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On track for privatisation? India must keep British Rail’s privatisation disaster in mind to avoid similar pitfalls

While investment by the private sector is most welcome, it should not end up with a lot of rolling stock being purchased, and with no matching maintenance facility being created. The operator may simply walk away while banks

Moreover, the proposed private trains will be sharing track space with other passenger and freight trains, which could lead to disputes for precedence.

How Indian Railways can lead the the charge towards Atmanirbhar Bharat

With a fully computerised design & development cell equipped with the state-of-the-art computer facilities, it also uses strain gauge testing and squeeze test procedures for prototypes before the commencement of series produc

Railways is now planning to speed up electrification, resulting in reduced demand for diesel locomotives, so a scale down of production at DLW will be inevitable.

Uncontainable strategy: Double Stack dwarf Containers can make CWC relevant again

The Central Warehousing Corporation, however, has been spared. Part of the food security chain, it manages 419 warehouses across the country and is charged with providing logistics support to the agricultural sector.

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Road safety: India needs policy of surprise checks and frequent monitoring

In the US, with its heavy reliance on road transport, the process of issuing a driving license is a serious business. Applicants often fail multiple times before they are granted driving licenses

The traffic police do carry out ‘radar’ speeds checks for over speeding, but such exercises are few and far between. (Representational image)

An innovative approach to improve train punctuality needed

The process of ‘killing the goose that lays the golden eggs’ began with the inimitable Jaffer Sharief and continued unabated through political heavy weights such as Ram Vilas Paswan, Nitish Kumar, Ram Naik, Mamata Banerje

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Reducing the trade deficit with China

Given intensive G2G and B2B talks, and gaining from the fallout of China-US trade war, India should be able to reduce its trade deficit with China.

US-China trade war holds a vast potential for India

The Department of Commerce has identified 774 product lines in which China’s imports from the US as well as India’s exports to the world are substantial

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Clean Yamuna soon? If all of Delhi Jal Board’s plans materialise, the river may yet be saved

Like many Indian rivers, Yamuna suffers the distinction of being grossly abused and polluted. As the main water body of Delhi NCR, with its politically charged environment and scores of activists, its state has also attracted

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Namami Gange: With 1,109 industries discharging toxic effluents, it is a long way to go

With 1,109 gross polluting industries discharging toxic effluents into the Ganga, it is a long way to go.

NBCFDC: Offering finances at nominal interest rates to save needy from loan sharks

Success stories may not hit the headlines, but do lead to a significant change in the lives of the rural as well as urban poor.

Indian Railways as trailblazer: Train 18 can be a game-changer for intercity commuters

Its latest is Train 18, which can be a game-changer for intercity commuters.

CONCOR is on a growth path

Introduction of ‘Dwarf’ double-stack containers has opened up opportunities.

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Ending unmanned level crossings

ULCs on broad-gauge lines reduced from 6,117 in Jan 2017 to 2,584 in Aug 2018

Indian Railways new dwarf containers have 67% more volume; could be a game-changer in capturing high-end traffic

Vamana, or the ‘dwarf’ container, is the latest of Indian Railways’ initiatives that is expected to grow into a giant, capturing high-end traffic it lost to the road sector over the years when, in the 1980s, end-to-end

Investment of Rs 61,746.67 crore in 81 projects in UP can generate 2,12,762 jobs

A ‘visible’ progress on the ground will determine the fate of these projects, and that of Modi for his foray into 2019 polls, as the time is now for the PM to deliver on the crucial job front.

Here is India’s oil story

The colonial era saw the first oilfield being developed by the Assam Oil Company, a private entity, in Digboi in Tinsukia district of Assam, where oil was discovered barely eight years after Edwin L Drake drilled the world’

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How to make cities resilient

First and foremost, creating a Chief Resilience Officer's post in the city administration/local government hierarchy; this office is to be the nodal office for implementation of various suggestions as and when funds are made

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Why MSMEs need more than mere promises on ‘ease of doing business’ and slogans such as ‘Make in India’

After the agriculture sector, the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) sector is the second-largest employment generator, providing 80% of jobs with just 20% of investment.

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Narendra Modi’s employment woes: How Aadhaar-based headcount can help

In order to ensure that the unemployed are not forced to beg or take up crime and other unsocial activities, the US had, as early as in 1935, passed the Social Security Act, under which the Unemployment Insurance programme wa

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What can India learn from Singapore

What can India learn from Singapore, the multi-ethnic, multi-religious state.

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Most ministers and babus seldom have the technical know-how required of their roles

The only technical or domain expertise that most ministries boast of is carefully preserved in reams of files zealously guarded by hoards of clerks, section or desk officers, assistant directors, etc.

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Elphinstone Road station tragedy: Bailey bridge to the rescue, but it won’t be easy

Army Engineers would have to assemble not only support columns at each end and intermediate locations, but also provide staircase—the whole works.

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Maximum city, minimum patience

Mumbaikars, in their daily rush to and from their work locations, rely heavily on the local trains.

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What set Indian Railways on path towards derailment? Find out here

Past acts of commision and ommission are now fast catching up with the Railways, and it will be a long and slow struggle before the health of its assets is regained

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Suresh Prabhu- led Indian Railways is providing safe and fast rail transport for freight; here’s how

Suresh Prabhu, the minister of railways, is a man in a tearing hurry. For he has to make up for the lack of any significant addition over the last two decades to the infrastructure of this 65,000-km-long network.

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Railway trains from Bhilai steel plant can make Maoists, Naxals infested Bastar bloom

Bordered in the by Nagpur-Raipur Railway line, in the east by Raipur-Rayagada line, in the south by Rayagada-Koraput-Jagdalpur-Kirandul line and on the west by Nagpur-Kazipet line is a huge swathe of Indian peninsula devoid o

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For Indian Railways, a dedicated freight corridor has a long way to go

The need for for the Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) arose from the fact that two decades of populist Rail Budgets had ended up introducing 5,000 new passenger trains, crowding out the freight, whose average speed had droppe

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