Onion Price: प्याज निकालेगा अभी और आंसू, अनियमित बारिश और साइक्लोन ताउते के चलते दोगुना महंगे हो सकते हैं भाव- Crisil

Onion Price: अनियमित मानसून और साइक्लोन के चलते प्याज के भाव दोगुने बढ़ सकते हैं क्योंकि इसकी

Onion prices likely to rise 100 person as erratic rains delay harvest estimates Crisil

सरकार ने प्याज की दो किस्मों के निर्यात को दी सशर्त मंजूरी, 14 सितंबर से लगी थी पाबंदी

प्याज की अन्य किस्मों के निर्यात पर प्रतिबंध अब भी लगा हुआ है.

Govt allows exports of Bangalore rose onions, Krishnapuram onions

प्याज पर नई तकरार! महंगाई रोकने के लिए निर्यात पर रोक- कंज्यूमर, किसान और ट्रेडर्स पर कैसे होगा असर?

मोदी सरकार ने आवश्यक कमोडिटी एक्ट, 1955 में बदलाव के सिर्फ 3 महीने बाद ही प्याज निर्यात पर

Onion Export ban during covid-19 pandemic how it will impact farmers and consumers

15 मार्च से हो सकेगा प्याज का निर्यात, सरकार ने हटाई पाबंदी

रबी फसल अच्छी रहने से कीमतों में तीव्र गिरावट की आशंका है.

22 रुपये/किलो मिलेगा प्याज, जानिए क्या है मोदी सरकार का प्लान

मोदी सरकार जल्द ही आम आदमी को प्याज की महंगाई में बड़ी राहत दे सकती है.

Modi Govt plans to sell imported onion at Rs 22-23/kg to avoid rotting at por

अब प्याज की नहीं होगी कमी! 2020 में सरकार उठाने जा रही ये बड़ा कदम

प्याज के दाम अभी भी ज्यादातर शहरों में 100 रुपये किलो से ऊपर चल रहे हैं.

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Govt to add 56,800 tonnes of storage capacity for onion

To reduce wastage of onion, the government has decided to add 56,800 tonnes of storage capacity for the vegetable in three different states.

onion price

Maharashtra farmers protest against falling onion prices

Farmers in Maharashtra took to the streets on Thursday to protest against falling onion prices in the state.

From Rs 55 to Rs 7.5 per kg, onion growers feel the heat

Prices of the bulb crash even in the midst of an unprecedented drought in Maharashtra.

Onion output to hit record high of 203 lakh tonnes in 2015-16

India's onion output is estimated to touch a new record at 203 lakh tonnes in 2015-16 crop year as favourable weather and better prices boosted acreage and crop yields, a government research body has said.

onion prices

Summer onion arrivals commence at Lasalgaon, 45L tonne may be stored

The arrival of the summer onion crop has begun at Lasalgaon, the country's largest wholesale market for the commodity.

Onion exports fall 18% during April-Sept on govt restrictions

Onion exports declined by 18% to 4.86 lakh tonne in the first half of the fiscal on the government's steps to curb outbound shipments.

Onion prices at Lasalgaon market may drop below Rs 10 per kg-mark

On Monday, around 20,000 quintals of onion arrived at Lasalgaon with modal prices touching Rs 1,060 per quintal.

Govt cuts onion minimum export price to $400 per tonnne in exports boost

The government has slashed the minimum export price (MEP) on onions to $400 per tonne, from USD 700 earlier, a move that is expected to encourage out-bound shipments of the commodity.

Govt cuts onion minimum export price to $400 per tonnne in exports boost

Govt slashes minimum export price of onions to $400 from $700

The government on Thursday slashed the minimum export price (MEP) of onions to $400 per tonne from $700 a tonne.

onion prices

Onion farmers angry as prices fall to season’s lowest at Lasalgaon

Angry farmers took to the street at Lasalgaon, Nashik, to protest over falling onion prices as modal prices fell to Rs 1,100 per quintal on Monday, the season’s lowest so far.

onion farmers

Onion stock from May-June to get exhausted soon

Onion stock in the country, which was stored in May and June this year, is almost getting exhausted and is expected to be over by the end of this month...

Wholesale onion prices fall to Rs 2,300/quintal

Farmers, traders seek reduction in MEP to deal with the glut

Onions without bite come back to bite MMTC

The state-run trading corporation had contracted imports of 2,000 tonnes of onion last month as it was asked to by the Centre after retail prices of the vegetable skyrocketed in August...

onion prices

Onion prices start rising again on tight supply

Onion prices at Lasalgaon in Maharashtra, Asia's biggest wholesale market for the staple, have started rising again due to supply concerns as the old stock has been exhausted, while the fresh kharif crop this year is expected

onion prices

Onion farming to be promoted in eastern parts of country

Move aimed at checking price volatility and reliance on a few states for the crop

Onion sowing to pick up pace in Maharashtra at the fag end of kharif

Onion planting is expected to pick up pace over the next couple of weeks in Maharashtra as the kharif season draws to a close.

AAP govt rubbishes charge of irregularity in onion procurement

Aam Aadmi Party-led (AAP) Delhi government today rubbished reports of alleged irregularities in procurement and sale of onions at subsidised rates.

onion prices

Onion prices ease on imports, supply from AP, Karnataka

Around 10-12 lakh tonne of onions are available for consumption in the country after around 65-70% of the stored stock got exhausted till August...

Online grocers Ninjacart, SRS Grocery to offer onions at Re 1/kg in 3-day sale

Bengaluru based hyperlocal startup Ninjacart and Delhi based SRS Grocery on Thursday declared that they will sell onions at Re 1 a kg for a 3-day period between September 4 and 6. In the open market, the price of onion is an

onion price
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