Huawei gets 90-day relaxation from Android ban, company to focus on its own OS

Huawei held talks this year with European wireless carriers about installing App Gallery on new devices, said one person familiar with the conversations

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Lok Sabha election result 2019: These Kingmakers may win political game of thrones, if exit polls turn wrong, says report

Here’s a list of kingmakers -- regional political leaders with clout across various Indian states -- who may decide whether the Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party or their biggest political rival, Rahul Gandhi’s Indian Natio

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Jaguar Land Rover’s tiny profit is no solace; the Tata company still faces major challenges

Rather than generating gains from dramatic cost cuts and other measures, its meagre earnings came on the back of spending less on non-core manufacturing and working-capital improvements.

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Mid-cap stocks may be headed to revival of fortunes as Modi shines in exit polls

While the benchmark Nifty 50 Index rallied 3.7% to a fresh peak, the Nifty MidCap 100 Index advanced 4.1% as the strength of the projected victory boosted the broader market.

The number of securities that hit the upper circuit limit was 115, while 119 scrips touched their respective lower circuits, according to BSE. (File photo) News

Decoded: Is Huawei a Trump bargaining chip?

If Huawei picks up the slack itself, or hands work over to local suppliers, new jobs will be created for local workers

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NBFC stocks surge on report of RBI helping hand to tide over liquidity crisis

The non-bank lenders, which have been hit by high borrowing costs and largely shut out from the bond market after the crisis at shadow lender IL&FS Group broke out last year, are facing trouble raising funds.

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Facebook’s robotic arms and legs are learner faster than ever

Facebook announced in a blog post Monday that its engineers, working with computer scientists from New York University, have reduced the time it takes to teach a robotic arm how to grasp objects to tens of tries, rather than

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Google Glass gets new life on factory floor after consumer flop

Wearables -- whether taking the form of eyewear, wristwear or headgear -- boost productivity by giving multi-tasking employees more flexibility to do their jobs without juggling a handheld iPad or laptop.

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This Japanese Toaster costs $270, it only makes one slice at a time

Clad in faux-wood veneer, the gadget is meant to be used at the dining table, not the kitchen counter.

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Lenovo refutes reports saying it stopped supplying to Huawei after Google’s shock

Earlier today, Google reportedly said it would stop giving Huawei access to its Android support

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Trade wars: Google pulls Android from Huawei, deals blow to mobile business

Alphabet Inc.’s Google will cut off the supply of hardware and some software services to Huawei Technologies Co. to comply with a Trump administration crackdown on the Chinese telecoms giant, a person familiar with the matt

Google’s move had largely been anticipated. (Reuters photo) News

Japan’s unexpected GDP growth comes with reasons for caution

Japan’s economy surprised with solid growth during the first quarter of the year, but that is likely to give little comfort to policy makers worried about economic momentum ahead of a looming sales tax increase.

Another reason for caution is that the figures released Monday offer a preliminary reading of Japan’s economy, and they are often significantly different when revised results are released in the following weeks. (Reuters File photo) News

India’s new government inherits an economy riddled with problems

While Modi’s government’s seized control of the company to contain the crisis, a lingering credit crunch has curbed loans and affected consumer spending. That’s separately triggered concerns about mutual funds that hold

Going into the elections, both Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party and the main opposition Indian National Congress were big on pledges to spend billions of dollars to provide income support to the poor and farmers. (PTI Photo) News

Oil jumps after OPEC signals intent to continue output cuts

Oil made a strong start to the week after Saudi Arabia and other OPEC producers signaled their intention to keep oil supplies constrained for the rest of the year, while pledging to prevent any genuine shortages.

Saudi minister Khalid Al-Falih urged the group to “stay the course” on production cuts at a meeting in Jeddah. (AP Photo) News

Modi sarkar 2.0 needs to be bolder than first

Even those that are least optimistic about the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party’s chances say it would be within striking distance of a majority if it could add a few more coalition partners.

PM Narendra Modi at an election rally in West Bengal (Twitter image) News

Trade war: Trump’s tariffs could cost China big

If the country falls back on old bad habits, its chances of reaching high-income status may well be threatened

donald trump, US china trade war, Us markets, Chinese imports, global economy, Beijing, GDP, middle icome trap News

Explained: Facebook, Twitter and the digital disinformation mess

The kind of disinformation now known as fake news has tainted public discourse for centuries, even millennia. But it’s been amplified in our digital age as a weapon of fearmongers, mob-baiters and election-meddlers that can

Facebook, Twitter, fake news, facebook fake news, Digital Disinformation Mess, online fake news, elections, fake news elections , lok sabha elections, whatsapp fake news

Apple CEO Tim Cook says his era has failed by over-debating climate change

Cook, 58, said the solution to climate change won’t be found based on whose side wins or loses an election. “It’s about who has won life’s lottery and has the luxury of ignoring this issue and who stands to lose every

Apple, apple CEO, Tim Cook, Climate Change, pollution, sustainable energy, News

Explained: India’s vanishing working capital and rising bankruptcies

Like with most credit creation in India in the past few years, banks have ceded space to nonbank, or shadow, lenders.

economy, indian economy, rupee, indian rupee News

Fed’s Robert Kaplan says watching trade war impact on economy, prices

President Donald Trump last week increased duties to 25% from 10% on some $200 billion in Chinese products

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Oil prices: OPEC+ job isn’t done as oil inventory rising, says UAE minister

Saudi Arabia, Russia and other oil producers in a global coalition are meeting in Jeddah this weekend to consider whether they’ll need to continue keeping supplies restrained during the second half of the year.

opec, oil market, economy, commodity market News

Trade wars: China just doesn’t want to be like the West

Throughout its 500-year relationship with the West, Beijing has sought to profit from its wealth without truly embracing its ideals and norms.

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Pakistan stocks cap worst week in 17 years after loan

The South Asian nation is expected to adopt tough measures as part of its deal with the IMF, which investors speculate may include further currency devaluation.

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Boeing loses veteran Jetliner salesmen amid crucial market test

With the turnover, Boeing loses executives with deep customer relationships in some of its most critical markets as the company tries to rebuild confidence in the 737 Max after two fatal crashes.

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Trade war’s hammerlock on bond market puts lower yields in sight

With a trade deal between the world’s two largest economies moving further out of view just as global economic growth is ebbing, and political angst building in Europe, Treasuries are exerting a magnetic pull for investors

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US-China feud widens, Europe populists buoyant: weekend reads

US-China relations hit a new low this week after President Donald Trump’s administration slapped new tariffs on imports from China and targeted its biggest technology company, Huawei Technologies.

The bottom line is that Xi Jinping may have provoked the dispute, departing from the dictum of China “biding its time” before its time—a cumulative backlash to China’s actions in Taiwan and North-east Asia, and the South China Sea (Illustration: Rohnit phore) News

HBO plots what’s next as ‘Game of Thrones’ era comes to an end

In 2019, the network boosted production of scripted programming to 150 hours from 100 hours, an increase that Bloys said had been planned for several years.

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