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Bond income helps RBI pay record windfall

The central bank earned an additional 360 billion rupees through interest income from its domestic bond portfolio and 210 billion rupees from foreign exchange intervention operations, an official told reporters, asking not to

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No-deal Brexit spells more pain for already-weakened UK economy

With so much “noise” in the numbers, it’s hard to disentangle how much of the loss of momentum in the economy is down to a natural slowdown, weaker global demand, and Brexit. The economy is forecast to rebound this quar

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Worst unemployment in decades takes toll on consumer loans

Credit analysts are keeping a watchful eye on signs of stress in Indian household debt after unemployment rose to a 45-year high and as lenders grapple with the worst soured debt levels of any major economy.

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Apple to sell iPhone, iPad online in India after govt eases retail FDI rules

With escalating trade tensions damaging ties between the US and China, New Delhi’s latest investment rules could provide a boost to Apple, allowing it to grow sales in the country and possibly help it reduce its high depend

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Fox News advertisers get direct line to viewer-in-chief Donald Trump

Fox’s political-ad spending reports filed at the Federal Communications Commission show robust spending on programs that figure in Trump’s viewing.

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Animal spirits get worse as slowdown continues in July

Car sales slumped the most in almost two decades and latest data showed infrastructure sector output grew at the slowest pace in more than four years.

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How RBI coming to government’s rescue, without running immediate risk of exposure to own credibility

The central bank is coming to the govt’s rescue, and without running any immediate risk of exposure to its own credibility.

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India’s $24 billion bonus from RBI gives it options on budget

The RBI’s board approved the transfer on Monday, which includes a dividend of Rs 1.23 trillion rupees and Rs 526.4 billion from its surplus capital, according to a statement.

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Warren Buffett’s been quiet, but his philosophy still speaks volumes

The ratio was prescient during the last two downturns. It shot up to 146% at the peak of the dot-com bubble in 2000, a record at the time and well above its average of 89% since 1975, according to numbers compiled by the Worl

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First step to fix numbers: Modi gets real on the economy

Smartly, though, the government resisted frantic lobbying from some of India’s most powerful companies. Instead of handing out a big tax break, the new measures addressed some of the regularity fuzziness that might have bee

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If government show some strategic thinking in exports, India will be on roll when global demands recover

If Sitharaman and her team can show some strategic thinking around exports, India will be on a roll when global demand eventually steadies and recovers.

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Bitcoin bullied into tiger trading range with top at $11,800

The data currently underline a growing confidence in the digital coin when it holds above the round number of $10,000, and a thinning out near $12,000.

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Bonds rally as government avoids large fiscal stimulus

Sovereign bonds in India rose after the government desisted from providing a large fiscal boost to the economy, easing fears it may borrow more to fund the stimulus.

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Apple’s $44 billion drop shows growing cost of Reliance on China

The world’s most influential consumer electronics company shed $44 billion of market value Friday after a pair of pronouncements from Beijing and Washington cast a spotlight on its massive Chinese production base, from whic

American tariffs on goods from China would directly impact Apple’s biggest moneymaker News

Stimulus package: Sitharaman’s plan to boost economic growth falls short on vision

India is belatedly acknowledging that something’s gone wrong with what was once billed as the world’s fastest-growing economy. That’s the good news. The bad news is that New Delhi still doesn’t have a cohesive strateg

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India Inc says Sitharaman’s new steps may boost short-term sentiment; raises questions on effectiveness of measures

India’s steps to boost financial market sentiment and support businesses could fall short of shoring up growth in Asia’s third-largest economy.

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US President Donald Trump says ‘very close’ to Japan trade deal before meeting with Abe

The deal would not cut the current US tariffs on Japanese vehicles, Japanese media reported, but could potentially defend the country against Trump’s threat of new auto tariffs.

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China’s soybean demand in trade war could fuel Amazon fires

The fires currently consuming Brazil’s Amazon rainforest seem a world away from the tense diplomacy in the U.S. trade war with China. In truth, they’re more closely connected than you might suspect.

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Cheap biscuits going unsold show India’s supressed wages

When snack makers start to lament that Indians can’t afford to spend 5 rupees (7 cents) on biscuits, it’s time to stop arguing over how much of the nation’s slowdown is cyclical and what part is structural.

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Apple readies camera-focused pro iPhones, New iPads, larger MacBook Pro

The real test will come in the crucial holiday season. That’s when the company is banking on a combination of new hardware, software and services to drive revenue higher, following a huge miss at the end of last year.

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Jeff Bezos’ Amazon inks deal for possible stake in Kishore Biyani’s Future Retail Inc. struck a deal that gives it the right to eventually buy a stake in India’s Future Retail Ltd., as the U.S. giant seeks to bolster its presence in one of the world’s fastest-growing retail markets.

Amazon has been acquiring tiny stakes in other Indian brick-and-mortar chains such as Shoppers Stop and a grocery chain from the Aditya Birla Group in the past couple of years. (Reuters file photo) News

What is edge computing? A potential threat to Amazon’s cloud business

Cloud computing isn’t going away by any means. But there’s more pressure on the industry’s Big Three to team up with wireless carriers, so they’re not left out of the burgeoning edge market.

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Google DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman placed on leave ‘after 10 hectic years’

“Mustafa is taking time out right now after 10 hectic years,” a DeepMind spokeswoman said.

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What’s Floccinaucinihilipilification? RBI confuses everyone with complicated monetary policy message

RBI watchers were left scrambling this week for their dictionaries and Google searches to decipher parts of a speech by Governor Shaktikanta Das and minutes of the recent monetary policy committee meeting.

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Most gold in ETFs as investors seek shelter; inflows hit 1,000 ton

Total known ETF holdings expanded to 2,424.9 tons on Wednesday, the highest since 2013, following inflows over the past three years and a continued build-up in 2019.

Sovereign gold on Tuesday, however, dropped Rs 200 to 28,600 per eight grams. News

Twitter helps Beijing push agenda abroad despite ban in China

Twitter’s recent effort to curtail China’s government-directed misinformation campaigns, which provoked outrage from state media, seems at odds with continuing to welcome pro-Beijing accounts that attack Hong Kong protest

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YouTube plans to end targeted ads on video aimed at kids

YouTube doesn’t disclose ad sales or prices, but most digital ads are more lucrative when paired with targeting data.

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