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Decoding the labour Codes

The new labour Codes are pro-worker and pro-employer. The real test will be in the setting of the rules for their implementation. Beyond these, there are other areas in labour that need reform, too

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In control of her life

In order to move towards a more equitable society, the newer gig economy ecosystem must be made less gender-biased. The numbers appear encouraging. Statistics reveal that 82% of female gig workers see their jobs as providing

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Maternity Benefit Act still left with gaps: Female labour force participation slumps further

While seemingly reformist, by placing the responsibility of providing benefits solely on the employer, the amendments turned the tide and female labour force participation slumped further.

The rise of flexible employment – Can automation-governed IT flexi staffing industry boost the economy?

The ‘Future of Jobs Report 2018’ by the WEF has yet again brought to the fore the discussion around impact of automation and newer technologies on jobs.

India must bet big on logistics

It will not only stimulate job creation—a critical need for the nation—but also bring to the forefront the talent requirement of the industry in the coming years. As a result of all the investment-led transformation, the

How and why sales could be India’s jobs-salvation

During 2013-15, when the economy was growing at over 7%, the rise in non-farm jobs was only 1.3% annually; with growth rate dipping to 6.5% in the current financial year—the lowest in four years—we can certainly expect f

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Union Budget 2018: Time for big changes and long-term reforms to reduce regulatory cholesterol in land, labour and capital market

Budget 2018: India’s official unemployment at 5% is not an illusion; everybody who wants a job has a job, they just don’t have the wages they want. However, the time is here for big changes in Union Budget 2018; no more a

Budget 2018: In Union Budget 2018 would wish to see Mr. Finance Minister praying to one god, jobs. And jobs that are formal.

Labour laws have to be calibrated away from job protection towards job creation

Labour laws have to be calibrated away from job protection and towards job creation, if India is to do justice to its youth.

Budget 2017: 3 interventions each for improving education and skills, and increasing formal employment

Innovation, quality improvement and quantity expansion in education is held back by the lack of separation of the regulator, service provider and policy-maker.

What went well, not so much, and what we ought to do to Skill India

Getting our youth a decent job is the final verdict of success of all our skilling initiatives

Column: India faces a ‘formal job emergency’. 100% of net jobs since 1991 have been informal

Raising wages by rigging minimum wages is like treating obesity by mandating small sizes


Degrees don’t guarantee dignity

We must make efforts to strike a balance between skills and education

Degrees don’t guarantee dignity
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