hottest stocks fizzled out after 1000% return

Escalating trade tensions between China and the U.S. have led to worries that a global economic slowdown will reduce the demand for pulp and paper products.

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China refuses to bow down: Will fight trade war ‘to the end,’ state media says

The US must drop all tariffs imposed on China if it wants to negotiate on trade, and only an equal dialogue can resolve the issue and lead to a win-win, the newspaper said.

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Banks finally accept India’s oldest private-sector airline Jet Airways is dead

The airline could still have survived even if that had failed, with banks supplying working capital through an in-court bankruptcy process.

As the bungling of Jet Airways shows, no insolvency law will do any good to a financial system (File photo) News

This Indian lender is a rare bright spot in shadow banking world

Bajaj Finance’s stock gains have accelerated more recently, with its 36% advance so far this year topping the benchmark Sensex index.

The shadow bank’s shares have surged 25% while some rivals have plunged as much as 89% since August 2018. (Website image) News