Exit Poll Results 2021 Highlights: BJP may win Assam, TMC in West Bengal, Left in Kerala; DMK in Tamil Nadu

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Updated: April 29, 2021 10:30:27 pm

West Bengal (WB), Kerala, Assam, Tamil Nadu (TN), Puducherry Election Exit Poll 2021 Results Highlights: Of five states, the BJP is in direct contest in two - Assam and West Bengal. While the saffron party is hoping to retain Assam, it is eying power in Bengal for the first time

Assembly Election Exit Poll 2021, Exit Poll Results 2021Exit Poll Results 2021 on April 29.

West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Puducherry Assembly Election Exit Poll Results 2021 Highlights: Exit poll numbers for five states that went to polls in March and April have been released today 7PM. Surveys show BJP is likely to win in Assam, while Mamata Banerjee-led TMC may retain power in West Bengal. ABP C-Voter exit poll has predicted that TMC likely to win in West Bengal. Republic TV-CNX West Bengal survey shows there might not be a clear winner in West Bengal. Most of the surveys show that the DMK may return to power.

Assam, West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Union Territory of Puducherry went to polls together in the month of March-April. The last phase of polling took place in West Bengal today. Of the five states, the BJP is in direct contest in two – Assam and West Bengal. While the saffron party is hoping to retain Assam, it is eying power in Bengal for the first time in what is the birthplace of its founder Syama Prasad Mukherjee. Mukherjee was the founder of Jan Sangh, which later became the BJP. In Tamil Nadu, the DMK is looking to remove the AIADMK from power after 10 years. Opinion polls have predicted a big lead for MK Stalin’s party against the AIADMK, which is in alliance with the BJP. Kerala, too, will have a bipolar contest between the ruling Left and Congress but the BJP is trying to expand its footprint here. The Union Territory of Puducherry is expected to see a change of guard with the NDA appearing to be ahead of the Congress.

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Exit Polls 2021 Live: West Bengal, Assam, Puducherry, Kerala, Tamil Nadu Election Exit Poll Results 2021 Live Updates


    21:02 (IST)29 Apr 2021
    Puducherry exit polls results: BJP expected to win

    Republic-CNX voter survey has predicted BJP-led NDA's win in the 30 seats Puducherry Assembly. NDA may win 16-20 seats, while Congress-led SDA is expected to win in 11-13 Assembly seats. 

    (Note: The majority mark in the Assembly is 16.)

    According to the Republic-CNX survey,  

    NDA many win 16-20 seatsSDA may win 11-13 seats

    According to ABP-C Voter survey, NDA may win 19-23 seats; SDA may win 6-10 seats; Others 1-2.

    20:07 (IST)29 Apr 2021
    West Bengal exit polls results: Here's what top surveys say

    (Note: Majority mark in the 294-member West Bengal Assembly is 148)

    According to ETG Research:

    TMC-164-176; BJP-105-115; Congress-Left alliance-10-15

    According to P-MARQ survey:

    TMC-152-172; BJP-112-132; Congress-Left alliance-10-20

    According to ABP C-Voter survey:

    TMC: 152-164; BJP: 109-121; Congress-Left alliance : 14-25

    According to CNN News18 survey

    TMC-162; BJP-115; Congress-Left alliance-15

    According to Republic TV-CNX survey

    TMC-128-138; BJP-138-148; Congress-Left alliance-11-21

    20:03 (IST)29 Apr 2021
    Tamil Nadu exit polls results: DMK may return to power

    Here's what top surveys say about Tamil Nadu Assembly elections (Note: Majority mark in the 234-member Tamil Nadu Assembly is 118)

    According to Republic TV-CNX survey

    AIADMK alliance-58-68; DMK alliance-160-170; AMMK alliance-4-6

    According to P-MARQ survey

    AIADMK alliance-40-65; DMK alliance-165-190; AMMK alliance-1-3

    20:01 (IST)29 Apr 2021
    Assam exit polls results: BJP may retain power in the state

    Here's what top surveys say about Assam Assembly Election results. (Note: The majority mark in the 126-member Assam Assembly is 64).

    According to the ABP-C Voter survey:

    NDA: 58-71; Congress+: 53-66; Others: 0-5

    According to the P-MARQ survey

    BJP alliance-62-70; Congress alliance-56-64; Others-0-4

    According to India Today-Axis My India survey

    BJP alliance-75-85; Congress alliance-40-50; Others-1-4

    According to Republic TV-CNX survey

    BJP alliance-74-84; Congress alliance-40-50; Others-1-3

    19:57 (IST)29 Apr 2021
    Kerala exit polls results: LDF likely to retain power

    LDF is likely to cross the majority mark in the 140-member Assembly. 

    According o India Today-Axis My India:

    LDF: 104-120UDF: 20-36NDA: 0-2

    According to Republic-CNX 

    LDF: 72-80UDF: 58-64NDA: 1-5

    19:42 (IST)29 Apr 2021
    Republic TV-CNX West Bengal Exit Poll Result: No clear winner

    Expected seat projections:

    TMC: 128-138; BJP: 138-148Congress-Left alliance: 11-21

    19:22 (IST)29 Apr 2021
    ABP C-Voter exit poll: TMC likely to win in West Bengal

    Vote percentage in West bengal as per ABP C-Voter survey:

    TMC: 42.1% votes ; 152-64 seatsBJP: 39% votes ; 109-21 seatsCongress+ : 15.4% votes ; 14-25 seats

    19:20 (IST)29 Apr 2021
    India Today-Axis My India exit poll predicts BJP win in Assam

    According to India Today-Axis My India 

    BJP: 75-85Congress: 40-50Others: 1-4

    18:58 (IST)29 Apr 2021
    No curbs for those on vote counting work on May 2: Tamil Nadu govt

    Complete lockdown shall be enforced throughout Tamil Nadu on all Sundays but there would be no restriction on May 2, also a Sunday, for people connected to counting of votes including officials, candidates and counting agents, the government said on Thursday. Night curfew shall continue to be in place across the state from 10 pm to 4 am, a Government Order said, adding current curbs like bar on private and public transport during the curfew would also continue. Though a full lockdown shall be enforced on all Sundays without any relaxations, there shall be no restrictions for those connected to the vote counting exercise on May 2, a Sunday, the order said. PTI

    18:44 (IST)29 Apr 2021
    What opinion polls predicted for BJP and Congress in Assam

    Assam Assembly Election 2021: Majority of opinion polls have predicted edge for the BJP-led NDA over Congress-led UPA. 

    TV9 Bharatvarsh: 73 (NDA) 50 (UPA) 3 (others)Times Now - C Voter: 65-73 (NDA) 52-60 (UPA)ABP News - C Voter:  65-73 (NDA) 52-60 (UPA)India News - Jan Ki Baat:  68-78 (NDA) 48-58 (UPA)

    18:26 (IST)29 Apr 2021
    Exit Polls 2021: Close fight expected in Bengal 

    Exit Polls 2021: Experts say fight in Bengal is very close, difficult to predict as both the main parties BJP and TMC are confident of winning over 200 seats. Nandigram is going to be the biggest battleground in Bengal, where Mamata Banerjee is up against her former protege Suvendu Adhikari.    

    Assam had gone to polls in three phase on March 27, April 1 and 6 while West Bengal had eight phases with first phase on March 27 to last on April 29. The final phase of election in West Bengal concluded on April 29. Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Union Territory of Puducherry had gone to polls in single phase on April 7.
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