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Why Finance Ministry is doing right thing by lowering its Sovereign Guarantee Charge

Funding for inland waterways The Haldia-Varanasi project is envisaged as $800-mn Jal Marg Vikas Project. While $380-mn will come from budgetary sources and bond issue, $45-mn will be raised through PPP.

World Bank, Finance Ministry, Sovereign Guarantee Charge, Ultra Mega Solar, Sovereign Guarantee, Sovereign Guarantee charge 

Budget 2018 has disaggregated rural infrastructure focus

Budget 2018: Finance minister Arun Jaitley informed that in 2018-19, for creation of livelihood and infrastructure in rural areas, the total amount to be spent by various ministries will be Rs 14.34 lakh crore, including extr

Budget 2018: Budget 2018, for infra, recognises two realities — agrarian distress and the last year before the general elections. It seeks to address both these realities.

Infra tweets: NIIF-DP World to fund ports

NIIF does well in forming a joint platform with Dubai-based DP World to invest in ports, terminals & logistics.

infra tweets, infrastructure vinayank chatterjee tweets, niif ports funding plan

Why Mumbai Airport is nearing saturation

As per a report by Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation, at 45.2 million passengers a year, the Mumbai airport is handling 94% of its capacity. It is expected to get saturated this year.

Mumbai Airport, navi mumbai airport, saturation, mumbai airport saturation

Solar import duty – who benefits?

India doesn't have a sovereign wealth fund, unlike Singapore, which has used it to fund iconic infra projects, promote domestic companies abroad, and increase govt revenue.

Solar, solar cells, solar import duty, SEZs, FDI, coal-based generation

Big boost! Kudos to Nitin Gadkari for much-awaited changes to the PPP format for ports

Changes to model concession pact allow developers to divest 100% of their equity after two years of completion of commercial operations. Rent for additional land has been reduced from 200% of applicable scale of rates to 120%

infra tweets, vinayak chaterjee infra tweets, nitin gadkari on ppp model

Why airport infra addition is urgent, explains Vinayak Chatterjee

During FY14 to FY17, passenger traffic shot up by 57%; craft traffic went up by 33%. India needs to treble airports capacity.

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What Feedback Infra chairman Vinayak Chatterjee has to say on Railways reforms procurement

Rly procurement processes: Aggressive cleanup of decades of cosy relationships between procurement arms of railways and suppliers getting shaken up thoroughly.

Feedback Infra chairman, Vinayak Chatterjee, indian railways, Railways reforms procurement, nitin gadkari,  highway projects, roadway projects, NHAI bonds, WTO, NITI Aayog

What Yogi Adityanath government is doing for power reforms in Uttar Pradesh

UP charging ahead with power reforms While BPL will get free metered connections under Centrefs Saubhagya scheme, APL will be charged Rs 500.

Yogi Adityanath, Yogi Adityanath government, power reforms, Uttar Pradesh, BPL, Hydrocarbons, Railways, Delhi Metro fare, Delhi Metro fare hike, domestic flyers, electricity 

From Bharat Jodo via Railways trains, battery storage to power, here are top issues in infrastructure sector this week

Hyundai Electric has built a 150 MW storage system in a $45 million contract for Korea Zinc in South Korea. A $160 million generation-cum-storage park is being set up in the US.

infra tweets, vinayak chatterjee, vinayak chatterjee, infrastructure tweets vinayak chatterjee

From UDAN, Hyderabad Metro to Smart City Mission, here are top issues in infrastructure space this week

The UDAN regional air connectivity initiative is throwing up a bunch of outcomes ~ a burst of demand for smaller aircraft, sudden appreciation of land values around new airports, creation of service sector jobs & increasing t

UDAN, Hyderabad Metro, Smart City Mission, infrastructure 

From steel rails for Railways, logistics, ARCs, to land, here is what made news in infrastructure sector

Good move to give Infra Status to logistics sector. Was long overdue and clearly justified for hard investments in warehousing, logistics parks, cold-chains, inland container depots, dry ports, railway freight terminals et al

foreign investor, investor, foreign investors, Indian economy, global investors, financial crisis, financial crisis in India, economies

