I have very little brand loyalty

Written by Rohit Nautiyal | Updated: May 30 2012, 02:57am hrs
* I love my brand: because to me as an individual, InMobi reflects a young, ambitious and globally competitive India, and a part of the reason why I took the plunge from Google to InMobi. It's great to work towards building a globally relevant brand everyday, in this exploding mobile internet ecosystem.

* My job is great: as it drives and pushes me every single working day and lets me run and grow as fast as I can handle. Speed of mobile is exciting, ambition of the company and people around is inspiring. Pride in being a part of this story comes naturally and is the greatest perk.

* What I don't like about my job: the need to invest in educating the ecosystem about mobile and why the players therein are already late in jumping on the bandwagon. If someone else could do that for me, it would be a lot more fun but I realise that it's a critical part of what needs to be done and may be i won't have this job if this was not required to be done. So, no complaints.

* The turning point in my career: came when i moved from enterprise software industry to digital media about seven years back. Digital media is exciting and moves at a pace that matches my work style.

* My favorite social networking site: is still probably under development somewhere.

* In my free time I like to: read, swim and spend time with my daughter, Diya.

* Brands I wear : Beyond Apple and Google, I have very little brand loyalty. I am more of a comfort and utility dressing person and think there's very little differentiation that brands in similar categories offer, especially to a not-so-demanding customer.

* Average number of job offers I get in a year: Not as many as I offer unfortunately.

* First thing I do after entering the office: Work starts much before I enter office but the energy around when I enter office is great and inviting. I like to exchange few smiles and stories with colleagues around before I get down to projects, emails and meetings that fill a typical day.

* Most inspirational moment: I like and feel inspired by transformational stories both from business and social context and there are many of them but let me mention InMobi as that's something that I decided to bet my career on. I recall the day I spent with all InMobi founders about two years back trying to understand what they were trying to do and it was inspiring to see ambitious and very smart young guys aspiring to take on the world and wanting to really win. I joined their dream and haven't regretted for a moment since.