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India’s place in global markets at stake in coronavirus response

“India’s response to the pandemic will play an important part in determining its ability to attract foreign capital,” said Marcelo Assalin, head of emerging markets debt at fund manager William Blair.

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One million people infected by COVID-19: How coronavirus spread around the world

With some virus carriers presenting few outward signs of illness, and many countries unable or unwilling to conduct wider testing, the true number of global infections is likely higher -- some say far higher -- than 1 million

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Coronavirus pandemic: Nations with mandatory TB vaccines show fewer COVID-19 deaths

Scientists are still working to better understand why the BCG vaccine may be effective against not just tuberculosis but other disease microbes.

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Facing uncertainty of coronavirus timeline, South Asian rice suppliers opting for abundance of caution

Not only does India have large reserves, but Thailand, the second-biggest shipper, recently said it had enough rice to meet its export target, even after suffering the worst drought in decades. Indonesia, the world’s fourth

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Stock markets’ woes to get deeper as Jim Rogers expects worst bear mkt in coming years

He noted companies with a strong market share also tend to emerge relatively unscathed, unless they are highly leveraged. For now, he has “a lot of cash” in U.S. dollars, some Chinese and Russian stocks, and he is conside

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Life in China resumes to normalcy while rest of the world’s coronavirus fight continues

Employees are returning to work, production lines are starting to roll and even the original outbreak epicenter of Wuhan is ending its lockdown soon.

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Coronavirus lockdown: If not for hoarding, India has enough food stock to feed its poor

State governments can draw food grains for three months from Food Corp. on credit, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said via Twitter Monday. This will ensure that the states do not face any cash constraint in distributing

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Coronavirus impact: India’s jewelry sales set to hit 25-year low

India’s stock indexes posted their worst losses on record Monday, as the world’s second-most populous nation went into a lockdown after the number of coronavirus cases in the country surpassed 400.

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Biggest lockdown in world history! Why controlling the coronavirus outbreak is crucial for PM Modi

India so far has 467 virus cases, including seven deaths. But experts say the country could be on the same trajectory as Italy, where the outbreak quickly escalated, causing hospitals to overflow.

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Modi’s ‘stay at home’ call may deepen India’s economic slowdown

Work from home is posing implementation challenges for the manufacturing sector where workers are required to be physically present at the production sites.

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Govt considers easier loan, tax rules for SMEs to help economy amid coronavirus

India is considering offering easier loan repayment terms and tax breaks for small-and medium-sized companies to help Asia’s third-largest economy weather the onslaught of the coronavirus.

From a domestic standpoint, India shall continue to be a net importer of copper in FY21, pending the resumption of Vedanta's copper smelting facility. (Reuters file image) News

Swift foreign outflows from India weigh on rate-cut outlook

One reason for the RBI’s reluctance may be worries that deeper rate cuts could worsen outflows and weaken the rupee, according to investors such as Lakshmi Iyer at Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Co. in Mumbai.

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Yes Bank survival: Depositors staying put is now key to India’s biggest bank rescue

Yes Bank reported nearly a fifth of its loan book had turned bad and deposits shrank 34% in just over five months.

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Coronavirus impact: Emerging currencies face losses of up to 30% in virus sell-down

The relentless spread of the coronavirus and a plunge in oil prices has already seen the S&P 500 Index tumble about 25% from its closing high on Feb. 19 to its low set last week. The dollar has jumped 20% versus the Chilean

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Probe finds Rs 20 billion missing from Cafe Coffee Day’s accounts after founder Siddhartha’s suicide

As the report nears release, Coffee Day is finalizing a deal with Blackstone Group Inc. for real estate assets.

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Coronavirus impact: Citigroup eyes 10% asset growth as virus-battered Asia goes online

Citigroup has incorporated its retail banking service on Tencent Holdings Ltd.’s instant messaging tool WeChat, meaning clients can check their accounts within the mobile app.

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PM Modi dawdles on reform even after collapse of Yes Bank

The 72.5 billion rupee ($980 million) rescue of Yes Bank Ltd. -- the nation’s biggest-ever banking failure -- has refocused attention on the Reserve Bank of India’s regulatory autonomy.

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Coronavirus outbreak, bank failure and oil drop push RBI, Modi govt to take immediate action

On top of the coronavirus outbreak and the oil-price crash, India was rocked last week by the biggest bank rescue in its history.

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Mukesh Ambani no longer the king; loses the ‘Asia’s richest’ crown to this businessman

Reliance Industries expected the Aramco transaction to be completed by March, but people familiar with the matter said in February that talks were still ongoing to bridge differences between the two parties over the deal’s

In a pivot toward new businesses such as telecommunications, technology and retail, Ambani’s Reliance Industries has piled on billions of dollars of debt over the years. (File image) News

Yes Bank Q3 results, India’s largest offshore bond, Vodafone Idea AGR dues: Crucial week for India Inc

The nation’s biggest developer is racing to refinance $324 million debt maturing March 13, and any stumble could lead to one of India’s largest offshore bond defaults.

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Coronavirus stages explained: There is a ‘Tipping Point’ before COVID19 Kills

Some people may be more genetically susceptible, possibly because they have a greater abundance of the distinctly shaped protein receptors in their respiratory epithelial cells that the virus targets, Taubenberger said.

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Coronavirus is ending a 16-year plane boom for Boeing and Airbus

Airline traffic is expected to contract this year for only the fourth time since the Great Depression, although the full impact will depend on how long the Covid-19 virus continues to spread, said Ron Epstein, an analyst with

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Yes Bank crisis, RBI’s rescue plan can squeeze banks further for funds

The shadow banking crisis that erupted in September 2018 added to Yes Bank’s woes.

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Sovereign bonds in India at highest since 2009 as crude slides

The central bank has resorted to unconventional tools, initially adopting a Federal Reserve-style Operation Twist to bring down longer-end yields.

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Disinvestment puts India’s PSU icons on sale as Modi govt scrambles for money

Faced with the highest unemployment in 45 years and a shadow-banking crisis that’s crippling lending, Modi needs the money to plug a budget hole and fund spending on infrastructure and reforms.

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Yes Bank’s bonfire of insanity was left to burn

India doesn’t have a safe way to let even large non-deposit-taking financial firms fail, which is why the authorities needed to handle trouble at a large deposit-taking institution like Yes with more urgency.

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