US-based crypto exchange CrossTower enters India, offers Rs 500 in Bitcoin to early users

CrossTower said that for India, it has built a business that permits everyone, from young adults to business tycoons, making investing in cryptocurrency easiest and safest.


Twitter could soon allow users to add Bitcoin, Ethereum addresses to profiles for tips

In July, CEO Jack Dorsey had called Bitcoin a “big part” of its future in conversation with investors and analysts, suggesting its implementation.

twitter logo

Bitcoin के भाव फिर 50 हजार डॉलर के पार, आगे तेजी को लेकर जानें क्या कहते हैं एक्सपर्ट

Bitcoin: दुनिया भर में बहुत कम लोगों ने ही क्रिप्टो में खरीदारी की है. इस समय करीब 10 करोड़ लोग

Bitcoin tops usd 50 thousand again with 6 percent growth Ethereum Cardano other coins also jump

Biggest DeFi heist: Hackers steal over $610 million in major cryptocurrency theft; begin to return funds

The hackers were able to steal over a whopping $610 million worth of Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and USDC (USD Coin) tokens from crypto platform Poly Network, blockchain security firm Slowmist disclosed.

New cryptocurrency listings swell in H1 2021 as crypto tracking platforms add over 2,000 coins

Currently, 11,206 coins were listed on CoinMarketCap while 8,825 coins were in CoinGecko's database. On the other hand, Coinpaprika had 3,675 active coins.

Some traders believe the bitcoin market has yet to see the full return of retail investors, suggesting the current upswing could have further to go.

Why crypto community in India is bullish even as the Govt delays regulation

Cryptocurrency future in India: The Union Government shelved the much hyped Cryptocurrency Regulation Bill for discussion during the Monsoon Session of Parliament.

cryptocurrency future in india

Why Dogecoin is so popular in India and not the desi Matic (Polygon)?

Dogecoin vs Matic: Which is better? Defying conventional wisdom, thousands of youngsters have preferred meme coins with shaky fundamentals like Dogecoin instead of more stable and fundamentally strong altcoins like Matic

dogecoin vs matic which is better

Binance launches Tax Reporting Tool. How will it help Indian crypto investors in income tax return filing?

Cryptocurrency trading platform Binance has announced to launch Tax Reporting Tool, a new API that will enable Binance users to easily keep track of their crypto activities and streamline reporting requirements.


Modi Government has no information on total number of cryptocurrency investors and exchanges in India

Total number of cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrency investors in India: Govt denies having any information on this.

total number of cryptocurrency investors in india

Trading Bitcoin, Dogecoin, ETH or Matic? Check Income Tax, ITR Filing rules to apply on your income

Income tax payment and ITR filing rules for earnings from cryptocurrency trading and investment 2021: Even though cryptocurrency is not yet legalised by the Reserve bank of India (RBI), it is not advisable to avoid paying inc

income tax on crypto earnings

Global fund managers say commodities more crowded trade than Bitcoin; hike allocation to tech stocks

Commodity prices have soared over the last few months as the global economy moved closer to re-opening.

global fund managers

क्रिप्टोकरेंसी एक्सचेंज WazirXको ईडी का कारण बताओ नोटिस, 2790 करोड़ रुपये के ट्रांजेक्शन में गड़बड़ी के आरोप

नोटिस फेमा 1999 के तहत जारी किया गया है. WazirX क्रिप्टोकरेंसी एक्सचेंज है जो यूजर को बिटकॉइन

Bitcoin believers have nothing to worry about – Crypto is here to stay

Bitcoin enthusiasts are in the middle of an existential crisis. But a few other investments require even greater leaps of faith. There are more mysterious, opaque and worse assets out there.

The firm plans to launch the CoinDCX Prime initiative, its offering in the HNI and enterprise space and global trading product Cosmex in the coming months.

Decrypting cryptocurrencies for India; what could proposed regulations hold for the new-age currency

As of now, there is no legislative framework that governs cryptocurrencies in India. In the past decade, India has generally held a cautious position towards use and transactions involving cryptocurrencies.

bitcoin price

Should cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu be a part of your portfolio? Experts speak

Cryptocurrencies are suitable for aggressive investors who understand the risk involved with the investment. It's similar to investing in penny stocks, which may give extremely high returns in a short time, or you could lose

cryptocurrency investment, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, Elon Musk

‘Biggest disruptive’ impact by Cryptocurrencies, Central Bank Digital Currencies in 20 years predicted: PwC

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and private sector cryptocurrencies are predicted to have the biggest disruptive impact over the next 20 years

digital payments

Dogecoin’s rapid growth comparable to ponzi scheme; another Bernie Madoff-like ‘big lie’ in making?

On three accounts, the rapid growth in cryptocurrency is comparable to a ponzi scheme. People invest into these because they expect good returns

dogecoin, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, ponzi scheme

Modi govt may set new panel for Cryptocurrency. Will regulation help Bitcoin, Dogecoin and other investors? 

Expert says once crypto exchanges start embracing governance and investor protection guidelines, meant for stock exchanges, risks associated with volatility can be fairly addressed

cryptocurrency india

Global fund managers fear inflation more than covid-19; remain bullish on growth expectations

The bullish bias of fund managers is reflected well in the low cash levels they have been sitting on. BofA showed that cash levels are as low as 4.1%, implying that most of the investable money available has been invested.

Wall street, US Stocks

Have people behind DeFi100 cryptocurrency project run away with Rs 233 crore of investor funds?

DeFI100 scam report: Reports have claimed that people behind cryptocurrency project DeFi100 may have absconded with investor funds worth USD 32 million (approx Rs 233 crore).


Decrypting Cryptocurrency: Is this the right time to invest in Bitcoin and others?

Atul Chatur, co-founder of Antilles Cryptocurrency Ecosystem (ACE-X) talks about the right strategy to adopt if one is considering investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Investing in cryptocurrency - views from Atul Chatur of ACE-X
Income Tax Calculator, Budget 2019, How to Calculate Income Tax

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