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Indian cities need a new planning template

Bold measures for connectivity through transit-oriented development will lead not only to decongesting growth centres, but also strengthening labour markets and building rural-urban linkages.

Saving India’s water: Centre and states must jointly address the crisis

What is needed is a political compact between the Centre and the states to jointly address the challenges of saving India’s water, while actively involving local governments and engaging with the communities of water users.

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Cooperative Federalism 2.0: States must decentralise and devolve funds, powers to cities

States must decentralise and devolve funds and powers to cities. The new govt must work on an incentive grant system whereby states that devolve funds to cities in the desired degree get a top-up financial grant from the Cent

On waste management, small towns drive big change

On solid waste management, especially waste segregation, our metros must take a cue from smaller towns like Karjat and Suryapet where able leadership is driving micro-planning and implementation—and this is something that c

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Toxic unsegregated municipal garbage: Why waste-to-energy plants are bad options for Indian cities

A feedstock of unsegregated municipal waste and inadequate checks against toxic fumes make waste-to-energy plants a bad option for India.

E-waste crisis: Cities look for right answers

A promising R&D effort at safe metal recovery and separation within India is unable to take-off for want of long-pending consent/approval from a State Pollution Control Board for furnacing trials. A rapidly growing e-waste cr

Cities at crossroads: The long and the short of domestic hazardous waste

With multiple sets of Rules and weak capacity for enforcement, it is not surprising that the situation on the ground remains bleak, particularly since the awareness of the hazard among those who generate the waste and those w

domestic hazardous waste, household waste, kind of household waste, CFL bulbs, Solid Waste Management Rules

Sustainable urban development: Why it is important to set standards and have quality certification for recycled materials?

The C&D Waste Management Rules were notified by the ministry of environment, forest and climate change in March 2016.

sustainable development, sustainable urban development, environmental pollution, india

The Ambikapur example in Chhattisgarh illustrates that good things are happening as small experiments

The ministry of environment & forests and the Central Pollution Control Board should swing into action immediately to issue guidelines on capping of dumpsites, taking account of health, environment and financial perspectives.

Treat Delhi’s natural drains as waterways

As pressures of urbanisation lead to greater concretisation in our cities, we need to work harder to rejuvenate our urban water bodies, use parks and green spaces for rainwater harvesting.

Cities at crossroads: Ripples of reform in Dhaka

Dhaka has a lot to teach our megacities since it has one of the worst vulnerabilities to water of any urban setting in the world, and is handling it in an inclusive manner which is also financially sustainable.

Who pays to save Jakkur Lake?

KPCL will be buying treated sewage water—at the moment, used to recharge Jakkur Lake—for a power plant that is to come up in Yelahanka. Making repatriation of the water after its has been cooled down a part of the EIA for

Kaikondrahalli lake, Bengaluru, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike, MAPSAS, BDA, BWSSB, Yelahanka

Bring back the lakes: How citizen action on lake rejuvenation is gathering momentum in Bengaluru

The good news is how citizen action on lake rejuvenation is gathering momentum in Bengaluru and is making a difference on the ground

The rejuvenation of Kaikondrahalli lake in Bengaluru shows the power of urban collective action and the effectiveness of partnering with the government. Illustration: Rohnit Phore

Segregation must begin at home

I strongly feel that the basic fault lies with the middle and upper income classes, who ought to recognise their critical role in the solid waste management chain and live up to it

middle classes, upper income households, urban population, Solid Waste Management Rules 2016, public health, RWAs, Swachh Bharat Mission, Swastha Bharat

How to deal with perils of plastic items? All you want to know

A sustainable way forward is to minimise consumption of disposable/single use plastic items, create awareness about the use of appropriate grade of plastic for different purposes, and emphasise the importance of recycling and

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Managing waste from our cities; here is how plastics can be used to lay all weather roads

If the mountains of waste from our cities were to be recycled into road construction material, it would tackle the problem of managing waste while freeing up scarce land

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This waste will clean up cities, improve agricultural productivity and soil quality too

City compost from biodegradable municipal solid waste will simultaneously clean up our cities and improve agricultural productivity and soil quality of our farms

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Managing India’s municipal solid waste: Here are some action points

Incentives for segregation and penalty for non-segregation must be the first action point of any agenda on municipal solid waste management.

NITI Aayog, Draft Three Year Action Agenda, solid waste management, waste to energy, biogas, National Green Tribunal, NITI’s Draft Action Agenda, United Nations Environment Programme, NHAI, Nisargruna Technology

If cities are to deliver better quality life, need to have business models which are sustainable

We must worry when politicians across party lines play politics with the finances of our cities, especially since the current sources of revenue of municipalities in India are grossly inadequate for discharging their Constitu

South Delhi Municipal Corporation’s hotel/restaurants toilet fiat is at best an imperfect solution

The SDMC has announced that it will be mandatory from April 1 for all hotels and restaurants in its jurisdiction to open their toilets to the public and has given them the option of charging up to R5 per use of the toilet.

Urban planning and management: States is where the action should be

Many more people are worried about the worsening condition of our cities than was the case even a few years ago.

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Managing solid waste garbage in cities: Demystifying waste-to-energy plants

Emission control filters of very high standard are needed in Waste-to-energy plants to check the release of harmful gases into the atmosphere. Continuous monitoring and sharing the information openly with the public is also n

For cities, reform begins at home: Segregating municipal solid waste is first step

I have been unbundling the challenge of handling the garbage that we produce as a society. The response has to begin with the segregation of the solid waste at source (be it households or commercial establishments), and go on

municipal solid waste, waste management, biomethanation , bio CNG

Can cities be smart if they are not swacch? Here’s how to go beyond the buzzwords

Buzzwords have distracted attention from the basics of what needs to be done if we want to clean up our cities

Cities at crossroads : Discourage disposable products, plan solid waste management system

The challenge of garbage is set to grow. Solid waste management plans need to be implemented alongside maintenance of drainage and sewerage networks

Are we being choked by our own garbage? Check out the frightening prospects

Few people realise how close we are to being choked by our own garbage! The generation of garbage in our cities has been growing and the projections in the years ahead are frightening.

Cities at Crossroads: There’s no such thing as free water

Water is in the news for how tankers were procured in Delhi. Even more importantly, we need to reflect on why we need tankers in the first place.

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