Google Stadia game service to launch in November at $10-a-month

Google is leading the way in the nascent business of streaming games through the internet, announcing pricing and a raft of new titles for its Stadia service ahead of its competitors.

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Amazon’s Jeff Bezos interrupted by activist during onstage talk Inc. Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos was interrupted by an animal-rights activist who rushed onto the stage where he was being interviewed during a conference in Las Vegas.

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Cloud play: Google to buy Looker for $2.6 billion

Alphabet Inc.’s Google agreed to buy Looker Data Sciences Inc. for $2.6 billion, expanding its offerings to help customers manage data in the cloud.

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GDP growth concerns in India put more interest rate cuts on the radar

A marked slowdown in Asia’s third-largest economy pushed growth concerns to the top of the Reserve Bank of India’s agenda, suggesting more policy easing will follow its third interest-rate cut of the year.

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Next trade-war casualty may be mergers and acquisitions market

Whether it’s the sale of a Boeing jetliner or a tech takeover, trade tensions spell bad news for megadeals

US India trade ties, WTO, Boeing planes, Celgene Corp, M&A transaction, Bristol, sale of Boeing jetliner News

Modi needs $190 billion bank cleanup to revive economic growth

Reforms meant to clean up $190 billion of stressed bank loans will be crucial to reviving economic growth during Narendra Modi’s second term as prime minister.

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Uber Chopper to begin operating in New York City: Helicopter testing underway

Uber is all set to start offering helicopter rides in New York City and will cost around $220-225USD (~Rs 15,300) per person.

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YouTube cracks down on Steven Crowder channel after protests

The Google video unit had earlier said Crowder’s offending videos didn’t violate its policies. That prompted a group of Google employees to protest the decision.

The protest came hours after YouTube said it was instituting a tougher stance on content that could encourage discrimination and hate (AP Photo) News

Amazon to test chopper-plane mashup for drone deliveries

The Amazon device has only 10 moving parts, its six propellers and the four control surfaces that allow it to maneuver in flight, according to Kimchi, who heads the engineering team that developed the aircraft.

The new device takes off vertically, then tilts to fly horizontally like a plane. (AP Photo) News

Netflix accused by Fox of `audacious’ poaching as trial looms

The Fox studios alleged in the 2016 complaint that Netflix illegally induced the two executives -- a vice president of promotions at the movie studio and a vice president of creative at the TV studio -- to break their contrac

Netflix argues it can’t be barred from recruiting and hiring Fox’s fixed-term employees (File photo) News

Oracle’s alliance with Microsoft halts dead-end cloud strategy

The software makers will connect their data centers so mutual customers can more easily use cloud services from both companies, Redwood City, California-based Oracle said in a statement.

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YouTube cracks down on videos glorifying Nazi ideology

The company said in a blog post it will also remove content denying that well-documented violent events, such as the Holocaust or the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, took place.

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Digital payments: Cashless India could be a model for the world

With more than 140 Indian banks sharing the interface, and Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Facebook Inc.’s WhatsApp offering instantaneous payment services on it, UPI has become a keenly watched experiment.

By the looks of it, things are going well: From nothing to 800 million monthly transactions in less than three years, India’s UPI has taken off. News

Donald Trump says there’s ‘always a chance’ of war with Iran

President Donald Trump said there’s “always a chance” of the US taking military action in Iran, though he’d prefer to engage verbally with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

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Apple App Store, Google Play store duopoly questioned again as US justice department circles

Google and Apple have also highlighted their ability to filter out fake apps and malicious software

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Apple Safari rival Firefox follows its path to block online trackers

Blocking the trackers by default is important, said Dave Camp, a Mozilla senior vice president who oversees Firefox

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Oil prices drop as US stockpiles report stokes fears of glut

Oil is teetering on the edge of a bear market after falling almost 20% from a peak in late April as an aggressive U.S. trade policy stokes fears that the global economy is headed for a sharp slowdown.

The American Petroleum Institute reported U.S. crude stockpiles rose by 3.55 million barrels last week, according to people familiar with the data. (Reuters File image) News

Looming crisis: Central banks poised to act as economic warnings flash

The Fed has a current rate target range of 2.25% to 2.5%, which doesn’t leave much room above zero given it cut by 500 basis points to fight the last downturn.

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Wall street pooh-poohs Facebook, Google `nuclear options’

“Nuclear options” such as mandated breakups of Google, Facebook or Amazon, or exposing search or feed algorithms, are “fairly low,” Baird’s Colin Sebastian wrote in a June 3 note.

Wall street pooh-poohs Facebook, Google `nuclear options' News

Big tech could get subpoenas in house probe

The Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Department are also separately examining whether digital platform companies are harming competition.

Washington is ratcheting up antitrust scrutiny of some of the country’s most valuable companies after years of a hands-off approach. (File photo) News

iPhone maker in antitrust trouble, Apple app developers jump on bandwagon

Amid the revelation this week that Apple is among four titans of the Valley facing possible U.S. antitrust probes, the developers sued the company on Tuesday claiming its App Store suppresses competition.

Apple didn’t immediately respond to emails seeking comment on the suit. (AP Photo) News

Facebook may be asked to censor hateful posts globally

Scrutiny of Facebook in the EU has intensified since the bloc introduced strict new privacy rules a year ago, giving data regulators for the first time real teeth and the power to fine companies as much as 4% of annual sales

The company said it removes content that breaks the law and that its priority “is always to keep people on Facebook safe.” (Reuters photo) News

Privacy bandwagon: Firefox follows Apple in blocking third-party cookies online

Going forward, new downloads of Firefox will automatically block trackers known as third-party cookies, which can follow users around the web and log their activity.

As concerns about privacy grow, tech companies and advertisers have come under pressure to limit online tracking and data collection. News

Building blocks of MNCs are eroding

The building blocks of the multinational corporation—supply-chain fragmentation, and foreign direct investment—are eroding.

multinational corporations india, world economy, anti capitalists, capitalism, huawei trump, apple, toyota motor, News

Google’s enemies sharpen complaints as DOJ opens antitrust probe

Rivals and companies that depend on Google have long complained that the internet giant harms competition across markets.

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Facebook could begin blocking offensive posts globally

Scrutiny of Facebook in the EU has intensified since the bloc introduced strict new privacy rules a year ago

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US Presidential race: Joe Biden promises 100% clean energy, net-zero emissions by 2050

Joe Biden, Barack Obama’s vice president and a centrist running on rebuilding the middle class, has already received criticism from rivals and environmental groups for not being strong enough on the issue, even before the r

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