Signs of infrastructure recovery in India clear; affordable housing, UDAN, power segments shows why

UDAN flying high Airlines could connect 116 airports and helipads, including 49 un-served and 15 under-served airports and 24 helipads, on these 502 routes.

infrastructure recovery, infrastructure, affordable housing, UDAN, power segments, ICRA, NHAI

Land costs spiral, fiscal deficit to electric vehicles, here is what made the new in infrastructure sector

Land acquisition costs have risen from Rs 0.9 crore/hectare in FY14 to Rs 2.05 crore in FY16, with the sharpest rise in Maharashtra, Punjab and Haryana. For 22 states, the compensation paid for land acquisition has risen from

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From airports, changed thinking on highways to FASTag, top infrastructure points that made the news

Double-digit growth over three years and growth projections—CAPA estimates traffic and volume of business at airports will exceed capacity by 2022, and capacity must be created to handle 500-600 million flyers by 2030—sho

Cost of land acquisition and rehabilitation around existing highways is increasing.

From Bharatmala, Mumbai Airport to pot hole deaths, here is what grabbed attention in infrastructure space

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, tackle errant borrowers, errant borrowers, NPAs, demons of NPAs

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, tackle errant borrowers, errant borrowers, NPAs, demons of NPAs

From $1 bn Diwali greetings from Abu Dhabi to Ganga cleaning, what made the news in infrastructure sector

$1 billion worth of Divali greetings from AbuDhabi. Nat Inv & Infra Fund signs investment agreement with ADIA. Great start to Samvat 2074 !

From $1 bn Diwali greetings from Abu Dhabi to Ganga cleaning, what made the news in infrastructure sector

From focus on Railways safety, crop residue burning to load-shedding, here are infra moves that grabbed spotlight

Railways will spend over Rs 15,000 over the next year on improving safety. All high density stations will get more elevators and foot-overbridges.

infra tweets, financial express infra tweets, fe infra tweets

From Railways PPP boost, affordable housing to e-bus services, 8 noteworthy infrastructure moves to note

Railways is offering 400 stations to private sector to modernise, with minimum investment of Rs 1 lakh crore.

From Railways PPP boost, affordable housing to e-bus services, 8 noteworthy infrastructure moves to note

Infra Tweets by Vinayak Chatterjee

UDAY laggards mar scheme Eight states including Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, UP and J&K have registered higher AT&C losses after joining UDAY.

Infra Tweets, Vinayak Chatterjee

Infrastructure: Railways ferry 23 mn daily, but buses carry a whopping 70 mn

100 of the largest Indian cities need $15.4 bn for purchasing 150,000 new buses and developing transport infra.

railways, railways versus buses, transport infrastructure, infra tweets, infra tweets by vinayak chatterjee

Infrastructure boost: From gas pipelines in new building designs to Railways door to door service, here is how India is moving forward

Success of Cochin Shipyard IPO leads to renewed energy & enthusiasm to build larger ships incl LNG carriers.

Infrastructure boost, gas pipelines, railways

From power transmission success, Railways hiring 2 lakh workers to, Delhi airport, how India’s infrastructure is progressing

Achievements in Transmission have indeed brought India closer to dream of ‘One nation, One grid, One frequency, One market’

Power transmission success, Railways, Delhi airport

India infrastructure boost: From new Metro Policy to strong Piyush Goyal renewables stand, here are some really good news

The policy states that metro projects will only be approved and aided by the Centre if there is pvt sector participation and last-mile connectivity.

India infrastructure boost, infrastructure boost, Metro Policy, Piyush Goyal, renewables stand, rolling stock, fare collection

Tier-II gears up for metro

Urban transport revolution set to sweep across India : Nearly 50 Tier II cities to soon have modern metro systems, as per govt blueprint

Metro plans, Metro plans for Tier II cities, for Tier II cities,  Wind power, CERC,Unified Realtime Dynamic
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