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Covid crisis: India must seize the moment to integrate into Asian supply chain

How much fiscal space India has to respond this year will depend crucially on what growth-enhancing measures accompany the fiscal response

The medium-term sustainability of any fiscal package this year will depend on the nature of growth-enhancing interventions and reforms that accompany it. (Illustration by Rohnit Phore) News

Inflation spiral: Higher wages will spur food prices; CPI will rise to around 5%

As the output gap closes, wages will start rising in rural areas as well. This will put pressure on food inflation from both the demand and supply side

Inflation expectations, CPI, CPI inflation data,  Urjit Patel Committee, RBI, fiscal policy, food inflation News

Budget 2019: Five questions to help navigate PM Modi’s interim budget

Perceived distress in both agriculture and SME sectors has increased pressure on authorities to announce some sort of ‘agrarian package’ or a quasi-universal basic income potentially involving cash transfers, and palliati

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State fiscal deficits: Narendra Modi’s consolidation at Centre set to be undone as deficits widen to 12-year high

Even small changes to targets and paths often elicit disproportionate market reactions. But this obsession with the Centre’s finances belies the fact that India’s fiscal centre of gravity has rapidly shifted from the Cent

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2 years of Modi: Despite external drags, growth has accelerated, but challenges poised to rise, says Sajid Chinoy, JP Morgan

As the NDA government completes two years in office, it is tempting to compare performance with promise and then come up with a prescriptive set of “to dos”. But any such evaluation is bound to be subjective.

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Well begun is not necessarily half done

Despite external drags, growth has accelerated impressively, but the challenges are poised to rise

Narendra Modi, BJP government, NDA government, Aadhar card, student issues News

Column: Budget 2016 – Well left, Mr. Jaitley!

Budget 2016: India’s policy-makers deserve enormous credit.

Budget 2016 News

Will india make it – 2016? Don’t go broke for growth

Preserving macro stability in emerging markets may entail living with lower growth in 2016

Will india make it – 2016? Don’t go broke for growth

Dovish action but hawkish guidance?

We may get a rate cut today, but don’t bank on a large easing cycle

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Column: Making sense of FY16 fiscal policy

Despite higher transfers from Centre, state budgets reveal neither much fiscal consolidation nor a greater capex thrust.

Column: Making sense of FY16 fiscal policy

Column: Trade deficit is not as bad as it looks

The headline may look ominous but the factors that drove the widening appear transient.

Column: Trade deficit is not as bad as it looks
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